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Talon Build Guide by tomix750

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tomix750

tomix75's guide for in depth comprehension of Talon

tomix750 Last updated on July 1, 2016
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Threats to Talon with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ahri so ahri is quite easy to deal with, you play safe until level 4, and when she uses ( / fails if you are MLG dodger ) you can engage her, I would recommend first item youmu's and try to stay on lane to bully her, if you survive the early phase it might be over because you'll out damage her quit much
Kassadin cassation easy to deal with because his passive won't have any effect on you unless you decide to play ap talon ( don't do that please ) you should bully him easily and post 6 wait for his ult to be used to engage him
Lux super easy as long as you dont get touched by her skill shots, thats why early boots can be nice, if you can't effectively dodge or skill shots then buy hexdrinker or she'll just combo you to death
Morgana super easy matchup, her black shield won't stop your damage ( because AD ) even though you won't be able to slow her ), and jus wait for her cage to be on cooldown, then you can go all in maybe get mercy boots if you're feeling in trouble vs her
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Hi my name's Thomas and Talon's my favorite champion in this game, he has the power to burst any AD carry or midlaner, making the fight unfair because the ADC would be dead without putting any damage. I'm currently mastery 7 with him, I have like 100 K points on him and I love when my history is filled with good kda games. So I'm going to talk about the character, when it should be played and how, and I invite you all to like if you did like, and dislike if you did not, and then leave a comment to explain me how I should improve this guide, or if you think there are errors I have written or important things I have not mentionned. I hope you'll enjoy this guide as much as I did enjoy doing it :D.
Please remember that i'm only gold, I'm not a pro player and I just wanted a to make a guide about my favorite character.

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Pros / Cons

- very cool ( yes it might be very superficial but I love the character ( have you seen the moon walk on ctrl 3 ??? )
- high damage
- great outplay possibilities
- big burst
- counters lots of popular midlaners
- very versatile, your build can stil allow you to do lots of damage and to counter almost any matchup

- will be focused a lot in fights, so he has to position himself very well
- without flash you might be camped by the enemy jungler, you can try to E him if he goes by behind but then he could cc you.
- super fragile when let is on cooldown

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When should you pick talon ?

I recommend playing him in draft games, and if you're first pick ask for supp/jungler to swap with you.
U should play talon when :
- there's a immobile add in the enemy team such as jhin, varus, ashe, as they can't hit and run properly
- your enemy in midlane takes a champion that will surely do morello first item ( with some penetration its like you'll be doing true damage ! ) such as ahri, leblanc, lux.
- the supp is super squishy and if he's taken down before the fight starts its almost like you've won the fight : I'm talking about sona, soraka, annie, lux, and janna ( always go for janna !!! in fights she's horribly nice at disengaging the fight )
- top and jungler are not too tanky and lack some cc for instance elise, xin, jax. It's quite hard to go as talon vs a volibear / sejuani team for instance.

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Early phase : why corruption potion and farming

lots of people prefer starting with long sword because it helps last hitting, and the 3 potions are perfect as a sustain even more with cookies. But think about it : one potion/cookie is 50 golds, the corruption potion is 500 but its unlimited as you have 3 charges that come back everytime you'll back. with the 3 cookies you're already with 150 golds, and after going back I think you will buy some more to stay out in lane and have some sustain. Which means you'll almost be at 500 gold of consumables after midgame, whereas the corrupted potion gives you health, mana regen and a nice little dot to help you put some burst while using it.
In early phase, there are 2 kind of matchups :
- VS ranged champ :
you'll need CSing perfectly because they will deny you lots of creeps by just zoning you, such as ahri which is a big threat with her kiss. So you will need to train at farming in the conditions you would be in in ranked games : you go in custom and take corrupted potion and train CSing until you do it perfectly. It can make the difference between whether you get back to base and buy a Serrated Dirk, or just a long sword.
Then you need to know one thing : don't waste your mana, it would be stupid to have a gank from your jungler and not being able to get the kill because you were OOM. You can use your Rake ( W ) at one condition : it has to harass the opponent AND give you at least one last hit, or you must use it to freeze the lane if your matchup pushes too much. At lv 4 you'll have all your spells and you can try to force back your enemy by going HAM or trying to go for a kill, but just care for their cooldowns, always.
- Now vs some melee matchup :
you will be able to farm perfectly, just care for harass, and you can do nice trade with AA-Rake-AA-Q which will proc thunderlords, if you feel the opportunity to get a kill just go in but care for ganks by placing some good wards.

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Mid game :

- 1st possibility : I'm already fed, then I go for mobility boots and I try to set up good ganks to get early objectives. mobility is super important for talon.
- 2nd one : my enemy is getting fed and I'm bullied of lane, what should I do ? take only tier one boots and try to farm to build up the advantage, be aware of ganks, play safe, and say SS and RE when he enemy gets in or out of the lane. If you think you can snowball by going to another lane and taking the kills then do it but its a high risk, even more if you're not premade with the lane you're ganking.
- 3rd one : you're fed but your team always pushes lanes and you can't set up any ganks, or all your lanes are ok and you don't need to move. Then its Ionian boots time : crd on spells and summs, which will help you vs your matchup, but remember only buy it if you back and don't have the gold to buy a big item.

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Late game :

in late game you'll start to roam a lot more and there will be fights, you're not the best one at splitting but you belong to the assassins class, you have one of the greatest kill potential of the game s you should try to spot the enemy adc or midlaner solo farming or juggling with good wards and go for him. In fights just aim for the supp or the adc or whoever's super fed : here are the situations :
- 1st one : healer buffer disengage support : go for him, your team will do the rest, if the supp is a tank don't even go for him unless its 5 vs 1 and there's no one around to save him.
- 2nd one : adc is doing crazy damage : go for him, grab a pink if its a vayne and destroy him, without adc in high elo fights are super hard.
- 3rd one : top or mid or jgl is not tanky and very important to team fights : then go for him.
This is why its hard to play assassins : you must always evaluate which one is your target, maybe you'll sacrifice yourself, or maybe you won't because you'll have escaped ( prison break confirmed ) but you must take as much enemies as possible to make the fight unfair for the enemy team.

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What dragons worth fighting for ?

Every dragon of course, but the most important one is infernal : +8% dmg per drake and doubled with super drake
but also the wind one : it helps you move a lot quicker into the map, super nice if you want to set up some quick ninja ganks

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Combos with Talon :

the AA rake AA Q has already been said, but there are some good things to do with ult :
- you ult youmu E AA Q and then Rake on an enemy : surprise attack which does an enormous amount of damage.
- you rake then when it touches 2 times you E AA Q and double R : this is super nice too.
those are very well known combos, not very hard to do but this one is quite touchy :
- if the enemy is playing passively, hiding behind creeps : you just E to the ranged creeps, rake and then AA Q RR and it should be nice : always remember to use corruption potion for more damage and ignite if you can't one shot him. the only problem here is that you wont E the enemy so you won't do extra damage, but it's ok.

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Conclusion :

I think that's it, even though I will edit this guide quite often, I guess and I just would like to thank in advance anyone taking the time to read it and telling me his impressions about this guide.
Again it's my first guide so it's not perfect at all. Hope you've enjoyed it and have fun playing TALON !!!!!