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Rengar Build Guide by Khal Kitty

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Khal Kitty

(UPDATING..) TOP (Khal Kitty) & JUNGLE (iJustRengar) PRO

Khal Kitty Last updated on March 1, 2018
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Rengar Top (Khal Kitty Guide)


Rengar jungle (ijustRengar Gui

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Rengar Klepto

Rengar Build

LoL Path: Inspiration
LoL Rune: Kleptomancy
LoL Rune: Magical Footwear
Magical Footwear
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LoL Path: Domination
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+13 Attack Damage or +22 Ability Power, adaptive

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Threats to Rengar with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Gangplank I LOVE GANGPLANK, this champion is a gift to Rengo, super easy to beat, I know that I won my game when I'm facing him.
Tryndamere Easy matchup, easy to outplay, don't throw in early and you should be good and snowball on him till he gets 6.
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How the guide is done


This guide was, at the beginning, created by me alone (aka Khal Kitty) but many people were asking me to add a Jungle part to it, I was thinking about it but I'm not playing jungle that much, recently, ijustRengar started on YouTube, I found out he was doing great content and that he wanted to help other Rengar mains as much as I do, we are playing around the same elo so I asked him if he wanted to be the autor of the "jungle part" of my guide, he said yes, and so I had to change a bit how this guide was working.

So :

1st part : TOPLANE GUIDE by Khal Kitty

2nd part : JUNGLE GUIDE by iJustRengar

Scroll till you find what you're looking for, or just open it by clicking on it in the table of contents.

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TOP LANE GUIDE - Introduction (Khal Kitty)

Hey everyone, thanks for visiting the hunter's den, in this guide I'll explain everything I know about Rengar, be careful, this guide can make of you a dangerous hunter.
Good reading.

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My name is Khal Kitty I'm playing on EUW and I main Rengar since the middle of the season 5, I almost never played him jungle because I love to play him top, but I'm starting to try it out.
I'm currently Diamond III and, according to LoLSkill, the 106th best Rengar in the world. I got 73% winrate as Rengar in Diamond 3 during this preseason.
I love Rengar since the first time I tried him out, his kit and his personnality are making of him a very special champion to me.

I have a YouTube channel about Rengar, I already uploaded some guides, but since people never stop to ask me tips for Rengar, I decided to create this guide to help them all.
There is my last montage, don't hesitate to subscribe for more content and follow me in my Rengar's journey :

My channel

(click to see)


Last montage :

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Join the discord :

I created a Rengar discord for people following me on YouTube, this is a little community with awesome guys ready to discuss about Rengar or everything else at any moment, join the squad !

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TOP LANE GUIDE - Why Rengar top ?

Let's get into this boys !
Here is the real question ! Why Rengo top ? Because this is the skillest way to play this champion. Rengar has a lot of mechanics that no one uses properly because people didn't practiced enough (I'm about to cry every time I get my Rengar picked by the enemy team, they always play it so bad).
Rengar's kit fits well with toplane since there are three bushes to use for his passive.
No one really knows this matchup since only few people are playing it.
You will get first blood almost every game since no one really expects Rengar's early powerspike.
Once you reach mid game you're like a second jungler, your map pressure and your map control are supposed to be insane and it allows your team to get well in the game. Team job is op.
Rengar is really stressful for the guy who's facing him since he can gap close at any moment, surprising and stressful, use it at your profit to pick lane advantage.

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TOP LANE GUIDE - Pros and cons

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Rengar's skill set is offering many functions, each spell is offering offensive AND defensive options : Unseen Predator allows you to gap close AND escape, reach high distance quickly or even dodge spells, Savagery is offering good damages in a little zone and a mini dash offering many mechanics (I will talk about this in the tips and tricks section), Battle Roar heals you for the half of the damages you took the last 1.5 seconds and cleans CC like a QSS when empowered, it is also offering some interesting AoE damages, Bola Strike is a skill shot that slows (stun when empowered) the enemy, allowing you to chase or to run out from a bad situation, finally, Thrill of the Hunt is making you instantly under camouflage, giving you instant move speed, a free jump 2 seconds after the activation of it, a critical strike on the first hit if you jump on the closest target and reveals the closest enemy and the invisible champions, once again, there is many ways to use it, assassinate an isolated target, zoning (Rengar's ult is scary), run out from a bad situation, run to a wave of creeps dying under turrets, giving visions on an enemy, scooting... Rengar is a multitask kit champion, learn how to use it well and you'll be able to face many situations.


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I use this rune page when I want to roam and pick kills everywhere on the map,
help my mid laner early and get my 5 stacks quickly, use it when you wanna have more presence on the map during the whole game.


I use this rune page when I wanna scale and be useful at any stage of the game (early, mid and late game), aery gives great damages in lane and scaling runes are giving you a good potential for the whole game.


This is pretty much the stormraider's surge rune page I was running before the runes' rework. Pick many trades, get out safely, allows you to have a sweet laning phase and to outplay.


Facing a Gangplank ? A Gnar ? Or any kind of squeeshy top laner, and wanna end the game as fast as you can ? Run this page. Pretty op early and mid game potential,
but gets less interesting in late game (even if you still can one shot, you're pretty much dead after it even if you succeed), this is pretty much the "one shot Rengar",
pretty disgusting to play to me xD But pretty useful to stomp games if your team is early/mid game reliant.

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TOP LANE GUIDE - Summoners

You absolutely need this summoner spell, this is a key for outplays, spell dodge, engage, disengage or even chase. As Rengar you need this summoner spell more than all the others to play with the bushes and do many other things.

Wanna stomp your lane and take first blood at 100% ? This summoner is made for you, I'm not using it that much, my playstyle fits better with Teleport since I like to be everywhere on the map, taking lane advantage can be really worth in some games, by the way, ignite allows you to secure kills and trophies, you can use it on any champion, it will always be worth since this is true damages and adding a grievous wounds unlike Exhaust which is almost useless against a lot of champions.
This summoner is also good if you're not that much confident with Rengar damages, if you're beggining to play Rengar top, I think ignite is better

This summoner spell is useful against difficult lanes or when you plan to just farm and play safe, thanks to it, you can back/gank and return to your lane without any greeding for creeps or waste of it, you also can go bot earlier in the game if there is an occasion, Rengar already is a mobile champion, but Teleport helps him to have an even more significant presence on the map, so use it in two cases : You want to have more impact on the map (to pick objectives like dragons, barons or just to help your team mates) / you want to play your laning phase safely (like against a Camille for example).

