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Hecarim Build Guide by Centaur

Jungle Updated Hecarim 13.19 CHALLENGER Guide [EUW] YEETER1V9 HECARIM GUIDE

Jungle Updated Hecarim 13.19 CHALLENGER Guide [EUW] YEETER1V9 HECARIM GUIDE

Updated on October 7, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Centaur Build Guide By Centaur 52 12 88,129 Views 0 Comments
52 12 88,129 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Centaur Hecarim Build Guide By Centaur Updated on October 7, 2023
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Runes: Phase w boots

1 2
Phase Rush
Nimbus Cloak

Ingenious Hunter
Eyeball Collection

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


Blue smite (always)
LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Gustwalker Smite

Gustwalker Smite

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide


By Centaur
About me

Introduction Hecarim Conqueror

I will keep it short, and tell you a few things about myself.

Hey there, my name is Yeeter1v9. I am a Challenger Jungler & I've been playing Hecarim since season 8 Where I started playing the game. Hecarim I love Hecarim due to his speed Boots, mobility and damage. It's a great champion to be able to 1v9 games.

I usually stream as often as I can on Twitch, so it would appreciated to see you around those corners! I will try to be educational as possible, and if you have any questions feel free to tune in & ask free.

I also am an Evelynn enthusiast so feel free to ask questions regarding her as well, I stream as often as possible on my Twitch linked down below so come say Hi <3

Thank you for reading it all <3

Radiant Virtue: This item is generally for games where you start Shojin first item, mostly in games where you feel like u have no job as an assassin & they have HARD lockdown such as Nautilus , Lissandra etc. Black cleaver / Shojin > Muramana > Radiant allows you to more of a tankier frontline rather than an assassin.

Goredrinker: is good when enemies has a lot of low range champions that want to optimize into you. This could be Sion TOP | Graves JG | Sylas MID | Vayne ADC | Nautilus SUPPORT
In such games they want to obt into you & you can use the AOE heal multiple times in a fight & the HP that you gain from GORE & it's mythic Passive

Stridebreaker: is typically good in games where the slow is really viable & enemy has longer range champions with little to no mobility that you otherwise couldn't stick onto. The slow helps a lot, however the item is a little worse in most games so you need to know the differences when you pick an item.
Pros and Cons
+ Good duelist
+ Good potential gank setup
+ Able to 1v9
+ Good teamfighter
+ Super fast
+ 'Easy' to play at first (hard to master)
+ Fun to play
+ High skill ceiling (movement based champion)
+ Good in lower elos

- Falls off
- Struggles from late invades/counter jungling
- Useless if behind
- Little to no escape if you ult in
- Reliant on Q stacks to be relevant in fights
- Harder to pull off in high-elo
- Team reliant early on
- Bad ganks pre 6
Runes explanation


You want to run this rune page when enemies have a lot of squishy champions with mobility, however it is my prefered rune page (allows 2nd item muramana spike)[boots].


Shojin > black cleaver vs squishier tankier comps who still lack armor. If you are hard AD or full AD black cleaver is superior as it will reduce their armor and make your entire team deal increasd damage. Both items are good options.

If enemies has A LOT of melees / bruisers(or tanks) Conqueror size=25 can be a g reat option too although ,it is compeltely playstyle depenadant. (I would still stick to the Eclipse build, it's my personal preference).
Tips and tricks

One of the most underseen things is keeping your stacks up on hecarim . This is a very simple trick, but it is essential to mastering the horse Hecarim himself. It's what makes the difference between a good and bad Hecarim if you can keep your stacks for fights your chance of winning it will drastically increase
You can drag camps super far or wait to kill them so your Stacks are up as long as possible in case a fight breaks out.
Steal all gold and play for yourself, after all you are the carry.
Once you reach you have a huge power spike but even further once you reach or so make sure to take calculated fights before your strong points!

When kiting towards your enemies using make sure to not instantly use it as your AD is higher which means more Damage but also if they flash your ) Devastating Charge then they can often escape.

Sometimes you can trick enemy laners into taking a fight strongly in your advantage if you're just sitting hitting a wave alone stacking your , you can sometimes use and 100 to 0 them
In case your is on Cooldown you can sometimes with just charge and smite them to slow + increase your own speed and 'insec' them away from their own tower
Items Explained
Eclipse is currently the best Mythic item on Hecarim, in the vast majority of games.

Eclipse > Muramana > Situational

Black cleaver seems to be the best fitting items in most games due to it's high gold efficiency & potential to shred armor/tanks (together with Eclipses % PEN).

