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Urgot Build Guide by Kog Maw

Urgot : An Giant Overweight spider! ADC-Solotop [UPPDATING]

Urgot : An Giant Overweight spider! ADC-Solotop [UPPDATING]

Updated on December 8, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kog Maw Build Guide By Kog Maw 8,070 Views 6 Comments
8,070 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kog Maw Urgot Build Guide By Kog Maw Updated on December 8, 2012
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Urgot
  • LoL Champion: Urgot

What's new?

Uppdate 1.1.5
  • New items for both classes
  • Fixed missspells
  • Added "news" board on top
  • Added awesome song!
  • Added (center)-(/center)
[Note on] >___________<
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Read this first! [Introduction]

Those two builds above shows in my opinion one of the best, and most useable builds for one of, in also my opinion, one of the most reliable ADCes in LoL!
If you want any changes to this build, feel free to cantact me at:, or just send me a PM.
Anyway welcome to:
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I have created a playlist on that will fit when playing if you like to listen too Rock and some Rap

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Some quick info!

I play Urgot as an "bruiser-adc" or just an "adc" on bot lane!
I build him tanky as possible without ruining his attack and vise versa, feel free to contact me if i have miss-speled a BB -code somewere, im typing pretty fast... anyway hope you'll enjoy this build!
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Pros / Cons


  • High DMG output
  • Really tanky
  • Good assassin
  • Fun to play when mastered
  • Many fun combos!
  • Es sexey...


  • Can take some time to learn
  • Low HP and no armor early game
  • Not very cute.... -.-
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
Here i show you the Runes for the both versions of Urgot!

I start my runepage with Greater Glyph of Magic Resistx9 for some really strong magic resist late-game, i always choose this runes for Urgot beacuse he's very weak in defensa if you dont have defense, for i armor i got both Randuin's Omen and Frozen Heart so armor is only needed early game for urgot, but more of that will be explained later!

As my "second" rune i choose Greater seal of recilience, Urgot is really strong agaist other ad's beacuse of his passive but with this you're the ULTIMATE counter to "only-ad" champs like for example Tryndamere.

As my marks i choose greater mark of desolation, this is one of the must-have for urgot beacuse he only deals ad-dmg, also have in mind if the opponents buys much armor pick up an Last Whisper (more of that later)).

And last but not least the Quintesses, for my quintesses i choose 3x Greater quintesses if strengt for some flat-ad early-game power, not much more to be said, but these runes can also be changed to greater quintesses of desolation after you'r preferances!

For ADC runes i mostly change the greater quintesses if strengt to greater quintesses of focus, it the only difference between the two pages! (in runes)
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So now we go on to the masteries, the SOLOTOP build with masteries is alot different that some people build, this is the build:Why i do that?It's beacuse Urgot doesnt need lifesteal in start, he's not an auto attacker, he's a caster thats also i recommend buying Frozen Heart and Ionian Boots of Lucidity for the CD!
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Summoner Spells

For Urgot i always have Flash as my main spell!


I use Flash for ganking when jungling, maybe flashing in range for an enemy so you can place you combo E+W+Q, maybe just fleeing?
You can use flash for everything you can think of in the game, mostly for fleeing or chasing!

Other summoner spells you can use:
Ghost: This summoner spell can be used instead of Flash if you're under lv12, even if i don't recommend playing urgot if you're that new player that's the best option, i use Ghost like Flash but with Ghost the only think thats able to do with Ghost is fleeing or chasing!

Ignite: I use this if i either play mid or playing solotop for easy counter for example
DR.Mundo, if i play mid with Ignite i use it for picking kills and preventing them from healing themselves so i won't get the kill!

Cleanse: Many peoples don't use cleanse, i say it might be one of the best summoner spells for ad-carrys, it will basicly remove all the de-buffss from your champion! anything from Teemo's poison to maybe exhaust.

Heal: You use heal instead of Cleanse sometimes, you choose agast any of those two, you use heal for healing yourself, when it's needed with other words, you can also trick peoples to tower tank with it! (very funny :P)

Teleport: Teleport is my secondary spell when playing solotop, early game you can use it for getting to your lane more faster and dont lose farm or even maybe a turret?
Late game it's mosly for ganking, teleporting to a ward is a very strong suprise method.
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For Urgot i choose abilities in this order:
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Here i will show an explenation for his abilities and how to use them:

Passive: Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter, your basics will lower you opponents dealt DMG with 15%, this is one of the abilities that makes Urgot such good anti-ad champ, it's really an useable passive that also helps if you want to go jungle!

Q: Acid Hunter, this is Urgot's nuke that he can fire abut 50 times every minute, i use this for everything, from checking bushes to catch upp to peoples! combined with your Terror Capacitor and Noxian Corrosive Charge they will slow, can't miss, and will deal dmg at the same time! this is Urgot's main dmg ability and i max is first for high dmg and high useage!

W: Terror Capacitor, this is basicly a shield, and when you have it active you'r Acid Hunter will slow really hard! But be aware that if someone destroys the shield the slowing effect will be romeved as well, i recommend picking a point in this ability early and maw it last!

E: Noxian Corrosive Charge, this is a pretty tricky ability! this is basicly a over-time dmg ability that will last for some seconds, when this active you'll be able to "lock-in" you'r Acid Hunter's missiles by holding your mouse pointer over your target effected by noxian corrosive cgarge, tricky ability and i recommend maxing this by lv 13!

R: Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverse, this ability is so tricky to spell i had to copy-paste!
And mark my worlds, it's harder to use properly than spelling it properly!
What this does is that you will lock on a target in a limited range, then you will after some second channeling change place with the enemy you locked into! really fun and OP-assasinating ability, also when channeling urgot will gain 50 magic resist and the same ammount of armor!
(note, you can only use this toenemy champions!)
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You're new?

If you new you should check out this introduction video it's a so called Champion Spotlight and it's made by Riot Games and with the know commentator "Phreak", so as i said if you're new check it out! will tell you basic stuff abut his abilities and gameplaying!
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You're New? II

If you're a player who really want to kow deep stuff abut Urgot outside this build, then you should check out this video by Ciderhelm!

If you're not new to Urgot you dont need to watch any of the videos, i just want new summoners too get a quick introduction to Urgot before getting to the "advanced" stuff!
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Advanced: from here!


From here and on i will only talk abut more advanced methods.

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Warding suprise! Fat crab out of the bush!

So, this is basicly an basic explenation for the "Fat crab out of the bush!", first you push your lane (red cirkel at top) and then you ask you jungler (with oracles) or your support to clear the bottom (in red cirkle) of wards, (see pic:)

Then when that's fixed you tell your jungler to go to bottom river-bush and stay there, after that you teleport from top to the ward your support have in the bush above the bot lane turret, when all that is set you go from the bush at the same time your ADC/SUP and your Jungler move in at the same time, the scenario will look like this and with you, or your jungler's armor, you will have no problem with tanking the turret and you will get 1-2 free kills for any of your players bot. (The black arrows are your team)

You should REALLY push your top lane fast when this gank is going to be started! If not you risk to lose your turret top!
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Urgot i must say is one of the funniest and most interesting champs and he have many oportunities or the game, can almost everything exept support!

I really hope you like to read this build much as i enjoyed to make it! i have spent hour on making this build and a comment or "vote-up" means alot to meh, ty for reading this build and thnx to urgot and kogmaw!

Made by:

/ty for reading!
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New "advanced info" will be revealed soon, afte Maokai build!

More advanced info will be able to see when i have fixed and published my Maokai build!

CHeck out more abut it ¤ here! ¤

Post acriptum: The only thing cuter than Kog'Maw is Rumble!
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