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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Camille Build Guide by Tinjus

AD Offtank Tinjus - Detailed Camille Jungle Guide for Patch 7.3

AD Offtank Tinjus - Detailed Camille Jungle Guide for Patch 7.3

Updated on February 8, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tinjus Build Guide By Tinjus 338,954 Views 29 Comments
338,954 Views 29 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Tinjus Camille Build Guide By Tinjus Updated on February 8, 2017
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Updates to the guide and Camille will be included in this section.

Patch 7.3 - Camille nerfs

Ah yes, the Camille nerfs that everyone that doesn't play Camille has been waiting for. These nerfs are quite justified and will significantly reduce her power. This does mean that you'll have to be a little more skillful when you play her as well, since missing her E doesn't give you the bonus attack speed anymore. I'd say shes still a very potent, powerful champion, but her jungle clear has slightly worsened with the Q damage nerf and E nerf.

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Big thanks to my friend for making this awesome art for the guide!
You can find more of his work here:

Hi there, welcome to my Jungle Camille Guide! I go by the name of Tinjus on the Oceania server. I'm a Challenger Kha'Zix main who has now started to play a lot of Camille since her release. I am making this guide to educate you all on how to play Camille in the jungle, and become a massive powerhouse in your games!

Camille is one of those few champions that I just knew I would fall in love with. Her playstyle suits mine perfectly and its a blast to play her and demolish everything in your path. Some people may relate her to champions such as Fiora and Irelia, but the thing that separates Camille from that crowd is her incredible mobility. In this guide I will aim to teach you - the reader, about how to use Camille to be as efficient as possible, as hopefully by the end of this guide you will have learnt a thing or two about her! Ready to go? BEGIN SCROLLING!

About Camille

A complete powerhouse when played properly, Camille executes long range jumps and fast precise attacks in order to quickly cut down opponents. She scales extremely well with AD and Cooldown Reduction, making her deal a ridiculous amount of damage if you get too close.

Camille's power revolves around careful timing of abilities to be as efficient as possible. When you see a beginner on a champion like this, they will often forget the smallest details that make her so strong, and spam all their abilities at once. She is usually played as a bruiser although she is also able to assume an Assassin role in a team composition which can be extremely potent. A good Camille player needs to be patient, and wait for the right opportunities to start dishing out swift death, as well as carefully timing abilities in order to maximize DPS, all while keeping track of your abilities and maintaining a calm composure.

"Efficiency is paramount to success."

Camille possesses a high amount of damage when played right, but the amount of it that you can dish out will depend on the kind of opportunities that you take. Jumping into an enemy without a clear plan will significantly reduce your chances of killing your desired target. Camille needs to engage at the correct times in order to find success. Her incredible mobility combined with her reliable Crowd Control and high damage makes for a very strong jungler, who can outclass the majority of junglers in ganking and dueling.
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Runes and Masteries

The rune page for Camille jungle is extremely simple. All Attack Speed. Yep. Without this amount of attack speed your clear suffers greatly, and you won't be able to weave your auto attacks properly in combos. This setup is very effective for all situations.

Why do I run this page? I run it because I dislike the slow auto attacking playstyle of Camille, and instead like my combos to be fast and smooth. A full attack speed rune page allows you to achieve this, and you still do a really nice chunk of damage when you start building AD. Fervor of Battle also helps combat the lack of AD in runes.

There are quite a few mastery pages that you can take on Camille, so we'll be going over each of them individually. Each of them supports a different playstyle with a different keystone, so choose wisely between which one you want to run.

Fervor Page - 18/0/12 or 18/12/0

This is probably the standard mastery setup that most Camille players run. Fervor of Battle is the perfect keystone mastery if you are playing as a bruiser, and will allow you to deal large amounts of damage once you get the stacks. Use this page if you aren't sure about what masteries to run, or if you simply want to deal more damage. Choose between 12 in Cunning or 12 in Resolve, its entirely up to you.

Stormraider's or Thunderlord's Page - 12/18/0

This is a brilliant mastery page if you want to play Camille as an assassin. She possesses more than enough damage to proc Stormraider's Surge , and can easily proc Thunderlord's Decree . Both of these keystones make for a very nice assassin playstyle, prioritizing either mobility with Stormraider's Surge or burst with Thunderlord's Decree .

Courage of the Colossus Page - 12/0/18

The last common mastery page on Camille is 12/0/18 taking Courage of the Colossus . Its a pretty good keystone if you're playing a tankier version of Camille and need to engage for your team, but I feel that the other keystones are better simply because they boost Camille's combat prowess by a lot.

