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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Syncretic

Twisted Fate - What nerf? (An AD guide)

By Syncretic | Updated on September 29, 2011

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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hello everyone, this is my first guide on MobaFire.

I actually don't really play TF alot, but I think that people are underestimating him a bit, even though he has been severely nerfed.

Prior to the patch, Twisted Fate was played as AP carry, alot. He was often banned in high elo play, as well as at professional tournament.

After the nerf of Twisted Fate, I believe AD is the best way to go, and you may disagree, but please don't rage about AD TF being terrible, I'm not forbidding you to play AP TF.

The thing with AP TF before the nerf, was Destiny. He was always able to be where he was supposed to be. Now, however, Destiny has a decreased range, so he can "only" move 5500 range at once.

He is now at the perfect position to move from bottom lane to the dragon area in a very short time.

Destiny is also a great way to escape or pick up left over kills, Twisted Fate being extremely good at the latter, and AD carries often in need of the prior.

You might end up asking yourselves, why pick Twisted Fate above any other AD carry? And, to be honest, I admit that Twisted Fate definitely is not worth to be picked, if Kog Maw is left open (unless you are a terrible Kog), but TF has his values. His Stacked Deck combined with the passive of SotD deals HUGE, and I repeat H-U-G-E damage, his ult is a global ward (safe for jungle camps etc.) as well as one of the greatest gap closers in the game, he is incredibly easy to last hit wtih, and he has what many AD carries lack: a stun.
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-Great for farming
-Great damage
-Nice amount of CC
-Global reveal
-5500 range gap closer

-A great deal of nerfs
-Has a gambling addiction
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Since you are going AD Carry, 9 Greater Mark of Desolation are pretty much no-brainers.

Same goes for the 3 Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage, though this is more for lasthitting as well as early game strength. Lolpun.

The 9 Greather Seal of Resillience are for denying your opposing AD carry some harrass, although they are optional, and if you feel like Greater Seal of Evasion or anything else fits you better, go for that.

Same goes for the 9 Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist, go ahead and pick Greather Glyph of Focus if you feel for it.


The 9 Greater Mark of Desolation can be swapped for 9 Greater Mark of Magic Penetration, if you are going mostly on-hit, and you see people trying to counter you with Magic Resistance.

For quintessences, you can also try 3 Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration, or if you feel like you are too squishy, go ahead and grab the good old Greater Quintessence of Health.
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Masteries are pretty simple, this is a guide for AD Carry Twisted Fate, so I'm going 21/0/9, to max out early game damage potential.

You can take Archaic Knowledge , if you feel like it. Besides that, I feel like these Masteries are the best, though not necessary.
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Summoner Spells


Flash is almost necessary.
Exhaust for when they have a melee, who can **** you up. Or a fiddle.
Cleanse is actually underestimated. It may be substituted by (and useless compared to) QS, but it can still work quite good. If you have trouble with CC, and your opposing team has alot of it, go for cleanse. If they have a WW or a Malz, do NOT take cleanse.


Ignite Leave this for the AP carry, and maybe the solo top.
Teleport Leave this for the solo top, and maybe the AP carry.
Clairvoyance Leave this for the support.
Promote This skill is awesome.
Revive No.
Heal Who takes heal? Srsly.
Rally Phreak may like it, but I do not.
Smite You are not jungling.
Fortify No.
Clarity You may have mana problems, but Clarity is useless lategame, and you can always recall or get mana pots.
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(Loaded Dice) Twisted Fate's passive ability: This can give TF's team an advantage in gold, if they are at least as good as the opposing team at last hitting. Since TF is so good for last hitting, it is a great passive ability for him. Note: This skill applies to both champion kills AND creep kills.

This is a great ability for poking, though it is best for AP Twisted Fate. If you have good mana regen, you can use this for lane harrass, if not just focus on last hitting. In late game, this is to be SPAMMED. Do not use it in teamfights though, unless someone with 2 bars are just out range of your autoattacks.

Pick a Card is a very good ability, that has a lot of uses. It is also very hard to master though, and some may give up, and pick random cards in pressured situations. Try NOT to do this: Remain calm and wait for Gold Card. You can either look above your character, or look at the Pick a Card skill itself.

