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Tryndamere Build Guide by forge24

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author forge24

tryndamere dominion terror

forge24 Last updated on November 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Tryndamere is an absolute beast on dominion. He takes on the role of a slayer, meaning that he kills enemy champions between their spawn and their destination. This way the enemy will be severely weakened, and you will get a lot of kills. Did I mention that he never dies? Oh, and also, his abilities don't cost anything, so spam away! This build will focus mainly on duelist Tryndamere who will win every 1v1 fight and earn kills, lots of 'em. So sit back and relax, and read this guide thoughtfully.

Tryndamere says: "Read this guide or this'll be a slaughter!"

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Awesome duelist
Doesn't have mana problems
Damage reduction and slow results in good teamfight presence
Great escaper
Very item dependent, weak early game
Very fragile without his ult
CC can shut him down completely
Significantly weaker without a full fury bar

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I take Greater Mark of Desolation because it's pretty much mandatory, since it's the most effective mark to get for obvious reasons. I then take Greater Seal of Health, simply to get more health. Here's the thing: Don't get stats per level runes on dominion, because you need the better stats early game to build up to your late game. Sure, you level faster in dominion, but if you have a bad early game, then those scalings aren't going to do anything for you, trust me. For glyphs, I take Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction because even though you are itemizing for cooldown reduction, having extra is always better. Besides, it's the only viable type of glyphs for him since he's an ad champion. Lastly, I take Greater Quintessence of Life Steal. Because of the lifesteal nerfs, it's very difficult to itemize for it. So having 6% extra lifesteal will go a long way. Note that this is by no means the best rune setup. I am no rune expert, so trust your own intuition as well.


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Health

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

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With masteries, i go 24/6/0. I take every relevant ad mastery for dominion. And also take Hardiness and Resistance in defence. I don't see any alternatives here, though you could also go 21/9/0 leaving one of the offensive masteries and taking health in defense, whilst only taking 2 points in Hardiness and Resistance .


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I start out pretty standard with a Prospectors Blade and Boots of Speed(immediately upgraded into Berserker's Greaves).

Then i rush a Zeal. The reason for this is because Tryndamere is an autoattack champion, so you'll need attack speed over ad early on (his Bloodlust will give you enough ad for the early levels).

I then buy a The Brutalizer, because Tryndamere has fairly long cooldowns and it's always a great item for melee dps.

Then i get his first big item: Sanguine Blade. This item will make him an even better duelist thanks to the livesteal it provides, which is important for a slayer. Thanks to your already high attack speed, getting the stacks shouldn't be a problem.

I then finish my Zeal into a Phantom Dancer and my The Brutalizer into a Youmuu's Ghostblade. After that i build situational.

Some people may wonder why I don't buy an Infinity Edge. This is because Tryndamere doesn't need it that much, thanks to his Battle Fury and his Bloodlust. You could take it after you round out the build, but think about it like this. You'll have your crit chance almost maxed out already, and he'll have enough ad too. So basically, you're buying a very expensive item just to crit harder. I'm not saying it's a bad buy, it's just not nescesary.

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alternative items(6th and 7th purchases)

  • Like i said, Infinity Edge is by no means a bad item for Tryndamere. Infact, 9/10 times I purchase this item 6th.
  • When facing a lot of CC, be 100% sure to get one of these 2 items. CC is the number one biggest counter to Tryndamere. another alternative is Quicksilver Sash.
  • Make sure to get this item during a Swainvasion(or just any healing champion that gets fed). It also provides him with some crit chance and lifesteal
  • 2 another great items for tryndamere, take one depending on the situation. It will make you an even better chaser, and it'll give you more health. Also great in combination with Atma's Impaler
  • Not only is this item great against a magic user team, it's passive synergizes well with Undying Rage
  • Don't smash your keyboard yet, for there's hope againts those pesky stealth champions.
  • If a tanky character on the enemy team is doing well, get one of these items according to his build. However, even if there isn't a tank on the enemy team, The Black Cleaver is a solid weapon to shred their already low armor.

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Skill sequence

I max my Bloodlust first for the extra ad, which goes well with the attack speed you buy. It also provides you with a good heal. You then max your Spinning Slash, mainly to make the cooldown shorter. lastly you max your Mocking Shout, taking your Undying Rage whenever you can. Tryndamere doesn't really need a slow, having a wall hopper and a heal is much more important.