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This section will go over each of the items that work well on Camille individually. I will explain the strengths that each item provides and what situations they are good for.

Offensive Items

Trinity Force

Alright so this item is obviously good on Camille. It gives her everything she needs, and she synergises well with the passives. So why did you put Black Cleaver over this item in your builds, Tinjus? Well the answer is very simple. You simply cannot afford Trinity Force when you are jungling. The item is fantastic, and it compliments a bruiser build Camille very well, but in the jungle you don't have as much farm compared to laners, thus you cannot buy the things that they can afford as easily. You need to be buying cost efficient items that will still help you be powerful. Not expensive, luxury items like those for laners.

Of course, when you are fed you can buy these expensive items easily. That is the one exception of when you can buy these items while jungling. If you are not fed and decide to buy laner items, you will really feel the difference in your power while building those items. You can swap out Black Cleaver for Trinity Force if you have the gold to buy it.

The Black Cleaver

There is a reason why I put this item in the core bruiser build for Camille, and thats because it is a very efficient well rounded item for her that lets her fight anyone with ease. I repeat, anyone. The Black Cleaver works wonders for Camille as it gives her everything she needs: Health, AD, 20% CDR, a nice movespeed active and armor shred, which synergises very well with her fast paced auto attack playstyle. You simply cannot go wrong with this item, which is why I strongly recommend integrating it into your build. It helps deal with tanks, and even cuts down squishies relatively quickly. Not to mention it is extremely cheap for the stats it provides, and a much better option than Trinity Force when jungling because of this.

Youmuu's Ghostblade

You have no idea how much I love this item on Camille. Not only is it cheap, and extremely cost efficient for the jungle, it provides you with so much burst as well as great utility. The movespeed active and cooldown reduction make you a lot more mobile when you don't have Hookshot / Wall Dive up, and will allow you to kill squishy enemies within the duration of your E stun (I know, its ridiculous). With this in mind, it is a fantastic assassin item for Camille, and I consider it core if you plan on using an assassin playstyle.

The Hydras

Both Ravenous Hydra and Titanic Hydra work well on Camille. They both provide some very nice damage and can enhance her combos. The matter of which one to pick comes down to which playstyle you are using. If you are running a Bruiser based build, Titanic Hydra is going to be the better option because you will have much higher health compared to the assassin build which synergises well with Titanic Hydra. If you are running an Assassin build, take Ravenous Hydra instead, since you won't have as much health to synergise with the Titanic Hydra passive.

Defensive Damage Items

Death's Dance

Very strong item on Camille that lets her duel enemies very well, and gives her sustain for the game. It provides a very nice range of stats with high AD, CDR, and a very useful passive. This item works particularly well against AD enemies due to their dueling based playstyle, so if the enemy threats are majority AD based, I recommend building this item after your Black Cleaver or Youmuu's Ghostblade.

Maw of Malmortius

A fantastic item on Camille that helps her deal with burst by AP champions. It functions in a similar way to Death's Dance but instead caters to AP based team compositions. Its passive is very handy to have when fighting those pesky mages, and will let you survive a little bit longer in fights. If you are against an AP based team, I recommend building this item after your Black Cleaver or Youmuu's Ghostblade

Mercurial Scimitar

Mercurial Scimitar is always a great item to pick up if you are struggling with hard CC. It provides some decent Magic Resist as well as a nice amount of AD + Lifesteal which is very underrated. The amount of times this item has gotten me out of sticky situations is too many too count. If the enemy has champions such as Nautilus or Malzahar, this item will save your life.

Defensive Items

Armor Items

Randuin's Omen and Dead Man's Plate

These two items are a fantastic choice against AD enemies. You will survive much longer in fights when you have one of these, thus allowing you to dish out more damage. If you are against crit based champions such as Tryndamere, Yasuo, or a fed ADC, build Randuin's Omen. If you aren't against that much crit, take Dead Man's Plate instead.

Magic Resist Items

Spirit Visage and Banshee's Veil

Both of these items are strong and cost efficient, and are very effective against AP champions. So which one do you take? Well in my opinion, Spirit Visage tends to be the item that you get the most value out of. Anyone that has a heal on your team will heal you for more, and your self healing increases too. I feel that this is a much better option than having a flimsy spell shield that goes away after 1 ability, but Banshee's Veil still has its uses. It provides more stats compared to Spirit Visage, and the spell shield can actually be useful at times. For example, it may allow you to initiate for your team easier. Overall, both items are fine, so choose between them as you please.

