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Ashe Build Guide by Lazarus920

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lazarus920

*UPDATED 12/26* Tanky DPS Anti-Carry Ashe

Lazarus920 Last updated on December 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction and Updates

**UPDATED 12/26/11**

Ashe has been moving away from the ranged carry role recently. Because she lacks an escape like most new ranged carries do a la Graves, Vayne, Caitlyn, Tristana, Corki, etc... she is being outclassed by most other ranged carries in lane, and if she gets beaten too hard, into late game. As such, shes beginning to move in the meta toward a supporting role, allowing the two solo champions to do the bulk of the damage while she crowd controls from afar. As such, this Tanky DPS build is A LOT MORE viable now than ever before, with a lot of new tricks you can throw in to make it even better.

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Pros / Cons


    She can deal out massive damage with each basic attacks thanks to crit chance.
    She has CC in literally every attack making team fights amazing.
    Her farming ability is top notch with her area attack Volley.
    Hawkshot gives you lane sustain by spotting out ganks before they happen.
    Her ult is one of the most fight/game-changing abilities in the game.
    COUNTLESS other reasons that make her a great choice for a ranged DPS champ.
    She has the biggest boobs in the game... I think.

    She is USUALLY extremely squishy (we're gonna change that).
    She is relatively mana thirsty almost ALL game. Requires good intensive use of Frost Arrow.
    Almost always focused down in team fights... until they see your 3200 Health Pool.
    Gets KSed a lot thanks to the speed reduction on her frost arrows.
    Weak early game against ranged casters; zone control is often difficult.

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Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Mark of Attack Damage
Greater Seal of Armor
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

These runes provide my basic set up for ranged carries. I take 3 AD quints and marks for a 10 AD boost for early game last hitting/harrass. I couple that with 10 Armor Pen worth of 6 marks for late game transfer. Armor seals are almost a given on ranged carries now, and MR/level glyphs round out this rune build.

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I go with a 21-9-0 build, taking all the typical damage masteries. For those who do not know, I'll say it in caps.


So yeah... don't get them. XD

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Summoner Spells

I take Ghost and Flash as my primary summoner spells. Ghost allows her to keep up with ANY champion and chase after those runners with frost arrows. Flash allows for some hilarious final hits with volley as well as safety from early/late game ganks. Other options include Teleport for ult hopping, something that you can probably find explained on youtube, Exhaust for more lane dominance and late game anti-carry control, and Ignite for that extra damage to finish someone off.

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Skill Sequence

Prioritize Volley, getting it maxed out by level 9 for its creep farming, its zoning presence, and its pure damage. After that maximize Frost Shot to get its movement speed drop as high as possible before lvl 16. I do however get one early point in Hawkshot at level 2 just to spot out early ganks from junglers when playing mid. Early Hawkshot means you never really have to buy a ward if you know where to aim it. I am not in the camp of maximizing Hawkshot early as its gold boost really isn't that great. Consider 200 creep killed with an extra five gold per... you just earned another pair of boots. Congrats. And of course get a point in Crystal Arrow at 6, 11, and 16 because... what the hell else would you do?

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Ashe's early game is often sighted as being relatively weak. This build (especially in the runes) is set to turn that around and make her a very powerful early game presence. Take mid if you can as you will need a lot of farm early. Her volley is a spammable spell even at level 1, so use it to last hit minions as well as zone your enemy champions away from you. Its slow will keep most casters out of range long enough that they won't be able to properly land their spells. Use Hawkshot whenever it is up to scout enemy buffs for possible ganks as well as your own bushes to see if someone is about to gank you. It also helps when an enemy runs into a lane bush to hawkshot them, giving you access to auto attacks despite them being hidden in brush. You will need to become VERY SKILLED at last hitting with Ashe in order for this build to work. Stay in lane if you can until you have at least 1650 gold for the BF sword, though if you can stay until 2000 for BF + boots, it would be even better.

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Items and Build Process

The heart of the guide. Let's dig in shall we? While my build is a bit unconventional, I am sure you will find more success with it than you would from regular DPS ashe builds. It requires a LOT OF FARMING both early and late game, so be greedy about those big minion waves.

Start off with a D Blade if you have a healing support at bot. If not, boots and three potions work well too. FOCUS on last hitting minions using your auto attacks/volley and don't worry too much about harass. Ashe is really bad at trading because she lacks an internal jump, so until you hit 6 avoid it. For now just last hit and zone out the opposing champion(s) with Volley until 1650/2000 gold. At that point back for...

your B.F. Sword and IF YOU CAN your Boots. An early BF Sword. From here, continue farming and begin harassing as the boots can help you keep up with the opponent. Once you have the necessary gold (~1545 for Greaves or 1825 for Treads), back it up and buy...

your pickaxe and upgraded boots. This is almost obvious, but you will be building IE first, so get that pickaxe for some more easy farming as you wait for that gold to clear up for your IE. Once you can, back as soon as possible and get...

Infinity Edge! This is the heart and soul of ALL Ashe builds. Because her base stats aren't very high, she is VERY crit dependent and thanks to this item, you will be dishing out RIDICULOUS damage with each crit. Early game, you start critting for ~300 damage and enemies' health bars will plummet with each hit. Getting this item early is critical for Ashe's presence in team fights and tower pushing. The next items will be a bit of a shocker to enemy champions. Grab IE as soon as possible, then grab Zeal for increased damage, crits, and movement speed (i.e. EVERYTHING ASHE WANTS!). Do not get Phantom Dancer just yet, because that will gimp your build HARD. Instead, save the gold for your upcoming...

Giant's Belt into Warmog's Armor. In my old build, I suggested getting Atma's after giants belt, but with the recent nerf to Warmog's, it's very important to get it as soon as possible (i.e. right after your Zeal). Warmog's provides Ashe with a great boost in survivability that just gets better over time as she continues to last hit. Next up:

Buy chain vest ASAP for tankiness in fights against their ranged carry/jungler, and build directly into Phantom Dancers next. Even with just IE and PD, you will do some great crit damage. In any case, save up the 1655 gold you'll need from here (yes this build is HELLA EXPENSIVE) to get...

ATMA'S IMPALER! This item is so freakin broken on so many champs that it blows my mind how it hasn't been nerfed yet. It has EVERYTHING this build wants: armor, crit chance, and attack damage.

Your core is pretty much done at this point. The sixth and final item will depend on who you are up against. If you are having trouble keeping up with people to control them with frost arrows or if they have a burst AP caster who IS STILL FOCUSING YOU despite a 3200 health pool, grab Force of Nature. If they have that one person who CC's from afar like Brand/Sion/Amumu or you simply want more health, more mana, and more MR, grab the Veil. Stark's and Bloodthirster provide for lifesteal if their team is not very AP strong or their AP carry is simply not focusing you. Wit's End provides with both offense and defense and for a cheap 2k gold is pretty good at defending Ashe against casters (55 effective MR for a 2k Gold item). Guardian Angel provides for EXTRA armor tankiness and is often a great pick for any champion.

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This is the updated Support/Anti-Carry Tanky DPS Ashe build. Before you criticize it, let me suggest that you try it out. It has worked wonders for me in game and I am sure will do great for you as well.

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Troll Voters/Douches


Downvotes and posted that the build "sucks" so that he could get people to look at his own mediocre typical DPS Ashe build.