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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by dustythesnowman

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dustythesnowman


dustythesnowman Last updated on June 18, 2013
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Hello all. I'm DustytheSnowman and this is my guide on playing Fiddlesticks in the jungle. This build on Fiddlesticks is more focused on utility and ganking rather than being a pure AP carry. If you don't like it, then I'm sorry. If you do, then I'm happy. Enjoy.

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I take flash because Fiddlesticks doesn't really have an escape so this will get you out of sticky situations. It also helps with getting people inside your ultimate.

I take smite when I jungle as Fiddlesticks. Even though Fiddlesticks is one of the few junglers that can clear without smite, taking this summoner spell will make your clear faster and will help secure objectives such as buffs, dragon, and Baron Nashor.

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I take flat AP quints for early clearing and ganking.

I take MS quints for roaming and to get early ganks.

I take MPen marks because Fiddlesticks does magic damage.

I take armor seals because jungle monsters hurt.

I take scaling MR glyphs because why the **** not.

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His passive, Dread, is simple. It lowers the MR of champions around you. Basically, you have a mini Abyssal Scepter. Cool.

His Q, Terrify, is really freaking good. At level 5, it makes one enemy champion useless for three seconds. Good for peeling and shutting people down. When you're running away, casting it on someone chasing you can save your life. It can also interrupt channels. I max it second for better ganks.

His W, Drain, is his main damage and clearing skill. Once you target something to drain, you start taking its health away until the duration is over or the target leaves the skill's range. Very strong when they're feared with Terrify first. I max this first to clear faster and to deal more damage.

His E, Dark Wind, is pretty cool. You send your crow to go bounce around the enemies, which silences them. During teamfights, this can deal some nice damage while silencing most of the enemy team. When clearing wolf and wraith camps, Drain the main monster until it's dead. Then use Dark Wind on the remaining little monsters. When clearing golem camps, just start with Dark Wind. I max this last because it's more useful late game.

His ultimate, Crowstorm, is pretty awesome. After a bit of channeling, you blink to an area and have crows deal damage to those around you. It does a lot of damage and you can do other actions while it's active. Generally, when you ult in with Crowstorm, you Terrify, Dark Wind, and Drain the highest priority target, in that order. You can even flash to catch up to people. I max this whenever possible usually because why wouldn't you.

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Though Fiddlesticks has the capability to deal tons of damage with his kit, I think in the jungle, this build is better for him. I'm not saying that full AP Fiddlesticks is bad. In fact, it is crazy powerful. But I think if you want to play him that way, you should play in mid lane where he can farm up creeps more easily. This build aims for being able to gank constantly while still being able to bring lots of damage to the lane early. As the game progresses, this build gears towards becoming tanky, applying CC, and initiating.

One item I love on this champ in the jungle is Boots of Mobility because it allows him to have more map presence with the massive increase in movement speed. It's also really helpful when you're chasing a champion with low health to Terrify them.

Spirit of the Spectral Wraith is a perfect item on Fiddlesticks, whether you're jungling him or not. It offers AP, CDR, mana regeneration, faster clears, spell vamp, and a CDR on your smite, all of which can be utilized by this champion.

Spirit Visage also works really well with Fiddlesticks. With its 20% CDR, combined with the CDR from your masteries and Spirit of the Spectral Wraith, you should have around 30% or more. That means you'll be able to cast your Terrify every 7~8 seconds and perma-Drain enemies. Not to mention you'll be able to gank much more often with your ultimate. To top it off, the item's unique passive works well with Fiddlesticks because it increases the health he gains through spellvamp and his Drain.

An item pretty much every Fiddlesticks player buys is Zhonya's Hourglass. It gives a ****load of AP and a good amount of armor to make you more durable. But it's the item's passive that makes it so perfect for Fiddlesticks. After ulting into a teamfight, you'll often find yourself getting melted to quickly to make your ultimate become useful. By popping the item's active, you're protected for two seconds while your ult persists. Don't use this if the enemies are running away from you though.