Sterak's Gage

This is a very nice item that synergises well with Camille and her item builds. Since you'll usually be building health items and getting focused a lot, Sterak's Gage makes you tankier and allows you to stay alive for longer while taking more risks. You can swap out your defensive damage item for this if you feel like you'll need the extra tankiness.


Your item build should contain your Jungle Item, 2 offensive items ( Trinity Force, Black Cleaver or Youmuu's Ghostblade + Ravenous Hydra or Titanic Hydra), 1 defensive damage item ( Death's Dance or Maw of Malmortius), and 1 defensive item. For boots, take Ionian Boots of Lucidity for an assassin build, and either Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads depending on if the enemy is AD or AP/CC based.

Bruiser build vs AD

Bruiser build vs AP

Assassin build vs AD

Assassin build vs AP

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Skill Sequences/Explanation + Spells

Adaptive Defenses - Passive

Upon hitting an enemy champion, Camille gains a shield for 20% of her maximum health. The shield's damage type depends on the enemy's own damage type. For example, if the enemy does mostly Magic damage, Camille will earn a Magic damage shield, while if the enemy does mostly physical damage, Camille will earn a Physical damage shield instead.

This is a great start to Camille's kit. The 20% shield is incredibly useful for staying alive and winning fights. Depending on the shield used, Camille can potentially soak up a large amount of damage for her team in fights, and allows her to win almost any 1v1. The shield is also useful for an assassin playstyle since it'll allow you to stay alive slightly longer so you can kill your target.

Note that you will most likely not have much control over who you use the shield on. It is also not worth it to go out of your way to proc the most appropriate damage type for a fight. Just go with whatever shield you get, and cut your enemies down to size.

Precision Protocol - Q

On first cast, Camille's next basic attack deals extra physical damage and grants movespeed for 1 second. It is then able to be recast again. If recast 1.5 seconds after the first cast, Precision Protocols damage is doubled, and a portion of the damage dealt is converted into true damage.

This is the bread and butter of Camille's damage, and should be used whenever possible. HOWEVER, this does not mean that you should spam it non-stop in an attempt to use all of your abilities quickly. Camille's damage comes from well placed abilities and timing, so you need to be using this ability by weaving it between your auto attacks, resetting them and dealing maximum damage.

Tactical Sweep - W

After a brief delay, Camille performs a swift kick that deals physical damage to all enemies inside of a cone. Enemies hit by the outer half of the cone are dealt extra % damage and slowed by 90% for 2 seconds. 100% of this extra damage goes toward Camille as a heal.

I see a lot of people using this ability incorrectly. They either use it at the wrong time by interrupting their auto attacks, or try to use it when the enemy is standing right next to them. In order to use this efficiently, you need to find an appropriate opening between your auto attacks to cast the ability without losing much DPS. A good time to use it would be after your second cast of Q.

Hookshot / Wall Dive - E

On the first cast, Camille throws out a grappling hook in a straight line. If the hook collides with terrain, Camille is pulled and binded to the terrain, and is able to cast the second half of the ability: Wall Dive. On the second cast, Camille dashes towards a target direction and deals physical damage in a small area, stunning those hit for 1 second. If targeted towards an enemy champion, the distance of Wall Dive is doubled, and Camille gains bonus attack speed if the champion is hit.

This ability is insanely strong. It provides Camille with a ridiculous amount of mobility and lets her chase down targets, escape and gank with ease. Camille is able to make long distance engages with this ability and move around the map relatively quickly. It is usually used as a form of Crowd Control when initiating, and also serves as a reliable gap closer. It is harder than it looks to hit the crowd control, and you don't have too much control over the ability itself, only the general direction of the dash. Hookshot / Wall Dive is the ability that makes Camille Jungle viable.

Hextech Ultimatum - R

Camille dashes onto an enemy champion, becoming untargetable during the dash. Upon landing she creates an arena around the target champion for 4 seconds and knocks away all nearby enemies on impact. The champion cannot escape the field, No Matter What. Thats right. They cannot dash, flash, or teleport out of the dome regardless of their ability. Not even Ekko can warp out. Camille's auto attacks deal extra magic damage while in the zone, and the zone disappears if Camille leaves it.

