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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Twitch Build Guide by twist95

AD Carry Twitch - Not your typical ad carry

AD Carry Twitch - Not your typical ad carry

Updated on May 27, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author twist95 Build Guide By twist95 16 2 335,770 Views 23 Comments
16 2 335,770 Views 23 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author twist95 Twitch Build Guide By twist95 Updated on May 27, 2015
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About Me
Hey guys I'm twist. This is my first guide on Mobafire and i hope you guys will like it. I used to be a diamond player on EUNE and EUW. I started playing league since the beginning of season 2, took a break before this season, and now i'm back, ready to reclaim my rank.

These are my season 3 stats with twitch on EUW and EUNE.

However i don't remember having 0.1 deaths per game on EUNE. I think my average deaths per game were 5.2 there. Lolking was bugged when i took the picture i guess.

About the title
I find that twitch has a different playstyle than other adcs, because he is a very team-fight oriented marksman, and can be used as an assassin as well.

What's In This Guide?
In this guide i'll try to explain which masteries, runes and items you should use and some other
things that could improve your skill as an adc (for example orb-walking).
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What pros and cons does twitch have?

Twitch can be a viable pick in ranked queues to fulfil the role of an ADC or a jungler, but he can also be played on a solo lane, mainly mid. But in this guide i will cover only the adc part.

Twitch is a good adc especially against squishy teams cause of his aoe ultimate, his high burst (with Contaminate). He has his escape mechanism ( Ambush) to escape from ganks and his cc (slow provided by his Venom Cask) that can be used when chased or while chasing. But he has some cons aswell.

  • Aoe ultimate that deals a lot of damage.
  • Has a high burst with his Contaminate.
  • Can win 1v1s late game against most adcs, because he is an assassin as well.
  • His passive deals true damage that can be quite useful late game.
  • His rat-ta-tat-tat requires you to have a lot of experience to use it properly.
  • His cc is not one of the best cc's in the game (just a slow).
  • He is one of the most squishy champions.
  • Item-dependant.
  • Not so strong early game as Caitlyn or Draven
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Masteries & runes

I currently use this rune page for twitch.


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

  • Greater Mark of Attack Damage - Helps you out with last-hitting and increases the damage of your expunge. These are the best marks you can get in my opinion.
  • Greater Seal of Armor - A must have if you're playing bot lane. Most of the damage usually comes from the adc and this will help you stay a little bit more in lane.
  • Greater Glyph of Magic Resist - These are very important if you play bot against heavy ap supports (like Zyra & Sona) or if you play against hybrid adcs ( Corki).
  • Greater Glyph of Attack Speed - These have a great synergy with your attack damage marks. In combination with those, last hitting is much easier, and the damage you deal to your opponents is bigger as well because you will get more stacks from your passive on the enemy targets and you will be able to throw in some extra auto-attacks.
  • Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed - Just like the AS glyphs (blues). If you find it difficult to farm minions with only 9 bonus damage from your runes, you can try using
    Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage.
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Abilites & Summoner Spells

Champion Abilities
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

So as you can see the order is R>E>Q>W.

Small tip: Never level an ability too fast. You should wait and see what happens. If the enemy team comes to invade and you are about to get caught, level Ambush as fast as you can and run away. If everything goes fine you can start with expunge. But keep in mind. You should do this on every champion. Don't use your first skill point too fast.

Tip number 2: use ctrl+<spell key> to level an ability faster. For example if you just made 6 and a fight just started, instead of moving your mouse to that 'plus sign' press ctrl+r to level your ultimate. This is the smart-cast version to level abilities.Now let's get back to twitch.
  • rat-ta-tat-tat(R)- Without doubt this is the best ability that twitch has. Level this every time you can because it provides you huge range and aoe damage.
  • Contaminate(E)- This is the second most important spell. It provides the burst you need early game, and sometimes it can be used to secure kills. Late game in combination with rat-ta-tat-tat it can be deadly.
  • Ambush(Q)- This is your escape mechanism, and also an AS steroid. You have to level this after expunge because this will give you a longer invisibility time and a higher attack speed bonus.
  • Venom Cask(W)- Max this last because it only increases the strength of the slow. It applies only 2 stacks of Deadly Venom no matter how many points you have in it.
  • Deadly Venom(passive)- I find this passive good in the late game. At max stacks it can deal 6*6=36 true damage per second. That's decent.

Summoner Spells

This summoner spell is a must have:

This spell can be used for ANYTHING. You can use this to run away,to chase, to jump over walls to escape, to reposition in teamfights. I can't tell you how many games i won just cause of this summoner. It saves you from an annoying Jax that jumps with his stun on you.

After flash you can pick one of these spells:

This is the summoner spell i use most of the time. It can save your life in a lot of situations, and it is a must have in my opinion when playing against Karthus or Caitlyn. It heals both you and your support and the amount of health you get back doesn't disappear. (unlike the shield from barrier)

I rarely use this one, but i cannot deny that this spell could prove useful. You could use this against Zyra & Ashe combo(high cc combos). And it doesn't protect you only from cc. You can use it to dispell an exhaust from you and even to nullify the damage from an ignite.

Ignite can be very useful for securing early kills. If you're going to play aggressive try this one, but it might be a good idea to avoid this one if your support already took it.

We all used to take barrier on bot-lane, but with the recent buffs to heal i don't find this viable anymore.

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Core items


These items give you the attack speed, damage and armor penetration you need for mid-game. Also both of them have very good actives. It's very easy to assassinate with these 2 items. You just have to go to your target using Ambush and surprise them by activating both your items and your ultimate. It should be an easy kill if you do this on the enemy marksman.

Even more damage

This item works very well on twitch, and it is even more effective after you bought your Youmuu's Ghostblade. After you bought this item you will have no problems in bursting squishy targets in almost no time.

Survivability Item

or or or

The defensive item is VERY SITUATIONAL.

Armor penetration

In the late game, the armor penetration from your ghostblade won't be enough, that's why you need the Last Whisper.


  • Greater Totem is still a good trinket because of its ward duration. But using this might put you into some bad spots (the range from which you can use this trinket is way lower than the range of Farsight Orb).
  • Oracle's Lens should be used by your support because he has the time to clear wards during laning phase.
  • Farsight Orb is the best trinket for an adc at this moment because you can get vision from a safe range (a very important thing for a marksman). Even though you get vision for a lower period of time by using this trinket instead of the Greater Totem, the cooldown of the blue trinket is lower.

  • Elixir of Fortitude I buy this every time after i built my Infinity Edge. Late game is coming soon and you won't have what to do with your money. Also it gives you a decent amount of health and damage. If you still have a free slot in your inventory try to use this only before starting team-fights or skirmishes.
  • Health Potion Every time i back to lane i try to have 3 of these. Helps you a lot during laning phase.
  • Mana Potion I usually take one when going back to lane because you need a lot of mana for harassing.
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Gameplay (early,mid,late game)

Early Game

Early game you should play passive in general because you are countered by a lot of adcs( Graves, Draven, Corki, Caitlyn). However if you are better than the players you are playing against you can go aggressive even if you're countered (for example you can do this if you are smurfing).

Another thing you should keep in mind is to check the hp of all the minions on lane. You need to watch for the enemy minions because you have to last hit, but you should also look for the hp of your minions so you could poke the enemy adc back when he comes to last hit. He will have to choose between poking you back but missing a last hit or leaving you with a health advantage.

If you already attacked once you could throw your Venom Cask attack 2 more times, and Contaminate when the target has 5 stacks on it.

DON'T DIE FOR ONE MINION. If the enemy is quite ahead or it counters you, or they have a support with a huge kill potential( Leona, Blitzcrank, Thresh) don't go in for a minion kill if you risk to die. It's better to lose 20-50 gold than giving your opponent 300.

Pay attention to the minimap to avoid ganks. Try to look at it every 5 seconds or so.

Mid Game

This usually begins when one of the bot turrets goes down. Try to focus on objectives from now on and stack with your team. However if you find your team behind, you could try to splitpush but tell them to defend the turrets that are sieged by the enemy team.

Small tip: never overdefend objectives. For example if you see 4 enemies coming bot that have a huge potential to destroy your turret, go away. It's way better to lose a turret than loosing a turret and giving a kill. Sometimes you should run even from 2 enemies if the turret is low.

Late Game

This is the part of the game when you are OP. But you are not GOD. You should stay behind your team because the enemy team has Oracle's Lens for sure at this point of the game. Try to ambush before starting a fight and go into the fight only after the enemy champions have burned their cc.

Use your Blade of the Ruined King to kite the bruisers that jump on you. Also if you find a good position, you can focus the enemy carries, but most of the time you should always attack the closest target to you. Your role as a carry is to deal as much damage as possible, and you will do much more damage if you stay alive for a longer time.
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Gameplay (more details)

Smart Casting

Smart casting helps you use abilities much faster, but you need experience with a specific champion because you can't see the range of the skills. But experience comes with time and games played. After a few games you should be able to use smart cast efficiently. This is a general guide that can be used for other champions as well. On twitch the only spell you need smartcast on is Venom Cask(W).


For a more detailed look over orb-walking you could check this video of CIDERHELM.

What is orb-walking? Orb walking is kiting. What is kiting? Well kiting is the term that refers to attacking opponents while slowly running away from them.
So it seems easy. But it is a little bit harder than it sounds. You need some practice to kite decently.
In order to kite you should use the attack move(hotkeys are A or X) with the click move combined. When you attack move, you will hit the closest target to the cursor.As soon as your auto-attack went out, you should start moving away from your chaser, and after a small time has passed attack again and run again.
To make things easier you could use attack move click which is the smartcast version of attack move. But attack move click has no hotkey. I would recommend you to change the hotkeys for attack click move to A or X, that way you won't have to use attack move.

Here is a full twitch game played by TSM WildTurtle, a professional marksman player from NA.

If you want to see another video with twitch played by a proffesional (C9 Sneaky), check this one.

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I am not playing twitch so often nowadays, but if you would like to see me play casters (annie, lulu) on both summoners rift and twisted treeline you are more than welcome. If you would like to follow me, you can do that on my twitch page. (Link here)

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If you have questions don't be afraid to ask into the comments section, because i will try to answer as soon as possible.
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Change Log

29 October 2013: Guide was released
30 October 2013: Added Gameplay details and changed the defensive items. Guide still in progress
31 October 2013: Changed the part with the orb-walking a little bit.
1 November 2013: Added more details about the stream
14 November 2013: Changed the items sequence a little bit.
21 November 2013: Made some small changes because of the pre-season 4 patch.
30 January 2014: Changed some parts in the guide and added 2 more builds. Still working on the item section.
24 March 2014: Changed the way 3 build and the Items section
23 April 2014: Updated the guide for the latest LOL patch.
10 September 2014: The guide has now only one build instead of 3. Also updated the guide for the latest patch.
19 May 2015: Updated the guide for patch 5.9
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