To be honest, I almost never use this one, but it can be useful if you wanna deny one champion's dps during a trade or a teamfight, since exhaust is also a slow, it allows you to pick up kills way more easily during a melee, I don't like this summoner spell because during laning phase, if you use it, most of the time, your opponent just has to flash and he is out, I don't have this kind of trouble with ignite, so, an interesting summoner spell which will add some utility to Rengar in some situations.

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TOP LANE GUIDE - Itemisation

Learn how to stuff yourself is something important if you wanna get better in LoL, Rengar can build maaaany stuffs, this ammount of choice can be scary, but I'll explain everything in this section :


This item is the Rengar's MUST HAVE, you need this as a Rengo top lane, more HPs, more armor pen, more AD and 20% CDR.


These boots are perfect if you wanna have more impact on the map, roam, pick up kills, gank other lanes, they are perfect for the early/mid game, once you reached late you should probably change for Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads.

Good boots if you wanna have your 45%/40% CDR earlier in the game depending on what you're crafting at the same time, don't forget to change them once you bought other CDR items.

Good boots against full AD team or heavy AD top laner, rush them if you really need some armor.

Same story than with [Ninja tabi], buy it against heavy ap damages or against full CC team, tenacity will reduce them.


This stuff is perfect for Rengar, Rengar is a forcing focus champion, once you jumped in, no one can ignore you, [Guardian Angel] is a dissuading stuff which is working in the exact other way, people won't focus you BECAUSE you will revive, so you're not their priority, if they still focus you, your team will dps at the same time, and you'll revive. This item is perfect to make the game goes faster, you are the one who decides when the teamfight starts because you become an engager with this revive, you have a big carry potential at this timing, focus the objectives and pressure !


Good to craft against champions like Yasuo or Tryndamere, also offering a slow and an auto attack speed reduction (15%), really good against any time of ADC or attack speed and crit champion.

More move speed and bonus damages on the first hit if stacked, good for more map presence and one burst potential.

Offering extra AP (and AoE) damages, good to push lanes or pick long trades against low range champions.


Probably my favorite MR item, more HPs, more MR, more lifesteal, more CDR, more life regen. This item is offering so many things an it suits so well with the rest of what you can build on Rengar like a Ravenous Hydra or a Death's Dance. Its passive (increases all healing received by 25%) prokes on Battle Roar, which is clearly fabulous.

Good item if you wanna rush some MR but still wanna be competitive in 1v1 or effective at kill picking, its passive can make you win the trade even if you're not against an AP thanks to lifegrip.

Really good item for some situations, pick it against high CC team, offering MR, CC cleaning and lifesteal, this item can be useful in many situations.


I don't often buy this one, but it can reveal itself pretty useful, its active is allowing you to go in more safely and the stuff in itself is offering pretty descent damages.

I still love Youmuu's Ghostblade, since enemies are now awarned of Rengar's ult from the other side of the map, the movespeed offered by Youmuu's Ghostblade's active is a real blessing to catch them before they got helped by their team mates, btw this stuff is offering pretty good damages.

A good item if you want to take the map control : ward detection, move speed and extra damages after beeing unseen during 1 second, good if you plan to roam a lot.

Perfect stuff against big fat tanks like Maokai Malphite or even Sion, buy it if you need to crush some HP bars.

You won't need this really often, just in case you're facing something like Swain or Dr. Mundo to cut its regen, but I prefer pick ignite instead of this, your carry ap still can buy Morellonomicon which is a better compromise to me.


I love this one, it is offering life regen, life steal, good damages, AoE damages and an active that helps to burst even more. Really good to split push and assassinate, this is probably the item I build the most in this category.

This one is really good too since it heals you for 15% of the damages dealt (33% effectiveness for multi targets effect), it also reduce the damages you're taken since 15% of them are changed in bleed effect which means that you can survive longer in teamfights and 1v1.

Buy this one if you want a big ammount of life steal, 20%, 8% more than Ravenous Hydra, and giving you a shield when you're at maximum health, good against teams that you'll need to teamfight during a long time.


This item is especially worth if you wanna help your team to catch targets, the slow and the HPs are allowing you to go deep in the fight and annoy enemy's backlane, be carefull with this way to play, if your team can't follow you or if they get zoned, you will get destroyed for nothing.

This one is good to zone enemies carries since it offers good damages AND a good ammount of HPs, combine it with tanky items and you'll be scary, your zone potential will be really interresting.

Once again, a good stuff to zone, good to build if you're already having a good ammount of AD, item's passive scales with Rengar's passive.

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TOP LANE GUIDE - How to play

As Rengar, your early powerspikes are at lvl 1, 3, 4 and 5. This is exactly at THIS timming that you need to pick the advantage (you still can pick it after but it will be harder), at lvl 1, Rengar's damages are really surprising, jump on your matchup each time that you have your Savagery, so you AA- Savagery-AA and run back in a bush, do it till you reach the 3 stacks, at this point, if you did it well, you opponent is around midlife or even worse, jump one last time Savagery-AA-Empowered Savagery-AA-ignite (if you have it), and boom *first blood*. This is how you're supposed to win your lane early. During lvl 2, play a little more safely because you don't have the same advantage than before since you can't reach 4 stacks in one jump and your matchup probably has better abilities for a trade, once you reached lvl 3, you're touching a new powerspike because you can jump and execute a poke combo or a one burst combo (look at tips and tricks section) getting insta 4 stacks by landing all your spells, so you can hard burst or just poke and go out safely with empowered Battle Roar.
Lvls 4 and 5 are supposed to be played the exact same way but when you hit 6 you have to stop, most of the toplaners have a strong powerspike or just outscale you at lvl 6 like Irelia, Renekton and many others, your ult isn't made for laning, it can be useful to escape from a gank or to chase your opponent if you already picked the advantage but it isn't worther than ANY other toplaner ulti in therm of laning phase.
At lvl 6, you should try to gank midlane or to invade enemy's jungle with your ulti to take a free kill and a free stack, look at your map, ask yourself "where can I pick a free kill ?" and go for it. If there is nothing, just wait for an opportunity.
Try to get toplane turret as fast as possible, if you get the first turret you'll get 500 gold and you obviously want it to take an even bigger advantage on the game, try to get rift herald aswell, this buff is really useful on Rengar, your assassination potential will get to the sky and this buff will stay for a long time.

