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Warwick Build Guide by Tolbby

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tolbby

Tolbby's Jungle Warwick Guide

Tolbby Last updated on September 15, 2013
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Ever since I started playing, Warwick has been my main champ to play. I've played him many different ways, but I always tend to lean towards one sort of build setup. I decided why not make a guide for Warwick?

Warwick is what I would classify as an Tanky Assassin. He can jump into a team fight to initiate it, and get out alive. He can also hunt down and finish off weakened enemies, the more enemies near death, the better he can pull this off.

I will be updating and editing this guide over time, trying to perfect it to allow other players to simply pick this guide up and start winning with it.

SEASON 3: It has been a very long time since I've touched my guide. Finally revamping it for Season 3, but keep the Season 2 guide so people can see where from my view what Warwick has become.

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Pros / Cons

Warwick is maybe one of the most adaptable champs to play. With all the play styles he has, each one supplies him with many different strengths and weaknesses.


    Can sustain himself in early jungle easily.
    Can do lots of damage without lots of Attack damage or Ability power.
    Hard to kill without proper CC.
    A great ganker at any point of the game, and it improves as the match goes on.

    Needs buffs early game to ensure sustainability.
    Can't escape very well unless nearby foes are below half health.
    His ultimate is his only form of Crowd Control.
    Is very prone to heavy burst focus and Crowd Control.

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SEASON 2: The Attack Speed Marks are meant for his early game. Thanks to Warwick's passive, early attack speed will keep him alive through the entire early jungle phase.

The Armor Seals are also meant for early game. All the jungle creeps will not be able to hurt you as much, meaning you can roam around farming to your hearts content. The flat armor also heals for early ganks. Most of the early game damage will be physical, meaning the more armor you start with, the better off you are against any early game fights.

The Magic Resist per/level Glyphs are there for later game. Since most of the magic damage builds up from mid game to late game, you benefit more with having per/level runes rather then flat MR runes.

The Movement Speed Quintessences I find are very import for Warwick. His downfall is he is super slow until someone has low health. Even them, they still tend to be just out of reach most of the time. Speed Quints help close that gap, allowing you to move around at a more reasonable rate.

SEASON 3: The runes will allow Warwick to do tons more damage while tanking the enemy team. Dealing any damage as Warwick gives you back more health, allowing you to sustain longer in any fight.

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SEASON 2: These current masteries are meant to maximize your damage output. Durability and Survivability are supplied by the items. Not much else to say.

SEASON 3: These masteries will allow Warwick to tank the enemy team and allow him to succeed in 1v1 brawls. Many teams forget to have tanks, and being able to tank the whole enemy team and get out alive is helping your whole team out.

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After many games of jungling Warwick, I personally find it best to start off with boots. Many junglers today are very mobile, allowing them to be all around the map while creeping and pulling off ganks from everywhere. Beginning boots, this gives you the speed needed to keep up with them.