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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Twitch Build Guide by SheldonOrangeHusky

AD Carry Twitching in the jungle

AD Carry Twitching in the jungle

Updated on January 2, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SheldonOrangeHusky Build Guide By SheldonOrangeHusky 8 2 410,812 Views 3 Comments
8 2 410,812 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SheldonOrangeHusky Twitch Build Guide By SheldonOrangeHusky Updated on January 2, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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(Last Update: 3rd/January/2015 4:15am)

Hello Summoners,

Welcome to the Twitching in the Jungle guide.

I've been getting bored with the popular metas and delved into the awesome abyss of metabreaks especially in Season 5 where more champions now have the potential to take on the Jungler role.

Back in early december 2014 the item Devourer has been nerfed when Reksai was released and people have been asking me how does twitch fare well against her.

Twitch Jungle is very aggressive and you cannot keep on farming in your jungle for long like most junglers you have to engage often and swiftly if you succeed or fail any ganks you must return back to jungle to farm more or pretend your running away then stealth back in for round 2.

Twitch Jungler players have to coordinate with their team to make each gank successful in early game or if the enemy is weak you can easily assassinate them with no effort.
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Summoner Spells

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Challenging Smite (Skirmish Sabre)

Upgrade your Hunter's Machete to Skirmish Sabre to gain "Challenging Smite"
With this abilitiy every minute you can smite a champion making them visible for 6 seconds if they try to jump or push through walls, each auto attack you do deals true damage for 6 seconds per hit and each attack they do on you will deal 20% less damage to you.
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Pros / Cons

TheProsand theCons


+Twitch is the highest successful jungler in early ganks (level 2 or 3)

+He can still use position glitches against all monsters except the baron.

+Q passive for more attack speed is useful in fights

+W has a CC slow effect that can make enemy's escapes lil harder to do.

+If an enemy goes stealth and he/she is poisoned by twitch, he can still hurt them with contaminate also the effect gives away the position where the enemy is.

+He has the longest auto attack range in the game.

+Q can be used to scout the enemy jungle safely or patrol your own jungle to get an easy warning for invaders.

+Depending on the success of your ganks you can get full build 10 minutes or more before anyone else.

+ Works well in team fights doing sneak attacks and baiting.

+ Q grants him more attack speed while the stealth is in effect.

+ Skirmish Sabre + Devourer, stacks 3 times damage for twitch (AD, Poison, and magic damage per auto attack (including ultimate hits).

+ Impossible to kill in late game unless a well done team fight focus on twitch is done.

Oh dear now its time for the... CONS

- Vision wards will reveal you in stealth mode, Quinn's Valor speed will out run you, Quinn's W can reveal your position if your not in stealth.

- Very squishy to enemy invaders in early game (refer to my route guide on how to avoid confrontations and prepare for early game invades.

- Squishy champion so don't be reckless and don't overstay your welcome in one area for too long you have to keep on moving.

- Mostly kill and assist kill dependant than creep farming.

- Requires good positioning and timing. (make sure your support and you at some point have good map control and move the camera to check on your team mates progress this really does make a difference on when and where you should engage objectives or enemy players.)
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Jungling routes and Ganks (early game)

Visual images of jungle routes.

use stealth, enter then quickly leave the bush since twitch's stealth will be gone by the time you enter the bush so if you see the enemy especially if its lee sin, blitzcrank, thresh, flash away if you see them.

If you find an enemy who has low chase potential at the moment then don't bother wasting your flash.

If they proceed to steal your buff leave the jungle and ask your team mates to assist you invading the enemy red jungle

If the other bush is fine then go to the rock monsters but don't face check the other bush near the river instead walk down the path with the rock monsters then place a ward in the bush.

Attack the rock monster camp then move into position in the bush so you can keep on landing hits on the monsters and be safe from most or all damage from the monsters, smite the rock monster anytime during the fight to gain a stun buff (only works on minions and jungle monsters)

Attack the red jungle camp and stand in position to avoid as much damage as possible.
Use Q to boost attack speed and E to deal more damage once 6 stacks have been done then finish with a smite if you haven't used it already.

Go to the Raptor camp, lure them to the bush to take less damage. Once cleared recall back to base and buy a doran's blade so you can get some LS, extra hp and some good damage boost to or you may buy a short sword.

(note for these screen shots I had to copy n paste these screen shots during custom bot matches which is the reason why bots have higher levels that me but still easilly killable)

In a normal match players will be at level 2 or 3, invade the bot lane with Twitch's Q then attack the adc or the weak support then the adc player, return back to the jungle once both are dead or escaped.

If you haven't got a kill take some minion farm then return back to base to upgrade your machete to skirmish sabre.

Engage the mid lane from one of the mid lane bushes or if the mid laner is dead and the enemy minions have pushed too far, protect the tower untill the mid laner returns or the lane has been pushed.

Enter the blue jungle.

