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League of Legends Build Guide Author kxis

twisted fate ap

kxis Last updated on January 27, 2014
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Hello I am kxis.
I am from server Europe west and i want to start write some guides from all the champions which i like to play for help newest player like other player support me with them guides.

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why we play twisted?

Usually i like heroes which can support and hit hard with twisted fate we have all of that our skills has a lot of range and good dps when we arrieve at 6, with Destiny, we start to play for real, till that moment we need to be carefull and have patience, for that we only need to farm and disturb the enemy, if we can kill him good if not we only need to wait, because at 6 ( Destiny) we can start to jump to any place where our members needs help, maybe secure a gank or help with one. The most important thing with twisted , and we need to has that on our mind all the time, its the life, twisted hasn't good amount of life then play safe to win. Our mana if we do well with W ( Pick A Card) and doran's ring Doran's Ring every minions farmed give us 4 mana plus W ( Pick A Card) when we can play it. These things and more i am going to talk later

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Summoner's spells

Now its time to speak about the summoner's spells, usually, i play with flash Flash and ignite Ignite, but sometimes i try with barrier Barrier and teleport Teleport or ignite Ignite and teleport Teleport, it isn't bad idea, we have more mobility to support or partners, but without flash Flash and twisted's speed, we need to be secure we'll have a good chance or we won't run far away. All summoner's spells depend about our kind of play i invite you to try all form as you can play. But no worries with te first times twisted its difficult we need to be fast to select cards Pick A Card, react to opponent's actions. And be patience with him, until we have a good knowledge of his skills and times to attack, active skills and cds. But if you are ready come and meet twisted

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    High range Q (
Wild Cards).
Slow cds Q( Wild Cards), W( Pick A Card).
Damage Q( Wild Cards), W blue card ( Pick A Card).
Good vision and teleport R( Destiny).
Nice passive ( Loaded Dice).


    Slow movement
    Low life
    We need fast reactions
    becarefull with the beginning

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Usually its a nice idea start wih W ( Pick A Card) we have stun, slow and mana regen. and with those skills we can stop jungle and take some control with our rival,but don't forget we need to play safe twisted fate doesn't have life. Sometimes i started with Q ( Wild Cards) because the other mid hero has more range or its counter its a good idea BUT pay atention with the mana.
When we are lvl 2 we play Wild Cards because with Pick A Card are a good combo, we can play many different ways (stun/q to hit enemy, mana regen to minion,tower or hero/q to hit enemy or minions, red card minions or tower/q hit enemy) if i go vs the tower i play with blue card because i can retunr mana an hit hard. With Q ( Wild Cards) use for poke the enemy and every 4 hits if we can hit the enemmy's hero we can hit hard and make better poke.

One of the most easy thing with twisted its we only play with 3 buttons for use skills, without the ulti only 2, but we need to pay atention with the hits of our basics attacks and our W ( Pick A Card) because we need to try to mixed all we can for make more damage, thats why we need to react fast with him.

Our ulti ( Destiny) its very nice. We can show all the enemy team and after teleport where we want or where our team needs us all depends from the situation.

One thing more we won't forget we have good range, then we need to explode that fact because is how we can win our lane. Our problem its our Q( Wild Cards) we don't throw all with same direction we need to pay attention to the position of our enemies to make all the damage as we can, like in the team fights we need to wait the best momento to active our Q ( Wild Cards) for hit as member as we can hit.

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9 Glyph of sacaling ability power => Because i want to stay on the line with any problems with the dps, twisted fate has good amount but i help for have a good beginning and dont need any item before i need it

9 Seal of scaling health => twisted has a low health and i want more for don't be worry with any gank or one mid with good damage or some with burn life like brando or cassio

9mark of magic penetration => wtih those runes we can enjoy more our skills during the beginning and some mid with magic resist like galio or tank with good amount of armor

3 Quint of Abily power => like this i have some ap to start with doran's ring or without and make some damage

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i play one 21/09/00


21 points



1Summoner's warth i like that mastery beacuse that one point its better that spend it on mental force because when we use ignite we win 5 of ap for one point with mental force for 1 point 2 ap

4 Sorcery => for have some cdr and use better every skill.

4 Blast => has more damage every level i have, thats its a nice idea for have a larg moment with the begenning and don't pay atention with the items then we have more time for farm better.

3 Havock => With it we can have more damage then our skills are more dangerous at the beginning.

1 Arcane knowledge => We have more magic penetration then we can enjoy better our skills because we have 8% plus all the marks.

2 Mental force => We need all the damage as is possible to have.

1Spellsowrd => like this our basics attacks has more damage and with our finall build we really bite them hard.

4 Archmage => like this our ap grows up better.

1 Executioner => when we need finish we have some extradamage.

9 points



4Durability => we need all the health as is possible and that mastery works well with our glyphs.

1 Hardiness => our basic armor its very low and how we works on mid i prefer to spend 1 point here (Optional if someone wants can place 2 points here and 2 on resitance)

3 Resistance => We work vs magic attacks then we need to protec ourselves from enemy's skills to take more time on the line.

1Veteran's scars => we have like this more heatlh

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Well about the items we have some forms to play twisted twisted fated with an interesting consequence. I play many different ways but which i like more its how i'm showing here.