At this timming, you don't have that much 1v1 potential for you matchup in toplane, but your carries assassination potential is at his best state, any isolated target is a free kill (if this isn't a tanky target), use Thrill of the Hunt to scoot and catch free kill, you have to take the map control, don't move everywhere like a ******, focus the objectives (turrets, dragons, nashor..), group with your mates, pressure everywhere, ninja gank botlane (from the lane bushes), you have to take the advantage EVERYWHERE on the map and you can.
You're supposed to be focused on what you're building too, your stuff will change the game, build what is the most adapted to the situation refering to my itemisation section.

At this point, everything depends of the team composition of both teams, if you are the source of damages of your team, you're in a bad position, because Rengar can't carry alone late, except if you're facing bonobos, you need a team which is good in its game and ready to carry you as much as you carry it (that's why I told you to move on the map and help everywhere), use Thrill of the Hunt to zone and scare your enemies, allowing your team to pick objectives, try to split when you see that you can, stick to your team if you feel like your team mates are going to fight even if you're not there (yeah that's sad but a lot of people don't know how to play safe and if on guy try something in 4v5, the others will try to help him (sometimes even if they know this is stupid)), you need to know your team mates and adapt your playstyle to their one.
Most of the time in late game, everything ends on a team fight, so let's talk about this.

Rengar has an assassin playstyle, you need to place yourself to make the crit offered by Thrill of the Hunt proke, you can't try to assassinate a carry surrounded by his team without making the crit proke (except if the game is a stomp in your favor), you need to make your oppoents busy by the mark upon their head, I'm obviously talking about a grouping team, if you can assassinate an isolated target BEFORE the teamfight starts this is just perfect, even if at my elo people are almost always grouping against a Rengar.
Remember to care about your positioning and analyse the situation, if you're playing assassin, don't go first, you need your team to engage or you will just die before to kill anyone, wait for a CC or a go in from your team, an enemy team's splitting, use it at your advantage, the better way is to come from behind, so they have to care about two sides and AoE spells which are used against your team don't touch you or, if they do, it means that your team aren't touched by these spells.
Once you assassinated your target, try to stay alive, don't die to do like 100 more damages to the support, no one cares, your AD damages are useful to pick objectives, let your team end the job or keep fighting if you're not about to die. Unless you did snowballed the game, playing assassin Rengar is hard and needs to think about your placement and your potential impact. Go in and die will just bait your mates.

Well, we're starting to talk about the unknown role of Rengar, in fact Rengar is a really strong zoner thanks to his ultimate, if you wanna play this style, you need to know that your ult isn't just a spell to jump and assassinate, it also pressure alot, Rengar's ultimate is scary, everyone knows you can jump at any moment, I don't even know how many times I saved team mates just by clicking on R against 4 men with 100 HPs, they don't know where you are, they don't even try to know it, they just wait for your jump the good thing is that if you don't, they waited for nothing and during that time, your team was killing the nashor or taking a turret, this is how you can use your ult, remember it.

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TOP LANE GUIDE - Tips and Tricks (all combos)

Snare Gap [needs 4 stacks] : AA from a bush - Bola Strike - Flash
This combo is my favorite one because I discovered it by myself and I think I'm the first one who included it in YouTube montages, this my gift to Rengar's community, I hope my trick will be useful to you, it is to me ! I decided to name it Snare Gap because of the distance you reach in a short time.
Pretty hard to execute, easier once you get used to it, you will need to practice to make it work every time.

Video :

bola flash : Cast Bola Strike - Flash
Bola Strike casting time allows you to flash before it goes out, pretty surprising, almost undodgeable, use it to surprise, finish a target or just snare or slow.

Video :

Slow jump trick : Bola Strike - go to a bush - jump
I saw soooo many Rengar running like ****** after their target without even noticing there was a bush just next to them, please, don't do this after you red this guide, I don't deserve this.

Video :

Bush outplay : Go to a bush - jump on a target - go to a bush - jump on a target - etc..
Even if it doesn't look like, this requires a lot of practice on Rengar, you won't do this the first time you play him I swear to you, keep practicing, remember that bushes are your friends and that you can use them to outplay.

Video :

Bush flash : Flash to a bush - Jump on a target
This can be used to gap close on a high distance or even more : dodge a spell and THEN come back to fight, I love to use it that way, it allows you to reverse such bad situations and take the advantage back.

Video :

One shot combo : Jump - Bola Strike - Ravenous Hydra (spam it like a pig or it won't go) - Savagery - AA - Battle Roar - Empowered Savagery - AA
Well, on the paper it looks like a 3 hours combo but in reality, I personnaly execute all of it in 1.8 sec.
Just practice (now we have training tool, this combo can be learned in something like 20 min, nothing hard to do even if a lot of Rengar montages on Youtube are about one shots, this clips are awkward af since a bronze can do it if he practices enough).

Video :

Safe poke combo : jump - Bola Strike - Savagery - Battle Roar - Empowered Battle Roar
This combo is useful in laning phase to poke safely, just go in, use your spells, and double heal to get out full life and canceling CC if needed.

Video :

Red plant jump (not working anymore (patched) ) (push cancel mechanic) : Jump on a red plant - Savagery
Use Savagery while jumping on a red plant will cancel the explostion effect for Rengar, pretty hard to execute, you need to use the dash at the perfect timing, practice and it will become easier.

Video :

Q dash jump : Savagery - jump
Remember that Q is offering a mini dash ? Well, this dash is offering a cute mechanic to jump on target you can't reach if you don't use it.

Video :

Q flash trick Savagery - Flash
Well, this combo is working like bola flash trick, Q's casting time allows you to flash before the spells goes, same effect than bola flash trick : surprising and almost undodgeable.