Talk about broken, this ability spells impending doom for anyone who is targeted by it. Not being able to escape for 4 seconds means your allies can follow up on your ultimate and simply demolish whoever is trapped in the arena. It is an absolutely amazing tool for ganking and is impeccable for catching out important targets. It also grants some nice outplay potential with that untargetable dash. It is mainly used in 1v1s, ganking or teamfighting, and can easily turn the tide of a game.

Skill Order

There are two ways in which you can level up Camille. The first way is by maxing Q first, E second and W last, while the second way is by maxing E first, Q second and W last.

Q max first

This skill order will give you more DPS overall because it slightly increases your Q's damage while lowering the cooldown greatly. Its a good skill order to use if you plan on fighting a lot and farming the jungle.

E max first

This is a fantastic skill order for the jungle that lets you have increased map pressure and higher mobility for the early game which can be extremely useful for snowballing in laning phase. It does however, come at the cost of lower DPS early game due to not maxing Q.


- This doesn't need explaining. ALWAYS take flash. It helps with everything, from escaping to killing targets to outplaying enemies. F is for Flash.

- You simply cannot jungle without this, this enables you to buy the jungle item needed to clear the jungle and allows you to obtain buffs from jungle camps, as well as secure objectives (Dragon and Baron/Herald).

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Camille Mechanics - Basic

Camille's mechanics are fairly simple, but with all champions it takes time and practice to master them. This section will go over her basic mechanics, and once we cover these we can move onto the more advanced ones which require fast mouse movements and reaction times.

Basic Mechanic 1 - Auto Attack Resetting with Precision Protocol

I cannot stress enough just how important this mechanic is for Camille. It essentially doubles your DPS when used correctly. You cannot play Camille effectively if you do not use this mechanic, it is the most basic, important mechanic to master and ALWAYS needs to be used.

The mechanic is very simple. Simply reset your auto attack with Precision Protocol. To do this the procedure is: AA > Q as soon as the Auto Attack finishes. Pretty simple stuff right? Well you'd be surprised at how many people forget to use this. Trust me, it WILL make you a better Camille player.

Basic Mechanic 2 - Standard Burst combo

Yet another very simple mechanic. This should be used if you are about to engage in a fight. Simply use E > AA > Q. This integrates the first basic mechanic into a burst combo that does a considerable amount of damage. It also procs Thunderlord's Decree if you are running it.

Basic Mechanic 3 - Basic Initiation

Your initiation method is also very simple. Jump into range of a target with E, then use your ultimate on a target. Its a very long range initiation method that can catch a lot of people off guard. Camille's ability to leap long distances is second to none.

These 3 main basic mechanics are what every Camille player should be doing when the situation calls for it, ESPECIALLY THE AUTO RESET. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO USE IT EVERYWHERE AT ALL TIMES. These mechanics are all based on efficient execution of combos, and will result in successful and reliable outcomes depending on when it is used.
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Camille Mechanics - Advanced

Here are some of the more advanced mechanics for Camille which require fast reaction times and mouse movements. If you haven't already, go try out the basic mechanics first before you move onto these, especially Basic Mechanic 1.

Advanced Mechanic 1 - Hookshot Flash Trick

Alright, the first advanced mechanic can be fairly hard to pull off, but a bit of practice should get you there in no time. This is an extremely useful trick that functions similar to a Gragas body slam or Shen taunt. Right at the end of your Wall Dive, flash onto the enemy to extend the range of the stun. This can be very effective against enemies. They will not expect the sudden stun that hits them because they'll think that your E is out of range.

Advanced Mechanic 2 - Using Hextech Ultimatum to dodge

This is quite a difficult mechanic to pull off which requires fast reaction times. Camille's Hextech Ultimatum renders her untargetable during the jump, which means you can use it to dodge various skillshots and such. Wait for the enemy to use an ability. When the ability is out, quickly use Hextech Ultimatum to become untargetable and dodge the skillshot. This ability can be extremely useful, and makes for some nice outplay potential.

These cover the advanced mechanics for Camille. It might take a bit of practice in order to master them, so don't worry if you screw up a few times. There is a reason why I consider them advanced mechanics.
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Camille's dependence on auto attacking provides her with a multitude of combos to use in fights. This section will go over some of these combos that can be quite useful in certain situations. If you read the introduction of this guide I said that I was going to demonstrate how to be efficient. Well, this is the perfect place to do so. Combos are all about fast, smooth auto attacking between abilities.

Main Damage Combo - Auto Reset Q

To start things off we have a simple damage combo that is incredibly useful for pretty much all situations. This is the combo that you are going to be using when jungling clearing and fighting in order to get the highest dps possible. Simply use Auto Attacks and reset them with Q, just like Basic Mechanic 1. The standard combo is AA > Q > AA > AA > Q.