Use of the Blue Card: Very useful for last hitting, though it can also distract you, so you actually miss a creep or 2. It has other uses though: This gives the highest damage, so it is very useful for harrasing, and since it also applies to Towers, you should use it for pushing towers too. Late Game, this skill will give great amounts of mana back, since it scales with damage.
Use of the Red Card: This skill may seem hard to use for anything, but when the chance to use it for something besides clearing waves come, remain calm and DO IT. Fx. if you are chasing more than 1 guy, use Red Card, especially if you can only reach 1 of them, since it's AoE.
Use of the Gold Card: Get Gold Card up before using your ult. Besides that, Gold Card should be spammed in teamfights, as well as Red Card and Blue Card.

The bread and butter of AD Twisted Fate. If timed right, Stacked Deck and will deal MASSIVE damage along with Sword of the Divine. This should besides that be used for last hitting OR harrassing. Think of it as Caitlyn's Headshot, use 3 attacks on creeps, get Gold Card running and use an auto attack on an enemy champion. If they are smart, and retreat, when you use Gold Card, simply auto attack when you get maxed stacks on Stacked Deck. If they are smartER, give up on harrassing with anything but Wild Cards and use Stacked Deck for last hitting.

This used to be what made Twisted Fate what he is. After the nerf, it is simply an unreliable version of Nocturne's ultimate. It should be used for ganking, chasing, applying unexpected advantages to your team in a teamfight or getting away. If you use Destiny for ganking, make sure you first apply Gold Card. If you don't put on Gold Card before porting, you will usually not have enough time for using it, and the gank will fail. The same condition applies for chasing. In this case, you may choose to use Red Card instead. Just make sure you don't use Blue Card. When getting to a fight faster, make sure to take notice of a few different factors; You may choose to dive onto their AD carry, although if he is stronger than you, and in no way harmed, be careful about where you choose to port to. If he is protected by someone, do not port to him, simply go to the back of you own team, and start wrecking whoever dives your team. When escaping with Destiny, make sure they have already used their disables.
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Skill Sequence

I go for Stacked Deck first on TF, and on AD TF, I find it the only way to go. You may find Pick A Card just as, or more useful than, Stacked Deck, but I am not recommending this skill sequence.

After lvl 9, you can either go for the second most useful skill og AD TF, Pick A Card, or you can go for the great poke of Wild Cards, since it is pretty much useless at level 1-3.

Take Destiny whenever you can.
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These are the core items of AD TF. You can choose to get Infinity Edge, if you feel like it, but I think life steal is more important than crit chance (as well as crit damage).


For the optional, I get at least 1 more offensive item, and go defensive for the rest of the build, but you can choose to go all offensive, if you feel that noone is really focusing you, or that you have enough defense in your team. I am going to list the optional items to get on TF, and I suggest you get 1 defensive item, then the offensive item and then the third item.

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In comparison

AD Twisted Fate is not played very often, but I believe it's his time to shine. When should you pick TF as an AD carry? Compared to the following champions, I will try to rate Twisted Fate on a scale from 1-10, 1 being by far the worst, 5 being just as good and 10 being by far the best.

Kog'Maw Oh dear God. Kog'Maw is so incredibly inbalanced right now, in my opinion, and outbesting him will probably be very hard. They do have some of the same values though, since Twisted Fate is often build mostly on-hit and all of his abilities deal magic damage. I give Twisted Fate a 4 on this one.

Caitlyn hits you very hard early game. Your Wild Cards will be a breeze next to her Piltover Peacemaker, although your Stacked Deck will hit her Headshot hard in the face. I would say, that this totally depends on the support and the skill of the players, so Twisted Fate gets a 5.

Tristana is also very early game, and your best shot is to FARM while your support keeps you alive. Late game, your Gold Card and DPS is going to totally wreck her, but until then I suggest a passive playstyle. I give Twisted Fate 6-7.

Corki As soon as Corki hits level 6, he is going to blow up Twisted Fate, sending you back to base as soon as you come to the lane. Take every opportunity you can get to FARM and if you see a pushing lane, call it and Destiny to it. I give Twisted Fate a 5.

