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Evelynn Build Guide by dollotron

ultimate guide for eve

ultimate guide for eve

Updated on June 11, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author dollotron Build Guide By dollotron 4 3 6,638 Views 7 Comments
4 3 6,638 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author dollotron Evelynn Build Guide By dollotron Updated on June 11, 2012
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  • LoL Champion: Evelynn
  • LoL Champion: Evelynn
  • LoL Champion: Evelynn
  • LoL Champion: Evelynn
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  • LoL Champion: Evelynn
  • LoL Champion: Evelynn
  • LoL Champion: Evelynn
  • LoL Champion: Evelynn


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



well first all , the english is not my main lenguage ,and i apologize if im not totally clear.
I started to play eve after the nerf , so i never knew the old op eve , so i ever play with the underpower eve and i love that i have a hard time learning how to be efective with she , and after almost one year i can say i play almost any way of eve , so i hope this guide can help any person that still have some love for eve, (in this guide i will try to cover a full year of playing with eve going froma laner eve to a twisted treeline).
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1)if you gonna be ad eve , you need armor penetration of course greater mark of desolationany eve need def cause you almost every time gonna focused and plus you need stay very close of the enemie , and of course mr , i preefer mr per lv , cause in the star the ap champ don't make much damage and for could help in the start.
2)for ap eve change armor pen to magic pen put greater quintenseence of potency to have some power in the start , and the same mr and def runes
3)for ap jungler eve , , and in this case you need a lot of ap to start and def , but you dont need mr in the start , remember every point of ap is needing in the begining
4)hybrid eve if you are rich use or use , for MR , great seal of resilience For DEF and all this cause you need make 2 kinds of damage , and this
convine good with the playstyle of eve.
5)for ad utility eve i use and convinated with the masterie you will gain 5 of gold every 10 seconds this is great in the first half of the game
6)dominion ad eve you need , all the armor penetration you can have, use greater mark of desolationand greater quintessence of desolation use the same mr and def runes
7)dominion ap eve , i use the same page runes of ap eve ,magic penetration def , mr and some ap with
8)twisted treeland eve ad in this case the movent speed is not important like in summoner rift , change the for
9)twisted treeline ap eve same that any other ap eve.
10)tanky eve , the same DEF and MR runes and to help you to buy items fast
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1)i use the same masteries for ad eve , ad eve twisted treeland and ad eve dominion .21
points in offese 9 in defense you always need stay close to the enemies.
2)for ap eve in summoner rift i use 9 masteires in defense cousa eve is so squishy and a little of defence can help a lot
3)jungler eve ap like almos t any tank jungler y use 21 in defence and 9 in utility is
important put 1 point in "summoner resolver"to resieve 10 gold for anytime you use "smite"
i use 3 ponit in "mercenary" i need a little extra gold for kill and of ocurse 1 point in
"runic affinity2 cause a jungler eve is amana hunger and you need the blue the most time
posible .
4)hybrid eve i use just 6 points in defence , and the other 24 in attack cause you need ap and ad in any way posible
5)utility ad eve. to me this is the harder way to play eve but ,high rick : high reward in
this mode you need movement speed "swifftness" come handly and 4 point in greed convinated
with runes of avarice will give 5 gold each 10 seconds, this is areally usefull , remeber
this way of play eve yuo gonna depend absolate of the items you have , plus you need 1
point in "summoner wrath" to use "surge" and "exaust".
6)for ap eve dominion y use 9 utility point cuase in this mode you hace magic and armor
penetration extra , so the movent speed come handy
7)and at last tanky eve like any tank you will need 21 in defence 9 point in attack , you can put 1 point in "summoner resolve" to improve your "heal"
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-Any evelynn ad , ap , tanky , dps or jungler , need the sheen is your main item becuase your have the shortess cooldown in the game and you always gonna stay close of the enemy.
-if your gonna be ap turn your to , to any other build you always going to need
-for ap eve try to buy Kage's Lucky Pick to gain some money and after turn into cause his passive give a nice burst to gank.
-for ap eve the " is always usefull if you are focused , active your and after use the passive of the item .
-for any eve work in the same way if you died becoming stealth , you will revive invisible .
-almost any eve need but if you are playing twisted treeline is better ,
for ad eve or ap eve.
-for any ap eve the will give magik resist ,ability power , and a good passive to gank champs like , fiora ,mundo ,soraka ,swain, sion or any other with good lifesteal or spell vamp.
-in the case of the 5 build ad utility eve y use the for his passive .
-if you are ad eve and you are fighting vs tanks don't use is better use the cause your will down 26 of defence ,plus 45 of the black clever passive.
-in the same way you can use to fight champ like mundo , shen , maokay etc.
-in dominion if you are ad eve always buy first.
-but if you are ap eve don't buy is more usefull star with
-if you are ap eve and need some magic penetration don't buy for eve is better choice cause will give the same magic penetration and some of magic resist.
-if you jungler eve try to buy to counter the enemy jungler or to gank safe.
-if the game is taking much time and you build is complete , buy elixirs , in the case of eve you can use any king of elixir.
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Skill Sequence

