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Volibear Build Guide by DantheMagic

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DantheMagic

Thunder of the Storm

DantheMagic Last updated on May 28, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threat Champion Notes
Vi Vi is not that scary during any point of the game for you. If you build HP then you should be fine.
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Hello! I am Dan and I am from the nasty nati (Cincinnati,OH). I have never made a guide before this one so let me know what you think! I am here to show you the ways of Volibear. His W, Frenzy , is the strongest thing about him and this guide will show you how to maximize that damage.

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Pros / Cons



  • Can be kited very easily
  • Ignite will mess up your passive
  • Lots of CC limits your potential

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Champion Abilities

Chosen of the Storm (Passive)
When dropped below 30%, he heals for 30% for the next 6 seconds
This is my 2nd favorite ability in Volibear 's kit. This allows you dive towers for kills or stay in fight longer. It is also good if you are fighting 1v1 and they dont expect you to get 30% HP back when you are fighting them.

Rolling Thunder
Gains movement speed and throws attacking target over shoulder
This ability allow for easy ganks and chase potential. You can flip enemies into your team, or over your shoulder so you can escape.

After auto attacking three times, you can bite your next enemy
This is my favorite skill in his kit. This ability scales with how much HP you have and allows you to easily ks (kill secure) your target. Only use this to secure kills or damage enemies enough to hand over kill to the carry.

Majestic Roar
Volibear lets out a roar that slows champions and fears minions/monsters
This ability is very good for chase potential and making sure you clear camps easy. Max this 2nd if you are having a hard time catching enemies and want to clear camps better.

Thunder Claws
Auto attacks become lightening and surge to up to 3 enemies dealing magic damage
This ability is good in teamfights because you can easily hit more than one target at a time. In order to utilize this ability to the fullest, make sure to use right after you flip somebody with Rolling Thunder

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Ability Sequencing

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I think this sequence is very standard for Volibear. This is the sequence that is listed above. In general a very good sequence to have. View other sequences to get an idea of why you might go those other ones.
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

If you are starting at a camp that has more than one monster, then starting Majestic Roar is a good idea. Maxing Rolling Thunder 2nd is very good if you want to keep up with your enemies.
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

The only difference between this sequence and the one before this is Frenzy and Majestic Roar are switched. This sequence is only good when you start at the Gromp (Toad) camp. Since you do not need Majestic Roar you fear the other enemies in the camp.

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  • I max Fury and Sorcery in the first tree because the cooldown and attack speed really help to get my Frenzy faster.
  • The 2nd tree is pretty standard for a jungler. I make sure to get Swiftness and Tenacious because trying to reduce the crowd control being used on you will make it easier for ganks and flips.

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

These runes are made solely to try and get Frenzy as fast as you possibly can. Sometimes when you try to gank, you cannot get enough auto attacks off in order to Frenzy your target. Some people sometimes run Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed runes for their quints, but if you decide to max Rolling Thunder 2nd then having those runes does not seem necessary to me.

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Item Possibilities

The reason I get Ranger's Trailblazer as compared to Stalker's Blade is that I would rather have use my Smite to get health and mana back to be able to gank lanes better. Plus I feel like my Rolling Thunder and Majestic Roar are a good enough combo to chase down enemies. Especially if you have Righteous Glory you dont need Stalker's Blade. Also, Ranger's Trailblazer allows for fast camp clears and wave pushing since it has an aoe effect upon cast.
This jungle item upgrade is a very obvious choice for Volibear since it works well with his Frenzy. This item also gives 25% Health which stacks with your other HP items.
These boots I feel are your only option for what boots you should buy for Volibear. The less you are crowd controlled, the easier it is for you to catch enemies using Rolling Thunder.
If you ever go back to base early game and have enough for giant's belt, always get one. Warmogs is really good on Volibear.
If you are really ahead, build this item first. This allows you to have maximum Frenzy damage because the amount of HP you get from this item is insane. I think this item is a must buy in almost any situation.
This item works really well with your passive, Chosen of the Storm. This allows you to get more HP back when your passive goes off. This item is also good if you are going against a fed mid lane our double AP comp.
This item is a good armor item if you want hp along with it. If there is not a bunch of AD heavy champs on their team then this item is really good. Also allows for some chase potential.
This item is really good if they have a lot of auto attack heavy or AD champs like Master Yi, Vayne, Gnar, Zed, etc. This item also stacks well if you have the Gromp buff with it.
This item is good if you are really trying to chase down the enemy. Even though it does not give you any armor or MR it is a good option for 1st or 2nd item.
This item is only good if you are really ahead and really want to lay the smack down on the enemy. This item really synergies well with Thunder Claws because you will be able to keep up with the enemy. I do not recommend buying this item unless you are really, really ahead.

