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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Tinjus

Jungle diamond

Tinjus' Ultimate Kha'Zix Jungle Guide for Season 10

By Tinjus | Updated on February 26, 2020
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Runes: Dark Harvest/Electrocute

1 2 3 4
Dark Harvest
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Win 53%
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Champion Build Guide

Tinjus' Ultimate Kha'Zix Jungle Guide for Season 10

By Tinjus

Much like Kha'Zix, this guide will constantly change and evolve over time in order to keep up to date with the game. The most recent update to the guide and Kha'Zix will be included in this section.

Back for Season 10 - Rune guide updated

Hey guys :) sorry I haven't updated this guide for the longest time, but I just got around to doing a rune guide so the runes section of this guide has now been updated. I want to try and update this guide more to get it up to date with changes as of late although I can't promise anything, but as it stands, most of the information in this guide should be perfectly fine to use during this patch (10.4). Thanks!

Also, we just hit 8 million views on this guide, which is absolutely insane. Thank you so much to all that have viewed this guide, and I hope you've managed to learn something from it.

Also, I've released a new montage! Feel free to check it out here:

Also, heres a little shameless self-promotion, if you haven't subscribed to me on youtube, and you're interested in Kha'Zix, I strongly recommend you do so RIGHT NOW. Yes, right now. Alt+tab out of your league game and go subscribe if you haven't. Trust me, I think you'll really appreciate the content I put out relating to Kha'Zix.

Tinjus' Youtube Channel
Videos Back to Top
As of now I'll be uploading highlights from time to time, I will be posting my latest video in this section.

Introduction Back to Top
Big thanks to my friend for making this awesome art for the guide!
You can find some more of his work here:

Want to see Kha'Zix in action? Check out this incredible montage made by Nicetryian

Hi there, welcome to my Kha'Zix guide! I go by the name of Tinjus in the Oceania server. I'm a Challenger Kha'Zix main who peaked at #1 Kha'Zix OCE as well as #1 Kha'Zix in the world. I am making this guide to educate you all on how to play Kha'Zix and adapt his kit to your playstyle!

I've been playing Kha'Zix ever since he came out in Season 2, he was my very first jungler, so its very coincidental that he would be my main. He is just so unique in so many ways compared to every other champion in League, and for that I instantly fell in love with him. I see a lot of mistakes with other Kha'Zix mains, they may know the champion's mechanics but they certainly do not know the fact that Kha'Zix is incredibly flexible. In this guide my aim will be to educate you - the reader, on the ins and outs of Kha'Zix, and hopefully by the end of this guide you will have learnt a thing or two about him! There is a fair amount of writing here, so I hope you're ready. Lets get started.

About Kha'Zix

One of the most unique champions in the game, Kha'Zix excels at assassinating out of position targets. He possesses massive amounts of damage in his kit as well as a high amount of utility, which is a deadly combination for any assassin to have.

Kha'Zix is incredibly flexible in that he can adapt to any situation using his special Evolution concept. Most players think that Kha'Zix is all about killing that one target, but the thing that separates Kha'Zix from the crowd is his versatility. He is able to assume many roles in a team composition other than his main role as an assassin such as peeling, fighting, disruption and even tank. A good Kha'Zix player should be able to adapt to his/her environment in order to get the most out of Kha'Zix's kit.

Kill. Consume. Adapt.

Kha'Zix's massive but situational damage means that he has to play his fights carefully in order to be successful. Fighting an enemy when they are not Isolated can greatly reduce his damage and chance of winning that fight. A good Kha'Zix player needs to choose when and where to fight in order to find success in a game. He also has no Hard CC which can sometimes be a problem for ganking. However, his relatively strong and reliable slows combined with his high damage are more than enough to pull off a successful gank.
Pros and Cons Back to Top
Runes Back to Top

This video goes over everything you need to know about Kha'Zix Runes.

Kha'Zix has a few keystones available to him that enable different playstyles and setups to function effectively. This text will go over 3 of his main keystones, consisting of Electrocute, Dark Harvest and Phase Rush, which all cater to different styles of play. Electrocute is focused around single target burst and assassination, Dark Harvest revolves around killing multiple targets with damage resets during skirmishes and teamfights, and Phase Rush is an excellent choice for those wanting a more mobility focused playstyle, allowing you to kite and stick to enemies easily.

Lets begin with an Electrocute page. Click the tab underneath this text to reveal the rune page and explanation.

Electrocute page: Domination - Sorcery

Next we'll move onto a Phase Rush page. Click the tab underneath this text to reveal the rune page and explanation.

Phase Rush page: Sorcery - Domination

Last but not least, we'll be looking at a Dark Harvest page. Click the tab underneath this text to reveal the rune page and explanation.

Dark Harvest page: Domination - Sorcery/Precision

Here is a guide video I made that explains the 3 keystones. If you want a rundown of the information above I suggest watching it

These are the 3 main pages that I've been using for Kha'Zix in the preseason. I want to emphasise that there are plenty more rune choices that you can run in this patch, but these are just the 3 that I think are the best for Kha'Zix and enjoy the most. Feel free to experiment yourself to find some other setups.
Items Back to Top

These are the items that are Strong/Decent on Kha'Zix. Get ready to read, theres a lot of writing coming up.

Core Items

Warrior Enchantment

You should be getting this enchantment every single game that you play alongside your jungle item of choice. It gives Kha'Zix a massive power spike once he reaches it, and will let you duel almost anyone. Ideally, Stalker's Blade is your go to jungle item for Kha'Zix.

Duskblade of Draktharr

It is hands down the most powerful item for Kha'Zix, providing a massive amount of raw damage with an incredible passive that synergises well with Kha'Zix's ultimate. It is currently a ridiculous item that works wonders for assassinating target, and should be taken after warrior every single game.


Your choice of boots will depend on the enemy composition as well as your personal preference. Boots of Mobility are good for taking control of the map and getting to your destination fast. Mercury's Treads are great against CC heavy team comps as well as heavy AP. Ninja Tabi are a fantastic choice against auto attack heavy AD champions, and Ionian Boots of Lucidity are good for providing that extra CDR to cap out at 40%.

2nd Core (Situational Items)

These are situational items that you will generally be buying after your warrior, boots and duskblade. They are very powerful on Kha'Zix and will help immensely against certain types of champions, depending on which one you choose.

The Black Cleaver

The Black Cleaver is a fantastic item that works wonders for Kha'Zix against beefier targets such as bruisers. The 20% CDR, health, and phage passive are all great stats that really help Kha'Zix deal with the bruiser type champions and tanks. It is best to buy this item after your warrior and duskblade if you need to deal with bruisers.

Youmuu's Ghostblade

This is the item that you buy after your warrior + duskblade if you want to kill squishy targets that are not building armor. The double lethality items will make sure that squishy targets die easily, and is the perfect build path if you want to go for assassinations on priority targets.

Lord Dominik's Regards

Hands down one of the most flexible items on Kha'Zix, allowing him to deal high damage to everyone in the game, and countering enemies that build armor. This item is bought after warrior + duskblade if you need to assassinate priority targets that are building armor (for example, mid laners or ADCs might build ninja tabi or guardian angel, Lord Dominik's Regards helps cut through that armor).

If you're unsure which 2nd core situational items to buy, you can simply buy all of them and you'll have a nice well rounded build that can deal high damage to everything. Just be aware that you have less defensive stats as a result.

Defensive Items (Situational)

You can pick up one of these defensive based items after one of your 2nd Core Situational Items, in order to balance out your build and give yourself some more survivability.

Guardian Angel

Fantastic defensive item on Kha'Zix that allows you to take a few more risks in fights. With this item you're able to take the initiative in games and engage fights, as well as go deep for an important target. Good for if you're getting focused or need to kill something safely.

Maw of Malmortius

This item is fantastic to help deny strong AP champions from bursting you down. Its a great item that serves Kha'Zix well when fighting mages and the like. Generally build this if you are up against heavy AP champions after your 2nd core situational items.

Death's Dance

The healing you get from death's dance is great in order to narrowly avoid burst damage, and helps with your dueling immensely. Its a good item in order to counteract burst damage from things such as assassins, and people usually sell warrior for it once they reach full build if they haven't bought it already.

Edge of Night

Edge of Night grants some solid health and an active spell shield that enables Kha'Zix to go in more safely against targets that have important, powerful abilities. Its a great item if you plan on playing more aggressive, as it also provides you with lethality and attack damage.

Mercurial Scimitar

This is a must have item if you find that the enemy simply has too much CC on their team. It is extremely useful against champions such as Malzahar, Skarner, and anyone that has point and click CC that can shut you down.

Expensive/Preference Items

These two items are items that are very powerful but not everyone likes to use them. It is up to the player to decide whether or not they want to buy these preference items.

Trinity Force

Trinity force provides Kha'Zix with an insane amount of utility with a phage passive, sheen passive, and 20% cooldown reduction. These passives alongside the attack speed gained from stinger, make Kha'Zix extremely flexible, smooth, and powerful, and will seriously up your Kha'Zix game. It does respectable damage, makes killing towers faster, and overall just enhances Kha'Zix in all aspects. The only downside is that it is expensive, so I recommend only buying it if you are really fed in the game.

Tiamat/Ravenous Hydra

Tiamat / Ravenous Hydra is a very strong item on Kha'Zix that enhances his clear speeds, burst damage and efficiency in a game. The tiamat can be used with leap in mid air which adds a respectable amount of burst damage to your combo. It also allows you to farm jungle camps extremely quickly and overall is a very strong item on Kha'Zix. If you find that you like this item, you should take it after your warrior enchantment or duskblade.

