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Trundle Build Guide by IPlayOnlyTanks

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IPlayOnlyTanks

Trundle---Troll King, Not Troll Chief

IPlayOnlyTanks Last updated on May 10, 2014
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Hi, and thanks for checking out my guide. As you can see here, this is a Trundle guide. I've just started it and it's still under construction. Basically, the point of this paragraph is to introduce you to Trundle, the Troll. I won't claim to be on the upper divisions of LoL or one of the best Trundle players out there, but I can say with confidence that I have been play-testing this guide for quite awhile(40 games or so) and have achieved results good enough to be sharing this with the world. I main Trundle, I can't play Talons or Kha'Zixes worth two ****s and I know it well enough to avoid playing assassins in ranked games. If you can't play Trundle that well and know it, please don't be so ****ed up rash and go play him in ranked games, feed, come here and scold me. Remember, the most important thing in LoL is experience. You play Trundle 100 times seriously and learn, I assure you you won't even need any guide and can craft 10 guides on your own.

Trundle is a highly mobile melee attacker that simply bashes his opponent's faces in two times faster than the time taken for them to do so. He is capable of scaring the **** out of the enemy tank with his ultimate, and with his incredible passive and health regeneration abilities, is capable of 1v5ing a team if super fed. Trundle excels at location-based combat. Engage an enemy on your W (Frozen Domain) and you're going to win trades 90% of the time if both of you are fundamentally equal.

Trundle is awesome for harassing early game---see your opponent coming for creeps, give him a bite, steal his AD, AA him twice and watch him rage as he discovers he took damage for nothing and with his lessened AD, be unable to CS. He tries to engage you, drop an E in his face and run away like the troll you are. He 1v1s you, place frozen domain around you and club him in. He's at full health and you're at half health, land your ult on him and watch his health burn away as you continue to rape him. You don't need to kill creeps to regenerate HP, you stand at a 1000 radius and you automatically regenerate HP and basically dominate the top lane while pissing your opponent off. these are just a few reasons why Trundle is such a beast to play.

Maybe you're here because you accidentally clicked on it, maybe you're here because you think Trundle is cool, whatever. It is very important to know what kind of build you want to follow. Do note that this guide also ONLY applies to those with the wonderful thing that we know as brain. Don't just stick to one guide and build Spirit Visage first when there is not a single AP dealer on the enemy team.

Don't stick. Adapt.

You see a super fed Le Blanc, build MR. Talon is kicking your ***, build armor. You're carrying the **** out of your noob team, don't be afraid to get some armor penetration to counter the enemy's absurd amounts of armor. If you're really bad (I hope not) and keep feeding, acknowledge your weakness and go buy some support items like Aegis of the legion whatever to help your team. Stay humble and don't get cocky, don't walk right into an opponent's trap.

If you're still reading this, congratulations, you survived the boring part. Pardon my language if there is any mistake, and please do comment on my guide. You can downvote, but please at least tell me the reason so I can improve on it and others can learn too. If you seriously think this guide is viable, upvote and share it so that more people can learn. I'm sorry if you were expecting colorful pictures and fancy effects, I'm not that kind if guy, but maybe I'll try to satisfy your eyes if I have the time.

That much being said, lets move on! :)