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Jungle Pathing, Jungle Buffs, and Ganking.

Alright! Now we have gone over all of the easy stuff, we will now go into what really makes Volibear fun and easy to carry with! One of the first things I would like to go over is the jungle pathing. Of course this is dependent on what side you start on, but I always start on the side where my bot lane is. Basically, all you need to know is to start one camp, then go to a buff, then do the next buff , and then gank a lane. Since you are starting at the bottom side you should either go mid or top.

Blue Side
Camp 1
For the blue side you wanna start with the Krug camp and make sure your bot lane throws down a couple of autos for you. On the blue side you wanna start with Majestic Roar first then go into Frenzy. DO NOT SMITE the Krug camp. Also throw down a Health Potion either during or after the Krug camp

Camp 2
After you do the Krug camp, go straight to your red buff. Make sure you get a point into Frenzy. Majestic Roar right off the bat and keep auto attacking the main monster. Throw your Frenzy down as fast as you can. On the 2nd go around of Majestic Roar and Frenzy, use both at the same time and use smite shortly after on the main monster to get health and mana back to do the blue camp.

Camp 3
After doing your red buff, go straight to blue. You should have a smite available since there are 2 charges on smite. Use the same technique you did for the red buff you take out the blue buff with as much HP as possible. After this camp look top or mid to see if you can get a kill off of those lanes.

Red Side
Camp 1
On red side you wanna start at Gromp (Toad). Have your bot lane help you leash a bit and make sure to SMITE FIRST THING. Smite gives you a buff that deals damage to enemies who attack you. You also should start Frenzy and not Majestic Roar for the 1st camp.

Camp 2
After gromp, go to blue and level up Majestic Roar. Use both of those abilities to try and save as much HP as possible before going to red buff. (After doing gromp or in the middle of blue camp, use a Health Potion)

Camp 3
After blue buff, go to red and smite it in the middle of doing the camp in order to get HP back before you go to gank a lane.

What do I do if I cannot gank?
If you do not have a lane to gank, do the Rift Scuttler camp and go back to base and buy your jungle item.

I had a successful/unsuccessful gank, should I go back and buy or stay in the jungle?
If you have enough HP to stay out in the field and get more camps, you should definitely do so. The ultimate goal to try and get your jungle item as fast as you possibly can and if you can obtain more gold after a gank, then by all means do it.

What should my pathing be after those listed above?
Your pathing all depends on how you want to gank lanes. When you are clearing camps, make sure to not try to do camps in a non-routine fashion. By this I mean do not do krugs, then run all the way to gromp and then back to the raptors. Make sure you try to do camps in a straight line.

Jungle Buffs and how to use them
Every camp, except for the buff camps, give out a buff that will help you in your game. Learn the buffs and the best ways to utilize it for the champion that you are playing. I will discuss these buffs and how I use them with Volibear.

Gromp Buff
This buff is one of my favorite buffs in the game. It goes really well when you buy Thornmail. This buff basically gives you another Thornmail, everyone who attacks you will get return damage. Grab this buff if you are about to enter into a team fight or before you gank bottom lane.

Wolf Buff
This buff is only useful if you know someone will invade the blue side of your jungle. This buff sends out a small ball of vision that follows and gives vision of anyone in your jungle. If you are playing against champions like Nunu, this buff is very useful because you will be able to see and possibly stop him from stealing your camps

Raptor Buff
This is probably my second favorite buff. This buff allows you to see wards that have been placed and lets you destroy those wards. I use this buff if I am ganking a lane and I know that they have it warded. I also use it to get control over baron or dragon.

Krug Buff
This buff gives your every 6th auto attack a little mini stun. This buff also gives extra damage to towers on your first auto attack. I only use this buff when I am near the camp and am pushing a lane.


