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Trundle Build Guide by Nephistalia

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nephistalia

Trundle, The way to troll

Nephistalia Last updated on August 5, 2011
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Solo lane Trundle

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 9

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Hi everybody, we're going to talk about trundle not as a jungler, because there is a lot of stuff about it already and i don't like copy/past people, but as a Sololaner.

Why pick trundle as a sololaner?

- Great sustainability with his passive
- Great mobility with his W
- Easy Farm with his Q (you shouldn't miss last hit)
- Easy Gang on his lane because of his E (useful to escape tho)
- His Ultimate counter tanky-dps real hard

You should be able to stomp every champion without sustainability or with little sustainability. If you fight against or your laning phase should be a little harder.

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I have two set of runes for Trundle as a sololaner and I choose the one I need according to the enemy team.

My first one when I have to fight against people really tanky (aka or )are really basic :
Greater Mark of Desolationx9 x9 x9 Greater Quintessence of Desolationx3

My second one is very useful if you have to be very strong early game against people like Jax Nidalee Gangplank. Well it works pretty good against the European solo/mid AP m├ęta.

x9 x9 x9 x3

With the second set of runes you will be a real terror early game, use it and play aggressive you don't have to worry that much your passive will help you to regen.

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I play trundle with 21/0/9 because i like to be aggressive on my lane and deal as much damage as i can with my Q on the enemy then last hit and regen with my passive.

I think Offensive mastery gives me everything i need to be a terror in lane :
- Cripple To debuff my enemy (it's really powerful early game).
- Brute Force To hit harder with Q
- Havoc 4% damage <3
- Well u see what i mean i won't list everything...

When I know I will have trouble or when I know I will be out harassed I go 21/9/0 to take Strength of Spirit it's pretty rare but against people like Yorick (before his nerf) it was very useful.

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Skill Sequence

If you expect LVL1 fight pick Pillar of Filth else pick Rabid Bite.
You want to max Rabid Bite first to buff your AD and lower your enemy AD. The more you take Rabid Bite the more AD scale well on it. (Rank1 80%, Rank3 100%, Rank5 120%)

You max second your Contaminate to up your mobility. LVL3 you should be able to W, Q your enemy, run away before he hit you.

TIPS : When you hit with Rabid Bite it is always like that : auto-attack>Q DON'T Q first NEVER EVER. Q reset the auto-attack.

You finish leveling Pillar of Filth last.
And of course you take Agony as much as you can (LVL6,11,16)

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Summoner Spells

My favorite :

Exhaust and Flash because it allow me to be dominant in my lane without being afraid by ganks.

Exhaust : you are an insane duelist and with this summoner you are even more scary. In team fight it's very useful because u can shut down a carry Ashe Vayne or the tanky-dps which jump on your carry Irelia Jax.

Flash : one of the best summoner spell, you can tower dive and flash out, you can escape gank, you can flash in to finish an enemy well it allow you everything.

Other interesting summoner spells :

Teleport : When you are Solotop teleport is pretty nice because it allow you many move :
- If your Support is smart he will Ward the second bush, So if the enemy bottom push lane too much you can port on the ward and easy double-kill.
- When your team prepare to do dragon push your lane hard and if the enemy team try to cover it. Port in 5v4. profit?
- You can def tower or in the worst case u can make a quick back if your opponent out harassed you.

Cleanse : I m not a huge fan but i think it could work well on trundle.

Ignite : This summoner is very situational, I mean when you play against Swain, Nidalee, Dr. Mundo, Vladimir or any other high heal potential champions it is highly recommended to take it.

I don't see any other useful summoner.

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Early Game :
you should focus on your farm, try to get as much CS as you can. If you try to have something like 70 CS after 10minutes it would be OK because you have to harass your enemy at the same time with [Rabid Bite]. Don't forget you can use AA->Q to finish easily 2 low health minions.

Mid game :
Keep farming top, try to get dragon, if you have Teleport try some ganks.

End game :
Push lane fast and run back to your team for team fight...

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Team Work

As trundle you have a lot of utility in team fight.
-You can try to initiate, but your kit is not really good for it. So let someone better than you do it ( Ashe, Annie, Amumu for example)
-You have to shut down the AD carry enemy : W -> R on tank -> Go on him -> pillow after he flash (or u are screwed). If u don't catch him don't try to hard and switch on the AP or the support. You should be very tanky for a few second try to be as threatening as you can.
- Protect your carry when their assassin rush your carry protect him as mush as u can with your pillar / exhaust.

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Pros / Cons

Trundle is a very good champion i love him as a jungler but as a sololaner too. He has many Pros :
- real strong sustainability
- real slow ability (can win a game with good pillar in the jungle)
- shut down tank armor/mr
- hit really hard early game with AD runes.
- Won his lane 99% time. (except against Udyr real terror)

Cons :
- Troll is Troll.
- I need to find some... i really love this champions so i don't find cons...

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Ranked Play

You can see some streamer play him as sololaner recently to name two of them : Wicked and The Rain Man. And i think they did good with him mostly. I think he is a strong pick with a lot of utility.

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You can build trundle many way he is not a one trick pony. It's all about team comp.

Start up item :

Doran's Blade I take it mostly when i have my AD runes to be really offensive. (against AP for example)

Boots of Speed + 3 Health Potion I take it when i know i gonna have to dodge skill shot or when my opponent deal magic damage.

Cloth Armor + 5 Health Potion I take it when i am against a strong AD Tanky DPS like Xin Zhao

Core item :

You want to have Trinity Force Atma's Impaler Guardian Angel in mostly every game.

When i play against heavy AP team :
Chalice of Harmony Mercury's Treads and Spirit Visage are really cool and cheap.

When i play against heavy AD team :
Ninja Tabi Randuin's Omen and Force of Nature (because it's sure someone gonna deal magic damage)

When they have a lot of CC i take Quicksilver Sash over Force of Nature. Especially against Mordekaiser, Warwick, Vladimir or Malzahar

When you want to play more aggressive against AP team you can take Wit's End instead of Spirit Visage

Other interesting items :

Thornmail is really good when you play against people like Twitch Tryndamere Master Yi or if the enemy AD carry is very fed with a lot of lifesteal. (it negate it hard).

Warmog's Armor it's a good item if you need more heal it synergies well with Atma's Impaler. If you take it you should also take a Force of Nature to have a lot of self heal.

Last Whisper if the enemy team stack armor. You should take this item. I would take it instead of Atma's Impaler.

Why i don't like to use life-steal on trundle

I think his passive give him enough self heal. If you build Force of Nature you ll have really a lot of Heal/5. And with the actual meta u almost have a heal 8 game out of 10.

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Trinity Force

This item is really interesting on Trundle because it give you everything he need :
- Damage
- Attack speed
- Move speed
- Critical strike
- Health
- Mana
- Slow on proc
- Burst Passive
- and AP (for the ult xD)

Usually i take item in this order : Phage> Zeal> Sheen but when i play against real terror like Udyr i go Sheen> Phage> Zeal because it allow me to burst him.

You should farm as much as possible until you have Trinity Force because with this item you gonna hit really hard. Ask for Lizard buff and go back to your lane. Shut down your enemy, take the top tower. Keep pushing and try to force other lane to move for you. So your mates are free to go dragon or to take bottom tower. You have to be a real terror.

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I can tell Trundle is a great tanky DPS which can bring a lot on the table. He is very fun to play with. I hope my guide will make you want to try it. At least try the damage runes page against someone squishy it's really funny to see how much deal an AA+Q at LVL1.

Have fun and don't troll to much!