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Vayne Build Guide by othisdede

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author othisdede

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othisdede Last updated on October 28, 2013
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Hello folks;this is my first guide i'm a bit nervous; yet i hope you'll like this guide. First things first,YOU MUST LOOK ALL BUILDS AND CHANGE THEM ON SITUATIONS. I'll try to explain when to build what. Vayne is a really item dependant champion so whatever you build will effect the early mid and late game. This guide will change much;think of this as a sample with core information about Vayne

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Why Vayne?


The most important feature that vayne provides to her players is constant repositioning mechanism with high damage. That makes vayne probably the most fun to play adc. I've been playing vayne like 8 months and i can say i made her my main. Her ridicule cc and being able to duel almost anyone around makes him a viable choice despite his bad early game.

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Summoner Choices

This is also based on other team too and the items that you're going to build. I list the summoners you can use.


It is mediocre for almost all carries.Can be used both offensive and defensive. No need to describe it much. PICK IT.

Barrier will help you survive through burst dps charges from supports mages,helps you bait to low hp.

It is a viable choice if you're against high cc team.( Fiddlesticks, Lulu, Nasus, Shen etc.)

Ignite and Teleport:
Teleport for splitpush Ignite extra offensive spell yet i dont think its worth to pick with this low hp.

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Pros and cons


-Constant repositioning.
-High damage.
-Excellent dueler.
-True damage.
-Only carry that has instant hard cc before level 6.

-Low starting hp.
-Hard to master condemn.
-Requires time to learn tumble.
-Really low range.
-Vulnerable to early poke.

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Fury :Will help you proc your Silver Bolts.

Butcher :Helps your cs and early game.

Deadliness :Who doesnt want extra +12 ad.

Destruction :Helps splitpushing a lot.

Weapon Expertise :Helps you slice through heavy armored opponents.

Lethality :Will effect your damage really well since critic means %250 damage with ie.and means extra %12.5 ad per crit

Frenzy:Will give you a dagger for every time you crit.

Sunder :More arp means more damage,helps your damage output and fits your anti tank personality.

Executioner :Helps you finish your targets easier.


Durability :Lets you survive 1 more attack and this means a lot if you're adc.

Hardiness :Will help your trades against their carry.

Resistance :Will help you trade against support and mid.You may change this mastery if your lane opponent has lesser poke and max the hardiness.

Veteran's Scars :Will help you survive in early game.

Pretty much classic adc runes masteries.The reason why i pick Butcher and Destruction is about the playstyle.Vayne's skillset allows her to split push well,and those masteries help him more than Havoc in my opinion.It can be changed if you wish though it makes around 6 damage for 300 ad which is pretty much low.Also Butcher will help you last hitting in early game.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
The things you can change here is using scaling magic resist or change one damage rune to lifesteal. You should balance the mix according to your lane and general comp. If your lane has heavy physical poke without even spellshots like Caitlyn or Miss Fortune you should maximize the lifesteal quints to stay longer at lane and farm. If you have high magical damage poke in lane such as Zyra and Lulu you may go flat runes to counter the early lane pressure.

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Skill Description

Night hunter: Helps you chase down your opponents;yet the most important part of this skill is letting you move fast in teamfights and duels when pressing on helps dodging skillshots.

Tumble: Lets you roll for a new position and your next attack will deal higher damage. Lower cd and higher damage percent if you max it first.(like 2 seconds)Probably your characters bread and butter if you can use the attack reset by aa first and press the tumble to make two attacks quick proccing your Silver Bolts
Silver bolts: That skill gives you extra attack damage per hit. Gives +55 attack at its last level and most importantly deals %hp as true damage. This skill with Blade of the Ruined King and Last Whisper will make you an anti tank carry.
Condemn: Knocks back the opponent and if there is a wall behind it at low range makes it stunned for 1.5 seconds. Really hard to master,wrong usage might lead your opponent to survive.
Final hour Lets you go all in.Extra damage and triples the ms bonus of your night hunter. You may use it on team objectives like dragon or baron nashor . And also gives your Tumble invisibility for a short duration which makes you take 1 less auto attack or creating chaos on teamfights.

