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Tryndamere Build Guide by dark chi

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dark chi

Tryndamere, the King of the League

dark chi Last updated on June 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi guys, I am dark chi from EU West and this is my Tryndamere, the King of the League guide.
I will be explaining the whole idea and purpouse of playing Tryndamere as well as his good and bad sides. Hope you will have fun reading the guide as well as I did writting it. ;)

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Guide Log

Here I will be posting changes that I made to this guide.
10.6.2012. - The guide has been published

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Tryndamere is melee AD carry champion that destroys the whole enemy teams in few hits with his awesome power of crit striking and staying alive for few seconds and then leaving the fight with tripples,quadras and pentas.Of course, Tryndamere is easily countered with lots of CC effects but we fixed that with Quick Silver Sash in our item selection so you gain advantage in that field.

Abilities: Battle Fury Bloodlust Mocking Shout Spinning Slash Undying Rage

Battle Fury (passive): This system of fury for Tryndamerecame in 2012 and first I have to explain why do you use fury and what does fury bring you. You get fury for every attack,crit strike or kill you make. The maximum capacity of fury is 100. If you stop attacking for 4 seconds you will start losing fury. With every point of fury you gain crit strike chance which will help you to slaughter your enemies. You can also use your fury to regain your health with Bloodlust but then you will lose all of your fury. Now it is very important that you learn how to use fury well and predict will you can kill your enemy without fury or you will have to stack your fury first. In 95% of cases the best solution is to stack your fury to 100 and then attack your enemy who will then be helpless against your attack damage.

Bloodlust : Bloodlust is your bread and butter spell in early game. It gives you Attack Damage and heals you for amount of fury you have. Now I will explain how to use Bloodlust for harrasing your enemies and not losing your health. The main porpouse of Bloodlust is that you can dive first in combat making few hits on enemies and then leave out of the combat and healing yourself. So, as I said, stack you fury to 100, use Spinning Slash to get close to enemies, attack them a few times and then leave and heal yourself. This is a good method to harras your enemies. Once they are low enough on health just do the same tactic but don't leave nor use your Bloodlust, just finish them with your awesome power. Of course if enemies wound you enough you can use Bloodlust while they are still alive but remember that then you will lose a large amount of crit strike chance.

Mocking Shout : Mocking Shout is the ability that is very handy at the time you have to chase your enemies or going in combat versus melee AD champions. The most important tip that you need to remember is to use Mocking Shout when your enemies start running from you and turn their backs. Then you use it to slow them, use Spinning Slash to catch them and then you slaughter them like animals. It is also very usefull when you are going in a combat versus melee AD champions because it also blinds nearby enemies for a short time. It also has one really cool,special ability that I will talk about in "Unique Skills" chapter so be sure to read it.

Spinning Slash : Spinning Slash is ability that also has 3 uses:
1.Getting close to your enemies.
2.Running from enemies( Tryndamere normaly doesn't run from the fight but if that's the case this ability is very handy.)
3.Going trough some walls,cliffs,camps etc

Undying Rage : This is ability that makes Tryndamere badass troll champion he is. Using it is very simple. Once you started the fight you start destroying champions but oh no, your health is critically low, what will you do now??? Not to worry, you have your ultimate that will keep you alive for a few seconds just so you can finish slaughtering your enemies. It is very similar to Kayle ultimate but the only difference is that you can use it only on yourself. With this trick you can gain very big advantage in combat. Try this trick; I guarantee that it will make you get dozens of kills. First you get about half of your health lost during some fights, then your enemies (who have full health) are starting to think that they can kill you now. But they forgot about a small litlle thing that will lead them to their graves: Undying Rage !!!!

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Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Seal of Armor Greater Glyph of Magic Resist Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Marks: For marks I chose Greater Mark of Desolation because armor penetration really helps you killing those pesky tanks with lots and lots of armor like Rammus , Shyvana , Leona etc

Seals: For seals I chose Greater Seal of Armor because armor hepls you stay alive vs other AD DPS champs.

Glyphs: For glyphs I chose Greater Glyph of Magic Resist because magic resist keeps you alive versus those annoying AP champs that are hard to counter, especially ones with stun like Annie

Quintessences: For quintessences I chose [[Greater Quintessence of Strength because flat AD helps you a lot at early game.

