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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Clebaster

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Clebaster

Twisted Fate - A Unique Carry In The Summoners Rift

Clebaster Last updated on February 7, 2013
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Summoners Rift

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Not Updated For Current Season

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This Guide is still in work and will be updated as i gain more knowledge of how to work with the guide creator system, also it may seem callous as i have not finished proof reading it yet. Also thanks for input KingPudding and Lofarithm

word of warning i dont paly AP almost at all so if it need some work then pls tell me

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I a m a handicapped gamer, no not i n sense that Ive lost a leg or some other deformity that doesn't affect my gaming. Its a deformity of my entire right arm making it harder to play certain games. This has led to me finding ways to play the game in my own way or to circumvent certain aspects of a game to make it playable to me. I am not a max level professional player, i am someone that continually tries to improve his game in hopes of eventually getting to the highest possible level of play.

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Hello my name is Clebaster, and this is my build and guide for Twisted Fate .This build is covering all the possible builds that i personally use for TF. As this is my first guide please be patient with me as i improve it over time. Do not down vote me because of my summoner level in the game as i have played TF since Early season 2 and is my go to guy for my AD and AP Selection.

In this guide i will cover the AD build and AP builds that are most often used, followed by my personal troll build based around attack speed and on hit effects. please remember that this is a guide to help you improve you play with this champion in his multiple roles and is not meant to be a iron clad "do this and win" guide.

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  • SQUISHY no matter what
  • Pick A Card rotating cards can make getting the one you want hard in the middle of a team fight
  • SUPER slow
  • Short attack range
  • Difficulty farming till mid game

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I use a simple one size fits all for the AD and AP builds, utilizing either increased AD and AS or Mana and AP respectively.

i am currently still tinkering with my AS OH build so i tend to use my AD Masteries till i can work out the kinks

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Skill Selection


Generally you want to start with E Stacked Deck allowing you to either to push the enemy back from xp range or to push your lane. now you must choose to push your lane or to keep the enemy out of xp range as if you try to do both you just open up yourself to be killed easily.

When facing champs that have a poke ability that can hit you its best to get W Pick A Card first, leaning on either the gold card stun of the red area slow along with your support to help you net kills and force the enemy champ to either get continuously pushed back from pressure or to attack and take you down (which until you get some AD items is quite easy).

Skipp getting your Q Wild Cards till you have no other choice as for an AD build it helps in no meaningful way in team fights.


Star with your Q Wild Cards using it to keep your enemy out of lane and in late game to clear out entire waves of creep. Now be careful that you done spam it as the mana cost is quite high, even at level. the trick is to force the enemy into a position behind his creeps where he is path blocked and them blast him.

Immediately at level 2 pick your W Pick A Card using the damage boost and mana return from blue to keep your sustain. in an emerganct or team fight you can ignore your mana needs to either stun or slow the enemy but be warned without the mana to cast your Q, you will be worthless in a team fight, so try to keep your mana high between them.

Getting your E Stacked Deck is mostly a bonus when you are about to proc the 4th swing by timing it to hit with one W's blue card can lead to devastating damage for a AP as E's bonus damage builds with AP


With this build you almost have to start with your E Stacked Deck as the proc happens alot more often the more you swing

Of course follow this with W Pick A Card utilizing the reds slow in team fights and the yellow stun in smaller fights to make it so you can keep on swinging.

Getting Q Wild Cards in this build has almost the same value as the AD build


The ultimate gets its own mini chapter as it is both a utility and gank tool for every build. Utilizing the first part of Destiny if pretty straight forward, it reveals all enemies on map (even invisible ones like teemo). I usualy use it to reveal when i think the enemy team is going for a gank and my team needs sight to counter, or to basically cream gank coming to team mates that have bad map awareness

The second part is the teleport, now this used to be global but it was nerfed before i had started to plat TF. Dont get me wrong though it has an amazing range still, reaching almost all the way to the middle of mid lane. Since the tele does have a cast time of about 3 sec and has a cast giveaway on the map you have to plan to tele to where the enemy will be going and to keep out of their sight. Either by teleing into a bush with no wards (witch aren't revealed) or outside their LOS

The best combo is to reveal enemy pop Pick A Card chose a card biased on what you want to do and then then tele ahead of their predicted route and swing.

Now the enemy team does know when you cast the first part of the spell because an eyeball will appear over the entire teams heads. basically screaming I SEE YOU.

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Going AP for TF has only one draw back and is considered to me to be a mid lane only build relying on the increased xp and gold to help him get past his limitations in early game, as most carried have to. Without his items his damage falls off compared to even his teams tank, necessitating the need to either farm a lot or get in some (4 in my view) kills in the early game. Dying even once hurts you and your team as Loaded Dice will not effect you team mates when you are dead.

Overall i don't like to play TF as a AP carry because of the heavy need to farm in early game that often rolls over into mid game just so you can get the items needed to do good damage, and that if you get focused during a team fight you have almost no defenses to either get out of the fight or to take the enemy out.

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Items for AP

For AP TF, most of the items should be self explanatory, but i will elaborate to help out anyone that doesn't understand why.

Getting Ionian Boots of Lucidity over Sorcerer's Shoes is that you get spell pen in later items and the CDR really helps deal more damage with your spells. But this leads to calling "oom" after many fights since with the CDR from your Stacked Deck adn the boots will allow you to cast nearly X1.5 faster then without and you wont be spamming your blue Pick A Card during those fights, insted favoring red for team fights and yellow for ganks or catching a runner before they get away. Getting Rylai's Crystal Scepter with Iceborn Gauntlet may seem like a waist, but the slow from the scepter allows TF to keep many champs in range and allows you to use you auto attacks making the gauntlets proc a aoe that deals a little damage and slows the enemy AND his friends/creeps that are around him in a moderate radius.