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When to pick Vayne?

+If your lane opponent depends on spellshots,low range.( Ezreal Sivir)
+If your opponent has lesser poke. ( Soraka Taric)
+Your mid lane opponent has no stuns that have higher range than you ( Ryze Annie)
+Against tanky comps ( Nasus Shen )

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Buiding items accordingly is a main point when playing Vayne.Taking correct items for correct comps is really important.
Itemization will change your dueling potential.You can even duel a Zed if you're building Quicksilver Sash.Or even if you get feared 4 secs by a wild Fiddlesticks you can end up with a penta kill.
To decently build; look other teams comp.You saw a leblanc? go for banshee to tolerate the burst.You saw a fizz use your QSS to break Chum the Waters tumble away or go Guardian Angel.
If they lack cc go for my BOTRK,TRINY,IE build.This build will give almost everything you need.If they're tanky with low cc then build Last Whisper before going Trinity Force and then Infinity Edge.That build will probably outdps the PE,IE build.

I'll try to explain when to use each item and why:
Trinity Force provide
*Probably the highest damage potential.
*Adds you extra kiting ability
*Every time you tumble you gain passive of trinity.

Blade of the Ruined King provide
*Makes you an excellent dueler.
*Gives Vayne the early attack speed she needs.
*Lifesteal makes vayne stay longer in lane;and vayne needs farm.
*Helps you to take down tanky targets.

The Bloodthirster provide
*Synergy with Tumble.
*Sustain in lane.

Spoiler: Click to view

Quicksilver Sash provide
*Adds survivabilty from summoners such as Ignite and Exhaust.
*Lets you survive from heavy cc like annie's Pyromania;nasus's Wither,fiddle's Terrify.
*Lets you survive the high damaged spells that are activated later(zed's Death Mark,fizz' Chum the Waters).

Phantom Dancer provide
*Extra movement speed with Night Hunter.
*Adds decent amount of damage and increases dps with Silver Bolts extra damage.

Statikk Shiv provide
*Same bonuses with phantom dancer with less stats.
*Has less cost and lets you finish your build earlier.
*Used mostly for wave clearing.

Banshee's Veil provide
*Survival from most of mages which combo's their spells like orianna's ulti combo,annie's tibber combo etc.

Zephyr provide
*Adds tenacity lowers stuns silence fears.And vayne shouldnt get cc'ed too long.
*Gives extra attack damage at early level rather then crit.So in early levels, it increases vayne's dps more.

Last Whisper provide
*Helps you peel down tanks.If they dont have tanks, you may actually skip this and go for a The Bloodthirster

Sword of the Divine provide
*Mix this with Infinity Edge and click the item.You'll 3 hit most of the ap and ad carries.

Infinity Edge provide
*Probably adds the most dps if you have some basic attack speed.
*Gets synced with Phantom Dancer, Trinity Force, Sword of the Divine.

The Black Cleaver provide
*Lets your team too to damage better heavy armored targets.
*Procs with your high attack speed which all of your builds need.

Randuin's Omen provide
*Helps against ad mids.
*Helps at dueling with adc.

Frozen Mallet provide

*The one you hit once cant escape because of your high attack speed.
*Gives a little bit tankiness.

Guardian Angel provide
*You can take down some heavy cc or heavy damage skills with you and make the opponents wait for your revive.Useful for heavy burst like Fizz , Ahri

Warmog's Armor provide
*Helps you survive from high burst damage heroes yet it would be the last option in defensive items that are available.

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Your early game with Vayne is bad. Your Tumble has high cooldown,your mana is low which makes you hard to overuse Condemn. This will be the hardest part of your game. The main item of Vayne is lifesteal items such as Blade of the Ruined King and The Bloodthirster.
Your laning must be at your turret and the first lower bush if you're getting outranged.The simple tactic for last hitting the creeps is; let the turret hit melee minions twice and last hit it. For the range minions hit once wait till turret hits and use your aa to finish and get the creep.