You can also integrate a W after the charged Q. This can be very useful if you don't want to all-in an opponent or just want to back out of danger. Your W will heal a small amount of the damage dealt back, making it a safe and versatile combo that can both finish off an opponent or kite back. Notice how the Q animation is interrupted by the W, meaning that your charged Q can be animation canceled if done correctly. The combo is AA > Q > AA > AA > Q > W (fast)

Burst Combo - Triple Kick

I absolutely love this combo. It allows you to burst a target down very quickly and it also looks really cool :D. This 3 hit combo will proc Thunderlord's Decree as well which further adds to the burst. Its a great combo for finishing off opponents and dealing some quick damage before retreating, such a satisfying move to use haha. The combo is as follows: AA > Q > Q (fast)

Stylish Combo - W mid E

I don't really think this combo is too useful in many circumstances, but it certainly looks cool! You are able to use your W while casting your E. This essentially means that your W will be cast as soon as you finish casting Wall Dive, which does a small amount of burst. I don't really recommend this combo in many situations unless the small amount of burst is enough to finish a target off. Its mainly inefficient because you potentially make the slow of Tactical Sweep irrelevant by overriding it with Wall Dive's stun. Cast E then quickly cast W afterwards in the direction that you plan to jump. Your W will then be cast at the ending of your jump in the direction you jumped.

This covers the main combos for Camille which are extremely useful to use in certain situations. I simply love the fact that there are all sorts of combos that Camille can use, its kind of like a fighting game where you have a moves list :D
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Camille isn't made to be a jungler, although she still ticks all the boxes required for jungling. She is great at dueling and has incredibly strong ganks, although her early clear isn't all that great until you get Tiamat. Nevertheless, shes a very potent jungler who can easily carry a game from the forest.

Jungle Clearing

Since her clear is quite poor, that large amount of Attack Speed put into the runes really helps her along. The standard clear that I recommend you almost always do is Blue > Gromp > Wolves > Red > Krugs. This will get you to level 4 at a decent speed which is important for most junglers. You may have noticed that I skipped Raptors. Why? Because Raptors are terrible for Camille if she doesn't have a Tiamat. You will lose 75% of your HP if you try doing them and it takes AGES. Camille doesn't have any reliable AOE damage to clear them. She has her W and E which are small AOE, but they are on long cooldowns early game and do very little damage.

If you want to start at Red buff, the standard clear that I suggest is Red > Wolves > Blue > Gromp. We skip Krugs because it screws up the jungle pathing and Raptors because they're very difficult. This clear is less efficient than the Blue buff start because you only get level 3 instead of level 4, as well as less gold due to one less camp. However, you do finish the clear quite early into the game, so it can be very useful if you want to have an impact early.

The video below demonstrates both clears explained above. I recommend watching it to get a better understanding of them, because you need to have good mechanics when clearing as Camille otherwise your clear will be suboptimal and you'll find yourself finishing slower and at less health.

Early Game

In the early game, your job is to stay up in levels with the enemy jungler and apply constant pressure throughout the map using your incredible ganking and dueling potential. There aren't many champions who can 1v1 Camille at any stage of the game, and the early game is no different. Anyone that gets trapped in your Hextech Ultimatum or gets hit by your Wall Dive is going to suffer a ridiculous amount of damage due to your fast attack speed granted by your runes and the Hookshot / Wall Dive passive. Once you start building a bit of AD, the enemy stands no chance, and you'll be able to demolish anyone you see and create immense pressure around the map.

Objective Control

In terms of early game objectives, Camille can take Dragons quite easily if you max Precision Protocol. She also takes turrets extremely fast as her auto attack resets can be used on towers. Like always I recommend prioritising the outer towers in the early game, while getting vision in the enemy jungle to gain control over the map. If you are able to kill a target during a gank, you can easily take an early outer tower due to Camille's threat to towers. Make sure to remember to farm, since Camille scales very well with items.

Your jungle, buffs and all, belong to YOU

Take everything, take blue, take red, TAKE ALL OF IT! ITS YOUR JUNGLE! You are not obligated to give blue buff to the mid laner if you feel that you can do more with it. Of course, sometimes laners deserve the buffs, but if you dont want to give it to them, that's absolutely fine. Camille is an absolute monster when ahead so don't be afraid to take the buffs if you feel that you can use them to get ahead. The exception is blue buff. Camille doesn't really need blue buff because she has very low mana costs, so its usually a good idea to give them to your mid laner unless they are going to give it away right when they get back to lane.