Order of prioritizement:
Undying Rage> Bloodlust> Spinning Slash> Mocking Shout

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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skill usage

  • Tryndamere had a pretty sweet passive. It gives him crit chance and allows him to use his Bloodlust. A good Tryndamere will always farm minions whenever he can, even in dominion, to keep his fury bar maxed out. The crit chance will greatly increase his effectiveness in fights.
  • Though this ability is easy in concept, Bloodlust is probably Tryndamere's most usefull spell and therefore you should always max it out first. It gives you a heal that can be used to bait very effectively. Combine this with his ad getting higher as his health gets lower and his Undying Rage, and you'll have an even better low life baiter than Olaf! On an added note, you can use this spell without fury to get a very small heal, which might just save you in a tight situation.
  • Though i max Mocking Shout last, it is by no means a bad spell. This ability is very important for winning duels and allows him to participate (at high levels) in teamfights by reducing everyone's ad and slowing them. You can also use this ability to reveal enemies in the Fog of War. It comes without saying though, that it will not only reveal your enemies, but will also reveal yourself. However, this spell can't be casted if there's no enemy nearby, so it can be used for detecting enemies by just looking at its icon.
  • This is your wall hopper/gap closer. It will also deal a fair chunk of damage (it scales off of both ad and ap), and since it ignores unit collision, it's very useful for farming mid/late game. And after using it, you can refresh it's cooldown almost instantly by critting the few minions who survived. Use this ability to get in range for your Mocking Shout, or use it to escape over a wall after your Undying Rage. The possibilies are endless!
  • This ability is what truly makes Tryndamere who he is! It makes him immune to death for 5 seconds. That's 5 more seconds of being able to damage the enemy, usually killing him. It speaks for itself that this ability has awesome synergy with his Bloodlust, since you won't be able to die, but still able to dish out damage. To guarantee you'll survive after using this ability, try to use Bloodlust at the end of the duration. P.S. this ability is not op. One piece of crowd control will prevent him from getting away, thus killing him.

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Summoner spells

recommended summoner spells:

  • Ghost This is a very important summoner spell if you want to rush top, which you should do as Tryndamere. After that, just use it whenever you get out of the spawn, have to escape or have to chase somebody.
  • Exhaust is a very important summoner spell for a slayer, as it will allow him to quite literally win every duel. This will allow him to become stronger and more itemized then his opponents, thus winning the game. However, don't be afraid to use it just to slow an enemy, for it might save your life or net you a kill.

other summoner spells
  • Not quite as good as Exhaust, but still very viable if the enemy team has strong healing champions, or in a 1v1.
  • Awesome summoner spell for Tryndamere, especially if you know the enemy will have a lot of CC(draft mode).
  • Another great summoner spell for duelists, as it allows them to bait your enemies into thinking they can win the fight. And then, all the sudden, *click*, they died and you live happily ever after. In conjunction with your Bloodlust, this can yield great results.
  • On most champions, flash is pretty bad on dominion. That is not the case with Tryndamere however. Do not underestimate the power of having two blink abilities. It will allow you to escape from EVERYTHING, and catch up to EVERYONE!
  • Another good alternative for Exhaust, since the bonus attack speed is super useful on Tryndamere in particular, since he doesn't have any ability that increases his attack speed. However, the ability power component shouldn't be ignored either, since his Bloodlust and his Spinning Slash both scale off of AP as well.

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roles and tactics

Like I said earlier, Tryndamere is a slayer. The slayer's role in the team is to kill enemies between their spawn and their destination. In order to do this, a slayer must patrol the ''jungle'' and keep an eye on the enemies spawn. Whenever you see a characters portrait, place your view on him and watch where he's heading. Then move to intercept him.

However, unless you're fed, you shouldn't try to take on more then one opponent at a time. Only pick off isolated targets. It it therefore advisable that you wait a short while before attacking, to see if there aren't any of his teammates nearby. Smart teams will always move in groups to give the slayer a hard time, but eventually, one of them will be caught off guard.

Once you've confirmed that he's alone, it's time to jump on him! A slayer relies on the element of surprise, so try to strike from the brush. In the brief period of time that the enemy is realizing he's being attacked, you've already dealt two auto-attacks to him. However, you should always anticipate what the enemy could do back once they've reacted. Be aware of any hard crowd-control that could shut you down. When you do this well, you should be able to kill him most of the times, unless he's fed of course.

However, in dominion you'll have to take on multiple roles in order to be succesful. Fortunately, Tryndamere can also be a very good disruptor. The disruptor's role is to kill the enemy capturer. Mocking Shout is one of the strongest slows in the game, and along with his Spinning Slash will allow him to catch up to almost anyone. To dispatch the enemy capturer quickly, an attack damage disruptor will also require crit chance, something Tryndamere has aplenty. If the enemy capturer happens to be a stealth champion, be sure to pick up The Lightbringer, as mentioned before.

Finally, Tryndamere can also take upon the role of a taker. The taker's job is to take defended points through killing the defender. However, this is mainly because of his Undying Rage, which allows him to quite easily kill the enemy defender and also be able to escape. You should never attempt to take a defended point without Undying Rage, as Tryndamere is very squishy without it. Leave it to someone else in that case.

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This is my first guide, so don't go too harsh on it. There's some good information in it about how to play Tryndamere effectively, and there's a solid build which has won me a lot of golden badges. If you liked the guide, please leave a rating and recommend it to others.

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A word of thanks

This build was(and it still kinda is) a grey mouse, but then i discovered Jhoijhoi's guide making guide. I knew nothing about guidemaking, and it really helped me out. So for that i'd really like to thank her.

Jhoijhoi's guide: