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Singed Build Guide by Fear Sengarr

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fear Sengarr

Toxic Fart Build - AP Offtank - Twisted Treeline

Fear Sengarr Last updated on March 30, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Starting Out and Explaining what should be done.

First off, as soon as the match screen pops up, find Arch-Angel Staff under your items ASAP and buy the Tear of the Goddess as your first item. Sit on the altar with poison trail running to gain additional permanent mana. While your waiting for your mana to build up, purchase 1 health potion and 2 mana potions. Once minions spawn, Go farm your lane, maybe get a kill. By the time you make it back to the shop, you should hopefully have enough to buy a Blasting Wand (to rush your Arch Angel Staff) Once you get enough to complete the Archangel Staff, purchase Boots ASAP. Once you have boots upgraded either to mercury treads or boots of swiftness and alacrity(or homeguard) on them, purchase your Rod of Ages, (Unless you need more CC/Slow then purchase Rylais Crystal Scepter first, then rod of ages) then purchase your Rylais, after that grab Frozen Heart for the additional Armor and Mana (mana boost = AP boost due to archangels staff evolved into Seraphs Embrace) Lastly, purchase your Wooglets Witchcap for a big boost + a 2.5 second invulnerability which can save you. I STRESS, to be extremely effective, DO NOT FORGET ABOUT YOUR ITEM ACTIVATIONS to save yourself in bad situations. Seraphs Embrace and Wooglets Witchcap. Also don't forget to farm the golems, wolves, and ghosts. These have a big impact on gameplay. A lot depends on your teammates, the best teammates are ones with stuns, slows, and good crowd control. This is a universal build and can be used in any situation.

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Mid and Endgame

Mid and End game is when you will start getting very powerful.If you have not died or gone back to the base that much, you should be a higher level than your opponents because this is a maximum farm build.

Once you have all your items, Singed can take on multiple opponents by himself. Assuming you have enough experience with singed and have memorized your abilities etc. I've been in quite a few fights 1v3 where I've come out on top... because some people just keep chasing you through poison. It's easy to outmaneuver your enemy with high movement speed and ghost ability. Just time your attacks right.

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Tips and Tricks

Play Defensively, run in circles as the enemy minions attack, so that enemies are forced to walk through poison to kill enemies (unless they are ranged attack of course). Try to avoid dying at all costs, death = feed, your goal is to be higher level than everyone else and to have the least amount of deaths. Switch lanes rapidly once your built enough to help your teammates kill enemies. Singed does best when he has his own lane. While your helping your teammates it doesn't hurt to poison trail all the mobs in the area in their lane. poison trail just follows singed wherever he goes :).

REMEMBER when your Ghost skill pops up, time it wisely verse your enemy, this is when you can take an enemy out of their defensive maneuvering and throw them into chaos. Singed can really be the tide turner in a game, never give up even if its 7 kills verse 28. Make sure you fling opponents into your turrets, and when your attacking turrets its good to throw up a mana shield from your seraphs embrace, even if your going to rush in with a sprint and throw an opponent away from the tower, since your sprint and mana shield is active you can get away from the turret effectively. You can also tank the turret if its low (at this time and if no enemies are near). Also its very important to keep an eye on the map at all times, singed is hated and a lot of the time focus will be on him. It's also important for you and teammates to signal MIA, cautions, etc. Make sure you communicate well with your team.

Another thing, don't forget about your abilities!! Ghost and Ignite. Ignite has earned me tons of extra kills in my game time. Well that's about all I can think of for now. Good luck everyone with my guide, its my first one.

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Pros and Cons of this Build

1.high movement speed
.2 control crowd easily with poison trail
.3 No mana issues early on like other builds
4.maximum farm with this build/not as many trips to town (meaning more money earlier)
5.rylais scepter will make poison trail/other spells slow the enemy by 35%
6. Higher AR verse melee combatants
7. Universal build, meaning it can be used in any match and be effective

1. Very weak during early game
2.Multiple Crowd Control Verse Singed = squishy
3. Usually focused on (singed makes enemies very mad)

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Most Important

FARM every chance you get to ensure maximum farming.

Take advantage of your enemy by switching lanes and ambushing them.

When the match starts, instantly buy Tear of Goddess and turn on poison trail to gather mana untill the minions spawn. Don't forget your 2 mana potions and 1 health potion. Notify your teammates that you will be out with the minions and to becareful.

Time your attacks, and play defensively, don't go 1 verse 3 its usually death. (although i have done it on more than several occasions)

Pay Attention! to your map, know where your enemies are, and communicate with your teammates!