I've been testing Gargoyle Stoneplate for a couple of weeks now and it feels rly good either you just sit on Aegis of Legion for some bonus stats)

This allows you to be a lot tankier & since you already have the Pen + CDR you need, you will not struggle with Damage.

Death's dance is a great 2nd last / last item as it allows you to negate a lot of the burst you'd otherwise be taking. (Eclipse shield + Hecarim W healing etc.).

Triforce & Black cleaver build is viable as both items are arguably strong at the current moment, however it does not fit my playstyle.
Matchup guide
Here I will be going through every matchup in debt

Graves is a counter pick for hecarim. The way you win this matchup is by obtaining an early lead an taking over, you will win any 1v1 in the early stages if you have your stacked. Keep in mind his armor he gets from his E and try to punish his low mobility by ulting him into your team and oneshotting, try to avoid him at most costs later in the game. Recommended

Olaf is a matchup where if you just stand still and fist fight him he will win, but with proper kiting you can win this matchup. is a good option in this matchup to escape if he gets on top of you. In general you want to try and bait his ult, and only fight when you have your up. He will annihilate him, so avoid him in fights and try to oneshot backline. He falls hardcore off, so out tempo him and outscale him. Conq preferably)( Recommended

Rek'Sai is one of the hardest if not the hardest matchup for right now. She has an insane early presence so try to keep track of her pathing and ping ur team off so she doesn't get a lead, you will out tempo and hard outscale try not to 1v1 at early stages and wait until you have a level lead to fight her. If she does skip some camps to gank make sure to punish her by stealing these camps and always leave 1 little raptor or wolf up so they dont respawn and she wastes more time. Recommended

Volibear is also a difficult matchup, he has insane dives and really strong duelist. Again try to scale by outtempoing him do not fight as most Volibear's go PTA which has an immense 1v1 potential at early stages into the game, he has low mobility so if he oversteps you can punish him with some help. Avoid him in teamfights and try to dive his backline so he doesn't have followup on his engages and therefore he can't real anyone (he gets outscaled super hard) Recommended

Rengar is my go-to ban just because of how many one-trick Rengar players EUW has and if they are banned out they will most likely struggle. This champ is a menace to Solo Q and always manages to get these extra free kills. Be careful of his late-invades with bushes set up proper vision, and also be careful of his counterganks. You will win most 1v1/2v2 vs Rengar if you have your stacks up and he isn't the first one to initiate the fight. As always avoid or dodge it's very hard to play against. Recommended

Fiddlesticks is a champion with very good tempo and he can match your teamfights with his massive AOE damage, do not go to deep if you aren't sure where he is. If it possible purchase a so he will have a harder time dealing damage to you. Try always to locate him and focus him in fights and do not let him ult on your team. He is the main target to focus and if you get on top of him he has little to no escapes. Try to ult him as he uses Q to dodge the Fear with your Untargetability. Recommended

You heavily outscale Kindred. If you're starting blue I would ward in river near baron pit to spot her if she does a sneaky Level two invade. (This I recommend vs Kindred, Graves, Nidalee any champ who has a dash level two and can make Hecarim crumble at his most vulnerable point). If she does happen to invade you at level 3 you should be beafy enough to fight back and win the fight or scare her off. Outtempo and outscale her, try to use your or your to knock your opponents out of Kindred ult to kill them. Recommended

Try to ward level one on either her blue or red to make sure you know where she is pathing so you can ping your team off. She will most likely triple camp into gank so if she starts blue she will blue --> gromp --> red or raptors into a gank. She is an early game monster, try to get if it's possible for the game and you will beat her 1 on 1 if you got ur stacks. Her clear is very slow if she doesn't get a lead, so powerfarm, steal her camps, scale and take over. Recommended

Against Skarner I like to go my 2nd rune page which includes and to have double tenacity. is an option as he is a tanky guy, but do not build this if he is the only tank on the enemy team. Try to keep objectives warded against Skarner as he does Herald + Drake very fast. Generally an easy matchup. Recommended

Against Bel'Veth you want to play around your team do not let up Herald as she will have her passive stack for 2 whole minutes and have a lot of map pressure off of that. Try to CC chain her with your team, and do not try to 1v1 her as she will win it most likely. Avoid her at all costs, unless you can chain-CC her into death. Do not forget her damage reduction. Recommended

Karthus is one of those champions that do clear faster than you in fact he has the fastest clear. He is very vulnerable as he has no mobility. Try to catch him off guard in river level 4 and use ghost and to sidestep his . Maw is a huge counter to Karthus so try to get it if possible. You will win 1v1 vs him mostly if you manage to dodge his abilities, and later in the game, once you reach your power spike you can essentially oneshot this guy. Recommended

Ward river at baron pit level one before you start your camp as there is a high chance she will be looking for an early invade. Your tempo and scaling is much better than hers. Track her pathing and look to all in her when you have ult and Recommended

Master Yi is an absurd duelist with his true damage and red smite. Try to caught him off guard while you have your up and you can win. He is weak vs heavy CC so play accordingly to that and try to focus him in fights before he gets resets and 1v9's the fight. Recommended

Zac is sort of an easy matchup. The way you want to play this matchup is you want to let him jump on your team, because he sees an opportunity and his team will walk up he you stand your chance where you pop everything and oneshot their backline. Do not frontline vs Zac as he has massive AOE and a lot of CC which will lead to a bad fight. You can't let him jump on you in teamfights, and you will always win the 1v1 vs him. Recommended

Ekko is a very weak jungler right now, you will outtempo him and scale much better and win any duel at any stage of the game unless he is fed to the moon. Try to do burst combo to surprise him so he doesn't get his ult off such as using into so he remains chain cc'd and he dies. try not to jump on him and use your speed to dodge his stun, if you get on him he has a hard time escaping in the early stages. Punish his weak clear by dueling him. Recommended

Go conqueror and you will beat this guy. Potentially go Divine Sunderer if they have more tanky champions as he most likely will get alot of armor items such as . He scales poorly and of course as always you do outscale Udyr. You can bait alot of fights seeming like you do not want to fight which makes Udyr confident that he will win and if you know your limits you can turn fights. He will always fullclear and try to path to same place he does as you want to battle him as he is extremely weak early game. Recommended

Gragas is extremely out of meta at this current moment, he has a bad clear and his objective control is bad. Take herald and drakes as he struggles and out tempo him try to use your E to bait his E or Ult and use your to dodge his E or R in a fight to avoid getting CC'd as you are unstoppable.
He is a weak duelist so you will always win the 1v1, 2v2's and so on. Recommended

Kha'zix has one of the worst clears at an even to behind stage in the game, you will consume his soul and drain the living **** out of his entire body as you possess this little grasshoppers body in the early stages. Care for his powerspike and his first item powerspike as he has insane burst. Try to play in your jungle camps or waves to stay dis-isolated from him as it will decrease his damage numbers by a large amount. Recommended

Warwick is cancer useless champion in the meta in jungle, only thing to be careful of is his dueling once hes low hes hard to execute. Try to go and vs Warwick as he hard CC unless he is their only source of CC you need a lot of tenacity. Powerfarm and get a level advantage and you will automatically win vs Warwick as he falls off very quickly and has no real way of coming back in the game if he is behind. Recommended

Shaco is known as this soloq coinflipper. They often do Red - raptors - krugs into a level three gank as they he does this triple clear oddly fast, try to let your team know by pinging or typing before so they do not die to this incident. You out level him super easily as he struggles to clear aoe, be careful of his 1v1 with ignite at very early levels and play around farming as you almost guaranteed to win by that. Recommended

Nunu has bad aoe and clearing you clear much faster and he will always look for an early gank keep track of his pathing and ping your team off. You will be able to ignore him later in the fights but be careful of his peel as he has really big slows. You need Phase Rush vs Nunu to be able to play vs his slows. Generally try to out level him and dive his backline once he engages on your team if the opportunity is there. Recommended

Evelynn will always fullclear, make sure to keep track of her level 6 as it is quite a powerspike. You will always win the duel vs Evelynn and try to grab a hexdrinker of Maw after your first two items if shes the main carry or they also have other magic damage as magic resist is super effective is Evelynn. Recommended

Maokai will try to coinflip early ganks with his cc ward his jungle early, track his pathing ping your team and out level him. If they have more cc you might need to go for double tenacity but often you can bait him to W in and waste it as you jump on his backline and oneshot them. Recommended

Sejuani jungle is a bad state as her clear is bad and she is a bad duelist. You might need to pick up Divine Sunderer and again as Maokai go Conq - Resolve for 2x You can bait her to use her ult on you and dodge it with your own ult (as you are untargetable), or when she throws her E at you. Super easy to kite, and you can stack your Q and Conqueror on her before initiating a fight. Recommended

Dont stack up against Diana as she has massive AOE you beat her 1v1 and she has even clearspeed to you. You can run her down with ghost with Q stacks and just bomb her. A pretty simple matchup, just do not stack and play 1 on 1 vs her as you will beat her. Recommended

Trundle is a previous counter to Hecarim as he is a super strong duelist and his ult removes a lot of combat stats. What you want to do vs trundle is try to steal all his aoe jgl camps such as raptors etc. and gain a massive level lead over him as he has no aoe to clear these camps. You can often bait his ult by looking like you are going to all in and then retreating as he pops his ult to waste it before a fight. Recommended

Jarvan will try to look for early pressure, you hard outclear him and will be many levels above him if you play accordingly to my playstyle. If he ults your backline you can dive on his and if he decides to ult you, you can either just ult out, ult his backline, or if you have your You can perhaps dash through a champion, creep, or a jungle camp depending on where the fight is located. Recommended

Vi can be a hard one she has hard cc which Hecarim suffers against, try to avoid 2v2's as Vi has hardcore lockdown which can be absurd for Hecarim to play vs. You can beat her 1v1 majority of the times as you should have an XP advantage and you can dodge her Q with your or

Lillia is a very similar champion to Hecarim. Be careful of her aoe CC with her ult and try to lock her down as she has no mobility. If you get a good ult on her she is as good as dead, use your to dodge her ult if she uses it on you. Recommended

Kayn can be difficult depending on red/blue kayn.
Blue kayn - He is a lot squishier but also a lot faster, here you can try to damage him a little bit and then using your E into R to chain cc him so you and your team can oneshot him. He doesn't heal off his ult whereas redkayn it heals big numbers. Blue kayn scales very poorly and he will fall off Recommended

Red kayn - He is pretty tanky and actually very difficult to play against as Hecarim most scenarios once he reaches his red form he will straight up beat you in a 1 on 1. As always try to play with your team to chain cc and oneshot him or try your best to ignore him in fights. Recommended

Just like Fiddlesticks you need to try and locate where he is on the map as he has good turns and a long-ranged ult. Try to peel for your team as he goes in, as he has no escapes out once wasted his ultimate ability. He is in a bad state so I would consider this generally a free matchup. Recommended

Talon needs his stacks to fight and with your , and you can easily dodge his blades. You clear faster than him and you win duels at basically every stage in the game with your stacked. Try to use your E to cancel his wall jump mid-air which will prevent him from escaping, you can use your E as an auto reset so it seems unexpected and you caught him off guard. Recommended

Shyvana is a fullclearer and objective do'er, be careful of drakes and heralds as she oneshots them but you can usually you can outgank her as she has little setup in comparison to most junglers. She can be strong 1v1 so try to fight her only if you have your Stacks up or you have a bit gold/level advantage over her. Recommended

Zed is same as talon. Be careful of his potential burst, and try to dodge his skillshots with your ghost + phase rush, he is squishy and vulnerable to cc. His ganks aren't the greatest either but his clearspeed matches you. He will most likely fullclear. Recommended

You beat Viego hardcore 1 on 1 with stacks, but be careful of his counter ganks as his passive can be super strong in those fights. Also his BOTRK power spike is massive, and you can't 1v1 him at that stage. He has little mobility and is semi squishy so with help from team he is chain cc'able and oneshottable. Recommended

Ward his jungle and keep out for his early ganks and early dueling. He is insanely strong early fights in the game and will win over you, outfarm him and outlevel him and he will be outscaled. You can kinda ignore him later in the games pretty easily as he just becomes a meatshield for his team. Recommended

If they have other forms of CC when having Rammus too I like to go my 2nd runepage + to get that double tenacity. If they are more tanky too Divine Sunderer could be a good choice. Recommended
When it comes down to Hecarim's clear you usually want to path dependant on what you want to do in the future of the game.

If you want to avoid enemy jungler (let's say they have a Rengar with prio laners (trist mid & such) ) you'd want to path away from him. Howeever if they have weaker early jungles or u suspect a possible lvl 4 gank / possiblity to steal both crabs from their jungle due to lane pressure of ur own team take that chance as you WILL need all the gold you can possibly gather.

The standard clear:

Blue, gromp, wolves, raptors, red, krugs
Red, krugs, raptors, wolves, gromp/blue blue/gromp


However, in this current meta there is alot of counterjungling champs & If you want to avoid being invaded it is heavily viable to start raptors to avoid being tracked down + you will also not be needing a leash.

Such pathing would look like

Raptor, Krugs, red, Wolves, Gromp, Blue or

Wolves, Gromp, Blue, Raptors Krugs/Red Red/Krugs
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Centaur
Centaur Hecarim Guide
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