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Twisted Fate Build Guide by InfamousAJ

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author InfamousAJ

Twisted Fate - The AP Card Master

InfamousAJ Last updated on May 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys, my name is AJ, and this guide will be going over the basics of how I build, and play the champion, Twisted Fate. I will also try my best to give detailed explanations of why I build these items, and why I get my rune set up as well. I hope this will help anyone playing Twisted Fate.

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These runes may seem a bit strange on Twisted Fate, but I can explain fairly easily why I get these.

- I get Greater Mark of Magic Penetration for an obvious reason, they give magic penetration. They will help you do a bit more damage throughout the game, and this will help you a lot.
- I get Greater Seal of Armor and Greater Glyph of Magic Resist for defensive reasons, whenever I go mid, I want some sort of counter against whoever I'm laning against. With these, I can counter AD champs and AP champs a bit easier.
- I get Greater Quintessence of Ability Power for a better start at the beginning of the game, so when I harass, I can do a bit more damage than usual.

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Pros / Cons


- Amazing Farmer
- Ult allows him to be extremely mobile and help in his team cut off escaping enemies, or counter jungle easily.
- Not a very mana hungry champion
- Great for CC
- Not many Con's, cause he's the best right now.


- Requires more skill than other champions
- Squishy
- Ult's teleport can be interrupted.

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The masteries may also be a bit strange to people, mainly because I use defensive masteries, instead of Utility. The main reason I do this is the same reason I used defensive runes, to counter whoever I lane against earlier game, and vigor to give myself more sustain. I mean sure, I could swap those out for less time dead, more mana, or movement speed, but I think these things won't help me as much compared to the defensive masteries.

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The items I decide to build really benefit Twisted Fate, for a number of reasons, I will explain why I get each item, and it's benefits to Twisted Fate.

- I love Doran's Ring for a starting item. Many, many people prefer Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion instead. Really, I think it comes down to personal preference, but let me explain why I like Doran's Ring the most. Firstly, Doran's Ring gives early game ability power, health, and mana regen. The better damage is one of the reasons I prefer Doran's Ring as a starting item. You also get around 100 HP, and the mana regen also helps for spammability, however, since Twisted Fate does have an ability from Pick a Card that restores mana, that doesn't really matter. However, Boots of Speed and Health Potion can also give better harass, because of the fact they heal really well at the start of the game, and the Boots of Speed help dodge an enemy's skill shots, if they use them. Which can also insanely help at the start of the game.

- When you first go back to base, you want to pick up a Boots of Speed, if you didn't buy them first. Along with that, a second Doran's Ring along with AT LEAST 2 sight ward. With those in your inventory, you can now ward both sides of the lane to see a near by ganker, and you want to buy 2 sight ward each time you go back until you get to the point where your inventory will be full. By then, you should be out of laning phase, or close to it.

- Next time you go back, you want to AT LEAST get Ionian Boots of Lucidity and again, 2 sight ward to cover each side of the lane. I get Ionian Boots of Lucidity because I love cool down reduction on most AP carries, because now, I can spam my spells more, and with Twisted Fate, I have my ult available a lot faster, so now, I can help my team even more. And In my opinion, Twisted Fate has one of the BEST ULTS in the game. He can see everyone on the map, and you can teleport, which can be used to escape death, cut off escaping enemies, and counter jungle easily.

- Next time you go back again, you'll want to AT LEAST get a kage's lucky pick and again, 2 sight ward to ward each side of the lane. Now, to some people, kage's lucky pick may seem like a weird item on Twisted Fate, let me explain to you, why I get it. Twisted Fate's passive gives an extra 2 gold every time you kill ANY kind of unit, so even if your CS is lower than your enemy, you will still be getting more gold if you're not too far behind. Now, with kage's lucky pick it gives you ability power, and gives the additional gold every second. With that, you'll be able to get your build a lot faster because of the overall greater gold income.

- Next time you go back, you want to AT LEAST get a Sheen and I believe this will be your last time getting 2 sight ward. Now, sheen is one of the BEST items you can get on Twisted Fate, because of the damage you do from the spell proc, you should be doing INSANE burst if you can throw in your wild cards after landing your stun. Along with that, it also gives a bit of ability power, making you pretty strong not too far into the match.

- Next time you go back, you need to buy either a Blasting Wand or Needlessly Large Rod so you can get a Rabadon's Deathcap soon. Unfortunately, this inventory should fill you up, and I believe you won't be able to buy sight ward. However, by this time, laning phase should AT LEAST be done soon, and your support should be warding the map more often than you now. Now, because we're building Twisted Fate AP, Rabadon's Deathcap is a great item on him. Because of the high AP, you'll be doing "Tons of damage!" - Phreak. And, you may be able to insta-kill enemies at this point, because you should be doing relatively high nuke damage.

- Next item you should be getting, is a Lich Bane which is basically an upgraded Sheen but hey, it gives more ability power, movement speed, etc... Not much to say about this, just know its a great item on Twisted Fate.