Build Examples

This is going to be your standard assassin Kha'Zix build. It does a ton of damage and is supported with guardian angel in case you die in a fight. Very basic, simple build that will always be effective.

This is a more flexible build that utilises the Black Cleaver in order to widen your damage pool, letting you demolish every type of champion in the game thanks to you having all the situational core items. You lack defensive stats, but you are able to deal with a wide range of enemies thanks to this flexible type of build.

This is my go to hyper carry build that utilises the trinity force as well as the 3 major burst damage items (duskblade, ghostblade, LDR) in order to achieve extremely fast, high damage burst combos that enemies will have a hard time reacting to. It is the pinnacle of assassin Kha'Zix gameplay, and is the build you want to be running when you want to 1v9 and hard carry games. Tried and tested by me, if you're fed enough to afford the trinity force, you will destroy everyone in the game with this build.
RIP Back to Top
Here lies in place the glorious Hybrid Kha'Zix build. It shall not be forgotten.

RIP Hybrid Kha'Zix 2016-2016
Skill Sequence/Explanation + Spells Back to Top

Unseen Threat

Empowered auto attack that slows target hit and deals extra magic damage. Reactivate by walking into brush, using Void Assault or going into the fog of war. In order for you to be successful in assassinating and killing, you NEED to use your passive whenever you can. It provides underestimated damage that can really cripple your foes, and provides a reliable soft CC. You can't put points into this, moving on.

Taste Their Fear

Taste Their Fear is the primary source of Kha'Zix's damage and should be used as much as possible. Taste Their Fear deals physical damage to a single target. Evolved Taste Their Fear reduces the cooldown of the ability by 60% when used on an isolated target (when no allies are around an enemy, they are marked as isolated enemies).

The assassin rework brought quite a unique change to his Q which allows him to demolish anyone that is isolated through the constant spamming of Qs. This means that you can take out isolated enemies, neutral objectives and the jungle extremely quickly. Evolve this ability if you want to duel the enemy and have strong objective control.

Void Spike

Kha'Zix's poking tool. Provides him with decent medium range damage and poke as well as sustain in the jungle. Void Spike fires a cluster of spikes in a line that explode on impact with an enemy. Evolved Void Spike fires 3 clusters of spikes in a cone and slows by 40%. Hitting an isolated enemy with evolved Void Spike slows them by 80% instead.

Max this second, and evolve it second or third if you want to play more of a supportive role on your team or have extra sticking power. This evolved ability will allow you to peel with ease and catch out enemies with that 80% slow.


Kha'Zix's main gap closer. Gives him much needed mobility in order to chase down and assassinate targets as well as an escape tool. Leap jumps to a location and deals a small amount of Area of Effect damage. Evolved Leap increases the jump length by a substantial amount, and allows Leap to be reset off cooldown upon kill or assist.

USE THIS ABILITY VERY CAREFULLY, DO NOT JUMP JUST BECAUSE IT LOOKS COOL. TAKE YOUR TIME AND JUMP IN WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT OR WHEN YOU KNOW YOU CAN GET A RESET. Max this last, and evolve it whenever you want. I usually evolve it second, since that is the best time to make use of the resets you get from it.

Void Assault

Kha'Zix's main utility tool. This should be used sparingly for the right moments. Make sure to use your passive Unseen Threat between the 2 casts of Void Assault in order to get the most damage possible. Use this tool to juke, outplay, dodge skillshots and in some situations, gap close. Void Assault Stealths Kha'Zix for 1.25 seconds, giving him a burst of movespeed and refreshing his passive. Can be cast twice. Evolved Void Assault increases the stealth duration to 2 seconds and increases the number of casts to 3.

Put a point into this WHENEVER YOU CAN - That means levels 6-11-16. Evolve this first if you want to snowball your lanes and have strong early game map pressure. I do not recommend evolving this second or third, because laning phase will be over by then, and the early game is when you want to be using this the most in order to snowball the game.


- This doesn't need explaining. ALWAYS take flash. It helps with everything, from escaping to killing targets to outplaying enemies. F is for Flash.

- You simply cannot jungle without this, this enables you to buy the jungle item needed to clear the jungle and allows you to obtain buffs from jungle camps, as well as secure objectives (Dragon and Baron/Herald).
Evolution Back to Top

Evolution is one of the most unique aspects of Kha'Zix. Throughout the game, he is able to evolve his abilities in order to adapt to any situation. In this section we will be going over each evolution individually and will also be going over evolution orders and builds.


There is no set in stone evolution order that you should use. You should be able to evolve based on the SITUATION, adapting to the game and picking the right tool for the job. For example, if you want faster clearing and DPS, evolve Q. If you want strong skirmishing and outplay potential, evolve R. If you want strong teamfighting and peeling, evolve W. It is extremely important that you adapt to the game rather than just going the same evolution order over and over again.