During the screen shot process I took this one lil later in game but your ment to get this camp after engaging the mid lane, smite the wolf imediately to gain moving ward in the jungle, clear the camp, if the ward is moving that means the jungler or one of the laners have invaded so be prepared to engage hide by moving with Q ambush into a bush then get ready to fight the invader.

Smite the frog monster to gain a poison buff that automatically counter attacks any champion with more poison damage this stacks very well with twitch's passive and abilities.

Engage the top lane using ambush to get into suprise position and attack the top laner with your team mate.

If your on the Purple Team (top right corner team)

Level 1.
Rock monsters, kill the big one with smite to gain stun hits against jungle monsters.

Level 2.
Red buff monster. Move on to the bird camp and smite the bird to regain some health and mana back.

Now your at Level 3 time to gank.

Top lane, if its been pushed stealth through the closest bush near turret move far behind your enemy and do the combo W, auto attacks and E.

(Before the top gank if you recall and get skirmish sabre)
W, smite to reduce the enemy damage, auto attacks, E.

Return to jungle.
Farm from rock monsters down to the birds again.

Gank mid lane with the same W,Smite,AA,E combo.

Blue Jungle, Smite the big wolf if you haven't used smite in your mid lane gank to get a moving ward for your blue jungle, kill the frog, ignore the blue buff golem, instaid ask if support or mid laner needs it (ward it)

Bot lane gank, though its easier to get a kill or two here or assist 2 kills for your team you will likely die if your 3v2 engage is bad.

Recall to base and start finishing off your Skirmish Sabre item.

Rinse and repeat.

Blue Team (Bottom left corner)

Same as purple team but fliped in lane ganks.

Level 1

Rock Monster, Smite kill the big one to gain a stun buff.

Level 2

Red Buff, kill it the 3 monsters to get the red buff.
Then move onto the bird monster camp, smite kill the big one to recover some lost health and mana.

Level 3 (If the bot lane is winning the push) compared to the purple team's gank route the blue team jungle twitch will have it harder on the bot lane, if your team mates are winning the lane you can go to the mid lane or place a ward in the bot lane river if your feeling very genorus

(If the bot lane is struggling to push) Even the best supports or adc players at some point will get pinned down, twitch has a strong advantage with cooperation of this bot team to kill off the adc fast then the support second.

(If bot lane is evenly pushed) This one is a little tricky an sometimes risky since you don't have your ultiamte ready if the bot lane makes a fast escape depending on how much damage and stacks you placed on the enemy adc you can sacrifice your flash to land one more shot then contaminate him/her when they try to escape out of your range.

If you flash into the enemy turret just contaminate them and leave the turret range imediately and hope the poison effect will kill your target.

Support players mostly will never dare bother engageing your team unless its a professional Alistar, Blitzcrank or Thresh pulls in a player who isn't protected by a creep. An note should go to azir support players Its not really worth chaseing him as his soldiers will slow you down, deal good damage to you and most likely minions will attack you to which can result in you dying to Azir.

Now the bot lane early game chaos is over, back to jungle or summoning platform if you recalled or died.

Return to the red jungle, farm the rock monsters again, bird camp.

Mid lane gank, W, Smite, AA and E combo.

Blue jungle, smite the big wolf if you can.
Kill the frog and call your mid or top laner if they want the blue buff now or later.

Top lane.
This will be a piece of cake your alot more stronger than your purple team top lane engage in the last match you had so this should be easy.

Warning though dont be reckless against Gnar, Vayne.

Vayne: can pin you or your team mate to any wall or turret resulting in possibly a death or she may use it to push you away in fear of your E spell.

Gnar can be annoying to escape from and catch up to once he has seen you.
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Safety Routes (all game)

We are starting from the Blue team (bottom left corner of the map) so these maps sum up where you will normaly roam, ward, recall, etc.

If your on the red team don't worry just imagine these maps flipped upside down and turned.

Green: Twitch can safely walk this route with a low chance of enemy invades.

Purple: Stealth path where twitch has to be cautious of invaders or mid or roaming players moving to other lanes. Twitch needs to becareful on these paths to avoid unwanted early fights or wait in bushes for the perfect moment to engage an invader killing them while they are weak from attack your jungle camps and stealing your buffs back in the progress.

Pink: Vision Ward points to warn you of any Shaco's or enemy twitch players that might pay you a visit (you can out trade shaco so you can easily ghost him, twitch should be engaged while he tries to steal your farm)

Yellow: Standard ward 1 to 3 minutes (circle markings are recomended places to ward, its a nice thing to commit a few wards for some lanes since alot of players especially the low ELOs never or rarely ward the map.)

Red: Areas where invaders are likely to roam.

White: Areas where enemy players natrually place vision or standard wards

Yellow Exclamation Point: Areas that are safe to recall or stealth recall if you have ran away from a fight or avoid a fight altogether.

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