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Build Guide by Chaotic Bliss

Udyr: Tiger Stance Burst (Improved by patch)

By Chaotic Bliss | Updated on February 11, 2011
169 Votes
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Chapter 1

First thing, I know that most Udyr players dont like Tiger, but I think that they are missing out on great burst power. I wanted to make this build based. I wanted to make The key skill. Well the build is focused on Bear/Tiger Stance, but Tiger is where the burst comes from. Ok lets get started.

Improved by patch Fixed some bugs where certain items would have their Tiger Stance damage cut down to 1/3. They now deal full damage on Tiger Hit. (Affected items are Madred's Razors, Wriggle's Lantern, Sheen, Lich Bane and Trinity Force)

Trinity Force ┬ŽDamage increased to 30 from 20
Attack Speed increased to 30% from 25%
Critical Strike increased to 15% from 12%

Mana reduced to 250 from 300
Health reduced to 250 from 300

All the bond text is what also gives My Udyr more power. Riot has smiled upon me.

Tiger Stance
Initial damage is now 150% attack damage plus 40/80/120/160/200 from 180/210/240/270/300% attack damage
Persistent effect no longer splits Udyr's attacks
Udyr now gains half attack speed for 5 seconds after activating Tiger and half while in Tiger stance
Phoenix Stance base damage of activation effect reduced to 10/18/26/34/42 from 15/25/35/45/55
Phoenix Stance base damage of on hit effect increased to 50/90/130/170/210 from 40/80/120/160/200

This patch I got a lil nerfed and buffed. Less burst with the first rank of bear, but a lil attack speed when activated is good. As long as they dont take the burst out of Tiger, Im happy.

Phoenix AoE took a hit, but its persistant effect got a lil buff. Now much, but it works out.

Tiger Stance
Base damage changed to 30/80/130/180/230 from 40/80/120/160/200
No longer scales off of ability power
Attack damage scaling increased to 1.7 from 0.5
Persistent attack speed in Tiger Stance increased to 20/25/30/35/40% from 15/20/25/30/35%
Initial damage effect can now be triggered any time in Tiger Stance, or within 5 seconds of casting if you switch stances
Restored the hit particle to Tiger Stance's basic attacks
Phoenix Stance
Breath damage reduced to 40/80/120/160/200 from 50/95/140/185/230
Now casts fire cone every 3 attacks instead of every 4

Masteries & Summoner Spells

These are a lil bit odd, but it will wall make sense. Ive got with 12/18/0. Ive gotten some of the melee DPS talents in Offense along with cripple and burning embers. In Defense I was only wanting to get the extra health from Vet. Scars and Nimbleness. But I had to get some tanky masteries to get them. It dont matter, it all comes together when the build is done.

and . Obvious reasons. Slow them down, and to put that near death dot on them.


This build is built on Bear/Tiger Stances. I usually like to get one rank of each spell and have 3/5 of one by LvL5. Well Udyr can get one of each skill at LvL4. So with that I have one of each skill. Better to have them and not need them, instead of need them and not have them.

I build Bear/Tiger together. Phoenix is for farming, and I only got 3 in turtle. Turtle is for bubble only, and I know I could put more points in it for bigger bubbles, but I like to have the stronger Phoenix for farming purposes and team fights.

I personally like Tiger Stance. There is so much burst from it. Its sad that people dont use it more.


Im building this Urdy as a Phsyical DPS champ. Since he is melee, Ive mixed the runs up a bit.

Marks & Qunintessences Ive gone with ArP. This is great for the Tiger Stance Burst.

Seals I went with Dodge here. These work so well with his passive. He comes close to being just as dodgy as Jax. And that is saying something.

Glyphs Ive gone with health per lvl. This will help increase the effectiveness of Atma's as the game goes on. Its not a lot of power, but it all helps. Im thinking I might make them something else, but IDK what yet.


is one of the core items for this build. Its a personal fav of mine too. Now the thing about this item is the active. It helps with chasing and getting that great busrt. Also helps get those extra Phoenix passive's off. Its just a nice item to have IMO. Some disagree but its their opinion.

is what makes things so much more bursty. The bonus dmg it passively procs will make Tiger Stance dangerous. It will give 130% (I think they changed it to 150%) bonus dmg. That comes to about 145. Now add that to the 158 that Udyr has you get 303. Thats a nice lil boost. Now add the 2% from Atma's and you get 380 (im adding the effects of Vet Scars too). Now with Tiger Stance, you will deal 1141 over 2 sec. That math might be wrong, but its close. That is a nice amount of burst yes?

is where things get really nasty. Not only will Udyr be an avoidance champ, he will have high life. Thats a nice lil mix if you ask me. Not to mention it makes Atma's better.

will be what gives you great power. It will give 77 dmg. Add 158 and you get 235 dmg per attack. Thats lovely since he has ArP. Now take that 235, add the 145 from , and you get 380. Tiger Stance it for that 1141 over 2s. Man thats just so pretty.

