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Twitch Build Guide by TheAngelCasstielo

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheAngelCasstielo

Twitch The Silent Killer

TheAngelCasstielo Last updated on May 19, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, i have played a lot of adcs like , , and others but it has always seemed like something is missing, well i found a missing "puzzle" in Twitch, Read my guide and find out what kind of missing puzzles is it and Learn how to play one of the most strongest adcs in League of Legends.EASY GUIDE NOT A BOOK JUST A SIMPLE FEW PAGES.

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Pros / Cons

  • Insane damage
  • Greate positions
  • Long range abilites
  • Stronger than other adcs 1v1.

    There are NO CONS believe me all those other guides that say Twitch is squishi or focused in teamfights well thank you Captain Obvious ofcourse hes focused and squishi hes ADC for Christ's sakes thats just how gameplay works...CONS

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Summoner spells

FLASH Very important for any adc i don't think i need to explain this.

IGNITE many people has been asking me why do i choose ignite over "new meta" Barrier well easily said i pearsonaly like to combo my ignite with Deadly Venom gives insane damage over more than 300 hp in 5 sec in early game.

BARRIER If you like to play more safe and secure your life its very useful when u need to stealth fast and u got enemys stucked on you.

CLEANSE I dont like this spell pearsonaly because if you have a stunning support (you do) this is usless.Because you can trade stuns.

GHOST Maybe good combo with your Ambush but not so useful.

EXHAUST Do not take this, double exhaust is not an option!


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This iteam bring equally much damage as
gives you 80 health but against harrasing opponents like or that doesn't mean a lot.
So instead of dorans blade i take and 2 .2 are giving you 300 hp over 30 sec so you can deal with harrasing enemys, and finishing ignites on you.

This iteam brings you a lot of cc and control over tanky supports or adcs with escaping skills like or and lets not forget this iteam gives you bonus damage and + 30% movment speed when you use it, when you get you can easily target alone farming adcs or warding support with your stealth, its usefull late game and it gets you feed early,it gives you attack speed which is very important for If you ask why read chapter "spells" and another thing that is greate about this iteam is early lifesteal.With Building this iteam throw in between.

What to tell except this iteam turns all of you crits in 250% and gives you insane damage and enough critic for now.

Life steal and +100 damage which is important for because of hes expunge

Attack speed and more critic you need, will melt down whole enemy team in just few sec with .

Last but not unimportant is armor penetration when games get late and you have to deal with a few tanks :) Reason why i build this iteam last is because i use armor penetration in runes.

If games get really late you can buy another instead of your boots but i dont see the point in this,

Buy this iteam every time you left 350 gold or more and you have nothing to buy you never know when +15 ad gonna kill enemy or +150 hp gonna save your life.
You can buy this iteam to help your support eliminate their vision wards so they can't see you in stealth.

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Stacks deadly venom on enemy every time you hit it with your basic attacks maximum of 6 stacks.What does it do? First of all it does DPS (damage per second) depending on your lvl, on lvl 1 you can stack about 12 damage per second dealing damage thru next 6 seconds.
Next thing this is for is when you stack it you can trigger your Expunge so try to hit much basic attacks as you can than expunge, dont worry Expunge got insane range so you will always be able to use it.Riot also made a little help for players playing when your deadly venom stacks to maximum on top of your enemie's head there will be a green X which means stacks are at maximum.

Extremly useful can save you from ganks position you in fights and you can kill from suprise as i said before this spell goes with because the key of your succes is to kill alone farming adcs, how to kill them step by step read in a chapter "gameplay".

This spell slows enemies and gain them 2 of your deadly venom stacks so when you are in stealth you need to engage with w to slow them and gain stacks than just follow with basics.

Expunge Explained on first spell (passive) just what i have to say is stack as much basics as u can than trigger it.

This spell is sooooo strong in teamfights late game or early does not metters first of all and my favorit you can shoot over walls it has insane range so you litteraly stay behind of your team and shoot all at once and gaining your enemies stacks of deadly venom
enemies behind enemies will take less damage but just for 40%.Which is not a lot when u count your hitting at least 3 of them.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Leona with her Shield of Daybreak+ Zenith Blade and her Solar Flare stuns makes a perfect support for twitch either she prevents adc from hitting twitch either twitch can land amazing damage before enemy starts to get away she is the best option for support u can get.

This is very good support too but play with him only if players knows how to land Death Sentence really good, if not and yet taken play defense and wait lvl 6.

Hes stun and heal are also good with twitch but not an option if u love to play aggresivly.

Maybe it seems funny to you but fiddle with hes long duration of fear is very good because twitch can position himself or shoot durning of duration of fear also they will most probably focus fiddle so you need to react fast in case to get something good out of fight.

as i said before Twitch need stunning support as nami have heal and stun + she can enchant your basic attacks with Tidecaller's Blessing.But as before player needs to know how to land nice Aqua Prison.

With hes Rocket Grab it makes insane combo with twitch's slow so if blitz pulls an enemy he will probably die in 90% cases.

Since this is not support guide i won't explain every support for himself so lets move on!

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Okay first we take Ambush because we are playing passivly on our lane that means just farm and keep calm you can use a little trick i use, you watch your minions health and when enemy adc is going to last hit it, you hit him, but you do that only if you have no minions to last hit by yourself.Farm as much minion as u can as any other adc, always stand on opposit side of their support.Let your support decide when to go in.Later when you get Blade of the Ruined King you can dominate your lane even if u were loosing as i said before this brings a lot of control over tanky supports and any 1v1 fight if ur winning hard even 2v1 fights.Depends on your team you can push your lane if they are winning or if they need help after taking 1 tower you roam the map and help your team with invisible ganks.


Late game starts around 25-30 min about that u should have about finished The Bloodthirster or started Phantom Dancer or at least finished Infinity Edge okay so lets get on what to focus? Where to stand? what to do?Lets start with focusing, all says that adc needs to be focused well i suggest you if u can't reach their adc dont even try to reach it stay behind and shoot first pearson to you and if she starts walking out of fight for any reason do NOT CHASE keep attacking others your teams job is to focus adc your just main damager and shoot what you can from behind so they have hard time reacing you thru your teamates.

Where to stand? Before you see fight is going to happen main thing you need to do is stealth and wait till your teamates engage wait till they focus someone of first liners than jump in with all you got do not cut your range trying to Ignite someone just shoot with your ultimate from far behind, i suggest you to trigger expunge after 5,6 basic attacks cus it doesnt do a lot of damage late game so focus on your basic attack with Spray and Pray.

This is image of where should you fight its basicly any tight jungle space.

Okay you can also do this for example my team (BLUE) engaged in jungle while i was coming from the other side instead of wasting my Flash i just pooped my Spray and Pray up and start shooting over wall when Vi ulted me i just simply flashed over wall to my teamates leaving her out of the fight and kept shooting in straight line ahead of me, melting enemy team in just few secs.

Blue=my team Red=enemy team Green=me

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Greater Glyph of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Lethality
I dont take magic resist runes because i think its not so important instead of that i take more attack damage.

Armor penetration runes are important late or early because everyone gots armor runes.

Well this masteries 21/9/0 masteries are better than 21/0/9 because you got more defensive stats than in ulity.

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The End

Here it is all that is important i may put videos later on this guide but only if it gives nice feedback to me i hope i helped and i'll see you next time feel free to add me on EUW for questions or maybe some game :)