Optional Items

Truthfully any of the optional that you would pick up have to be your 6th item or repalce one of the core items.
  • shard of true ice is for when you fall behind the rest of your team and insted of dying trying to get kills, you fall into a mage/support. this is the most useful when you are sticking with your team and they are all mana users, as energy, rage, and mana-less champs would gain no bonus from it
  • Seraph's Embrace is meant to sacrifice mana for emergency defense, i usually go for it when my team is stuck near our nexus and i can regen the lost mana quickly or i am dealing with a assassin that has a hard on to kill me
  • Blackfire Torch i gave only bought this one to deal with a tankish team, but it could be used in a game where you cant keep close to attack more than one in a while using the 2 sec burn to do damage and backing off to recharge it
  • Muramana is mainly used wen you need bonus mana, the bonus effect of burning your mana for extra dps actualy helps with the end build. i usually go for this item to round out the slow combo from the main build.

As with all builds, do what you want. this is only meant to help you and guide you to your own personal build.

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Now Ad is my Second favorite as not only do you usually hale a lane partner to help you (in the current meta), but you also have escape and kill capabilities. Although if they have any cc it will shut you down pretty hard. As this is my personal favorite i do have more experience playing it/ although the very short attack range for a ranged champion does make it harder to not die or feed the team. This build and the AS build are based on the fast of inherently knowing the range, damage, and cc capabilities of whom you are facing in your lane.

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Items for AD

Like AP, AD TF is mostly self explanatory but i will elaborate just in case

Frozen Mallet is a must have as most enemies can just run away from you slow *** and the slow helps a lot. the Last Whisper is used for armor pen and a little more damage on hit. i get Atma's Impaler mostly for the crit but the extra damage based on your max health helps. even though it does give attack speed, i get a Statikk Shiv to mostly make sure that as a AD carry i don't get shut out from team fights basically allowing you to attack a minion or even a tank and still be able to hit the carries eve if you are in a bad position.

Optional Items

Optional items in my build are a bit more than choose a filler item, but more of a build to your needs and that or your team. i will explain why i chose these items though.
  • Maw of Malmortius i get it mainly to make improve my chances of surviving a mages attacks with the 400hp shield that stops magic damage only
  • Lord Van Damm's Pillager attack damage, armor pen, health, and spell vamp for your Pick A Card whats to not like
  • The Bloodthirster i manly go after this if i seem to be ignored by the enemy team and want more damage output with a little survivability
  • The Black Cleaver if my team has more than myself as a ad champ ill pick this up to hep him and myself so more damage, but if you are the only ad champ them leave it out ad you swing too slow to make full use of it
  • Blade of the Ruined King i have ony lpicked this up during late game when i had 2 allies that boosted my attack speed without them i don't think that it is a good item for straight ad build
  • Youmuu's Ghostblade i get this if even after getting Frozen Mallet i seem to be unable to keep the enemy in range by using the cdr to allow me to use Pick A Card faster, usually before they get out of range
  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a last dist effort to either kill or slow an enemy using your Wild Cards exceptional range. Also it improves the damage of Pick A Card by a little

As with all builds, do what you want. this is only meant to help you and guide you to your own personal build.

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Attack Speed On Hit

This build came about from reading a build guide on mobafire and tailoring it to my personal play style, unfortunately i cant seem to find the guide to give credit. The original build was to use many activated items along with attacking fast to kill a champ, due to my handicap i had to re-tailor it to be more of a auto attack biased on being annoying and using the enemies initiator against them to hit the carries in the back. Due to the changes for S3 i have been working on improving my build with the newer items. This build is almost a troll build , but if played right and you don't die you can kill many (even tanks sometimes) champ. Basically making you a really heavy carry.

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Items for Attack Speed

As the attack speed build is my favorite build and therefor my most played build, it will be my most detailed.

I start with Runaan's Hurricane because of the additional attacks really help with team fights when you are swinging around 2 times a second, or even faster depending on what you finish the build with. Berserker's Greaves for a AS build are self explanatory. getting Statikk Shiv is really powerful with this build as it recharges faster the faster you attack, allowing for more procs. Now this is the only build where i recommend going for two specific boot ehchantments over any of the others.
either you get

And finally you the the The Bloodthirster to make sure that you can keep in the fight and take out anything.

Optional Items

  • Sword of the Divine its only purpose is to power through those that can slow your attack speed via activating for a 100% boost maxing you attack speed instantly for a short time
  • Nashor's Tooth is to improve Pick A Card damage a little, and to have it up faster with cdr to use it more often
  • Boots of Swiftness you take a decent hit to attack speed t o make sure that you can run fast enough to catch those really mobile teams
  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter mostly to have more slow with your spells allowing you to use Wild Cards in a pinch, either for the team or to just help yourself kill

    As with all builds, do what you want. this is only meant to help you and guide you to your own personal build.

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  1. First off this is a GUIDE, it is not meant to be a "do this and win" build , the whole function it so have a core build and then change it according to what you and your team needs to win.
  2. in making this guide i am in no way saying or implying that i am a master TF player or that i am the best TF player, i am saying that i play TF enough to be competent in how he work to now be a ****py player.