Spoiler: Click to view

Your basic poke mechanism as vayne is really hard yet it exists for low range targets or champions that used his escape mechanisms for initiation. You should time your opponents last hit; aa and Tumble instantly for 2 hit, you may go for condemn to proc Silver Bolts and make the third hit which deals loads of damage.If you think you can kill it then dont Condemn if it wont connect to wall at a decent position.

This is the time where you should aim your strikes.This image will change since i'm too far away with sivir in this occasion yet you should get the idea.
With the advantage sivir let me by hitting for the last hit i landed my auto attack and tumble in instant at a different time on this game. And after that take a look where i position myself. You should always think the line that i draw. In this situation i done a condemn to the wall and completed my 3 hit combo.Then it was easy to kill her while she's pinned down to wall.
Spoiler: Click to view

When to go golem?

When you have a hard lane and when you go base if the lane is pushed to opponents turret,you'll probably have problems at cs. At those times go for the golem till the wave comes under your turret so you can stay at safe range.In this situation look annie and count her as caitlyn.She would've shoot you till you reach your turret and under your turret you have more chance to cs.So dont miss the opportunity for extra exp and gold from golem.

Keeping your advantage

If you think your lane is won and team is winning the game you may prolong the game by only last hitting and not pushing the turret.Taking the turret down will make you a gank target where you actually in closer to enemy jungle's path.

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Before you read this part. I must tell you one thing.Supports are fun to play if you can play. AND THEY REALLY EFFECT THE GAME COURSE. I'm telling the people who're reading this guide. Try to learn all the positions well to be good at this game. To play your character good,you must play others to learn the skills of them; take position accordingly and use your skills.

So lets come to main part.
There are 3 types of support:
+High risk high reward support(no hook=gg wrong inition=gg)( Blitzcrank, Thresh, Alistar, Leona )
+Medium risk support (skillshot and requires positioning) ( Zyra, Lulu, Nami )
+Low risk support(has heals and no skillshots) ( Soraka, Taric, Janna, Sona )

You'll make your lane strategy with your supports. With high risk supports; you may want to push with his lane presence. With medium risk supports; depending on their poke and your hp you may go either initiate or fall back.With low risk supports; you probably end up being under your turret and wait for an opportunity.(sona is an exception for being both safe and makes decent poke without skillshots)


-Has a decent attack steroid that increases your tumble damage.
-Provides extra movement speed which lets you outplay the opposing lane.
-Really effective against initiators such as Leona, Thresh
-Has three peeling mechanism( Howling Gale, Zephyr, Monsoon)
If Janna manages to timely use her Eye Of The Storm you may end up pushing their turret.Janna is a safe pick.

Quick tips when playing against:Aim for Eye Of The Storm cd and try to tumble skillshots.Since she has no good poke mechanism you can farm freely.


-Has 2 heals
-Gives extra armor when she uses Astral Blessing
-Silence and mana boost is solid,since you may even Condemn to last hit without thinking its mana cost.

Another safe pick. When laning with soraka there will be 2 options:
+You get outpoked and struggle near your turret trying to dodge skillshots.
+You didnt get outpoked and soraka didnt needed to use her Astral Blessing on cooldown.In this situation you may go for a little risky plays which she can tolarate with her heals.

Quick tips when playing against:Aim for cooldowns of Astral Blessing;try to use your Final Hour after her silence to constantly Tumble.You can farm well against a soraka.


-Has decent poke.
-Excellent at teamfights with Crescendo.
-MS buff and heals.

Laning with a sona is pretty tricky.Sona must know when to poke or when not to poke.If you're against a Caitlyn, Zyra lane and gets caught; it'll probably lead a doublekill since she's squishy and only has two self peeling mechanism and one of them is actually not much viable ( Song of Celerity chord). When playing vayne you'll really appreciate heroes that can peel you succesfully and sona works well.

Quick tips when playing against:You cant have any other choice but to let your support zone her or she'll harass you really much.You may try to Tumble Crescendo yet its really hard.


-Has excellent attack steroid.( Blood Boil)
-Has an excellent attack speed debuff with constant poke.( Ice Blast)
-Ultimate damage really hurts when charged.