It might be because I really like this item, but I think Randuin's Omen is a great addition to this build. It makes Fiddlesticks MUCH tankier through health and armor and it's active is awesome to use right after jumping into the enemy team with Crowstorm. It can also be used to peel off people jumping onto your carries.

Twin Shadows is kind of an interesting item. It's active works somewhat like Randuin's Omen except instead of an AoE slow, it sends these cute little ghosts to chase after enemies. Again, this can used to peel or it can be used to catch up to champions running away.

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Start at blue because jungling without blue as Fiddlesticks sucks. Make sure you have people guarding because you don't want people stealing your blue. Once you take blue, jungle around until you hit level 3. Once you do, look at the lanes. If it looks like they didn't start with a ward and you can gank it, take a point in Terrify. If it doesn't, take another point in Drain and continue jungling. Usually, when my blue runs out, I like to look for a lane to gank.


With Boots of Mobility and MS quints, Fiddlesticks can roam around pretty fast. Because life sucks without blue, I try to focus on ganking while my blue buff is up. Make sure your team has wards up to look out for enemy ganks. With his ultimate and group silence, Fiddlesticks makes a great counterganker. When the enemy ganks, just hide somewhere and channel your ultimate. Crowstorm does boatloads of damage and Dark Wind will keep the enemies for casting skills and summoner spells. You can also cast Twin Shadows or Randuin's Omen to help with your ganks if you have them.


In teamfights, if your team has a hard initiator such as Malphite, Hecarim, or Jarvan IV, then your job is to protect your carry with Terrify and your item actives and to Crowstorm whenever you see fit. If your team does not have a hard initiator, that means that you have to initiate. Try to catch as many people in your ult as possible, especially the enemy carry. Once you're in, cast your QEW combo on the enemy carry. You'll deal lots of damage to the whole team, silence them, and possibly shut down the enemy carry. You should have Zhonya's Hourglass at this point. Use it when you find the enemy team focusing you. You'll become gold and ****, but your ultimate will continue.

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Some think that it's only the support's job to ward, but it's not. Every single player should buy wards if they can, because vision wins games. As the jungler, wards can save your ***, save your teammates' ***es, and set up kills for you and your team. By placing wards at key places such as buff camps, dragon, and baron, you can easily jump on the enemy(s) with your ultimate along with your teammates. You can also watch the enemy jungler's movements and predict when he'll gank a lane. Fiddlesticks is amazing at counterganking due to the huge amount of AoE damage his Crowstorm deals and can surprise people easily, leading to easy kills.


Fiddlesticks is able to do amazing smite steals at Baron or dragon. Provided that the objective is warded (stated above) and you have vision of the enemies and the amount of health the objective has, you can make big plays and maybe grab some kills along the way. When you see Baron/dragon is nearing death, channel your ultimate out of enemy sight and jump into the fray. Once you're in, first cast Dark Wind on the enemy team, causing them to briefly be unable to cast spells (this includes the enemy jungler's smite). Then cast Terrify onto the enemy AD Carry because silencing the ADC won't stop him from melting you. Then begin Drain on Baron/dragon and smite it (you can cast smite without interrupting the channel for Drain). There's a pretty good chance you'll die, but a single death is a small price to pay for stealing away Baron/dragon from the enemy team. If your team is nearby and can follow up, it's a good idea to use the active from Zhonya's Hourglass to buy some time for your cooldowns to reset and your team to join the fight.


As I said before, this skill is crazy powerful and has a myriad of uses. The obvious one is for fearing the enemy that you're ganking to keep them from running away from your teammate(s) and out of your Drain range. Another is to peel enemies off you or your carry, which is the reason why support Fiddlesticks is so viable. A very useful way to use Terrify is to interrupt casts. If for example an enemy champion(s) such as Katarina, Galio, and/or Nunu are giving a hard time with their ultimates, you can simply press Q on them while they're channeling and laugh in all chat as they run out aimlessly. This also works on other skills such as Requiem, Grand Skyfall, Infinite Duress, and even an enemy Fiddlesticks' Drain.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this guide. Bye.