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Diana Build Guide by King Zyrox

Middle They called me heretic, now they're dead/ Diana Mid Guide [P

By King Zyrox | Updated on June 2, 2019
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Runes: Early kills

1 2 3
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Coup de Grace

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
Agresive option
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Middle Lane
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Champion Build Guide

They called me heretic, now they're dead/ Diana Mid Guide [P

By King Zyrox
Don't be like the other players who says that Diana has no sense or that is a broken champ. They say that because they really don't know how to counter her plays.

In early game you will sufer until you have lvl 6, like the assasins. But you have to think that you are mele and the rest of the midlaners (most of them) are ranged, so that's why you will sufer. Just try to farm without losing too much HP.

The Q is very dodgeable, and the enemy can react at it even before you press the button. So you have to wait at their error (or at the moment when they do the last hit)

You can't ult just because. You need to know very well when is the perfect moment to dash into an enemy and kill him.
Another R fact is that some players don't hold the second R and the enemy flashes. You as Diana player have to use your R as if you were Irelia with her Q. Remember that a Irelia's player always attack the enemy until he's low and then uses the Q for the reset. That's the same with Diana, you use Q then R and then the rest of the combo and hold the second R so if he flashes or something you can chase him.

Passive affects towers so you always have to use an ability, do the 3 hits, another ability, etc. That's broken because you can destroy the towers in seconds.

Try this combo always: AAx2 (minions) Q+R+3ºAA+W+E+AA+AA+R+3ºAA. That's the longest Diana combo and it's also the combo that has the maximun damage.

The E "Moonfall" has a cast time, you can do E + Flash quickly to knock up enemies wherever you want. This is a very strong fontline.

You seriously don't have movility, your movility is veri similar than Yasuo's, so you can't push without a very good vision because if you do it, you are dead.
Countering Diana Back to Top
Some people just complains about Diana and calls it unbalanced/broken champ/ a champ which has no sense. But they are a bit dumb, it's very obvious the way to counter Diana and I have to say that is very easy too.

Diana is a mid game/late game pick, so she es very weak in early and also pretty similar than Ahri. Both of them have no movility until 6. So Diana is vulnerable and easy to kill.

The Q has a good range, but is obvious where Diana is using it, just pay attention to his moves, you really can see that when she is traing to move ahead is because she is trying to poke you.

If Diana starts losing, then she wouldn't be able to do anything, she wouln't even delete the ADC. So the way to win her is camp her.

People complains about his W "Pale Cascade" and they say that is a broken ability and also complain about the shield.
Diana has to hit you with the three orbits to do a lot of damage, so if you stay behind your minions it won't hurt you.
Diana's W does damage even when she is running to an enemy with the R. I mean that in the R's animation, the orbits get lost if they are enemies before the R's objetive.
And the shield isn't broken until she has rabadon (or until she maxes the abilitty)
When use my second R? Back to Top
If you main Irelia trust me, you will know when you have to jump even if you don't main Diana because it's the same mechanic but in Diana's case she doesn't reset the R if she kills.

Just hold it and wait the reaction. They always react a bit late. And that moment when the enemy flashes, you have to jump again and kill him.
Countering Zed only with the R Back to Top
The R "Lunar Rush" is a very good abilitty to dodge Zed.

You just have two options:

1) Q+R+3ºAA, then wait Zed's R and when he is about to use the tiple Q, you run into an enemi minion, dodging all the damage. Then can do the E + Flash combo to return to battle and kill him with Q+AA+WW+AA+Ignite+3ºAA.

2) Wait Zed's ultimate and when you see the X you use the Q into minions. Zed would think that you will use the ultimate on the minions and he will use the Q's trying to predict. But you can walk to the opposite side and then use the R in maximun range to reposition or you can do an all in when he used the Q
League of Legends Build Guide Author King Zyrox
King Zyrox Diana Guide
They called me heretic, now they're dead/ Diana Mid Guide [P
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