Ganking with Volibear is one of my favorite things to do with this champion. In this section I will try to discuss all of Volibear 's abilities and how to use them when you are ganking lanes.
> > >

This is the order that you want to cast your spells when you gank a lane. When you gank a lane, try to just run straight up to them if possible. I recommend not using Rolling Thunder unless you are 100% sure you will get the flip off. Do not run right into the lane with Rolling Thunder active or they will either just run from you or Flash away. Right after you slow them, Rolling Thunder them to try and get them as close to your ally while you are ganking. Immediately after Rolling Thunder and you flip them over your shoulder activate Thunder Claws and start throwing down your auto attacks. ALWAYS TRY TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE BETWEEN YOUR OPPONENT AND THEIR TOWER. Keep laying down auto attacks as they try to run away. You should have 3 auto attacks stacked up to use your Frenzy. ONLY USE YOUR FRENZY TO SECURE THE KILL. To maximize your Frenzy, try to make people not anticipate the damage that you will do from it. Try to assume how much damage it will do before you use it to try and get the most damage down on the enemy.

Lane Ganking

This is one of my favorite ways to gank an enemy and people do not normally expect a giant bear to come our of their lane bush.

The goal of this gank is to go into a lane that is pushed up in your favor and make your way through the bushes to pop out and surprise the enemy. Of course if they have the bushes warded, it will be hard to do this gank. Use all of the information I discussed in the ganking section to try and get kills. The skill order remains the same for almost any ganking situation.

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Using Frenzy to Secure Objectives

> > >

This combo is VERY, I repeat, VERY important when you are trying to secure a Dragon or Baron in a tense situation. I like to think of Frenzy as being a 2nd Smite. When the objective is low enough for you to use this combo, start with your Rolling Thunder, use Majestic Roar, Frenzy, then Smite immediately after. After you get used to doing this, the succession of these abilities should flow right into one another. This set is VERY good when you are in fear of getting an objective stolen.

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CSing and Taxing

I am going to go into a topic that is not really as prominent like Items and Abilities. I am going to talk about getting creeps from lanes and taxing lanes. In general, getting tax and cs from lanes will help you get to your items faster in result making your Frenzy hurt really bad.

You may be asking, why do I want CS if I am in the jungle?!?!?! Well, it is more important than you think. When a laner is pushed out of lane and is forced to go back, the opposing laner will sometimes shove that wave and attack the tower. Instead of farming the jungle, you should go and get that cs and try to reset the wave. When there is cs being wasted, you should put forth the effort to get it. They might ping like crazy but as long as you either reset the lane or dont get the wave pushing. You have every right to be there.

Taxing is also an important element in the game for you. Taxing can be a sensitive topic for some people but I feel taxing should be handled in this kind of way. If you gank a lane and you get an assist for the kill or make the other champ blow some summoners, then you have the right to take a little cs from that lane. If you gank and get the kill from it, I normally dont take any or just take a few. If you have to wait for another wave to pull up, then you have been there too long.

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Team Fights

When in team fights, you will need to recognize what your role in the team is and how to accommodate for your team. This is a tank Volibear guide, and the role of the tank is take all the damage. I will go over the different roles you might face when playing as Volibear

If your mid laner or ADC is scaling super well and they seem like they are in a carry position. You need to change your play style accordingly. In team fights, your role as a tank means that you are protecting your carries and trying to peel for them. DO NOT just go right for the carries on the enemy team. You need to be the front line for your carry. This means using Majestic Roar to slow enemies going for your carries, using Rolling Thunder to flip enemies away from you carries, and using Frenzy to chunk down people.

Everything I say in this category could also be applied to the Tank category. Your role as a brawler/engager is to forced start fights and laying down the damage. If your team is having a hard time fighting or always getting engaged upon, you need to try and be the one to start the fights and get people fighting. This only works if your carries have peel from other champions or are highly mobile and can stand on their own.

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Overall, Volibear is one of my favorite junglers in this tank meta. His Frenzy damage is not really expected and if you build a bunch of HP, you will literally chomp people for 1/3 or 1/2 health. This build tried to maximize as much HP as possible for maximum Frenzy damage. This guide should not be followed religiously and everything is up to debate. If there is anything you want me to add or try to discuss in this build, feel free to let me know. For being my first guide, I am proud of my work and I look forward to making more and hearing your feedback!!!