Ganking is fairly simple on Camille, and this is also where Basic Mechanic 2 and Basic Mechanic 3 come in. If the target is in range, try hitting them with your Wall Dive and proceed to follow the burst combo combined with the auto reset combo. When needed, use Tactical Sweep to slow them. If you are able to get behind the target, save your Wall Dive for when they use flash and instead use Tactical Sweep to slow and keep up with them while auto attacking.

Once you gain your Hextech Ultimatum, you can follow the Initiation combo in Basic Mechanic 3 to get a long range engage on the enemy. This will most likely be the end of your desired target, since 4 seconds is more than enough to kill them.

Counter Jungling and Control

Since Camille is such an amazing duelist she is able to counter jungle to a fairly high standard. You can easily get in and out of the jungle using your Hookshot / Wall Dive and can kill the enemy jungler and camps fairly quickly once you have some AD. Not to mention the enemy jungler will not be able to escape if you use your Hextech Ultimatum, making you a force that needs to be dealt with. Just keep an eye out for the enemy laners. If they are missing from their lanes there is a good chance that they are coming to help their jungler.

Getting a Lead and Closing Games

This is copied from my Kha'Zix guide because I believe it applies to most champions in the game. So you've picked up a few kills, you've destroyed the enemy jungler, you've taken the outer towers, now the next step is to find a way to transition that lead into a victory screen. The most important thing to do when you have a lead is to NOT DIE. It doesn't matter if you don't do anything with the kills you have, if you end up throwing the game by dying over and over those kills mean nothing.

There is no need to rush anything while ahead, just continue to farm and prioritize objectives, while avoiding risky plays such as turret dives and solo invades. Controlling the enemy jungler will ultimately result in the removal of jungle pressure from the map, allowing you and your team to control the lanes. In order to transition the lead into a win, objectives must be prioritized and teamfights will generally occur throughout the game. If you have a big enough lead, you should be able to win those teamfights for your team and snowball the game by taking Baron and inner towers.

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When it comes to teamfighting, Camille somewhat struggles against certain team compositions if she doesn't have her own reliable team composition to fall back on. She is played as a bruiser or assassin which means she can either hit the frontline or kill priority targets. Both of these can be extremely hard to do if the enemy has a strong tank or support which can disrupt and peel you off.


Your position in a fight determines the amount of value that you are going to bring to that fight. Camille's role in a teamfight is to lock down a target and swiftly cut them down. She works best when fighting next to ledges so she can easily use Hookshot / Wall Dive to jump across the fight and onto the target that she desires. To play Camille in teamfights you need to be patient and wait for the right opportunities to jump in, similar to how Kha'Zix or any other assassin plays. During this waiting time, you act as a bruiser that deals damage to whoever is closest to you. Your Hextech Ultimatum should be saved for when you are going to kill your desired target since they will not be able to escape.

Patience and Timing

All champions in the game benefit from patience and Camille is no exception. Jumping in at the wrong time in a fight can be catastrophic for your team. This is mainly because hard CC and peel can shut you out of a fight very easily. Similar to assassins, when playing Camille you need to be aware of the enemy's cooldowns at all times so you can use the small windows of opportunity that these cooldowns provide to kill your desired target.

I cannot explain teamfighting properly without a video demonstration so I will attempt to get an example of a Camille teamfight done when I can.
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Lets recap on what we've learnt. Camille is an incredibly fun fighter that possesses massive amounts of damage, while also having high mobility and reliable CC. She is played as a bruiser who can also assume an assassin role when needed, making her quite versatile and a lethal weapon when she gets ahead. Good Camille players will always use their Q to auto reset, while efficiently using their abilities in order to maximise DPS. A player who has mastered this champion will definitely see results when playing her, as she is extremely powerful in the right hands. You simply have to take good opportunities and be as efficient as possible.

"Precision is the difference between a butcher and a surgeon." - Camille

Thanks for reading my guide! If you managed to learn a few things about The Steel Shadow, then this guide's purpose has been fulfilled. All feedback is appreciated, so drop a comment if you have any questions or recommendations and I'll do my best to answer back!

If you're interested, you may like to check out my Youtube Channel. I mainly focus on Kha'Zix however Camille is insanely fun and I really want to do some more content on her.

Tinjus' Youtube Channel


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