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Warding is something you should learn because it works with all champions and all lanes, the thing is : with Rengar, warding is a little bit different.
Why ? Because you always need to have at least 1 available ward in your trinket during you laning phase to be able to outplay in bushes if you get ganked or if you wanna pick a trade in the bushes. You NEED to buy 1 or 2 pink ward at each back to ward the river bush, here is a map with location where you can put a pink to be safe, actually, if you're not confident enough with Rengar to be able to outplay 2 guys, just ward the bushes with your trinket, keep your trinket if you feel that you can do it.
Well, that was for the early game but what about the mid and late ? You need to have the vision on strategic places to be effective at your best potential, you need to watch your map and see where the enemies are, here is 2 maps of location you have to ward you and your team to have the best vision (depending on each situation, adapt yourself).

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TOP LANE GUIDE - The final word

Well, thank you all for reading this guide, I don't know if it will help a lot but I hope so, at least I won't have to respond to everyone who asking me tips ahah.
It took me a long time to do this guide, but I actually learned some little things by writing it, I tried to do it complete, I will update and making the guide better little by little now, I did the biggest part !

Special thanks to RENGAR HUNTS, Probert, cuteguy69, RIP RENGO 2016 (don't pay attention about his name xD) and Rengar Fuccboi.
All these guys were hot to help me recording the tips and tricks videos when I was looking for some help since I couldn't do it alone, even if I only needed one guy for few videos (3 or 4) they all were like "we're here for you buddy !".

One last time, thanks for reading ! ;)


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JUNGLE GUIDE - Introduction (ijustrengar)

"You've earned a good death, I've earned the kill" - Rengar
Hi everyone, I'm iJustRengar, a Rengar player currently ranked Diamond 1 on the North American soloq ladder. I've played Rengar since season 4, when I was Bronze 5, until today, where I sit in my promos, 1 win away from Master tier. Here is my I've played over 1,000 games as Rengar, and have accrued nearly 500,000 mastery points over my time playing him, and today, I'm going to share my knowledge of Rengar with you. Rengar is a champion like no other in League, and his playstyle is just the same, which I'll delve into later on. This guide is approximately 7,000 words, and took me over 10 hours to complete, which is based on my experience as Rengar, and experience I have gained playing the game since Season 4. This is the most informative and in depth Rengar jungle guide ever created. If you want to learn more about one of the most powerful, if properly utilized, champions in the game, read on.

(Khal Kitty's Edit : ijustRengar also has a YouTube channel, check this out : IJUSTRENGAR's YouTube)

Guide Top

JUNGLE GUIDE - Strengths and Weaknesses

Rengar has a couple notable pros and cons with his gameplay, and has easily noticeable differences in play when he's around bushes and he's not. First, I'll list out his pros/cons, and then go in-depth on how they work.
* Rengar has extremely strong damage output, regardless of if he's ahead, or behind, he can 95% of the time 1v1 an enemy ADC, and probably 80% of the time 1v1 an enemy midlaner, depending on who they are.
Rengar can very quickly and efficiently farm his jungle, making it hard to fall behind if you aren't counter jungled, as you can clear all your camps and have a good amount of health left to make plays with.
Rengar can be an extremely powerful splitpusher if he's ahead, as if he can 1v1 whoever he's splitting against, he can absolutely destroy towers, especially using his Q as an autoattack reset.
A fed Rengar can dive into an entire enemy team, one shot a priority carry, and get out using Stormraiders Surge/Ferocity bonus movement speed.
Rengars ganks at 6 are almost unstoppable if timed correctly, and if the critical strike is utilized properly, most often you can turn the tides of any gank with a well timed countergank using your ultimate.
Rengars counterganks are insanely strong, and here's why- When Rengar ganks, the enemies run away from the bushes, thus avoiding his potential to deal damage, but when the kills they're thirsty for run into the bushes, it's almost always a guaranteed kill, because them running into the bushes gives you a free four ferocity, which does tons of damage.
Rengar can skip his jungler item, as he doesn't need it for sustain, gaining a Duskblade early, which snowballs him heavily, as well as giving him very efficient ganking, as he will know if he's seen or not.
Rengar can build assassin, bruiser, or sometimes tank, which gives him a playstyle that can vary game to game.
Rengar is squishy, and if he doesn't get to 4 ferocity, and is cc'ed before he does, he can easily be popped by the enemy team, because of this you need to be fast, and sometime retreat having not gotten a kill, but a large chunk of damage off onto an enemy champion.
Rengar takes a lot of skill to perform well on, and learn, you need to dedicate time. Rengar currently has a 48% winrate for anyone who has played 1-50 games as him, but at 50+ games, he has an average of a 56% winrate.
Rengar is mechanically intensive, and requires you to be aware of what the enemy jungler is doing, because his counterganks are hugely important, as they're one of his biggest strengths, and you have to properly utilize.
Rengar's ferocity is hard to manage, and it's difficult to know what to do in situations, until you've been in that same situation
Rengar without his ultimate isn't useful in teamfights, unless they're around bushes. I often tell people that I'm coaching that if they're playing Rengar in a mid teamfight without his ultimate, it's like playing Caitlyn with 125 attack range, high damage, squishy, but having to be RIGHT next to someone to deal damage, aside from your E.
Rengar can have difficulty dealing with tanks with lots of cc, or champions with practically guaranteed cc, that's difficult to counter with W.
Rengar can be abused in his jungle if his team falls behind, as he's weak if he has his E or W down, as it's difficult to ramp up to 4 ferocity. If you're finding yourself getting 1v2ed in your jungle however, you've probably not utilizing your amazing counterganks correctly, as they can be extremely strong, and you need to abuse your strengths in order to play Rengar well.