Sivir is no big deal for Twisted Fate. Don't gank her with Destiny though, because she will simply Spell Shield you Gold Card, and before you know it, you wish you had Destiny for a quick escape. Harass her with Stacked Deck, and if you are chasing her, make sure to pop her Spell Shield with Wild Cards, turn on Sword of the Divine and Gold Card her like a cardmaster. I give Twisted Fate an 8.

Ashe is super squishy, and that is exactly what you are looking for when playing Twisted Fate. If she is harrassing you with Volley, return the favor, and kill her. Twisted Fate has a 5500 gap closer, while Ashe has none. Use this to your advantage, don't let Ashe kite you, and peel her off in teamfights. I give Twisted Fate an 8.

Teemo will get slaughtered by AP Twisted Fate, but not by AD. Teemo is the Anti-Carry Carry, and whatever you do, don't let him get near you in teamfights. During lane, farm farm farm, and in late game you will probably outbest him, unless your team is 5 AD champions, then you're screwed. I give Twisted Fate a 6.

Ezreal has a great amount of damage, but is way too squishy. Try landing a Gold Card before he blinks, and either wreck him in 2 seconds or run away. Be careful about using Destiny to get away, even though he has no stun, his damage is significant, and he might kill you before you get away. I give Twisted Fate a 7.

Miss Fortune also has great amounts of damage. Try stunning her when she uses Bullet Time, if you don't have time, simply run the **** away. Twisted Fate will not stand a chance against a good Miss Fortune, but against a mediocre or bad one, he will slaughter. I give Twisted Fate a 5.
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This section is mostly about who to lane with, and since you are going AD Carry, you will of course be laning with a support on bottom lane.

Soraka is a very good match up for Twisted Fate. Basically, he has no lane sustain, which is exactly what Soraka is all about.

Taric With him, you will have a double stun on bottom lane, as well as amazing damage output and sustain, so early game will be a breeze.

Alistar is mostly about getting kills early game, rather than sustain, so I don't believe these are the perfect bottom lane. It may work for you to.

Janna has no sustain either, but grants Twisted Fate a great harrassing tool through Eye Of The Storm. Not an amazing setup, but it may work.

Sona fits everyone.
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Mid Game

One word: Destiny. Be where you need to be. Gank when they are out of position. Farm. At the moment, the only person you can totally wreck, is their (non-fed) carry and support.

You should have Sword of the Divine and maybe Bloodthirster by now. If you don't, KEEP FARMING. I know I've mentioned it alot, but it is important.

If you do, however, right now is when to help your team out when it is needed. Try to stay inside ult range of your team while farming. Be a utility carry.

Your damage is close to minimal, since you have no penetration, but against the right target, it will explode.
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Late Game

By now, there are 3 scenarios:

You are winning! In this case, you should force a Baron, catch them out of position and just do what it takes, to pick a good fight. If this is impossible, simply push as a team. This is something, TF is great at. At their turret, simply spam Wild Cards and autoattack the turret. With your great AS, this should be no problem. When you teamfight, take caution of who is around their AD Carry, and if he is stronger than you. If the carry is alone and weak, feel free to Destiny and take him out.

You are losing *sadface* Sometimes, when you are losing, you can't think straight, and you do what you would, if you were winning: doing whatever it takes to fight. Common mistake is common. You cannot win a fight, if you are losing, unless they are out of position, which is not so common. There is only one sane thing to do: FARM. Do not save Destiny, use it to get away whenever needed. They will often come and clean up after you, when you just cleared a huge wave. If they try to pick a fight, punish them with your 400 cs.

It's a tie Tell your support to ward. EVERYWHERE. Let them worry about map control. Meanwhile, you FARM. Get ahead. Save Destiny though, you will need it for teamfights. Tell your team, when you are ready for Baron or dragon . Get Red Buff. Do whatever it takes to get ahead. Split push, push together, WORK together.
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25-09-11: Expanded the Introduction section and added a Laning and an "In Comparison" section.
27-09-11: Added a "Mid Game" section (Late Game in construction).
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The End

Thank you for reading my guide, please vote and comment. I accept tips and tricks for writing guides or playing LoL, so feel free to criticize.

Special thanks to:
Wayne3100 for helping me making the guide better :)
League of Legends Build Guide Author Syncretic
Syncretic Twisted Fate Guide

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Twisted Fate - What nerf? (An AD guide)