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Rammus Build Guide by Dawnlicker

Tank Twin Shank Rammus

Tank Twin Shank Rammus

Updated on August 17, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dawnlicker Build Guide By Dawnlicker 1,757 Views 0 Comments
1,757 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dawnlicker Rammus Build Guide By Dawnlicker Updated on August 17, 2016
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Why Phantom Dancer?

Rammus has a fairly slow clear throughout the game usually, however, Rammus gets a good deal of AD from his armor. By getting a zeal you increase your clear time with attack speed and crits, allowing you to farm more efficiently. His W also gives him a good deal of AD, which may otherwise not be fully utilized. This on top of the armor reduction that the taunt gives makes attack speed and crit helpful in both clearing the jungle and fighting people.

Phantom Dancer gives very good movement speed, helping with quality initiation, and the bonus of reduced damage is solid when taunting somebody with high natural damage like an ADC or other carry. Rammus ends up with around 200+ AD normally, and by putting in more attacks and crits, this makes him more threatening than he normally is.
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One can take Ghost instead of Flash. Flash is a good escape, and Flash taunts are pretty good, but ghost has more uptime in general, and Rammus shouldn't die too fast if he gets caught.

The game suggests Tracker's Knife, but Stalker's Blade offers utility in slowing somebody after taunt is expired, as well as stealing movement speed if you need to escape.

Skills: obviously take taunt at level 3 if you plan on ganking early, but after the first full clear my health is usually pretty low and I have to back, so this is why I take another point in W, because it helps with the clear and I have no intention on ganking early.

Runes: I take attack speed over attack damage, because Rammus has very good natural AD scaling. Scaling Armor and MR because most of the game happens after level 6. CDR because Rammus has very long cooldowns, and when these are on CD you are sort of worthless.

Jungle: Clear isn't hard, i usually start on whichever side has the ADC because of the better leash, even if you start blue, you should be able to smite red after clearing that side to gain a deal of health. Always Q or Taunt the scuttle to reduce it's armor, it is very easy to kill the scuttles in the first clear, but it gets harder as the game goes along.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Dawnlicker
Dawnlicker Rammus Guide
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Twin Shank Rammus

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