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League of Legends Build Guide Author DaBoBuilds

Twitch - "AS" the "Damage' "Crits"

DaBoBuilds Last updated on April 30, 2011
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Hi readers,

I make this build because I want to show you guys how AWESOME twitch is (Yay! :D). His spells are in Balance, he can stealth, his AS en AD is Massive. Most people don't like twitch because he is a great KSer. But i think Once he's feeded, he is unstoppable... :) Enjoy.

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I chose these runes to Maximize and Balance twitch with AS and HP. Because extra AS is always nice, stack with Expunge, Your Passive and Debiliating Poison.

Twitch is always squishy. So with these HP Seals and Quintessences you get like 100 hp more. Expecialy at the start it's great... That's why I chose Greater Seal of Foritude, which gives you 5,35 bonus health, and Greater Quintessence of Fortitude, which gives 32,4 bonus health.

Twitch is an awsome ganker, so why not power up? That's why I chose to use Greater Mark of Alacrity, which gives you 1,7% bonus attack speed, and Greater Glyff of Alacrity, which gives you 0,76% bonus attack speed.

The end conclusion is:

9x Greater Mark of Alacrity
9x Greater Seal of Fortitude
9x Greater Glyph of Alacrity
3x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude

Alternate Runes:

Armor Penetration:
9x Greater Mark of Insight.
9x Greater Glyph of Insight.
3x Greater Quintessence of Insight.

Attack Speed:
9x Greater Seal of Alacrity.
3x Greater Quintessence of Alacrity.

9x Greater Mark of Strength.
9x Greater Seal of Strength.
9x Greater Glyph of Strength.
3x Greater Quintessence of Strength.

Just mix these runes up, to match your own Playstyle.

BEWARE: without the Health Seals and Quintessences, Twitch get's very vulenearable for ganking early game!

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For masterys... yea, what to tell? Just 21/0/9 Dammager setup...

Attack speed, Attack dammage, Armor penetration, Extra critical Dammage, Extra critical strike chance, Extra base dammage, Cooldown Reduction and Extra Magic Dammage.

Increased mana regeneration, Increased experiance and Of course, Greed. (This is an expensive build ;) ).

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Twitch has to stack his passive (Look at Expunge) for the last hit. So I thought it would be neccesairy to atleast give him Massive attack speed.

So as item setup:
Beginning: I recomment Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions, to get a movementspeedboost at the very beginning. But if you want first blood, you should probably buy a Dagger and a Health Potion, to get Malady first and be slightly stronger at the beginning. ALWAYS BUY MALADY AS YOUR FIRST COMPLETED ITEM! (Or else you wont make early-game kills, and be a noob with twitch).

2nd: Change your Boots of Speed in Boots of Mobility.

3rd: Buy a Black Cleaver, the passive, bonus attack speed and dammage will be perfect for Twitch. (It's like an item made for him i think...)

4th: Buy a Executioners Calling, The critical strike and the Passive are nice, because they stack with your regular poison (so your damage is even more!!!)

5th: Buy a second Phantom Dancer.

6th: Eather buy Frozen Mallet or Infinity Edge, Frozen Mallet is expecialy for the slow and the bonus health, and the Infinity Edge is for Hardcore dammage and critbonus.

The choice is yours ;)


Some other changes:

- buy it first, at start. (sell for last item).
- for
- for .
- for (If you don't want to go crit, but Lifesteal).
- If you want more Health/ Surviving chance. (Reccomended if you're beginning with Twitch)
- for Less AS/Crit, but great for slow and health. In fact, you take 1 Phantom Dancer, 1 Frozen Mallet and 1 Infinity edge.
- for For if you want more Armor Penetration.
- for The passive is great in combination with this build! (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!!!)

As you can see, with this build, you can variate to match your own playstyle, but make sure to get the core right. ;)

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Skill Sequence

Skill Sequence:

As Twitch, you should rely on the dammage of Expunge. In fact, it's ment to be your "Killing Blow". So I say, max it first, so you get the full potential as early as possible.
Second, i'd say maximize Debilitating Poison. The slow will help you finish of your target(s) more easily.
Of course, maximize your ulti 3rd (Like you should with every champion, Need more explaination?).
There is 1 perticulair reason for maximizing Ambush last: It is Unneccesairy to stealth for like 60 seconds. Ambush at lvl 1 is Plenty. Only get Ambush for an ambush and mostly for it's bonus Attack Speed.

If you Like:
Maximize Ambush Second, for the perfect timing to Gank. Debilitating Poison, your chance of Succes stays Almost the same

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Summoner Spells

As for Summoner Spells, I would say Flash and Ignite. Flash for Escaping, Dodging, which you will be doing the whole game, and Ignite for when you just hadn't had that last shot.
If you're are fammilar and pro with Positioning, you could also swap Flash for Ghost. BUT, if you ARE NOT fammilar with good Positioning, don't. Flash will save your life.
If you still want Ghost, feel free to swap Ignite for it. But know that if you do, also change the masterys a bit, and beware of the 10 less Ability Power (Expunge will hit less this way).

Also good:

- Exhaust
- Ghost
- Teleport, with this Summoner Spell, you should try to get your team place Wards in the Bush, they won't see you comming that way, which makes your gank most likely to succeed.
- Cleanse

(Just what you like)

Never use:

- The Rest of the spells


Heal, Once you need it, you hp will be so down, the heal won't do much (Talking about Teamfights).
Clairvoyance, once you need scouting, Just walk to that spot! your movement is like 500!!!

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Pros / Cons


- Good Mid/Late game.
- Massive Multi Target Damage.
- Easy farming.
- Awsome gank.
- Capable of Tower Diving.
- Unexpected high damage.

- Squishy.
- Pretty weak early game.
- Depending on Minion Farming.
- Depending on Early Game Results.
- Always short on Mana.

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When sharing a lane while playing Twitch (Summoner's Rift, Up/Down - Twisted Treeline: Most likely down) you will be needing good support. And with support I mean champions who: Damage the enemy's (Get them below half health), are capable of healing, Stunners, Slowers, Tanks or Rescuers. Every champ is capable of 1 of these things, so give your laning partner a good description of what to do.
Also, you should try to harrass, while dodging the enemy's attacks (like Kennen's Thundering Shuriken for Example), while Last hitting minions (It's soo Important!).

While solo laning:
Constantly shoot your enemy once, so that his minions won't damage you. still, try Last Hitting, and for a kill, don't mind to use flash (But ONLY when you are sure to kill him!!!).

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To get Over Powered as Twitch, Make sure to get as many minion kills as possible. Just feel free to last hit minions. At lvl 6, with Boots of Mobility, feel free to gank, so your own laning partner can lvl, and the (Succesfully) ganked lane is (Hopefully) able to crush a turret.

But Remenber: Last hitting with expunge isn't stealing, "it's mid game result provision". Your team members may not like it, but they like you less if you're Nooblike.

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Ranked Play

As Twitch, I think you shouldn't play Ranked. Your team doesn't like it, they'll get angry and once the enemy buys oracle elixer You're pretty much doomed.

However, If you're good while playing Twitch, real good, you should. Your team Might be angry with you at the begining, but they cool down once you get your first blood, a Killing Spree, and eventualy once in a Lifetime reach Legendary.

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Try arraging a gank with your team. If you can pull out a succesfull gank, it's worth the time and Mana.

Remember, If your position is correct, a gank is always succesfull.

But mind for jungling enemys, if your enemy has a jungler, make sure to ward or scout the possible paths first. The Hunter should never be the Prey.

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Placing wards is the best thing you can do for your team, expecialy at beginning and mid game, Having that advantange which really helps for better game play.

Some examples, your bot lane is not the best and have been ganked by the enemy mid Champion or jungler. Set up a ward at there lane to prevent feeders or ganks. Your team spots two enemy champions doing dragon, you en up getting a double kill with your mid team mate. You have a ward at enemy blue buff and steal it with smite. You put a Ward at enemy red buff, kill the enemy and steal the buff. someone is out there to gank you, you close them in with your mid team mate and eventualy change "The Gank into a Prank".

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Tactics and Tips

While playing Twitch, attack like this (available at Lvl 1):

Attack, try 6 times -> expunge

While playing Twitch, attack like this (available at lvl 2):

-> Attack, try 6 times -> expunge

While playing Twitch, attack like this (Available at Lvl 4):

-> -> Attack, try 6 times -> expunge

But remember, only use that last one when it's neccesairy. Don't EVER waste your mana, you'll always need more.

Of course, when Neccesairy in teamfights, use

- Farm minions is essential, try always to Last Hit the creeps.
- Only use expunge Expunge to kill your enemy.
- Safe your Mana, you're always mana-starving.
- Feel free to Harrass, otherwise the enemy could start getting dangerously confident.
- When beeing chased, use Ambush. Your movement speed will allow you to stealth away.
- Remind that your Passive Dammages two.
- Once reached lvl 6, stealth as much as possible, so the enemy is always Pressured, somethimes for nothing.
- Don't KS too much, your team will start hating you, and eventualy not help you in need.
- Farm money mid/late game at the Jungle Monsters.
- Don't spam Abilitys.
- when taking Teleport (summoner spell), you should try to get your team place (Sight) Wards in the Bush, they won't see you comming that way, which makes your gank most likely to succeed.
- Think twice before atacking, your hp goes down very fast.

- Match your own Playstyle with this build, Twitch can be played in Many ways!

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today has been a Bad Day:

*Me at the end of a game. Look at my stats, my victory and even someone who wanted to be my friend after the game ended. ^_^ Not bad, eh?
This isn't me, but just something I've enjoyed watching and will show you how strong twitch is.
This is SO FUNNY!!!, too bad you can't build this properly anymore.

(Unfortunately, i can't film In-Game, but I'm searching for the right program to do it.
*More comming soon!

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Conclusion and End

Once you've tried this build, you'll be sure to like it. ;D Twitch is just AWSOME and OP, so why not buy him?

Thanks for Looking at this build and I hope you will Like it ;)


DaboBuilds (2-man cell).

Information, advice and from:
SomethingReal (Twitch Pro).

Special thanks to:
You guys (You are all great :'] ).

Comment: DaBoBuilds
Find me in LoL EU server: SomethingReal / TheFatalHit
or even E-Mail:

Please Comment and Vote!

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Here you will see what I improve about my build.

1-3-2011: Changed title.