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Trundle Build Guide by TheQWERTYman

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheQWERTYman

Trolling in the Jungle

TheQWERTYman Last updated on July 25, 2011
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Hi, this is my Trundle guide about Jungling.
Trundle is a great jungler. He has decent ganks with Pillar of Filth and can jungle quite easily.

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Trundle's core build:

Wriggle's Lantern - Obvious. The best jungling item out there and a good item for 1v1 against other AD attackers, as it gives you lifesteal to keep your health up, armor for more damage ignoring, and damage to give those foes more punishment.
Mercury's Treads - Best boots out there. Stacks superbly with Contaminate.
Phage - Gives you nice HP and decent damage. Easier chasing possibilities.
Wit's End - Can give you 50 magic resist in total. The bonus attack speed is also nice, and it gives you 42 bonus magic damage. That's quite nice.

The last 2 items really depend on your team. If you have no one really tanky on your team, you should go for one of these:
Randuin's Omen - Best choice. A very good item for countering those high-mobility carries
Frozen Mallet - Second best. This item was made for Trundle.
Thornmail - Makes Tryndameres suicide.
Force of Nature - Mundo's Passive, and a nice chunk of MR. Movespeed. Great.
Warmog's Armor - Possible choice, but Bloodrazors counter this.

If you have a proper tank on your team, you should get one of these:
Youmuu's Ghostblade - Best choice. Great active, and stacks with Contaminate.
Atma's Impaler - Second best choice, gives you around 40 AD, good armor and critical chance. Great item.
Phage into Trinity Force - Possible, also good, makes your Rabid Bite hurt.
The Bloodthirster / Infinity Edge - If you do the most damage in your team.
The Black Cleaver - Also great, Your ArP runes combined with this lets you rip through armor.
Zeke's Harbinger - Also possible, get this if you have mostly DPS team.

I usually take Youmuu's Ghostblade, turn my Phage into Frozen Mallet and buy Atma's Impaler.

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Start with Cloth Armor and 5 health pots. Go to the Ancient Golem and have someone leash it. (Have someone attack it once then go to lane.)
Hit the golem once, then, as soon as you do the first hit, use Rabid Bite. It will reset the attack timer, so, when you can, use Rabid Bite just after you do a normal attack. You will raise your damage and decrease golem's damage, making bringing him down very easy.
Hit your HP pot as soon as the golem starts attacking you. Once he gets around 500 hp, Smite him to his death.

Then go to wolf camp, and use the same combo (attack -> bite) to kill the giant wolf. You will hit level 2 and get Contaminate. Pop a potion to get your health back up.

Go to the two golems, hit Contaminate and attack -> bite one of them. Pop a HP potion. Smite him when he gets low on HP. Just keep autoattacking the second golem until he goes down.

Use a potion and pop contaminate and attack -> bite the biggest wraith. He does the most damage, and can be a threat at lower levels. Then get rid of the lesser wraiths.

Then go to wolf camp, and kill them all. You will go back to base.

At level 3, take another point in Rabid Bite. At level 4, take Contaminate. Try balancing leveling up these 2 skills throughout the game.

Build your Cloth Armor into Madred's Razors.
If your team has pushed a tower, you can buy Boots of Speed. Grab a few HP pots, then go back to the jungle.

Go to Big Golem again, use your skills to get him, get Pillar of Filth at level 5.

Now you gank. Go get Red Buff, unload your skills and Smite him. Pick a lane to gank, tell your ally to get ready, and use this combo:

Pop Pillar of Filth
Get your ally to damage him, slow him more, stun if possible
Pop Contaminate and use your attack -> bite combo

Gank should be successful. If you have the gold to finish your Wriggle's Lantern, do it.
Jungling should be very easy now. Eat buffs as much as you can, kill dragon and wolves / wraiths / golems as much as possible and finish your boots into Mercury's Treads.

Jungling and ganking (Just use the gank-combo) will be no trouble now. You will have your ultimate which is a great tool to turn the tides of 1v1 fights. Spam it. It has low cooldown.

The important part of jungling is over.

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Mid-Late game

Trundle's role in the team is very simple. He reduces tha enemy tank's defensive stats with his ultimate, and slows / debuffs the enemy carry with the use of Rabid Bite and Pillar of Filth.

You should get your Phage and Wit's End now. Try to avoid being ganked in the jungle, ward baron and dragon, and the buffs as much as possible. Prioritize your last items according to your team and the enemy team.

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Thanks for reading my guide to jungling with Trundle. I hope this helps you.