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Right now my runes are :

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JUNGLE GUIDE - Rengar's Abilities

Savagery [Q]: Rengar slashes in an arc, before piercing enemies in a line, dashing forward if your cursor indicates you want to dash forward.
25/45/65/85/105 + (20%/30%/40%/50%/60% Bonus AD) Per strike CD: 4s
*Empowered Savagery: * 60-196 Damage in addition to 110% Attack Damage
This ability is Rengars bread and butter, and unlike previous iterations of Rengar, can be missed. You will always max this first. It has a low, static cooldown, scales well with AD, and can be used versus multiple targets. Using it is simple, but using it to its best ability can be difficult. Using this ability to its best can increase your skill at Rengar exponentially, so let me give you a couple quick tips on things you can use it for. You can Q through Jarvan's wall if you walk right next to it, but can't Q past any permanent walls. In ganks, ALWAYS try to angle yourself so you can Q multiple targets at the same time. Your Q is an autoattack reset, so in long exchanges where you can't oneshot, always try to use it as such, to maximize damage output. You can activate Q midjump to automatically Q after it ends, resetting your autoattack. You can hit every wolf, and every chicken if you angle yourself correctly. (Insert clear clip here, coming soon TM) It's definitely worth going into a Practice Tool game and practicing jumping out of a bush, or your ultimate, and using your Q.
Battle Roar [W]:
Rengar roars in an area of 500 range, healing for any gray health he has, 50% of damage taken in the last 1.5s from champions, and 75% damage taken in the last 1.5s from monsters.
50/80/110/140/170 Magic Damage +80% AP CD: 20/18/16/14/12
Empowered Battle Roar: 50-220 Magic Damage +80% AP, Removes crowd control effects
This ability is really simple, but also incredibly complex, I max it second. It can be used badly, it can be used well, and it can be used extremely well, and the usage of this skill is what can really make or break a Rengar player, especially when deciding which empowered ability to use. I can't necessarily say that there's a specific way to always use it, it's almost always coming down to intuition, but generally speaking, if I get DPS'ed very hard and they have no burst left, it's good to double W, and then keep fighting with autos, having healed back fully off both W's. However, if they're a DPS champ, and most of your health is gone but not in the 1.5s span, I prefer generally to use my Empowered Savagery instead, and also, keep in mind an Empowered E, which we haven't yet covered, can also be used sometimes instead to get out of a sticky situation even better than W, as well as being able to cc a priority target from far away.
However, you need to keep in mind, E has a cast time and will make you stop for a brief moment, whereas Rengar's W will cast instantly, and can be cast whilst jumping. Some Tips and Tricks for Rengar's W, that can really help conserve hp: If you're at an early level and clearing Wolves to Gromp, save your W, your W can be timed to heal from two Gromp autoattacks, but only the very first three, which have increased attack speed, so make sure you time it properly to have the maximum amount of health. This same principle can be applied to Cloud Dragon, as it also attacks fast enough to heal two attacks. If clearing Wolves to Chickens and your W is almost up, I always try to save my W, and use it after being hit by all the chickens, as it does more damage (AoE to 6 chickens > AoE to 3 wolves) and heals for more, as chickens deal more damage.
Bola Strike [E]:
Coincidentally also your E, therefore I sometimes meme and call it Ebola Strike, the Bola Strike is a bola with a range of 1,000 that Rengar tosses out, which slows the first enemy hit. Some Rengars max it second, I max it last.
50/95/140/185/230 +70% AD + 30/45/60/75/90% slow CD: 10s
Empowered Bola Strike
50-305 + 70% AD + 1.75s Snare
The Bola Strike is a deceptively strong ability, as it allows you to chase, and once you get pretty fed, it can deal a TON of damage, I have personally seen a Xerath reduced from 100% hp to 30% hp after landing only an empowered bola into a regular bola, albeit I was fed, but typically a double E combo can easily proc stormraiders onto most opponents that aren't tanks. I max it last, mostly because the cooldown is a static 10 seconds, and the ratio doesn't improve whatsoever. More ferocity per second = More damage output over time, and the W's cooldown reduction per level makes it the most efficient choice by far. The Bola Strike is your ganking tool, and is the only way you'll get kills during ganks, unless they're insanely pushed up, or your laner has a lot of cc.
A good way to land this ablity during ganks is to either jump on the enemy(ideal) and throw it ontop of them point blank, or jump to a minion close to them, and then run towards them and toss your bola. The most important trick you'll learn playing Rengar with your Bola is that you can use your E, and instantly flash after, which cancels the cast time and throws the bola from the point you flashed too. You can make really crazy plays with this, including, but not limited to, hopping to a minion, pressing E, and flashing whilst still midair in order to instasnare. That's not the only thing you can do, but It's 100% the coolest, and it feels great to perform.
Thrill of the Hunt(Thrill of the Zone):
Rengar goes ~invisible~ camouflaged and gains a large boost of movement speed for the duration of the Hunt, he also leaps out of stealth if/when he attacks an enemy champion/monster- If that enemy champion(Only champs) is the closest enemy champion to him, Rengar will critically strike.
CD: 130/100/70 MS: 20/30/40%
This ability, as I jokingly named Thrill of the Zone, can be used for a variety of different things, but must be used intelligently. If you're within range of seeing the nearest enemy champ, they will know you're ulted. You need to play around this by knowing how long it takes to get to that splitting enemy ADC, or if you can use your ultimate and escape, or if you'd just waste the cooldown, and not have it up for a future fight. The most important thing you need to know about the ability (that a lot of enemies probably won't know) is that without you're ultimate, you're useless in a teamfight I've mentioned it before, and I'll mention it again, because it is HIGHLY important, without bushes or your ultimate, you're a Caitlyn with 125 attack range. So USE IT CORRECTLY! When it's down, even when my team is pressuring, I typically will farm and tell them to stay back, and just pressure safely, because without your ultimate, the only form of damage you'll deal in a teamfight is your E's, otherwise you're too close, and can easily be blown up. (Bruiser Rengar/Tank Rengar can be more useful without ultimate, but still he isn't as good as if he had his ultimate up.)
In teamfights, use your ultimate to either zone the enemy into/away from your team, to assassinate a priority target with the crit, or to chase down the enemies while they're running. Only use your ultimate when you will actually use it, a misused ultimate makes you useless for the amount of time it's down, luckily most people don't realize that.A quick tip for using your ultimate, if you're unable to get on someone, and so you have to retreat back into your jungle, you CAN critically strike a minion, but only if you don't leap to it, but physically walk up into normal attack range, and then autoattack it.

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JUNGLE GUIDE - itemization and builds

Itemization and Builds:
Rengar has a variety of different builds, and they're dependent on which version of Rengar you want to go, each build has different masteries, however I like to use the same runepage for each, as the runepage I use is pretty ideal for most early game matchups, and early game in general. Here are the different builds that I like to use for Rengar Jungle for Assassin, Tank, and Bruiser
Assassin Rengar:
Duskblade of Draktharr--> Youmuu's Ghostblade --> Boots anywhere before now, either Mobility, Lucidity, Mercurial, or Tabi's --> Edge of Night/Last Whisper --> Complete Last Whisper Item/Build Edge of Night --> MercScim/Cleaver/Visage/InfinityEdge/GA/DD dependant on game state
Bruiser Rengar:
Duskblade of Draktharr --> Black Cleaver --> Tabi's preferably, anytime before now, Mercs if necessary --> Spirit Visage --> Randuins/Warmogs/Gargoyles/Titanic Hydra/Deadmans Plate/Cinderhulk, and other tank items, all situational
Tank Rengar:
Cinderhulk with any enchant --> Black Cleaver(I prefer Cleaver) or Titanic Hydra --> Any tank boots any time before now(mercs/tabis) --> Spirit Visage --> Warmogs/Gargoyles/Tank item --> GA if ahead/fed.
I almost always stay with just the standard trinket, as it allows you to easily hop over walls onto the Golems camp to either escape, or clear more efficiently. On top of this, you can ward over the baron wall late game and steal baron easily.(Your auto attack comboed with smite does a lot of damage)
You'll notice both Bruiser and Assassin Rengar start with Duskblade, this is because of the amount of utility and ganking pressure this item provides, plus the damage is very strong. From here, the cleaver gives tankiness, and the spirit visage gives you very large heals, which synergizes incredibly well with your w, healing you an extra 30%, which is basically 80% of damage dealt to you, you can instantly heal back, which makes you deceptively tanky. From here, you can pick up any measure of defensive item to improve your bruiser build, including a cinderhulk if you'd want to build that as a last item to beef up your hp.
The playstyle I typically go, you start with a Duskblade for it's crazy high utility, crazy high damage, and just overall incredible gold efficiency for oneshotting, and for making sure your ganks are never spotted without you knowing. After this, you go Youmuu's to increase your lethality even further, 42 lethality with your masteries from cunning, and both items together, this means you practically deal true damage to most ADC/Supports. After this, I build either a Last Whisper if two out of these three/four are building armor: Squishy Top Lane(ex:Jayce/Kennen) Mid Laner, ADC, Squishy Ardent Support/Mage Support(ex: Brand/Vel/Sona). If only one, or none, is building armor so far, I rush an Edge of Night next, ESPECIALLY in matchups vs point and click cc(TF Gold card) or matchups where the enemy's only real damage that gets you off them is cc they'll typically cast first (ex:Lux Q/Tristana R).
From here you've also gotten your boots, which are matchup dependant, if they have tons of cc you can't hope to escape with empowered W alone, go for Mercs, or if they have a fed AP Carry. If they have a fed AD champion, go for tabi's, or if you're just vs an all AD team. After this, you'll either build the Edge of Night, or Last Whisper, depending on which you built first, leaving you with your last item. This last item can be, but is not limited to, Deaths Dance, Black Cleaver, Spirit Visage, Mercurial Scimitar, Infinity Edge, or Guardians Angel depending on how the game is going. If you're starting to fall behind as assassin Rengar, you can also start building towards the bruiser side early. I personally prefer last item Visage if you have Tabi's, just an FYI!
I personally don't play Tankgar often, but when I do, I always go for a Cinderhulk first, with some sort of enchant depending on the game, Skirmishers vs duelist junglers, and Trackers vs gank-heavy junglers, I'll only go stalkers if I know the enemy can't really duel me, and won't be able to gank too often. After my Cinderhulk I build Cleaver for a LOT of health, which makes you hard to kill, from here I couple that with Tabi's for armor, and a Spirit Visage for magic resistance, which gives you around 100 armor/magic resist, giving you a ton of effective health (Especially if utilizing W properly with Visage). From here, you have damage from Cinderhulk passive and Cleaver, so from here I'll go Gargoyles/Warmogs/Steraks/Randuins/Deadmans, all dependant on the state of the game. If you're fed, your last item can be Guardians Angel, as it's strong with Rengar, if you die with 3 ferocity, you'll get back up with 3 ferocity, giving you a real fighting chance, or just a chance to escape.
Duskblade and its Significance:
Duskblade is the strongest item for assassin/bruiser Rengar, not just because of its strong passive that deals damage, but because you can 100% of the time know if you've been seen. You can walk into a bush with a wave nearby that you think will 50/50 see you, and know 100% whether you were seen or not, you can walk through the enemy jungler, 100% knowing if you're being spotted and going to be collapsed on or not. You can facecheck bushes lategame knowing that if they had vision of you, the passive would proc, giving you enough time to run back, as the duskblade passive of vision extends past your trinket wards range. Overall this is the strongest item on earlygame, midgame, and lategame Rengar, and that's why I always always always build it first if I need a lot, or just a little bit of damage. I can't stress the importance of this item enough.

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Rengar has some pretty simple combos, as well as some complicated ones, although all there really are are 5 keys (including flash) there can be a lot of different moves for you to do. The traditional, "One shot combo" is to jump in, which is an AA, and then.. AA--> Mid Air Q --> Land, applying AA damage --> Press E and W --> With 4 ferocity, finish with an empowered Q, run out with Stormraiders procced, if a teamfight and you dove into four, or keep chasing if you were assassinating a single target. That's really the only combo you need to know, and it's one of the most difficult, disregarding flash combos. A flash combo would be a E, flash, E Cast from flash location. Those are the two Rengar combos that are actually combos, the rest are very simple mechanics such as AA, Q, AA, or AA, Q+E, AA, with a W whenever you've taken significant damage, or to get ferocity for your four stacks. Comboing as Rengar isn't as mechanically intensive as it once was when you'd build Tiamat every game, and have 2 empowered ferocity abilities to use after jumping into a teamfight, but it's still relatively difficult, and I recommend you practice in the practice tool.

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JUNGLE GUIDE - Jungle Clears

Starting Blue:

Rengar has a different jungle clear for each side, and I will almost always do the same clear for each side. If I'm getting blue leashed for me by my bot lane, I'll always do a full clear, using a couple special tactics for conserving health and clearing fastest. To start, you'll do the blue, and then take your W. From there, go to your gromp and AA Q AA, when the Gromp has autoattacked you twice, press W the instant the attack hits you next, that way you heal back for both autos, instead of just one. Keep using Q as an autoattack reset, and when you finally use your empowered ability, run towards the wolf camp, and go to the edge of Gromp's tether, this will allow you to kill Gromp, and transition your 2-3 ferocity from the Gromp to the wolf camp. On your final autoattack to the Gromp, it will have 110 health left, the exact amount your autos will do each AA, hence why we take Savagery in the Cunning Tree. When you go to wolves, feel free to use your W again, and make sure you're angling yourself so your Q will hit all 3 wolves.
From here, once all but the big wolf are dead (and during your clear) kite towards the chickens, and make sure you end the wolf camp with 3 ferocity, despite damage you may take (By the time it's just one big wolf, and you have about 280hp on the wolf to go. From here, the big wolf should be at the farthest point of it's leash, on the way to chickens. Once the wolf dies and you have three ferocity put a point in your E, and immediately run towards chickens. Once you're almost out of time for ferocity to reset, throw your E over the wall at your chickens, giving you 4 ferocity, and head to the chickens bush, from here, wait until all the chickens are in your AOE, then use Empowered Q, AA a little one, Q, W, AA again, and then kill all the raptors using whichever abilities are up. For your Red, smite it immediately if you're down hp, and then finish it as quickly as possible, making sure to reset your autoattacks, as well as kiting into the bush whilst fighting, so when you hit 0 ferocity, you get one for free off of being in brush and attacking.
You should have built up a little bit of extra ferocity by now, so at this point, go over to the blast cone and autoattack it to go over. If your smite is at longer than 15s, just kill the Golems, but if it's less, wait the maximum amount of time before attacking, and then leap out of the brush, use your empowered Q, AA again, go back into the brush, and do a full combo to get back to 4 ferocity. Use Smite when it's up. The point of this is to not be fighting the big krug for all the 450hp that Smite will deal, so try to have it at 450hp when you smite it. It minimizes damage taken, and damage healed.

Starting Red
I prefer to only start either red or blue, and not chickens, although if you want to, and practice a clear, you can definitely try out chickens start, but don't just try it in a ranked game without trying it. If I'm starting red, (I always go with the bot lane leash) I will 95% of the time go for my chickens right after, and then run straight to their red buff without being seen, as Rengar has a very strong earlygame you can easily take advantage of, due to the strength of his 1v1 if his W is properly utilized. After you reach their red, if they aren't there, start it and kite it back into the bush, since they aren't there, they either have a slow clear and will be low enough HP for you to be able to 1v1 them, OR they're clearing until level 3, which means you need to take it and hit level 3 as fast as possible, that way you can 1v1 them, and probably win, because your level 3 will most likely be stronger than theirs. If the enemy is there however, wait until the red is almost finished (550hp or so) and try to time your smite with a jump from bush, keeping in mind your auto will do around 110 + smite at 410.
After you kill them and steal their red, it comes down to how much health you have left, if you have a lot, you can steal away their raptors, and then their krugs, then take the scuttle crab and clear your jungle top down. Your raptors will be up at 4:30, so after you reach that camp going top-down, it should be up, taking that and Krugs, you'll be level 5, and around halfway to level 6, at around 5 minutes. If you don't have enough health however, you can just run to scuttle, take that, and then continue to take your own jungle, so it isn't as risky. From here it's all decision making and moving into early-midgame, when people start to get their ultimates, so that's all for this clear.

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JUNGLE GUIDE - How to Play: Early Game

Rengar's early game is typically his strongest point, unless you get Infernals, which heavily scale you to lategame with your passive(Had 700AD with 2 infernals yesterday). Rengar has a very strong early game, and can 1v1 most champions if you play it correctly. You really need to abuse your early game pressure, and that's how you're going to get ahead and be strong in the mid game. Some things that you need to do in the early game: Farm up, Rengar once he gets Duskblade has a massive powerspike, It's ridiculously strong on him. Gank as much as you can when the enemies are overextended, or when they will be extending. Look at the lanes, if top lane is going to push, but is currently on their side, you can sneak into the brush without the enemy seeing, from here you can instantly generate 4 ferocity, almost 100% granting you a free kill. You can also do this with top lane.
As Rengar, you can 1v1 Dragons fairly easily, and I'd recommend practicing in the practice tool to see just how low you can do it at. Generally, you can do it at level 6/7 with smite up, and sometimes level 5 with two smites up, and vs Mountain, as mountain does the least damage to Rengar (using your W drastically reduces its damage). If fighting cloud, use your W to block two autos, as previously mentioned. Sneaking Infernals is also possible at 5/6 with two smites, and definitely something you should try to pull off if you know the enemy jungler will be at another side of the map.
Once you hit 6, use your ultimate as fast as possible, and use it in a lane where it will make a difference. Since bot typically wins games in this meta, definitely try to focus bot, but if you can shut down another close lane, that can be really good too. I recommend taking cs after you or they get the kill to help them push it in, but also to increase your gold and experience. In solo queue, you can only control your own performance, so taking the gold is more likely to increase your ability to win, unless you really have faith in your team, or if you're having a bad game.
Also, quick tip for early game, try to kill people early game that will be harder for you to kill later on, for example, since you'll mostly be diving the back line, you won't be likely to be killing them, it'll mostly be your team, so kill them early for your passive stack ASAP.

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JUNGLE GUIDE - How to Play: Mid Game

In midgame as Rengar, you need to make sure that you're taking advantage of enemies splitpushing, otherwise you're not going to be as useful. In midgame, if you've been building lethality, you should be able to absolutely destroy most enemy mids and ad's/supports, so make sure you're always looking at your waves and if they're pushing in. When your waves are pushing in, think to yourself, "Who's going to farm this wave?" If it's probably the enemy ADC or Mid, hover around there, and when they show up and use abilities, press your R and run at them, using the combos listed beforehand.
In the mid game, trading kills can typically be a good thing, but only if it's to get a stack for your passive, as there's a possibility you won't kill whoever you're trading for at all for the rest of the game, and if you can secure a kill on them now, that can either be a 1%, 3%, 7%, 13%, or 20% increase in AD permanently, depending on which stack it is. The mid game is when you try to make picks, and try to get yourself either further ahead by denying the enemy carries, or by getting yourself back in the game by collecting stacks, farming, and getting a gold lead through kills and cs.
The main dragon's you'll want as Rengar specifically are Infernal 1, Cloud 2, Ocean 3, Mountain 4. Typically Mountain should be rated higher, but Ocean helps more when Rengar is low hp clearing his jungle, and it allows you to stay in the jungle longer, maximizing GPM. Make sure if there is an infernal coming next, you ping the timer every minute, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, as a reminder so your team doesn't get caught out. Infernal is HUGE on Rengar. Cloud is also very strong, because of the high pick potential it grants you, and flanking ability.