Taste Their Fear - Dueling tool

Ever had a person on the enemy team complain about how OP Kha'Zix is? Thats probably because of evolved Taste Their Fear. Evolving Taste their Fear allows the ability's cooldown to be reduced by 60% when used on an isolated enemy. It also increases the range of Taste Their Fear and auto attacks.

The introduction of the assassin update has made this ability an incredible dueling tool. Absolutely no one is going to be able to 1v1 you unless you die to burst, and the reduced cooldown means that you can take neutral objectives and the jungle extremely quickly. It also spells impending doom for tanks, especially if you have Black Cleaver or Last Whisper. You can evolve this if you want to achieve what is said above, that is, dueling potential and objective control. You would most likely evolve this first or third.

Void Spike - Supportive Tool

Void Spike is an incredibly useful addition to Kha'Zix's kit. Evolved Void Spike fires 3 void spikes in a cone instead of 1, and adds a 60% slow to the ability.

Void Spike is a remarkable tool. It provides Kha'Zix with sustain in the jungle as well as a bit of poke and cc. The downside is that it's evolved version is rather mediocre and situational, but it can also be very underrated at times. The ability is usually evolved second or third if you want to have extra sticking power or play more of a supportive role in the team. Evolved Void Spike is very useful at peeling for carries with its large AOE and strong slow. Using it with Black Cleaver can potentially cripple an entire enemy team's armor, which makes it quite underrated against armor-stacked compositions. In my opinion it works best when evolved second or third and paired with Leap.

Leap - Gap Closer

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nah its just Kha'Zix jumping all over your team. Evolved Leap largely increases the jump range on the ability, while also refreshing the cooldown everytime Kha'Zix gets a kill or assist.

The ability that Kha'Zix is known for, evolved Leap is quite possibly one of the most interesting abilities in the game. It may seem simple, but it actually has a few hidden interactions. Active items and summoner spells are able to be used mid-jump, and it is a crucial part of the famous 'Double Jump' mechanic. Evolving Leap opens up more opportunities for ganking, and it massively improves Kha'Zix's overall mobility. In most cases, it is evolved second. However some situations call for it to be evolved first. The huge jump range and mobility is just too good to pass up sometimes, but you can evolve it whenever you want. If you are insanely fed in the early game, evolving Leap is going to allow you to destroy absolutely anyone that lays their eyes on you, regardless of if they are isolated or not, and will open up a few gank paths that wouldn't be possible without the increased jump range.

Void Assault - Main Utility and Outplay Tool

Where did he go? That slippery bug was just there! HOW DID HE GET INTO THAT BUSH?! Two words, Void Assault. Evolving Void Assault increases the stealth duration to 2 seconds and increases the number of casts to 3 seconds.

I can't tell you how useful this ability is. It depends on how you use it. Void Assault is an essential part of Kha'Zix's kit. Not only does it let you evolve, but the outplay potential that it provides is ridiculous. Void Assault is the ability that separates the good Kha'Zix players from the bad. This current version of R evolve can be evolved at any time, but it works best at level 6 or 16 in order to boost your outplay and pick/ganking potential immensely. If you use this evolution correctly, absolutely no one is going to be able to fight you. To learn more about Void Assault, check out the Advanced Mechanics section.

Evolution Orders

There is not a standard evolution order in which you MUST follow. You should evolve based on the situation and pick the right evolution for the appropriate situation. This section will list some of the viable orders and their uses.

The three main evolution orders include:

Q > E > W/R - Ridiculous dueling potential with evolved Q which transitions into mid game teamfighting with E, as well as late game teamfighting with W, or pick/outplay potential with R. This is a very standard evolution order that works in almost every game.

Q > W > E/R - Supportive teamfight based evolution order that mostly involves sticking on targets and peeling for carries. Evolved Void Spike in the mid game can work wonders in teamfights, effectively allowing your team to follow up by hitting enemies with the fairly strong slow. Evolved W allows for some great pick potential, and helps you create opportunities for your team.

R > E > Q/W - Well rounded duelist evolution order that provides dueling and outplay potential in the early game with evolved R, transitioning into E evolve to thrive in skirmishes and team fights, followed up with Q for extra dueling power or W for team support at level 16.

Please note that these evolution orders are not always ideal for certain situations. They all have their uses, and choosing between them based on the situation will result in greater success in your games.
Tips and Tricks - Quality of life mechanics Back to Top

Before we get into the Basic and Advanced mechanics, here are some small quality of life mechanics that I think every good Kha'Zix player should know.

