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Akali General Guide by Andiroba

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Andiroba

Top Lane, How I Build Akali

Andiroba Last updated on October 21, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is basically a small breakdown of how I would build Akali when I play her top. Sometimes I like to switch my Merc. Boots out for Mobility Boots (If I'm ahead of lane in both CS and maybe Kills) but this is only really if my Jungle is counter jungling well and their jungle is an easy pick off at his buffs, or if my mid has fell behind a little and we need to pressure the map in order to take objectives. My other option is also to replace them with Sorc. Boots, again only if I'm ahead and don't really need the tenacity, just so I can force my opponent out of lane easier if they're itemizing into Magic Resist.
In no way do I think this build is professional, It is merely something I build myself, and thought I would share it.

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So for my runes I like to go AD reds, Armor yellows, flat MR blues and AP quints, I go for the flat AD reds over hybrid pen as I like to get that bonus spell vamp off of the boost early to be able to farm my health back up that little bit more efficient, its mainly to help me have that slight sustain if i'm versus a Darius or any other 'BOP' champion.
Armor yellows / MR blues for that solid defense all around and AP quints to boost my lifesteal on my passive as well as my over all damage dealt from my skills.
As I mentioned early about Hybrid pen, you may switch your AD reds out for these.

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For masteries, I like to go 21/9/0, I know 9/21/0 is also viable but for me I just struggle to last hit a fair few of the creeps during the early laning phase, though once you get your items it comes a lot easier. I love to go aggressive as any other akali player does, so I like to run that extra kick from my kit with my masteries, as oppose to wanting to be able to survive a little longer in the fights, that's where my itemization of spellvamp and health/armor come into the build. You can punish your lane opponent forcing them to back and gaining a cs advantage much more so with 21/9 than you can with 9/21, but I suppose it's all about how you'd prefer to play the lane.

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Pros / Cons

I think Akali has huge burst potential and is definitely one of my favourite carry champions, I have yet to lose a game when playing her (XX Ranked games, XX Normal) because i'm so confident in my ability to out CS, out lane and out play my opposing team. Cons however is her being countered into, if you're versing a Lee Sin it becomes very frustrating, as you have to bait out his E because you can combo to shroud, or versing a Darius who can just pull you right out of it. I believe her survivability is central to her combo into shroud, so if the enemy team know to shut you down by buying pink wards or an early oracle so you can't just pop in and out getting that free damage off. Even when falling far behind due to DC's or Client Bugs I still see her as a useful aspect, you can get pretty high burst potential just off very little items, and considering you're the one cleaning up and not engaging, its not a necessity that you're huge.


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