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Rengar Build Guide by Rengarekton

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rengarekton

Tiggeh's One trick Kitteh

Rengarekton Last updated on January 10, 2016
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Team 1

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 18

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

Threats to Rengar with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Aatrox He relies on his CC and sustain to fight you, but he can't really deal with your burst.
Gangplank Very easy lane. He has to go for early AR if he wants to fight you. Jump him once he used his gun and kill him or force him out of lane whenever possible.
Zac A tank that can't do a lot against you. Try to kill him with your bush tactics and poke him down. Summoner Spell: Ignite/Teleport
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Hi guys!

I will be remaking this guide and I am currently in process of finding the build that fits Rengar the best. Stay tuned for some updates, the following paragraphs will be somewhat outdated, but not out of importance.


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Hi, I'm Tiggeh

I'm a Swiss Rengar Top main and I play him exclusively as an Assassin. I played Rengar pretty much exclusevly to get from Silver to Platin 1.

Now I am working a bit on this Rengar guide when I'm not busy studying. Stick around and expect more because I've only just started writing it. Here on of my penta kills I've achieved during the semi final at a LAN party with this build. Click here to get to my YouTube Channel.

In addition you should never give up learning Rengar. He is a champ that is highly experience based and needs a lot of games to be played to its maximum.

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Read me first

This is kind of like a second introduction, talking about Rengar in the current meta and how I prefer to play him or pick him.

So, Rengar Top has really suffered under the current changes of the Juggernauts, but he's not getting banned anymore, hooray! Well, eventhough there are some nerfs to these damage heavy Rengar coutner picks, yes I mean you Darius, Garen, Fiora and so on. You just can't pick him in Top lane right now. The only matchups I like picking Rengar into are Mages and other squishy figthers like Riven or Jayce (haven't seen him for quite a while). Champions like Renekton or Malphite just turn his lane into a farming lane, you can't really pressure them out of lane.. That's not what you want. With this build I heavily prioritorize ganking mid and using my ult for assisting ganks top, 40% CDR is a great thing..

An other reason why I want to write this paragraph, is that I wanted to mention my frequent (re-)pickup of Exhaust, especially against Riven, to totally dominate the top lane and to prevent some stupid deaths (also good against tower dives). Eventhough I still prefer picking up Teleport for rankeds (currently Plat 1), Exhaust on Rengar is a more SoloQ orientated build to carry your team by demolishing top lane. DON'T PICK EXHAUST IF YOU CAN'T GET ANY KILLS!

Playing him in the jungle is definitly a lot of fun. Usually you can rely on the greediness of your opponents, get kills while they are farming or just don't understand what Rengar is capable of doing. Despite that, a 40% CDR build with the "new" build I use and another bruatlizer for more damage. (here a video for my jungle playstyle/old jungle build) Never forget to tax a lot to carry hard.

That pretty much wraps it up!
Thanks for reading and have a nice hunt!

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Pros / Cons


+ Can one-shot every squishy
+ Not mana/energy reliant
+ Unique play style
+ Can snowball and carry
+ Aggressive OR farm laner
+ Great passive
+ Splats bugs
Rengar is a great pick in solo queue if you want to carry the game. He is not mana or energy reliant and scales great with cooldown reduction. What he stands out the most for is his ability to jump right into the backline and if done correclty the enemies squishies don't stand a chance. In addition he is a great champion to catch opponents off-guard or split pushing and can lock down ability reliant champions (Hello Riven and Master Yi!).

- Weak against cc
- Relies on passive
- Needs Items and Levels
- Needs tanky jungler or support
- Draws a lot of focus
- Hard to master
Once Rengar jumps into the fight there is no running away. The whole backline will immediatly start to focus him and if the ADC is still alive, a cc'd Rengar is easy prey. In addition his ult is counterable by walking around as a team, with pinkwards and vision in general. When the own team is behind, even a fed Rengar can't do much because one mistake will make the enemeies unkillable.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >
First of all we want to start and max out Savagery because it deals the most damage and has the shortest cooldown so we can get faster to our five ferocity stacks. Usually we would lvl up Battle Roar as our second skill, outsustain the enemy laner and be safe. However if we have a chance to score first blood, Bola Strike is the better choice because of the slow or stun and we should get lvl three before the opponent laner comes back. Depending on wheter or not we are trying to farm up, Battle Roar sometimes is the better choice over Bola Strike to stay safe and outsustain. Of course putting a point into Thrill of the Hunt whenever possible is essential.

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Skill Explanation

Empowered auto attack and reset It is always fun to deal tons of damage. With Savagery this is possible. It acts as a empowered auto attack and should be used as an auto attack reset.

Empowered Savagery
Very strong auto attack and reset that grants bonus attack speed Again this ability resets Rengar's auto attacks. In comparison to the normal Savagery it deals about 1.3x more damage, grants you a bonus attack speed reaching from 50-100% and a up to 10% bonus attack damage steroid. The bonuses scale with the Rengar's level. It is your primary engaging tool to deal as much damage as possible.