this is the same to almost any eve
lv 1 -1 point to , try to farm giving last hit using this
lv 2 -1 point to if you are laner or 1 ponit to if you are jungler
lv 3 -1 point to if you are laner or 1 to to gank after lv 3
lv 4 -1 point to cause you need this 20 seconds os safety to gank
Lv 5 -1 point in
lv 6 -1 point to to chase or gank .
lv 7 to lv 9 maxout the - remember for ap this is your burst, to ad you need armor reduction.
lv 10 -1 point , to make a little more damage.
lv 11 -1 point to
lv 12 to lv 14 maxout
lv 15 -1 point in 30 seconds of stealth come handy
lv 16 -max out especially usefull for ad eve
lv 17 to lv 18 -max out almost one minute of stealth, you can walk around witouth problem

remember get close of a champ with try to stay behind ,use to make the DEF and MR reduction , EXCEPT if you have use first the passive of the item and after , and the and a lot of , if yu kill the champ the cooldown of the will refresh use this to escape or to keep chasing.
ps. always use cause have a short cooldown.
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Summoner Spells

-must have to eve is and
-if you are playing dominion will be more handy that
-for a hybrid eve is usefull have cause the bonus of attack speed and ability power
-in the tanky build is funny when you kill somebody and he say heal noob the will help
to gank safe.
-the will alway come handy to gank
- is obligation to the junglers.
-sometimes i choose if your team mate put a ward in bush , almost anytime going be a good gank.

never choose

- eve is a hunger mana , but just try conserve your mana to gank.
- you need be strong , not your minion
- is like say im going to died.
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Pros / Cons

ad evelynn
pros cons
+good late game -bad early game
+can kill alone -very expensive
+fast and can backdooring so easy -your not gonna burst like ap eve
+life steal convine with the sheen passive

ap evelynn
+good early game -not so powerfull like ad eve in a
+more cheap build late game
+good burst -if you do good they will buy oracles
+good way to escape

hybrid eve
+good damage ad and ap -very expensive
+versatile -not so good in a late game
+good attack speed

jungler eve
+super ganks -an early gan to your blue can be fatal
+good burst damage to your jungle.
+can have total warness of the map -champions like a sin lee jungler can
make your jungle a hell.

tanky eve
+can survive team fights -poor damage in a late game
+can dive more easy -not so good in a backdoor
+good early damage
+cheap build
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in dominion eve is much stronger that in a normal game , cause there is not wards and the oracles have a limited time , plus you have armor pen and magic pen this always usefull.
when i start ap or ad eve i useally take mid , to gain time for lv 4 to take a point in ravage after that take another point in shadow walk and try to gank bot , remember gank bot only if you are lv 5.
alway use shadow before out of base , cause in dominion you are visible in the road ,
your strong point is that they never konw were are you.
the enemy can see if you are in captured point but if are invisible ,not ; you can use this to defence one base , cause the enemy dont know you are there waiting to attack.
but in dominion dont matter how man people you kill the point is take control of at leat 3 bases , and eve is very good backdooring in dominion
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there a ceratin champs can kill you easyly and other that you can kill soy easy have this in mid before attack

eve is weak vs

* you always gonna lose vs jax try when you have a good partner to gank
* you burst, but you have run after his ulty and keep your ignite to kill him.
* she can detect you with her
* same like kata , his star fall can detect you , plus she have a lot heal , hard 1 vs 1 exept if you are ad.
* he is a tank and hurt when you stay of him , plus a lot of cc
* can detect you and put you slow , plus he can scape so easy
* she is a 50/50 if she dont hace her ulty dont sorry , but if she have:stun , true damage and eve dead
* eve have to stay close and stay of trundle is bad idea
* same that trundle stay close of sujani hurts
* is really hard get close of this fish
* well you know tanky this poison make hard stay close

easy prey for eve

* the only way she can escape from you is with her ulty so dont worry
* with a partner is a really easy kill
* is really easy to kill you need ignite to kill him but is easy kill
* stay close and easy kill
* you hace to wait he use his stun
* is the same that veigar , he dont have any way to escape

in general
any champ without any cc like can died very easy in evelynn hands , there other you will need a lot of help like , , god damm , and
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Team Work

the strong point of eve is the team work , you alone are nothing , she is not chamo like master yi or darius , she need a lot of coperation , tray to gank in earlys lv they dont expect an early gank, if any enemie champ have oracle tell to the team please focus that champion , if your ad carrier can hace the kill , is better an a d carrier fed that a evelynn fed .remember you dont have to be the carrier in a game of team work, have this in mind when you play evelynn

if you have oriana or shen in your team you can sue super ganks
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for jungling i will pt images in a future but in the moment a put a video really usuefull , with this video a learn to play with eve jungler , this video is not mine , and all credits is for the creator of the video , really usefull video
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to finish

i hope this guide being usefull to the eve lovers and if anyone can help me to make this guide visual better ,(i dont know how tu put image of runes ans skill) and fell free to write me any question in spanish or english.

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