Since the patch, I decided to take out since I couldnt get dodge from it. So I went with this item instead. Great stats, awesome passive, and it helps him all over. Plus it makes the build cheaper. Thats always nice.

of course. Avoidance and a lil more tankiness.

should be first. should be made as you find the time to get them. Making means making the items as you play, and make them according to the other team. If you are steamrolling, build them how you like. I build > > > . Thats just me.

The other items of this build I have never got to make since there was a lot of /surrenders lol. I got the in SR, but that was about it.

I cant say what other items will work with this, since I havent had a long enough game to experiement. If you are wanting to get a lot of out crit, than is good. is another great one. would be great for this build. too. A lot of AS, and great dmg. It might be viable.

If you find that there is much Magic Dmg, grab a . Caster Hate FTW

Update: Fubull asked if taking some Mpen runes would be a great way to help with the burst from . I took that into concideration when building, and I wanted to stay bound to the AD aspects of . That said, Fubull inspired a thought. If you feel that you would like to have some Mpen to increase the burst, grab an . The debuff will greatly help the burst dmg. Its also a great item to have if the enemy is high in magic dmg.
Game Play

Early Game

Here is where you will be awesome. There are many times you or your team will get First Blood. Like all Udyr builds, start with . I like to get a to start, with a few mana pots. This will make you powerful in the gank. Of course you will want to after the Bear Stun. This will keep your team on top of the focused champ. Always to try and get FB. That will give you the edge you need. At LvL2 you will get . This will help you soooo much. You will be able to throw that lil extra burst. Not to mention, its nice to have while ganking or jungling. Dont over extend and always start with Bear Stun and you will be ok. You will want for farming purposes. for the bubble and it will help you. Just remember this is a Bear/Tiger build, with Tiger giving you the burst.

Mid Game

Here you can do what you like. You can gank, push or jungle. I like to do a lil of all three. You will be working on This will start the burst of You will want to work on and next. These might come more in late game, but its better to start when you can. You will be an even more dangerous ganker now. You will be having a fair amount of power from and will give you nice mobility with . It will be greatness.

Late Game

You will be the bane of almost all champs. You will down casters with ease. Tanks melee DPS champs will be pissed due to your dodge rating, and tanks will be powerless to stop you. You will be able to have great control over many champs, and with the burst power, you will be a great carry for the team. You will want to finish any thing that you havent got done yet, and just make a pest of your self.

NOTE: This build works great in both TT and SR. This is one of the few builds I have that do work well in both. This one is one that works great. Scores may vary, but rarely will you go into the negatives. You will get a fair amount of kills, an insane amount of assists. Snowball items are fun for Udyr.

1v1 & Jungling

I think that the 1v1 aspect of Udyr is obvisous. Great burst, Slows and Stuns, and Ignite to round it all off. His mobility is great too.

Jungling is something different. I find that Tiger is nice with the ArP that I have. I cant say that LvL1 Jungling is good, but you need . Now when you get You can start. that will give you some extra dmg from its active. Bounce between Tiger and Phoenix and jungling is ok.

Ganking % Team Pushing

Ganking is like 1v1. Get the stun off, and Tiger Burst. You will want to focus the Carry or stragglers. Nothing is more freaky than an Udyr jumping out of the brush.

Team pushing you will be waiting to dive in. Yes you are tanky, but you will want to wait for the right time to go in. is best used if you need to get away, and if you go in first you will get bursted down fast. Just wait to go in and you will be ok.

Friends & Enemies

Personally I love Disablers. Janna is a great champ to have babysitting you. I like Blitzcrank to. Hook>Power Fist>Bear Stun>Tiger Burst> GG. Stunners like Taric and Sion are great to have too. Viegar and Event horizon are lovely with this build.

Enemies are Stunners. Ranged champs arent too much of an issue since he has great mobility. Stunners can make or break the Udyr game. can help with that though ;)

My math might have been a lil off, but trust me this works. TT and SR compatable. Great scores, and insane burst for those that love to nuke people.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss
Chaotic Bliss Guide

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