Battle Roar
Shouts out a Battle Roar and grants AR and MR Battle Roar is a good spell for duelling because you get free AR and MR as well as a ferocity stack. It is also usefull for fighting tanks that only build AR as the damage is not to underestimate.

Empowered Battle Roar
Shouts out a Battle Roar that deals more damage and heals Rengar based on his missing health Extremely usefull for pushing your lane during early game, dealing damage and outsustaining your opponent without having to attack them, this empowered ability is what makes Rengar survive until his team comes to help him. It should not be used as an engaging ability because compared to his other abilities it lacks damage and it does not give him AR and MR like his normal Battle Roar.

Bola Strike
Skillshot that slows an enemy A slow that helps you to reach your prey. In lane it should be used to poke down the enemy laner, slow them for a kill or to get away from them. Later on in the game the Bola is extremly usefull for chasing our prey because of its strong slow.(80%)

Empowered Bola Strike
Skillshot that roots an enemy Especially during mid and early game, this is Rengar's engaging tool. It can be thrown out mid-jump what makes his ult even more deadly. It should be used to root up enemies when you get a gank or when you are ganking because early on you lack quite a lot of damage. It is also extremely usefull against champions like Riven or Master Yi, because we don't want them to be able to use their abilities.

Thrill of the Hunt
Rengar gets invisible, can jump to a target and gets 5 ferocity stacks Rengar's ultimate ability that grants him invisibility after one second or three seconds when in combat. It is your essential engaging tool to reach the back line. The ult can easily be countered by a pink ward or a oracle lens so you should be usefull when engaging. Always engage after the fight has begun or look for seperated targets.

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Rengar's passive

Rengar a unique passive that makes Rengar what I love him for and gives him huge outplaying possibilities. Unseen Predator grants Rengar the advantage to jump out of bushes and he also gets this passive during the stealth mode of his ultimate. In addition should be said that he has a time window of 0.5 seconds to jump once he left either stealth or a bush. This is not compatible with flash but bonus movement speed buffs can help him reach a target.

Unseen Predator with Flash/Ghost

Jumping over to Dragon or Baron

There are exactly two brushes that you can use to jump into the Dragon/Baron-pit. Note that this is not possible without atleast 6 stacks on your Bonetooth-Necklace!

To jump into the pit you first have to walk in the direction of the pit. You have exactly 0.5 seconds to get close enough to click on either Dragon or Baron. You have to get 6 stacks on your Bonetooth-Necklace first because of the increased jump range. It is also possible to use the ultimate to get the jump bonus. Eventhough it is possible to make the jump without boots, I highly recommend buying Boots of Speed early and finishing Boots of Mobility to make this process easier.
Try out this jump several times before going into a normal/ranked game with Rengar. It can be quiet embarassing if you were to fail it a few times in a row.

step 1: Run near the Pit
step 2: Click on Dragon/Baron 0.5 seconds after leaving the brush.
step 3: Get kills, steal a Dragon or impress your teammates.

Unseen Predator; jump into Dragon/Baron Pit examples (vids)

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Important: We want early game runes to win and snowball the early game.

  • 9xGreater mark of armor penetration
Greater Marks of Armor Penetration
These runes are pretty straight forward. We want flat APen to dominate the late game and to make armour on carries useless. An other and a bit safer choice would be Greater Mark of Attack Damage runes to have a stronger early game.

Greater Seals of Armor
I run 4 flat Armor to have an Allrounder-Runepage. I don't go for flat Health runes or Flat Armor because from time to time it is better to have some armour because it scales better into the late game. These Seals can also be replaced with Greater Seal of Healths or Greater Seal of Scaling Healths.

Greater Seals of Health
I like going for 40 flat Health because it is very good during the laning phase. Later on they fall off so we need some Armor because the effective health will be more usefull. They can also be replaced by Greater Seal of Armors or Greater Seal of Scaling Health.

Greater Glyphs of Cooldown Reduction
With this build we want to get 15% CDR from Runes and Masteries. The best way to get to those 15% is by getting 9 Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reductions and 5% CRD in the Masteries. In my opionion you can't leave those out and we usually don't need Magic Resistance for the laning phase.
Greater Quints of Cooldown Reduction
Basically, you want CDR and this quintessence is the one you should go for. See seals for an explaining.
  • 2xGreater Quintessence of Armor penetration
Greater Quints of Armor Penetration
Finally there are the Quints left and the best choice to fill these spots is flat Armor Penetration. We want to be able to oneshot carries and these work the best. If we know that we have some problems during laning phase we can go for Greater Quintessence of Attack Damages to be a bit stronger early.