Early game.

I like to start with Doran's Ring and Health Potion, with Doran's Ring we have mana regen, life and ap, full item for twisted, the only bad point its we can't run but with our range and our skills, during the beggining we don't need a lot of speed, if we have flash and ] or or any similar jungler who can jump on us early, we can flash and run away, or play our W ( Pick A Card) and choose stun to stop one of them. but during rest of the game we can play good using our W ( Pick A Card) to farm and recover mana and Q ( Wild Cards) to poke our rival. Don't forget to build the catalyst for obtain a good sustain and resist all the time is posible on the line. One more thing to have a nice beginning its ask for help to our jungle always we can and he can, if we can feed ourself soon, we really will be a problem when we have our ulti Destiny before other lanes we'll have two jungler instead of 1, and we'll support better our partners and the match.

When we return to base first time by die or because we need it, first buy Boots of Speed and don't forget to build the catalyst the protector to obtain a good sustain to be all the time as is posible on the lane, if we can buy full boots ( Sorcerer's Shoes) better than normals twisted has a nice dps with magic pen., after we'll come to the lane and try to kill our enemy, but for that we need sight ward on the grass to have some control on the river, and our jungle has a good help with that. A nice idea its hit him every 4 hits with blue card Pick A Card and our passive Stacked Deck or stun Pick A Card (yellow) card plus passive Stacked Deck. Now the good question it is if we need blue or not. All depend about the game, if we have a game where we are playing without problems with our mana leave it to the jungle always its a good gift to him but if we have problems go take it and use it for poke more the opponent and farm more fast, but taking care about the minions to don't push a lot.

middle game:

Here we have lvl 6 for sure, some items and if the games goes well we have some advantage. If we have some normal game we need to build fast Rabadon's Deathcap, we'll have a lot of damage and with our Sorcerer's Shoes we start to be a threat, to me its very importan to build Rod of Ages, some people doesn't like that item from my point of view its very interesting but if you don't want to play it build Rylai's Crystal Scepter. When our ulti Destiny its ready say to the team and ask where they need help or maybe try to help jungler with any gank to secure that death and show to the partners where they are. After Rabadon's Deathcapwe need to start to take the final build usually i play with Lich Bane, Deathfire Grasp and Zhonya's Hourglass because that items has ap, cdr, armor and extra damage.

late game

That part its the most dangerous in my point of view because here we can have any opponent feed or the best way one partner feed. And our problem its our life ,for that reason we need to have stacked the Rod of Ages or who plays Rylai's Crystal Scepter you need to have build it because we need to resist a little. If we have Lich Bane and Zhonya's Hourglass we have a good chance to help and resist, not very much some yes. But in this part our Lich Bane and our ulti Destiny are very important and if we have Teleport we'll be so dangerous because we can break towers soon, with blue card ( Pick A Card) and lich's skills our damage its high, if we only have our ulti Destiny only we can't waste how we want then we need to wait one moment to make a good backdoor or try to steal baron. Deathfire Grasp its good when we want to kill an enemy soon, then only use to kill enemy's threat and make more easy team fights. About Zhonya's Hourglass we need to know how goes the game to know when we can play because never we can play two situations alike, then all depend from our movements and enemy's movements.

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Usually i use W blue card ( Pick A Card) for farm and doesn't waste mana. When we have Stacked Deck we can see how we have less problems for ks minions and every 4 hits we can hit enemy's hero or ks more faster the minions usually i prefer to hit them and has our line near my tower and no very pushed and close to the enemy's tower.

Also we need to know our better card =P its farme because every minion we farm give us more money ( Loaded Dice) then we has more money if we do well than our rival. For that until lvl 6 try to be farming and poke enemy's hero.

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Now its time to talk about that kind of characters who can counter our twisted fate, all has some similar, large range, hard burst or very fast with skills

Large range

- : with him Q has a nice range and with the heart she can give us some problems, without any doubt her ulti is very dangerous vs twisted.

-Heimmerdinger: with towers and bombs has a lot of problems.

- : her slow and her prision works very hard with the jungle and her ulti its very dangerous.

- : Has a good range, we need to be carefull with his stun and his ulti can break all our health.

- : his skills has a good range and his ulti can kill a good number of our partners if the player knows how to play.


- : Its the perfect assasin, fast and strong, he can cath us with his Tidal/Trickster or evade our skills, after with his q Urchin Strike and w Seastone Trident can burn our health.

- : has a good movement speed with the ulti Spirit Rush and hit hard if we are close to her.

- : Stealth Twilight Shroud good speed and skill for hit far and jump to you Shadow Dance.


- : Its dangerous he can jump to us silence cutthroat and hit hard Noxian Diplomacy, with his ulti can hit us hard Shadow Assault

- : Becarfull with his passive Blaze he can burn our life and after come to kill us so hard.

- : She has a lot of dps can burn our life Noxious Blast Miasma and after stun us Petrifying Gaze so hard play soo defensive and with large distance.

- : Ap killer Primordial Burst don't let him farm Baleful Strike or the match is lost because with his ulti Primordial Burst can delete instant with him combo.

- : its hard game with the stun every 4 hits Pyromania, and her passive plus ulti Summon: Tibbers terrible stun. Play safe and don't let her to be near you.