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Udyr Build Guide by Rexranger1

Other Udyr: the Splitpush Master

Other Udyr: the Splitpush Master

Updated on January 24, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rexranger1 Build Guide By Rexranger1 23,480 Views 8 Comments
23,480 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Rexranger1 Udyr Build Guide By Rexranger1 Updated on January 24, 2014
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Hi, my name is Rexranger1, I'm fairly new at league(started near the end of season 3), and this is my first guide on MOBAFire. Udyr is my main and i mostly play him in the jungle but occasionally ill go top with him as well, but that's for later.
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
Cooldown Quintessences help you get 10% cooldowns which is great at level 1. The AD Mark for more damage, pretty standard for most champs but i don't recommend the AP mark though because while it makes your Wingborne Storm stronger, you need the AD for the late game Wilding Claw that is so much better for Splitpushing towers. Magic resist Glyphs are also a pretty standard thing and i do scaling MR because early one your usually not going to have to deal with very much AP unless your versing an AP jungler like Nunu & Willump or Fiddlesticks who is a weak early jungler and should be an easy invade who is unlikely to try and invade you unless they are god tier Fiddlesticks jungle. Of course you have the Seals of Armor which is the Gold Standard when it comes to Seals so not much explanation needed for that.
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These are the items Addressed from the core to the questionable:

This is pretty much the only spirit item that i would recommend on Udyr. If you wanted Spirit of the Elder Lizard or Spirit of the Specrtal Wraith then you would do a bit more damage but it would be harder to towerdive early on without the extra health, I wouldnt rely on your mid tanking tower when you dive mid so this is the best all around Spirit item for Udyr, oh and the tenacity is really nice for not being Fiddlesticks Terrify for 2.25 eternities.

This gives you a bit of everything and Udyr benefits from all of it.

This is really the only boots i build on Udyr. Ive tryed Mobility Boots before, but i like the dive potential of the armor on the tabi's better. As far as Mercury's Treds go, I wont build them unless they have 3 AP champs on their team ad I get tenacity from Spirit of the Ancient Golem and Zephyr.

20% CDR, MR, and health regen as well as a good chunk of Health.

AOE always on magic damage, Health, and Armor another standard item for Udyr in my opinion.

More cooldowns, lots of mana and armor so this is a solid pick and should probably be picked up in almost every match given that something more situational isn't in order.

Now to explain some situational items.

This should really only be build to break a siege on the enemy base in the late game, other than that i wouldn't normally build it.

K. Community. Plz. I don't know what this new brilliant idea was that someone had, probably a Voyboy stream, but STOP BUILDING THIS ON MEELEE CHAMPS! Seriously, i wouldn't build this on any champ except for Teemo.
This is definitely more orient if you go for top lane Udyr but when i build it in the jungle its not for the tenacity but for the attackspeed so i can walk up to a tower and just destroy it quickly and GTFO.
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
When your jungling i would recommend the Wingborne Storm sequence that i have shown. I your top or go for an early invade and basically live in the enemies jungle in the early levels the its up to you to decide if you want Wingborne Storm for faster farm or if you just want to keep catching out the enemy jungler with Wilding Claw. if your top i would just go Wilding Claw in general, helps you win lane easier with the overtime physical damage applied the first 2 hits of every stance activation.
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Bread and butter Jungle summoner spell.

I like this more than Flash on Udyr as it helps you gank better with the increase movement speed and not being forced in a single direction like Flash does, If you mess up the Flash or the enemy jukes it, your Blazing Stampede is going to have a hard time catching the champion you ganking if they still have Flash up.

As much as i prefer Ghost, this is till useful for gap-closing and escapes.

this is essencally for top lane Udyr only. Splitpush Teleport into a fight or porting in onto a ward in the enemy base with homeguard for a hasty xPeke victory is always great.
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With Udyr you want to make a full jungle clear before you go into a gank unless there is a lane without any escape other than flash such as Fiora, then i would kill blue, then wolves wraiths and red for level 3 and go for an early gank on that lane and just bring your tent cause you should camp and snowball that lane the whole laning phase. Though if you do this make sure you are farming constantly, this includes the enemy jungle as well, live in their jungle if you need to but be aware of counter ganking and the enemy jungler's position, don't let your buffs get stolen, your mid is better without blue if it means keeping it on you instead of the enemy jungler. Don't forget to ward, i've stolen so many blues because the enemy jungler didn't ward the bush next to it when it came time to go get it.
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Late Game/Teamfights

This is where your actions in the early game can make or break your chances of winning. you probably have close to a full build by this point or at the least 3 items if things didn't go your way through the rest of the game and you should be putting serious tower damage now. once you get 4 full items (ie: Golem, tri, tabi's and spirit visage or sunfire)you should check to see if you have vision of all 5 enemy players and if you do you can walk up at full health to an enemy inhibitor turret and solo tank it without minions and destroy it simply by starting off with Iron Mantle and constantly triggering your Bridge Between passive by switching between Iron Mantle, Wingborne Storm, and Wilding Claw. Yes, Udyr is one of the few champs that can do this.

If you feel you need to be in a teamfight to win then by all means to so, but getting an inhibitor in a 4v5 is worth the risk as it adds tons of pressure to the enemies to stay at their base and defend instead of pressing an advantageous teamfight and caturing objectives like baron or going for a win.

Also, if you go for a backdoor inhibitor or turret, make sure you have Ghost up so you can escape, or you have a good chance of dying when trying to escape.
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Udyr is a good all-around jungler that when played well can carry hard in the late game. while he can be easily kited, his Blazing Stampede can help him catch up quickly. Farm your jungle and farm your other jungle (the one that some call the enemy's jungle, but we know its actually yours as well).

Get buff hungry, only give blue to mid if they are doing well (like 3 kills but 10 minutes well) else you could just be giving the enemy free blues. You are as mana hungry as may midlaners and its technically YOUR blue in YOUR jungle, its up to you if they deserve it or not.

Also, if your playing top Udyr the splitpushing should only be done if you have a tanky jungler like Nautilus, Xin Zhao, or a tank build Vi. Else you should be with your team when teamfight stage comes around, but the always farming still applies. Make it (as Dyrus once said) "A great 4v4 matchup".

Once again thank you for checking out my guide, tell me how to improve it in anyway possible so that i can fix whatever may be wrong with this one and make better ones in the future!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rexranger1
Rexranger1 Udyr Guide
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Udyr: the Splitpush Master

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