-Next up, build your kage's lucky pick into a Deathfire Grasp. This will help you take down people who are more tanky, and will help you GREATLY in a 1v1. You can stun, use your Deathfire Grasp active, wild cards, and some basic attacks, or if you're strong enough, you'll watch them drop. The ability power is nice, but the active is what really makes this an awesome item for Twisted Fate.

- Now, for your next item, you'll want either a Zhonya's Hourglass or an Abyssal Mask depending on who you're fighting more often, and whoever is doing the most damage. Basically, if an AD carry, or a Karthus is giving you trouble, a Zhonya's Hourglass would be better to get, as they'll be doing less damage, AND you can avoid Karthus' ult entirely. If you're fighting AP characters, and their the ones doing more damage, get an Abyssal Mask as it gives you magic resist, and ability power, along with lowering the enemies magic resist. Which is AWESOME.

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Skill Sequence

Now, I'm going to go over each skill Twisted Fate, and why I level them the way I do, so, check it out!

- Loaded Dice: Twisted Fate and his allies receive and additional 2 gold per kill.

- Wild Cards: Throws three cards which deal 60 / 110 / 160 / 210 / 260 (+65% of ability power) magic damage to each enemy unit they pass through.
- I level this ability at level 2, and max it 2nd. This is Twisted Fate's most damaging ability. It doesn't scale very well with AP, but it will being more damage then it would if you went AD Twisted Fate.

- Pick a Card: Cast once to shuffle the deck and again to choose your card, enhancing your next attack.

Blue Card deals 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 (+1.0 per attack damage) (+40% of ability power) bonus damage and restores 65% of the bonus damage in mana to Twisted Fate.

Red Card deals 30 / 45 / 60 / 75 / 90 (+1.0 per attack damage) (+40% of ability power) bonus damage to units around the target and slows their movement speed by 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50% for 2.5 seconds.

Gold Card deals 15 / 22.5 / 30 / 37.5 / 45 (+1.0 per attack damage) (+40% of ability power) bonus damage and stuns the target for 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 seconds.
- I level this at lvl 1, and max it first. I get it at level one because it has many purposes. The ability can stun a single enemy, slow multiple enemies with an AOE that hits nearby enemies, and slows them aswell, and the ability can restore a large percent of mana too. With all of these uses, It seems easy to understand why you would max it first.

- Stacked Deck: Passive: Every 4 attacks, Twisted Fate deals an additional 55 / 80 / 105 / 130 / 155 (+40% of ability power) damage.

In addition, his attack speed is increased by 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 15% and his cooldowns are decreased by 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 15%.
- I activate this ability at lvl 3, and max it last. This ability is mainly used for AD and Hybrid Twisted Fate, as it grant higher attack speed, and cool down reduction. Not the most useful ability for AP Twisted Fate.

- Destiny: Reveals all enemy champions (including stealthed champions) for 6 / 8 / 10 seconds.

While Destiny is active, Twisted Fate can teleport with Gate. (5500 range)
- In my opinion, this is Twisted Fate's bread and butter, without this ability, I don't think he'd be anywhere near as good. It can be used to cut off escaping enemies, counter jungling, and quicky escaping death, all of that with a low cooldown. One of the BEST ULTS in the game.

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Summoner Spells

These are the Summoner Spells I recommend using when playing AP Twisted Fate.

- Ignite This spell is amazing, it lowers the effects on healing, deals true damage over time, and throughout the whole game, if caught in a 1v1, it could help you finish your enemy, making the spell really useful.

- Flash This is a spell that I use on EVERY champ I play, its a great chase tool, good for escaping ( going over walls ) and is something that can help you with no matter what champ you play. However, Flash was nerfed a while back, and doesn't have as far as a range as before, which can make it difficult to jump some walls, but still, really useful.

Other Spells:

- Cleanse: Honestly, I don't use this spell, it removes all debuffs you have on you, which can be great for escaping an ignite, exhaust, etc... But I find other spells more useful than this one. I'm not saying the spell is bad, but I don't recommend you using it on Twisted Fate.

- Exhaust: This spell isn't bad on Twisted Fate, it can be used to slow your enemy, whether for chasing or escaping. However, I find this spell not as useful on burst AP champs, as afetr they throw their spells, most the time, the auto attacks aren't gonna finish someone off.

- Clairvoyance: Honestly, I find this completely useless on Twisted Fate, seeing how his ult does the same thing, but amplifies it by 25,000. But hey, if you like it, go for it.

- Clarity: Okay, lemme explain quickly why this is useless on Twisted Fate. Pick a card, blue card, throw it... Mana...

- Promote: Honestly... why would you ever?

- Smite: I haven't tried Jungle Twisted Fate, and I really want to, but when going AP mid Twisted Fate... no...

- Surge: ...

- Revive: ...

- Teleport: This isn't bad, his ult allows him to teleport anyway, but since you can teleport any distance as long as you hit a minion with it, it can be really useful.

- Heal: Not a bad spell, it can help a lot beginning game very well, but it falls off, and the heal won't be very useful at all when it doesn't heal much.