Laning with nunu depends on how you cover each other. Nunu at support is a low range poke character that vayne doesnt like. Yet the mighty Blood Boil proc with your Silver Bolts turns you to a monster.Even though he has only 1 form of cc except his ulti that guy is really viable as a lane partner.(His ulti is excellent in peeling though it's a long cooldown spell)

Quick tips when playing against:That guy needs to be zoned out till you get lifesteal too.You may break his ultimate with your condemn.


-Has three forms of cc.
-Has excellent peeling mechanisms.
-Has both attack damage and movement speed steroid.

Personally my favorite support.That little yordle simply provides tons of utility.As vayne you need to stay alive.Lets take a look what this little devil do on 2v2 combat.She gives you an attack steroid with her passive while she shields you.( Pix, Faerie Companion)Polymorphs the enemy adc which'll cost minimum two auto attack.Gives you extra hp and knock-up with Wild Growth,and at the same time hits 80-260 damage based on level.If that guy focuses you and stay alive you'll definetly win the teamfights.

Quick tips when playing against:You need to Tumble Glitterlance and count for cooldowns of polymorph.Also keep in mind that Help, Pix! will break your ultimate's stealth.


-Madlife is a god.
- Death Sentence, Condemn, Flay combo mostly brings a kill.
- Dark Passage can be used to pull vayne in condemn situation.
-Tumbling to a passage will let you escape to miles away.
-Has three forms of cc.
-Has good initiation.

Thresh is one of high risk high reward guys.If he can connect his Death Sentence you should snowball like hell.If he cant you cant get rewarded from that guys utility and get poked.When going for lanterns use your tumble to get a quicker escape tool if passage is in not clickable situation.

Quick tips when playing against:You have to Tumble the Death Sentence;dont get in Flay range.Try to stay in The Box if you're inside of it.


-Dem hooks.
-Dem punch.
-High burst damage when combo.

Blitzcrank is another high risk high reward support.Like thresh hook ; Rocket Grab, Condemn, Power Fist means pretty much dead enemy.Yet you may get eventually outpoked if blitz cant connect his Rocket Grab.Blitzcranks grab has even more sucess rate when he pulls in a correct situation since thresh pulls himself to target and you should move to the Condemn position.

Quick tips when playing against: Rocket Grab;dodge that spell.


-Excellent disengage power.
-Damages like hell without you notice when you face with the plants.
-Has free wards with her seeds.
-Crazy poke.

This plant girl is pretty more risky then a lulu since she solely depends on a skillshot Grasping Roots.She has some constant poke and lets your lane push.Her excellent disengage power with Stranglethorns is what makes her a good support.If she's good at using skillshots you wont have a problem in lane.

Quick tips when playing against:Can simply kill you by herself when you focus their adc.So always be aware of her Stranglethorns cooldown and dodge Grasping Roots


-Has 2 forms of hard cc.( Headbutt, Pulverize).
-High burst damage.
-Too tanky.
-Has heal.

This guy is one of risky picks too. Because most of alistar players cant combo well Headbutt, Pulverize; you get capsized.A wrong initiation will lead you ruin.Also has high cooldowns.Yet 3 hard cc will surely be enough for you to get a kill if its good initiated.

Quick tips when playing against:You can only stop his combo by staying near your turret.Aim his cd's. Headbutt can be Condemned yet its really hard to do that.


-3 forms of cc.
-Gap closer.
-Has an attack steroid with Sunlight
-Lets you towerdive.

One of high risked champions.Has long range cc with Solar Flare where you can close gaps.Sunlight helps the extra damage.Has peeling mechanisms.Has more reliable initiation with Zenith Blade.

Quick tips when playing against:Pick cleanse dodge her Zenith Blade,harrass when Eclipse is on cooldown.


-Insaaaane cc with Terrify, Dark Wind
-Ultimate does high damage without items.( Crowstorm)
-Can stay in lane with Drain.

Has a safe poke Dark Wind yet may end up messing your cs. Terrify on adc means a lot.His ulti deals hard damage.Yet doesnt have heal or an attack steroid.