Aditional changes that are possible:

Greater Mark of Attack Damage : overall more AD early helps

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction : CDR is always good for getting kills as your abilities will have slightly decreased cooldown.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation : More armor penetration is good if you play against heavy tank team.

Bad choices:

Greater Mark of Critical Chance , Greater Seal of Critical Chance , Greater Glyph of Critical Chance and Greater Quintessence of Critical Chance : going full crit chance runes is effective early game but very bad late game... ofc it is good to have 20% crit chance more on every start of the game but with runes I have chosen you have a lot more of sustain and will be more effective late game.

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For masteries I chose standard AD Bruiser build taking every AD and armor penetration buff in offense while taking Hardiness , Resistance , Durability and Veteran's Scars in defense. This setup guarantees improving your early,mid and late game. Your sustain has been improved and you deal 10% more damage with crits, very important for Tryndamere .

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Items that I chose are giving you attack damage,health,critical chance,movement speed,magic resistance,life steal and attack speed. This factors are very important for Tryndamere and thats why I will explain every item and it's puorpose.
You start with Brawler's Gloves and 2 Health Potion . If you are doing good in early game you should have enough gold to buy Zeal and Boots of Speed around 9th minute. Then you upgrade your Boots of Speed into Berserker's Greaves and return to your lane. Now after you farmed for some time maybe got some kills you go back and buy yourself B.F. Sword , Cloak of Agility and Pickaxe . If you are doing extremely well, you will have enough gold to buy Infinity Edge . If not, go farm a litlle bit more so you can buy it. Next step is upgrading your Zeal into Phantom Dancer . Now you have a large amount of crit strike chance, AD damage, attack and movement speed. But we want to be even more powerfull so you are going to buy B.F. Sword and turn it into The Bloodthirster . Now that we got the damage, we are looking for some sustain and utility. If playing against heavy CC team you should buy Quick Silver Sash . It helps you clear away those freakin stuns,snares,taunts and other disables. It serves exactly like Cleanse . Our next step is buying Frozen Mallet for gaining some health,attack damage and slows that go with your attacks.

Unique abilities that items give you:
Unique passive: Your critical strikes now deal 250% damage instead of 200%
Unique passive: Physical attacks reduce your target's movement speed by 40% for 2.5 seconds(30% for ranged attacks.
Unique active: Removes all debuffs from your champion.90 sec cooldown

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Skill Sequence

Take Bloodlust at level 1 and max it till level 9. At level 2, take Spinning Slash and max it last. Take Mocking Shout at level 4 and max it till level 13. At last, take your ulti whenever you can (levels 6,11 and 16). This sequence is the best as I have tried others like maxing Spinning Slash before Mocking Shout but it failed me. So this sequence is the best, I guarantee that by my name.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I have chosen Cleanse and Ignite as the best solution because you are the mean killing machine, and these are your weapons. If you learn how to use them well, you will profit big time. Now to talk about other great,good and bad solutions.
Great choices:
Exhaust : extra slow and damage reduce spell for your enemies it helps you kill them a lot easier.
Ignite : a great damage over time spell that reduces healing and finishes your enemies. Cleanse : great choice, reccomend using it if you are having problems with CC.

Good choices:
Ghost : very usefull for running and chasing enemies,also your champion ignores unit collision but the spells that I have chosen are better in my opinion.
Flash : very good escape/chase mechanism but you don't need it because you have Spinning Slash for jumping trough walls and cliffs.
Surge : usefull in combat but you don't really need it because your fury is the only thing you need.

Bad choices:
Smite : Tryndamere can jungle but not as good as other junglers like Shyvana, Lee Sin , Rammus etc so there is no need for Smite .
Heal : Heal is a good spell for keeping you alive but you have Bloodlust and Undying Rage for that so there is no need for Heal .
Revive : very bad choice is Revive becuase Tryndamere doesn't die so often.
Teleport : Teleport is a spell for fast returning to your lane or ganking someone by teleporting to your ward. Since Tryndamere isn't solo top champ, he doesn't need Teleport at all.

Spells you should throw into garbage:
Garrison : you can def you turrets with your own strength, you don't need any ***** regenration!!!!!
Clarity : you don't have mana!!!!!
Promote : fight with your own strength, not the strength of your super minions!!!!! Clairvoyance : this is no need spell because you are not support champion!!!!!

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-Can easiliy counter most of the
-Can avoid death for a few
-One of few champs who can easily
do solo baron
-You become more dangerous as
more wounded you become

-Can be countered by heavy CC
-Damage over time spells and skills
can make your ulti mean nothing
-playing against Karthus is very
hard because of his ulti
-if Tryndamere doesn't get fed
he could be completely useless

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About creeping the most important thing is to gain buffs that will help you troughout the game.
On summoner's rift the Blessing of the Lizard Elder is important for it's slow and AD increase and can really help you in combat.
Exalted with Baron Nashor is the strongest buff of them all and if you have it, no tank can stop you.
On twisted treeline the Crest of the Crushing Wrath is the most important as it gives you damage increase for which level are you.
Crest of Flowing Water can give you advantage in chasing enemies as it significantly increases your movement speed.
Crest of Nature's Fury is very usefull both, for AD and AP carries as it gives attack speed and cooldown reduction.

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If you cannot get fed for some reason you should then farm as much as you can. It isn't too hard, all you need to do is wait that your minions damage enemy minions enough so you can last hit them and make gold and exp.This is very important cause you can still get good items without getting kills and deaths.Remember to farm as much as you can even if you do get fed enough so you can make pentakill all by yourself.

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Unique Skills

Now let's finally talk about that unique skill effect of Mocking Shout :
If you maybe noticed, you can only activate Mocking Shout if enemy champion is near Tryndamere . So if you play against champions like Twitch , Evelynn , Shaco , Teemo etc if they come near you while they are stealthed you will see that you will be able to activate Mocking Shout and that's how you will be able to know when enemy stealthed champions are near you.It's good to check your Mocking Shout often if you are playing against stealth champions.The other great unique ability of Tryndamere is that he is one of the rare champions that if fed enough can easiliy take on solo baron and earn 300 gold and buff for their team. This buff is very important and can be very usefull in team fights.

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Team Work

If you play like a beast, you get fed but the enemy team still doesn't surrender it will come the time of team fights. In team fights you are the AD carry that is supposed to do most of the damage while leaving alive.So this is how you should act:
1. Tank starts a fight with his CC and disables some of the enemies.
2. You are starting to deal insane damage and focusing AD carry,AP carry,support,jungler and finally tank.
3.When you go low enough on health you use Undying Rage and slowly start to leave the fight.
4.Once you leave, go to the nearest jungle camp and return your health on creeps.
5.Go back in the fight and finish what you have started!
6.If you follow all of these steps you will win almost every team fight and 75% games you play.
7. Tryndamere is very usefull late game because he deals insane attack damage.

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Ranked Play

Tryndamere isn't the most viewable champion in ranked games.In fact he is being played in 1 of 10 games by the latest statistics of the League.So I have made this guide to change that the way it was.In ranked draft pick mode, as soon as someone sees Tryndamere he takes Exhaust and says:"What a noob player, Tryndamereis easiliy countered with Exhaust ".This is not correct because as I said earlier we have Cleanse and Quick Silver Sash for removing all of the debuffs from Tryndamere so that problem is fixed. There isn't anything more to say about ranked play because this whole guide has been made by ranked play and if you follow all the things that I have just written you will experience giant succes, I guarantee you that.

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My Videos

Here are some of my LoL videos posted on You Tube, I am making Tryndamere ownage but still need penta on ranked for that so be pacient please ^^.

Demonblade Tryndamere Skin Spotlight:
Twitch Ownage:
Ezreal Ownage:
Brand Ownage:
Frostfire Annie Skin Spotlight:
Warwick Quadra Kill:

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So that is it. I hope you will learn to play Tryndamere as well as I did and then start enjoying in League of Legends because what does make a better champ then a Ferocius,Bloodthirsty,Barbarian King??? Hope to see you in the game and feel free to leave a comment down below with positive and negative feedback so we can discuss about it and maybe change it. ;)