Unseen Threat is refreshed upon casting your Void Assault or if the enemy loses sight of you. A very helpful trick that enables you to do more damage in between abilities with your auto attacks

You can buffer your Void Spike while in the middle of your Leap. This results in Void Spike being cast immediately after you land onto the ground. Not a very useful technique, but you are able to get the jump on enemies in some situations

Kha'Zix is able to weave in auto attacks between casting his abilities. This helps the flow of his combos. An example would be {Q > AA > W} or {W > Q > AA}

You are able to use active item abilities while in the middle of your Leap. Examples of active item abilities are Tiamat - Youmuu's Ghostblade - Quicksilver Sash - Randuin's Omen

Killing the small jungle monsters while clearing a jungle camp will isolate the large monster, allowing you to do extra damage with your Taste Their Fear

Taste Their Fear is able to be cast mid-air. This allows you to save time, as you won't have to cast it on the ground, which helps the flow of his combo

Kha'Zix is able to kite jungle camps effectively. This allows him to take less damage in the jungle, but at the cost of a slightly slower clear time

Using terrain and brush to your advantage can greatly increase Kha'Zix's combat prowess. In fact it is one of the reasons why Kha'Zix is such a great skirmisher aside from his isolation damage. Weave in and out of brush to confuse your enemies and take minimal damage

Kha'Zix Mechanics - The Basics Back to Top

So we've gotten the information, now its time to apply the information we just learnt. Kha'Zix's mechanics are fairly simple, but it takes practice in order to truly master them. In this section we'll be covering the basics. Once we cover these, we'll get you double jumping in no time, don't you worry.

Basic Mechanic 1 - Taste Their Fear mid-air

The most basic mechanic for Kha'Zix, this is incredibly important for him as it helps the flow of his combo. In order to use this mechanic, simply jump onto an enemy and use Taste Their Fear while you are in the air. This means you won't need to cast it on the ground, you will be able to use other abilities such as Unseen Threat and Void Spike until it comes off cooldown.

Basic Mechanic 2 - Standard Assassinate Combos

The standard combo for assassination is as follows: Void Spike, Leap, Taste Their Fear mid-air, Unseen Threat passive auto attack. This provides the most damage possible in the smallest amount of time. If the target does not die, keep using Taste Their Fear and use Void Assault if you need to chase them or if you feel threatened by them.

The combo explained above dishes out the most damage as fast as possible, but there are a lot of situations where you will need to jump first before you use your Void Spike. The most common combo for Kha'Zix, which is used much more than the one above is as follows: Leap, Taste Their Fear mid air, Unseen Threat passive auto attack, Void Spike. This is a much cleaner combo for assassinating a target who can already see you. Since they are aware that you are there, they are more likely to dodge skillshots, so using Void Spike last allows you to take your time with the skillshot, and results in a higher chance of you hitting it due to the slow that was applied with Unseen Threat.

Basic Mechanic 3 - Refreshing Unseen Threat

Your passive Unseen Threat is a very powerful tool. It provides good damage and reliable CC. Thus, you need to make sure you are refreshing it as much as possible in fights. Once you use your passive auto attack, immediately cast your Void Assault to refresh your passive and reposition. Once your stealth runs out, passive auto-attack again, using Taste Their Fear in between strikes. Repeat this process until the enemy is dead or you run out of Void Assault casts.

These 3 simple mechanics are what every good Kha'Zix player should be doing. They will really help the flow of your combos, and give you more of a chance of killing your desired enemy.
Kha'Zix Mechanics - Advanced Back to Top

Once you've mastered the basic mechanics of Kha'Zix, you can try out these more advanced mechanics that require quick reaction times and fast mouse movements. You can try these for fun, but I recommend you get the basics down first before you advance.

Advanced Mechanic 1 - The Double Jump

Ah yes, the notorious double jump, probably one of the coolest mechanics in the game. This enables Kha'Zix to double the distance of his jump in certain situations by casting Leap twice without touching the ground.

How to do it:
1. Get the target low enough to be killed by your Taste Their Fear
2. Once the target is low enough, stand next to the target and cast your Leap.(It can be very hard to do this when jumping AWAY from the target, try to jump OVER them)
3. Once you have cast your Leap, IMMEDIATELY use Taste Their Fear on your target, this should kill them. If not, restart.
4. The target should have died, and your Leap should have refreshed. Quickly cast Leap again in the direction you want to go. You have successfully executed the double jump.

Here's a quick example of a double jump performed to perfection. Notice how I walk up to the first target before jumping over them in order to get the most distance possible.

Advanced Mechanic 2 - Outplaying with Void Assault

Void Assault is a great ability, it enables Kha'Zix to make swift, unpredictable movements in order to skillfully outplay his opponents. A good Kha'Zix player will be able to use Void Assault to dodge skillshots, escape enemies, juke them, and win fights for his team.

Here's a nice example on unpredictable movements using Void Assault. Notice how I time my ultimate just right to avoid the CC and most of the damage.

Unpredictable movements
1.Run towards the enemy, this will make them think they can land an easy skillshot on you.
2. Wait for the enemy to throw their skillshot at you. This requires fast reaction times.
3. Once the skillshot is out, Void Assault in a different direction, dodging the skillshot.
4. Proceed to all-in your opponent, using Void Assault as necessary to avoid damage.