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Summoner Spells

Definitly the strongest Summoner Spell for playing as Rengar. Use it when splitpushing, teamfighting and most importantly during the laning phase once you baited an enemy into the brushes. Once you have them there, they simply can't escape and you deal tons of damage.
If you want to play as a Top Laner, you will most likely get in contact with Teleport. I prefer this spell in combination with Flash over every other summoner spell. Ignite can give you more kill pressure and yes I've seen tons of kills slipping through my fingers because someone got away with 50HP after a lvl 1 engage and I've also lost duels because I did not have access to Exhaust. But in my opinion Teleport is still the summoner spell you should always use as a Top Laner. You will learn your champion better, how much damage you actually deal, how strong your champion is and so on. In addition, Teleport is a much safer spell that prevents you from falling behind if you get ganked early or make a mistake. You will also learn how to read the map and how to act to aggression in other lanes. I would always prefer a double kill with two assists on my side as well as map pressure down bot over a solo kill in the top lane. Lastly it is much more fun to play with Teleport and Enchantment: Homeguard on your Boots of Mobility and to just run towards an ADC that has no way to escape once he sees the mark over his head. In conclusion Teleport is a much safer summoner spell and you don't have to rely on getting kills during the laning phase to have pressure all over the map.

Flash is pretty much self-explanatory. It can be used to juke, to get into brushes to get access to your passive or to get out of bad situations.

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Rengar's Late Game (lvl 16+)

Now we come to the late game. By now you should have finished your core item build and gotten 40% CDR or you should atleast be on the way to do do so.

Mindset: You are an Assassin. You don't want to get caught out because you might not be able to activate your ultimate in time or the enemy might have a pink ward with them. Always try to have 5 Ferocity Stacks.

Put down wards: It might seem silly to hear this every time but it is essential. For only 250g you can buy a very cheap sight stone that gives you so much warding power. Always ward the side you are pushing. Usually two wards are enough to get enough vision in the enemies jungle and they are very usefull for finding squishy targets.

Push out lanes: You are not playing a champ that wants to stand around with his teammates. You want to get the most out of your time and always have 5 Ferocity Stacks. The best way to achieve this is by farming all day. While you are doing this you should have some time to watch the map and place wards.

When your TP is up: Always look out for squishies that are pushing back a lane! With the Enchantment: Homeguard boots you are able to run into them with your ult and they just can't escape. This is not only fun, it should give your team a huge advantage.

Don't be the one to engage: Remember, you are an Assassin. Never, never run into an ADC that is surrounded by teammates that can CC you down. If you don't have a clear shot or you can't kill him, you will get stunned and killed in a matter of seconds. You deal a lot of damage, but you can't fight a whole team as long as they are gouped up.

You are strong in skirmishes: You have a lot of of single target burst so use that wisely. Your Bola Strike deals more damage than you might think and the slow is great for forcing the enemy to flash or fight.

Fight in the jungle: This is were you can fight the best, in the jungle. You have free leaps available, you can jump away and you don't even have to care about their front line and just kill their back line. If you deal enough damage and the whole enemies team has to focus you, you already did your job, no problem.

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Always remember, you are an Assassin! You don't want to jump right into their whole team! If there are squishies, who are still trying to get near the fight and you can run through the enemies team, you are allowed to burst them. But you always have to get atleast one important carry down and deal as much damage as you can. Here a possible Game winning Teamfight:

Why this is a perfect example of a Teamfight:

  • Focus: We had the perfect focus. I could oneshot their carry, who was out of position. Meanwhile they had 3 Tanks that we didn't even have to care about and there was one last Carry in their backline.
  • Rengar getting focused: We can perfectly see, what happens when a Rengar jumps into the fight. In this clip I deal a lot of damage, but I get cc'd and focused down instantly.
  • Fighting in the Jungle: I could burst down their ADC, but what now? I have a free leap to again join the fight. As a Rengar you should always chose your fights wisely and don't fight in the open, where you can't leap a second or third time and are reliant on your flash to close distances.

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More about me

Hi, I'm Tiggeh.

First of all I want to thank you for reading this guide, eventhough it is not finished yet.

I'm 17, from Switzerland and got my nickname from my cat, Tiggeh. Actually he's called Tigger but I pronounce his name differently than the rest of my family. Earlier on I was known under the name "Rengarekton", guess why, because of Rengar and Renekton.

I started playing exclusevly Top Lane during season 4 when Team Builder was introduced and some of my friends started playing (again). My prefered champions changed from Renekton and Rengar to Rengar as my favourite champion and a bunch of other champions in an expanded Champion Pool. An other champion that I love playing a lot is Hecarim after the Ignite/TP meta started. If you're looking for an other fun champion to learn, take a look at Heca.

I've started playing top with TP exclusevly, too. In my opinion you learn so much more about the game if you always have to be prepared to be needed at the other side of the map and you just can't denie the joy when you run into an ADC with TP and Homeguard on your side. I just started putting some clips together for a one-shot or TP-All-IN montage.

Here are some of my S5 Rengar stats: