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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PsychoEx

Tryndamere - The Way of the Offtank

PsychoEx Last updated on May 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 11

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Defense: 19

Expanded Mind
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Welcome to my first detailed guide. Please try it, before you vote. ;)
It is recommend to have some experience with Tryndamere and his normal playstyle.
Some of you will ask theirself: WHY DID HE MAKE A TRYND OFFTANK GUIDE?!

I never saw a tankguide for Tryndamere. I mean everyone want more than one build or playstyle for a champ and playing him with AP isn't very recommend. Then I thought, that I shall create my own one.
Now here it is! Enjoy it! Try it out and vote!

Don't fear to post suggestions and ideas.
I guess, that I will add more stuff. Stay tuned.
And sorry for my bad english, I hope, that it wont affect your vote.


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Tryndameres Skills

Battle Furry just provides a imensive critchance bonus.
While you have 1 Hp and your ultimate is active it provides 50%!
Don't worry about reduced life, when you start a fight. It just buff your damage and many enemis will underrate your damage.

Bloodlust is your keyability in the earl and midgame.
Every crit and every kill (especially creepkills) will give you 1 stack. Every stack increase your damage and your critical damage. You should use this ability to heal yourself up, or to heal yourself up, while escaping out of a teamfight.

Mocking Shout is very good to suppress AD carrys in the earlgame and to slow escaping enemies.
If you use it right, you could also use this spell to escape, in combination with .

This ability is perfect to start a fight, to follow a escaping enemy and to escape, at all.
Spinning Slash is quite usefull as .
In the mid and lategame you can use it to farm

Here is your ultimate. It give you the possibility to play offensive like hell.
Very useful for towerdiving, multikills in teamfight and to escape at all.
It also provides stacks for . Playing Tryndamere as an Offtank your ultimate give you additional durability in reserve or the possibility to tank as an offtank, but be careful, because this ultimate just last 5s long. So you shall have a premade support partner who heal you, when your ultimate ends, or a with .

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Pros / Cons

not squishy to crowdcontrol
can stay longer with % low life, what improves Battle Fury
can't be nuked
heavy earlgame dps, good damage and good durability in the lategame
Karthus wont eat you

don't hit with 1k crits in the lategame
expensive items
many guys will flame you

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The skill sequence isn't very important. I just like 48 additional healthpoints in the earlgame. But you shall get Nimbleness. So you could also prefer 21/9/0, what deals such more damage at all. But if you skill 21/9/0 you shall take Greater Quint of Fortidude

Depends on you.

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Summoner Spells

and are my favourite summoner spells.

+ result in a kill in the most cases.

remove all cc's on you and reduce them 3s long very good. Makes your 3 long imune against all cc effects, if you have .
In the end Cleanse give you improved chances to escape and is also recommend to catch escaping
champions, who are stunning you.

Overall Exhaust and Cleanse are constant useful in the game.

Alternative summoner spells:

Reduce the received heal and regeneration of the enemy and deal him true damage.
Great to get safe kills in the earl game.

Just a great combination with to escape.

What's about the remaining?

Many guys call users of Heal noobs. Yeah, it sucks, when your enemy save his *** with this ability. It's just very useful in the earlgame as . But useless in the lategame.

Smite is useful, if you start in the jungle as Tryndamere. I personal hate Tryndamere in the jungle, because other champions are just stronger at the start and later you don't need smite to take buffs or dragon.

Trndamere don't use mana and he will never use it. Clarity is just a wasted slot.

Clairvoyance rocks, but not as Tryndamere.

Tryndamere is fast enough in combination with

Only if you fail very often in the earlgame. But if you fail in the earlgame, your lategame might suck, too.

Usefull if you have a good premade teemo in your team (Teleport can port to the positions of mushrooms, too. That provides insane gankpossibilities). Else it sucks.

I know that 99,9% of all lol gamers hate this spell. But it rocks, if you play with a hybridchamp ( , , , ) and skilled the Offense tree (Improved Rally). Else it sucks really hard.

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Greater Mark of Desolation is allways first choice for a ad champ.
But provides a superior earlgame.

Might be your decision.

You could also replace the other runes.
Like taking armor / armorflat / healthflat instead of evasion, or magic resist instead of flat.

My Quintessences provide a balance of everything, that Tryndamere needs. But you could also took other quints.

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is your keyitem! It provides damage, critchance and critical damage. Everything that represent Tryndamere.

Boots are just situational.

Buy against heavy dps, against heavy ap or cc and else .

After Infinity I usually get on of this items.

Spirit Visage is the most defensive one.
Provides health, cooldownreduction, magic resist and increase the heal of . Actually I get this item only, when I have a premade healer in my team or 2 non premade healers. The received heal buff is very good to increase the efficiency of supporters, what make this item even more effective, than the other listed below.
Wit's End is very effective against manausing champions, especially if they have manaproblems
or just a small manapool. Burn their mana and slay them down!
Hexdrinker is just a amazing item in the earl and midgame. It is the Anti Karthus keyitem. I usually get this before Infinity, if I have problems with casters.

Frozen Mallet is a very important item for my Tryndamere build. I could count it to the keyitems, because it provides health, damage and amazing slow. Insane as a . No one can escape you with low life, if you have Frozen Mallet, Exhaust and Mocking Shout. Don't fear to follow flashing enemies with !

Atma's Impaler improve your stats, especially because of Frozen Mallet.
It provides good damage and more critchance.

Heavy AP:
Nature is the most epic anti caster item ingame. It provides huge magic resist and a great healthregeneration. It also buffs your movementspeed a little.

Heavy AD:
Thornmail is just a epic armor item. It provides 100! armor and reflect 30% of the received
damage from autoattacks.

Heavy Armor / Many Tanks:
What shall I say about Whisper? It's just amazing against many tankies. Ignore 40% of their armor and give you a small damage boost. Let's say, that a offtank stacks up to ~150 armor and a real tank up to ~300. Then you ignore ~60 armor versus offtanks and ~120 vs real tanks, what is very insane.

Many Squishies:
Pew Pew! Reduce the armor of Squishies to ZERO and bash'em all!

You could also take to stop ALL! debuffs.
Just epic against Malzahar's and Mordekaiser's ultimates. Make both useless by catching up this item!

Don't get or without !

You could also replace with the Quiksilver Sash, , or / .

At the end you buy to close your build.

Alternative Items:

This item is very useful if you have problems with farming in a game, caused by heavy harassment. It provides damage, armor, lifesteal, extradamage against creeps and free wards,
what's very amazing for just 1525 gold. You could use this item also to get more armor in the earlgame or just bridge a armordeficit until the lategame.

I know that most wont prefer this item, cause they think, that this is just a tank or item. But it's not. It deals 40 magic damage per second to nearby enemies. And provide some health and armor. You can use this item for a little faster farming and for dealing up to 200 damage per second in a teamfight, what is not a bit.

This item is your second , but has 5 min cooldown. Also buff you with a huge amount of armor and magic resist.

Stark's is a very good offensive supportitem. Reduce the enemies armor in the teamfight and buff your team with lifeleech, attackspeed and healthregeneration. Also you shouldn't forget, that Stark's is damned cheap. It's just a great item for every AD offtank.

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At the end you have a tough Tryndamere, who cut through carry's like butter.

Additional you have items for every situation, good runes and just fun 2 play Tryndamere in a
little other way. I mean, everyone want variation.

Enjoy it and play premade with this build, to avoid flaming.

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Change Log

08.04.2011 just loaded this build up.
08.04.2011 added some stuff.
08.04.2011 added more stuff.
09.04.2011 added stuff and fixed minor mistakes.
13.04.2011 added more description for a few items.