Here is another nice example of using Void Assault to dodge skillshots. The burst of speed from my ultimate allowed me to dodge Elise's cocoon which let me flash on her for the kill.

1. Run from whatever is chasing you!
2. Void Assault in an entirely different direction from where you were running. Smart players may not fall for this, but it is quite successful. If you can, try and make it into a bush to stay hidden for longer.

How to outplay an opponent with Void Assault
1. Start a fight, using your abilities as necessary.
2. While using your abilities, use Void Assault to buy some time for your abilities to come up again, or gain some distance, or both.
3. If the enemy still wants to fight, save your Leap until it is needed. If the enemy retreats, jump onto them and continue your attacks until he dies, using Void Assault to avoid as much damage as possible, waiting for your abilities to come up.

These cover the advanced mechanics of Kha'Zix, though they seem relatively easy, it can be hard to maintain a consistent pattern of movement where you avoid damage and cast abilities in between.

Here is a quick video showcasing the mechanics explained above. If you cannot follow the video, consider slowing down or rewinding to see the ability sequences in better detail.

Jungling (Routes, Clearing, Objectives) Back to Top

As of patch 9.17 Kha'Zix's clear is solid, but requires a bit of practice in order to achieve maximum efficiency. This section will go over various routes, your jungle clearing and objectives while jungling.

Jungle Routes

Kha'Zix in the jungle is heavily focused on getting a lead and snowballing that lead into a victory. Due to this, I recommend you do clears that grant you the most experience, which usually involve the krugs camp. Kha'Zix's clear is a bit difficult nowadays but with a bit of practice it can be remedied.

In almost all of your games, I recommend you do the Red > Krugs > Raptors > gank or farm clear. This will net you the highest experience gains possible, while also protecting your jungle and giving you plenty of options in terms of what you can do in the game. After finishing this clear, you have the option to counter-jungle, gank a lane, or simply go back into your jungle and finish your camps. Its a very strong, high reward clear, and I do this almost every single game on Kha'Zix in the current meta.

Here is a video showcasing the main clears for Kha'Zix in the current meta.

Level 6 - Early game playstyles

- Evolved Q Level 6 Playstyle -

Evolved Q's early game playstyle requires you to prioritize Dragons and Rift Herald, as well as counter-jungling and dueling. Try and find the enemy jungler and duel them, it is very unlikely that they will be able to stand up to Evolved Taste Their Fear. You are also able to farm much faster due to the evolved CDR. You can accomplish a lot with this evolution in the early game, so it ends up becoming very useful for many situations compared to the other evolutions.

- Evolved W Level 6 Playstyle -

Your early game playstyle with evolved W is all about making picks with your strong slow and coordinating with your team. Evolved Void Spike acts in a similar way to Elise's Cocoon, allowing your team to follow up and preventing enemies from moving. Its a great evolution that encourages teamwork among your laners. However, due to it not giving any combat stats, this does mean that you need to be careful when picking 1v1 fights, as you will not be as strong compared to having evolved Q. Note that you almost never take evo W at level 6 as it is much more useful at levels 11 and 16 compared to the early game level 6.

- Evolved E Level 6 Playstyle -

Evolving E at level 6 means that you want to be looking for early skirmishes and fights to make the most of those early game resets. Notice the enemy grouping a lot? Perfect time to evolve this ability. Evolved E level 6 is a very flexible option since it leads into one of the 3 other evolutions. You can pretty much accomplish anything when you have this evolution, you just need to take into account that your 1v1 potential will not be as strong.

- Evolved R Level 6 Playstyle -

So in patch 8.11, Kha'Zix's R evolve got changed. With the reverted 3 casts of 2 second stealth, R evolve is very flexible in how you can use it. R evolve at level 6 is extremely useful when ganking since you can sneak into lanes from the river easily. It also provides a lot of outplay potential and lets you duel enemies with ease. Overall, R evolve at level 6 is an extremely well rounded evolution that can provide ganking and pick potential as well as dueling power early game. This evolution has a LOT of potential and is my go-to evolution for hard carrying games. If however, you want to farm neutral camps and objectives faster, I recommend taking evolved Q instead since R evo doesn't help you with that.

I recommend trying to have an impact on the game at around level 4, as not many junglers can stand up to Kha'Zix during that time.

Objective Control

Once you reach level 4 you can start figuring out what you are going to do in the game once you reach level 6. You can either keep farming and try to get kills, or setup for objectives and try to take the outer towers and dragons/rift herald. It is important to keep pressure over the map to take control over the game. Depending on the evolution you chose there are a multitude of ways to gain control over the map, and this all comes down to decision making and your evolution playstyle. For example, using Q to take neutral objectives and counterjungle. Once you obtain your Enchantment: Warrior you are able to solo dragon. Dragons are a very nice option when you have some spare time, but doing them at the wrong time can result in you falling behind the enemy jungler.