Quick tips when playing against:Constantly needs a ward bush for Crowstorm.Pick cleanse to bait the guy.You can stop his Drain and Crowstorm with Condemn


-Extra armor means you effect less from adc pokes.
-Has decent heal.
-No skillshot stun.

This guy can help you a lot when surviving against long range ad poke like caitlyn or jayce.Also has a nice attack steroid with his Radiance.

Quick tips when playing against:Poke at Shatter cooldown keep an eye on Dazzle animation and Tumble away to reduce its effectiveness.


- Ebb and Flowused for both healing and poking.
- Aqua Prison is aoe stun.
-Decent attack steroid with Tidal Wave.

Connecting bubbles is the key to get the synergy.If you give vayne Tidecaller's Blessing it'll help you deal insane damage if you can hit thrice an enemy.Also has a nice ultimate yet its hard to use.

Quick tips when playing against:Dodge dem bubbles;dont get close when she's gonna heal.

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This is where vayne shines most. Before using splitpush you must be aware your opponents positions and watch them till you finish your splitpush. The most important thing is constantly looking at enemies that are missing. If you think you can 1v1 with your target stay in lane, if you're unsure fall back. You must choose the moments where they group up.And spam the v button to your team and make them stay under turret.
What will this provide:
You'll pull a guy to your lane makes it 4v4 and you get away with your extra farm that is provided from splitpush.
As i said when you splitpush you're basically free farming when others dont.Vayne does need a lot of farm.
If you pull 2 guys than you'll constantly tell your team to initiate since its 4v3 makes you win a probable teamfight. Then this'll probably lead a turret or objective letting your team in adventagous situation.


In this photo my team was at first at jungle and was near turret.I really dont know its a mistake or not yet i saw 5 pushing we had 4 under turret.I decided to splitpush.Before i even go for a couple of creeps to push trynd died and my team was still in jungle.We lost a turret and an inhibitor for my attempt

In the second one jinx was trying to splitpush without no vision at all.And didnt knew my team was coming from our jungle.So she died.

And here i show a correct splitpushing example.I first pushed the lane from our upper golem side to our second turret first and go in a bush to persuade people i'm not there and not to pull people.Some of enemies were still dead and our team straightly go dragon there which is a good think to do after the baron.

I was pinging my team to fall back since all of the enemies just revived and if you dont count me they cant 4v5 them.Yet something that i didnt expect happened.Enemy team did send 2 guys in front and get caught so 2 died.And we had the baron 3 were defending their inner turret.


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As an adc dont try to hit the squishiest target. Pick your targets one by one. That is a general tactic. You should try to hit the squishiest and most damage dealing character, yet if you get outranged then you shouldnt push your luck much. Then you'll find yourself in front of an angry Shen or Alistar where you'll get cc'ed and die.

This is a perfect example for how you kite.It'll probably take dosens of practice and skill to kite like this yet its the rewarding part of vayne.You probably know the video of doublelift senpai:

/league-of-legends/item/quicksilver-sash-94 The basic positioning as vayne is always think of a line to your opponent and prolong the line.If there is a wall on this line you can Condemn. Dont get caught and tumble away from skillshots.If you can time your condemn well it also counters Alistar Headbutt or Vi's Assault and Battery

Spoiler: Click to view


Turret wreckage and turret also counts as wall.

Tumble is the second thing when kiting. If your opponent comes to you depending on his skill range Tumble back to avoid. If an opponent tries for skillshot you can Tumble to sides. And remember you cant dps while you're dead.Survive as much as you can so you can deal more damage.In baron or dragon if you use tumble to a wall it'll make a lesser hop and aa so you'll decrease the interval with your auto attack and tumble combo.So you increase your damage.Another awesome thing about Tumble is giving you invisibility for a short duration. You see garen comin to ulti you may blow his mind by an invisible Tumble Condemn combo. You can even dodge darius' ulti when he's at air by tumbling to side.

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Even though i turned it more visual it still needs loads of work. And please state your reasons why you up or downvote so i can work on it. I made this guide to learn different perspectives of vayne from you guys so please tell me your advices.Oncoming lane opponents one by one,how to act based on your and enemy teams bot lane strategy,team objectives.

Coming soon ad matchups