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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by MRxFabulous

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MRxFabulous

Top lane Mundo, the Hyper-Tank

MRxFabulous Last updated on January 30, 2014
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What up Moba I'm MrxFabulous (thats Mr. Fabulous) and this is my first guide! I've been playing Mundo on and off since about 6 months ago and now that hes so OP (new masteries) I see all these try-hard amateurs playing him and screwing up!!! So I'm gonna hit you with some knowledge for all you Bronzies that don't understand Mundo's needs.

Dr. Mundo is what I consider to be a hyper-tank. That means hes extremely hard to kill if built and played right but also has great damage potential. Hes not just your Alistar with huge bulk and no real weaponry. He goes where he pleases and kills people 3 v 1.

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Alright I should take a moment to talk about runes a bit. I always run Greater Mark of Magic Penetration to maximize the damage from Infected Cleaver and Burning Agony. Also I take Greater Seal of Armor and Greater Glyph of Magic Resist for obvious reasons pretty standard.

Quints are always more flexible. In my opinion the three most viable options would be Greater Quintessence of Armor, Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration, and Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed. Which one you take is completely up to you. Greater Quintessence of Armor is going to make your weak early laning phase a bit safer while Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration is going to greatly improve your damage throughout the match. If you feel the need for speed go with Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed but I've never found it necessary.

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Pros / Cons

1.Goes where he pleases
2.Gives zero ****s
3.Practically unlimited sustain after level 6
4.If played right can be nearly unkillable with obscene damage potential

1.Total push-over early game
2.A well timed Ignite will ruin your day
3.Can be vulnerable to CC
4.Is being played very poorly by try-hards everywhere right now

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Summoner Spells

Very briefly here I should address the summoner spells. Teleport and flash hold the most strategic value in my opinion. Being in top lane Teleport will help you get back to your tower preventing serious damage after you have to recall. Obviously Flash has multiple defense and offense uses that prove invaluable.

Another very viable options is Exhaust. Mundo isn't a burst killer but instead kills people by dragging out a fight and refusing to die. Exhaust ensures that your prey doesn't escape and is awesome for dueling. I only take Ignite if facing a high life-steal champ such as Vladimir or Fiddlesticks.

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Skills Explanation and Tips

This is Mundo's passive Adrenaline Rush and basically makes Mundo who he is. This is the whole reason max health is most important in your build. The more health you have the faster you heal and you want the Spirit Visage and Warmog's Armor to further exploit this.

Infected Cleaver is your main tool for harassment and securing kills. I always start with this to hound my opponent and safely last hit minions. This ability does percentage magic damage based on the target's current health as well as applying a slow so definitely try to hit fleeing enemies. Be careful about spamming this early game because of the health cost and definitely try not to miss. Successful strikes refund half the cost! Damage greatly benefits from magic penetration.

Another of the esteemed doctor's fantastic abilities, Burning Agony will be probably your largest source of mid and late game damage. I don't recommend using it before level 6 because the cost can be dangerous for early game Mundo. Deals out a swirling world of hurt to nearby enemies and also acts like a Tenacity passive reducing the duration of CC effects. Only scales off of AP 20% so don't bother building AP Mundo. Works FANTASTIC with Sunfire Cape and Wit's End.

Again, so OP! Masochism gives Mundo a huge AD boost by a flat amount plus bonus damage for each percent of health he is missing. Basically you really don't need to build AD at all really! I always max this first because its great and the health cost is pretty low so its safe to spam. Building the Wit's End really helps take advantage of the damage bonus with those basic attacks.

This is the game changer right here. Sadism is what makes Mundo this unkillable freak. Pop this and Mundo will regen about half his max health in a matter of seconds as well as gain a huge burst of speed. Combine this with the cooldown reduction and healing boost of Spirit Visage and you'll be an overwhelming and persistent presence in lane. Make sure to pop this before your health is critically low! It costs 20% of your current health to cast and if you wait too long it won't save you! In a teamfight its usually best to pop it just as you initiate the battle.

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Surviving Early Lane Phase

This is the hard part about Mundo. Starting the game you are not OP. You are NO P. Don't forget! (freaking Nubs!) You really need to play a passive early and just focus on last hitting and harassing your foe with Infected Cleaver! Avoid any costly exchanges until level 6.

After level 6 I enjoy baiting my opponent into costly exchanges and let him get his confidence pretty high. Too high >=). Before he realizes the danger you will both be at pretty low health and thats when you show your hand. Just pop Sadism and watch your health come rushing back and finish off your bewildered foe.

Keep caution high until you see a real opportunity or you'll totally feed.

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Item Build

Alright I need to talk about items some more. I play these games and some guy is playing Mundo and not doing all that great. I look and he has a sunfire cape and a thornmail. Where's the Spirit Visage!?! He says he doesn't need the magic resist.

Lets be clear on this. The Spirit Visage is Item #1 without question. Mundo needs the health, the MR is nice, CDR is awesome, but most importantly is you desperately need that health regen. It makes Mundo an unstoppable force! Don't underestimate the value of cooldown reduction either. The faster you get your ult up the longer you stay alive and killing the other guy.

Warmog's Armor is something you really need too. Mundo needs max health more that any other stat. The more health you have the faster it regens both off of Mundo's own passive, Warmog's Armor passive, and then buffed by the Spirit Visage and the defense masteries. Glorious.

Love Sunfire Cape because of more health, armor, and the burning passive really works with Burning Agony.

Wit's End provides attack speed to make the most of the Masochism ability as well as bonus magic damage, magic resist, and single target magic pen which boosts the damage of Burning Agony.

Lastly I usually build Atma's Impaler because again it grants a defense stat with the armor along with some crit chance and bonus damage based on 1.5% of the huge max health you built. There are several other viable options but those are my favorite for most occasions.

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On Mundo Jungling

It's not worth it.

While Mundo is a great carry tank the jungle just doesn't play to his strengths. Is it doable? Yes. Is it viable? I guess. Is it worth the trouble? No.

The reason I say that is that Mundo's pathetic early game makes jungle sustain a serious pain and ganking is out of the question until level 6. Even then his ganks leave much to be desired. The fact of the matter is that there are other champs that do a better job at being a tanky jungler. Dr. Mundo can only live up to his potential farming in lane and smashing towers.

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Final Note

Well I hope newer players find this guide helpful! I'd like to hear any thoughts or suggestions etc so feel free to comment. Players need to understand that Dr. Mundo is only OP is played correctly. Its easy to screw it up!