Kha'Zix is quite a potent split pusher due to his high mobility. If an enemy squishy comes to clear the wave alone he can easily kill them and apply massive pressure to the side lanes. If you are against a comp that is hard to teamfight against, keep this strategy in mind.

Your jungle, buffs and all, belong to YOU

Take everything, take blue, take red, TAKE ALL OF IT! ITS YOUR JUNGLE! You are not obligated to give blue buff to the mid laner if you feel that you can do more with it. Of course, sometimes laners deserve the buffs, but if you dont want to give it to them, that's absolutely fine. As an assassin jungler, Kha'Zix needs to get himself ahead to have an impact on the game, that means taxing lanes, taking kills, and taking buffs.


Ganking is very straight forward, save your Leap until the enemy burns their gap closer or flash, then jump in for the kill. Walk up behind the enemy, slow with your Unseen Threat and Void Spike and continuously use Taste Their Fear and auto attacks. Don't be afraid to take the kill. After a successful gank, push the minion wave into the tower to deny cs. If you get the kill, try not to take the cs since laners still need farm.
Here is a video that I made showcasing Kha'Zix's ganking strategies.

Counter-Jungling and Control

Kha'Zix is able to counter jungle to a high standard, as the enemy jungler will always be isolated. This allows you to duel the enemy with ease and results in you having control over the area you are in, although this does have some exceptions. Most junglers will not be able to fight you once you get the jump on them with your evolved Taste Their Fear. Don't be afraid to wander into the enemy jungle with evolved Taste Their Fear, especially with your Enchantment: Warrior. When fighting the enemy jungler you will either be able to remove their jungle pressure from the map, or kill them, or both. Just make sure to keep an eye out for the enemy laners, if they are MIA, there is a good chance that they are coming to help their jungler.

Getting a lead and closing games

So you've picked up a few kills, you've destroyed the enemy jungler, you've taken the outer towers, now the next step is to find a way to transition that lead into a victory screen. The most important thing to do when you have a lead is to NOT DIE. It doesn't matter if you don't do anything with the kills you have, if you end up throwing the game by dying over and over those kills mean nothing.

There is no need to rush anything while ahead, just continue to farm and prioritize objectives, while avoiding risky plays such as turret dives and solo invades. Controlling the enemy jungler will ultimately result in the removal of jungle pressure from the map, allowing you and your team to control the lanes. In order to transition the lead into a win, objectives must be prioritized and teamfights will generally occur throughout the game. If you have a big enough lead, you should be able to win those teamfights for your team and snowball the game by taking Baron and inner towers.

But my team is bad! What do I do? Back to Top

I can't win because my teams are bad!

Nope. Sorry, that excuse isn't acceptable. You can't win because you can't carry. It's that simple. It sounds harsh, but 8 times out of 10 you are going to get teams that don't know what to do. You can't just sit around and watch, you need to take ACTION to win the game. This doesn't just apply to Kha'Zix, this applies to every single champion in the game. If you can't win because your "Teams are Bad", then it's likely that you are doing something wrong. Relying on your team for everything isn't going to get you anywhere. If you want to win, you need to carry. Be proactive about your decisions and lead your team to that victory screen. I recommend going over your replays and analyzing them to find out what you are doing wrong and improve on it. Don't get me wrong, not all games are winnable, but the majority are and just require a bit of thinking and productivity.

Having a game plan

I can't stress how important this is. Being proactive before the game even starts is a fantastic way to go about. Planning out your actions before the game starts means that you can go into the game with a specific attitude and goal. You are able to get a good idea of what you are going to do and how you are going to do it. This mainly involves looking at you and your enemy's champions, then making a judgement based on the champions in the game.

Do not worry about searching the players up. Searching for players' ranks simply clouds your judgement and decision-making skills. You will feel more inclined to kill the guy who is challenger even though it isn't going to impact the game.

Lets use this as an example:

Your Team

Enemy Team

You are the Kha'Zix. Looking at your team composition, both your mid lane and bot lane are safe laners. They do not possess much kill pressure in the lane, therefore it would be a waste of time to try and gank them. Looking at top lane, you have a Nautilus vsing a Riven. Due to Riven's aggressive snowball playstyle, it is likely that she will try and kill the Nautilus, who is quite poor in 1v1s. However, Nautilus has more than enough CC to disrupt Riven, which means her aggressive playstyle combined with Nautilus' CC makes for a perfect ganking lane. Although, we cannot forget about mid and bot lane. The enemy has a Lee Sin, a high mobility jungler with strong ganks. They also have a good amount of CC in the lanes with Viktor and Alistar. In an attempt to counter Lee Sin's actions, we ward the bottom side of the river. This protects both bot and mid lane, keeping vision of the choke point, which is most likely the path Lee Sin will use to gank. Seeing as we have protected Bot and Mid, we now clear the jungle and path in a direction that allows us to finish top side (Krugs to Gromp). From there we can either gank top lane or attempt to find and fight Lee Sin.