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JUNGLE GUIDE - How to Play: Late Game

In the late game, Rengar should be prioritizing picking off any squishy that goes for farm they shouldn't, or anyone who does if he's strong enough. Rengar at this point can either splitpush if he's stronger than anyone else, whilst his team pushes another lane, or he can group with his team and try to make a pick during a teamfight. If you're trying to teamfight, keep in mind that your ultimate is a necessity, so if it's down, there's three options. The first is to group with your team with our ultimate down. This isn't too helpful, as you can only really do damage if they come next to you, or if they're trying to get on your AD, and you use bola, but since we max bola last, it typically won't do as much to enemies. The only reason this tactic works, is because a lot of people don't recognize how weak Rengar is without his ultimate if there's no bushes, and because of that, you can put out what I call "faux-pressure" by being there.
The second option is to waveclear a different lane / split push. If they come to you, you can dictate where you fight, and therefore fight in bushes, this can either even out the teamfight for your team, or swing it so your team is 4 against 3 if they really want to take you out. This is typically the best strategy. If however, you can't splitpush, or it isn't an ideal situation, you can also farm your jungle. This is good because you're unseen, so the enemy will probably play careful thinking you could be nearby, on top of this you also get a good chunk of gold and experience, which is good, because since you can't fight, you're doing something else to benefit yourself, which you should always try to do.

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JUNGLE GUIDE - How to play depending of the situation

How to Play: From Behind When playing from behind, you obviously didn't do something right. I know, I know, it seems harsh, but it's probably true, unless you were playing top lane and just soaking all the jungle pressure away from your own laners, but this is mostly a jungle Rengar guide. So, since you've been put into this hole, or dug yourself into it, you need to ask yourself in the game what you can do. For example, if you're going assassin Rengar, can you still one shot their ADC during a fight? If yes, then grouping with your team is a valid option. Also, even if you can't it can still be valid if the enemy team has a lot of dive and not as much peel.
Example: I played a game where I was behind yesterday, because I had been ganked 5 times in lane, however only died once, this made myself fall behind, but my team get ahead. However, despite being behind, their team had a lot of engage, therefore I stayed hidden behind the enemy team as they were sieging, and when I fight broke out, I used my ultimate, waited until Jhin was alone (focus was off of him at least) and used my full combo on him, resulting in a slightly delayed kill, as I wasn't fed, but it was possible because I recognized how his team was engaged somewhere else, thus making it possible for me to do my job correctly, despite being underfed.
Rengar can always be useful, whether it be teamfighting the way I just said, or splitpushing. That very same game I was talking about beforehand, was the only time I teamfought that game. After that point I constantly splitpushed bottom, as my team had a comp that could hold minions until one of their more fed players left to deal with me. This resulted in me dying to their fed adc/jungle, but my team won the 3v4, and proceeded to take baron, winning us the game in the end. You might be a useless champion in a teamfight, but you still do a ton of damage to turrets so take advantage of the pressure you can create.
How to Play: With a Lead
Rengar with a lead is a very scary, and very strong champion to deal with. Typically when you gain a lead, you want to try to teamfight with your team, wait for engages to happen, and then dive into their back line to take out their damage dealers before they can get off their damage and spell rotations. Another option is to split push if you know that they will need 2 people to just hold you there, which allows you to have your team easily outmaneuvering and outperforming the enemies in a 4v3, also enabling them to take objectives.
Example I played a 4v5 yesterday where it was a 4v5 from the start, and I told my team not to remake (I was smurfing at platinum 3 elo) and they surprisingly listened to me. I took control of the game early on by ganking bot lane for my solo lane Sona and picking up a kill, as well as forcing the wave into turret, getting myself a big XP lead. From here, I influenced every lane with a gank as fast as I could, as I knew I needed to snowball quickly and end quickly to win, as without an ADC, you're quickly outscaled. At around the 21 minute mark, I knew that my damage as Rengar was strong, and that we had a mountain drake, so I had Katarina and Sona stay at base, while the Kled top came with me and tanked baron to allow me to DPS it without losing 50% damage. We secured baron, won the teamfight, and won each subsequent teamfight afterwards.
How did that happen in the example? I got ahead as Rengar early and applied my lead to every lane that I could, as each lane was pushing up, which allowed me to gank them all. When you're ahead, you NEED to influence lanes early, and gain XP leads as quickly as possible. This means you need to start looking at lanes as soon as you back, and predict where they'll be when you'll get there, whether you're full clearing your jungle and ending top or bot side, or if you're just running to a lane. ALWAYS think proactively when you're playing Rengar Jungle and are successful, you need to snowball your lead, and get ahead as quickly as possible, and then STAY AHEAD.

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JUNGLE GUIDE - Conclusion

Major Quick Tip: AVOID DYING. Death gives bounties, and allows the enemies to come back by taking an objective while you're not on the map. Ask yourself if what you're doing is a smart choice before you do it when you're ahead, a bad choice can be worth 2.5x the gold that a kill is normally worth, plus a lot of experience given to them, diminishing the XP lead you worked so hard to gain.

Thank you to anyone reading this guide. As I type these words, it's currently sitting at 6,949 words, and 16 pages on OneDrive. Please feel free to message me or post in the comments about specific matchups (Edit Khal Kitty : better ask him on YouTube since I'm the owner of this mobafire account he won't be able to see your questions here) . I will be happy and glad to help anyone with Rengar needs, whether it be countering him, playing him, or how to play certain matchups. Good luck in Solo Queue everyone, and please share your thoughts, and anything I could do to improve this guide. It will be constantly updated as patches change.