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Varus Build Guide by psychoman94

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League of Legends Build Guide Author psychoman94

Varus ARAM'S Arrow

psychoman94 Last updated on May 1, 2014
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This is a build for ARAM that is also open for tips and suggestions from any other players.
My ARAM stats: (not great but i can get the work done)
12614 Takedowns
172 Turrets
239 Wins
Last Varus Game
21 Kills
6 Deaths
25 Assists
Damage Dealt 138.755
Healing done 1.734
Damage Taken 20.157
Gold earned 17.312
Turrets destroyed 1
Minions Slain 87

It would be natural if i made a lot of mistakes because this is my first build, so i would appreciate if you can point them out so i can correct them and make a better build.

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I like my Varus with AP Quints and armor Seals.
But i would also recomend building a full AD rune page.

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For masteries i go 30-0-0. Not really important for ARAM Varus if you spend 1 point on Sorcery or Spell Weaving that is up to your.
If you want a mobile/sustainable Varus you can go 21-2-6, taking the movement speed, mana regen and armor/magic resist.

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I take Ghost and Barrier.
Some good Combos would be Flash/Barrier.
Or Heal/Clairvoyance if you have a hungry mana based team with no heal or your support does not take this speels.
If you have mastered Varus i recomend Exhaust/Ghost with my standard build.

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Ranked Play

Well this is an easy one if you stay behind your tank you will never be ganked.
Try Spawming but also gatting hits on the squishier targets.
Point out Squishy targets for your team to gank either OP ARAM champs (Yi, Lux, Kata, Heimer, Blitz, depends on the player it self) or big damage pokers (Nidalee, Caitlyn, Ziggs, Ezreal, Kog, Gragas) or Healers (Soraka, Sona, Nami)
In team Fights you can iniciate them with your Ultimate, or save it for the ''battle deserters''.
Keep your distance and take advantage of varus' range.
Help your teammates escape with your E or poke your enemys low enough so they get sacred of chasing you.

Combos Examples:

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Skill Sequence

Max your Q ASAP, then your R also ASAP, finaly you can kinda go around spending points your W and E. In my play style, as Varus has 2 AP skills i put 2 points on your W for every 1 point on your E.

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My build:
You start stacking your tear ASAP, get some mana potions cause you are varus and You'll be pokeing a lot.
Then you can either get the Long Sword + Faerie Charm (more damage) or a Dagger + more potions (more sustain and farm). When you die your if you can Rush Runaan's Hurricane, and if you have gold also buy a Vampiric Scepter and some Boots just in case.
Hopefully you are doing well if so you can buy the BOTRK next, if not just upgrade it to a bilgewater cutlass. If you can also buy 1 or 2 Daggers.
Buy now you should be lvl 16 to 18 and have your tear almost stacked so it's time to buy the Manamure.
Now Team fights happen all the time so an Infinity Edge Will boost your Damage a lot.
Still not over?! Get the trinity Force gives you AD, AP, Crit, Movement Speed, HP, Mana and an awesome passive
And for the Final item Phantom Dancer

2ND build - Mobility
Tear, Rush for Runaan's Hurricane, if you have gold left Vampiric Scepter. Then get some boots just in case.
Build Infinity Edge and upgrade the Vimpiric Scepter to a Bilgewater Cutlass for a bit more life steal, damage and active. Upgrade to BOTRK.
Sell boots buy either the Trinity Force or the Zephyr.

Anti Teemo build
Can also get Spirit Visage instead of Banshee's Veil. Lightbringer is a no brainer.
If some 1 in your team gets the lightbringer or Hextech Sweeper skip this and get a Runaan's Hurricane instead.

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Pros / Cons

High Damage
High Crit
High Attack Speed
Decent Life steal
Awesome Sniper
Kill stealer
Deals AD and AP damage

Low Mobility
Somewhat dependent on skills in team fights
Needs a good amount of positioning
Needs a tank in the team
Get away from assassins or chamipions with high mobility or pokes
Kill stealer