Do you see the importance of having a game plan? It allows you to stay one step ahead of everyone and greatly helps the chances of getting a lead and snowballing into victory.

The Implications of Dying and Throwing

You may think that your 1 death means nothing, but it has a much bigger impact than you think. If you are wanting to solo carry your game, you need to avoid dying for nothing at ALL COSTS. If you die, there is a good chance that your team will die alongside you and that leads to massive throws. Dying puts you out of the game for at least 30 seconds in the mid-game, which is a big deal if you die for nothing.


Dying can be tolerated if you are dying for a good cause, such as for winning a teamfight or stealing baron. Killing two or more enemies in turn for your death can be considered as a worthy trade-off, although if possible, staying alive is the best option. Try to get 1 for 0 picks on the enemy team, this will result in you having a number advantage and will boost your chances of winning a teamfight or taking an objective. Avoid making risky plays simply because your team is likely to follow you into them and die. Make sure to think before you act, this can be hard you are in the middle of a fight or need to react quickly, but thinking before you act will stop you from making silly mistakes that could otherwise be catastrophic.

The Importance of Farming

I can't stress enough how crucial it is to maintain good farm throughout the game. If you don't farm, you put yourself behind by lacking the gold needed to purchase your items. No farming = No gold. No gold = No items. No items = Behind = Harder to carry. In between looking for ganks, start from one side of the jungle, then work your way up to the other camps in order to spend less time walking and more time farming.

As a jungler, try to aim for 50 CS every 10 minutes, or 100 CS at 20 minutes. It is important to set CS goals like this, as it encourages you to reach that 50 CS mark and you'll know when you're behind on farm. Don't worry about 'outfarming' the enemy jungler, focus on your own game and get as much gold as you can so you can work towards your item powerspikes.

Teamfights and Skirmishes Back to Top

When it comes to teamfighting, Kha'zix can either do really well or really poor. This depends on your ability to be patient as well as the position of your enemies, your allies and you.

Patience and Timing

In full blown fights, you want to wait until you KNOW that you can get a reset off an enemy. Try to focus one target, that way you can take the enemy out one by one and put them at a number disadvantage. When in teamfights, position yourself either on the side of the fight, ready to gank the carries, or next to your carries, peeling for them as you wait for the right opportunity to jump in.
Kha'Zix is a clean up artist, which means you cannot simply just jump in and expect to kill everything at the start of the fight. Let your teammates deal their damage, and once the enemies get low, proceed to finish them off, getting the resets and winning the fight.
Make sure to keep an eye out for CC, as CC can completely shut you out of a fight. Even if you survive the CC, jumping in at low health is not ideal.

Remember that Kha'Zix is incredibly versatile in that he can choose when and where to fight. If you think a fight is unwinnable, don't be afraid to ditch your team and do something else, such as push a lane, or take a tower. Towers are the most important objective in a game.

Isolation and Positioning

Your contribution to a teamfight will solely depend on the position of the enemies, as well as yourself and your allies in the fight. Isolated targets are an easy meal for Kha'Zix since Taste Their Fear will do bonus damage to them. Try to single out 1 target at a time and proceed to burst down or shred their armor during fights using Black Cleaver. It is important to try and focus down isolated enemies, they will die very quickly, even if they are tanky due to your Black Cleaver or Lord Dominik's Regards. It is important to take advantage of isolation since you still deal a lot more damage to enemies that are. However, there will be some fights where no isolated targets are present. If this is the case, either warn your team about the fight ahead, peel for your carries, or just don't fight at all. It is okay to back out of a fight. After all, your Number 1 priority should be taking objectives.

Here are some videos of teamfighting with Kha'Zix, I strongly recommend watching them if you want to learn more about teamfighting

Conclusion Back to Top

So, did you learn anything?

To sum it up, Kha'Zix, The Voidreaver is an incredibly versatile and flexible champion in that he can adapt to any situation. He has very high damage, great mobility and utility, and can easily snowball a game into victory. You just have to play your cards right, that means position well in fights, clear the jungle efficiently, execute combos correctly, and most importantly adapt your playstyle according to the situation. Need poke? Evolve Void Spike. Need more damage? Evolve Taste Their Fear. Whatever the situation is, Kha'Zix can adapt to it, just don't get squished on like the fragile bug you are and you'll be set.

Change is Good. - Kha'Zix

Thanks for reading my guide! If you learnt something about The VoidReaver, this guide's purpose has been fulfilled. All feedback is appreciated, so drop a comment if you have any questions or recommendations and i'll do my best to answer back!

If you'd like to learn more about Kha'Zix or see him in action, you may like to check out my youtube channel. It'll soon be containing Kha'Zix related content and is the perfect place to brush up on your Kha'Zix mechanics and jungling in general.

Tinjus' Youtube Channel

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