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Veigar Build Guide by HowiHaX

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HowiHaX

Veigar 3 times different..NOT FINISHED!

HowiHaX Last updated on January 15, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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At first i must say...My english isnt very
Welcome guys in this guide and i hope u will enjoy it and u can learn something from this guide.

PS: This guide hasnt finished yet and i know i have many mistakes in it...I will make it correct. Please leave coment what is in this good or what is missing and i will try to make my guide better. Thanks

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Defensive Items are tagged by blue and offensive by red color.

Core items:

Rabadon's Deathcap- I think i dont need to explain why u need this item...just more and more AP

Void Staff - Some magic penetration will always help u with more resistable enemies or to make your burst more deadly

Lich Bane - My favourite item on Veigar...Why?..I will explain it u can farm good your Q passive u will have lot of damage very late game...In Late game u can have more than 1000 AP...Q 1000dmg and then Lich bane 800dmg... i think that is pretty nice because you can rly nice burst enemy carry and then withou burst you have still tons of damage. And veigar useful in teamfights was born

Deathfire Grasp - I think DFG after season 3 is not as good as before... But if u agressive opponent on mid u can burst him nicely...Let enemy damage you and show him full combo

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - This item is realy good for HP and slow, wich is good for catching enemies or running away...It give u also good amount of AP

Rod of Ages - I think this very good item for start because your first item will be Catalyst the Protector, that can help u early game a lot, you will gain HP and Mana every single you can be long on your lane and farm as AP as is possible

Situational Items:

Zhonya's Hourglass - This item is very useful, when enemies want to kill you before you can burst carry. You can use hourglass and then wait for allies until they help you and then burst carry or other enemies (when carries are dead)

Athene's Unholy Grail - For veigar is this item like permanent blue buff, so if you have blue buff dependant junglers you can buy this item

Abyssal Mask - Good versus other burster like LeBlanc or Kassadin and it is good for karthus too.

Guardian Angel- It can be good for late game, but i think this item isnt as good for AP carry as for AD carry

Archangel's Staff - I have never bough this item and if i saw it in enemy team veigar we always win, because of that i think it is useless and wasting of money, but!!!... in season 3 update is 1 very useful thing and it is shield from Seraph's Embrace, this item can rly save your life..

Morellonomicon - Good against healing enemies ( Swain, Warwick, Fiddlesticks, Vladimir, Dr. Mundo and others).

Ionian Boots of Lucidity - Good if u already have Void Staff or if your enemy has low magic resistance.

Never buy: Spell Vamp

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I use these runes because i have 2 rune pages and these runes are the best for AP carries, but if u have more rune pages i recommend Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed or Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration or Greater Glyph of Magic Resist. Its only your choice what for combination u want to use. You must find the best way for you because every player is different.

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Summoner spells

Flash is very useful for all champions because you can escape from enemies or you can catch enemy who is runing. You can flash trought the wall what is big advantage against Ghost. It is good for dodging skill shots or save your teammates (Caitlyns Ulti for example).

Ignite is very good versus healing opponents or enemies with Heal. You can use it after burst when your opponent is alive (nobody knows how he can survive :D) and has low HP.

Teleport is good for helping on other lanes. On your level 6 you can Teleport to bot and burst down carry because carry has lvl 4 if you have level is because on bottom are 2 player sinstead of 1 on mid. You can save your teammates or help with catching enemies on top/bot/jungle.

Ghost is good escape spell but many players prefer Flash. Its advantage versus Flash is duration.

Heal you can use to save your life against karthus or Ignite or others. You can also make nice trap with recalling under tower...You have low HP and enemy want to kill you, he will try to dive and you will use Heal and stun him under tower and burst him...and that is kill for you.
If your opponent have Ignite try to use heal before he uses it.

Exhaust is not good on veigar on lane phase, but in late game if someone will focus you, you can use exhaust and save your life.

Barrier the same as Heal with lower cooldown. The advantage of Heal is that it gain HP permanently and Barrier onlz for a few seconds.

Cleanse is good versus other bursters with hard CC ( silence, stun, supression ). If enemy try to burst you and you got silence or stun use cleanse and burst him/her down. This is good against LeBlanc or Kassadin
Clarity i do not recommend on veigar because you have Equilibrium. But if you want stay on your lane and catch as AP as is possible you can take clarity.

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Game as Veigar

I have played as veigar too many times (cca 150). And i have never negative score...But i losed many times when i was rly fed...That was before season 3, when my build was pure AP and i can do only burst and than nothing, i died or i can help only with Q.
That is the bad face of veigar, but this problem you can easy solve by Lich Bane. On lane phase your quest is only farming...when you will farm lot of AP you dmg would be awesome. If you reach level 6 you can burst enemy but i recommend at first make "blind" burst withou ulti and then wait some seconds and then show him full burst with ignite. If you have hard enemy on mid that u cant burst u can gank bot and burst carry that u can easily shot down...In teamfight phase you main target is AP carry or AD carry. You can start teamfight why enemy carry do a mistake, then you can stun him and make full combo to kill carry...And then you are 5vs4

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Enemies on mid

Hard enemies are painted by red color.
Normal enemies are painted by blue color.
Easy enemies are painted by green color.

I will write here description and what i recommand versus all of these chapions

Master Yi
Twisted Fate

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Pros / Cons

Pros :
Best nuker in the game
High damage ulti
Very good in focusing
AoE long duration stun
Q Passive is stacking AP

Cons :
Blue buff dependant
Very squishy
High cooldowns on W and E
Withour Lich Bane low damage output after used burst

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Skill Sequnce

First max:
Primordial Burst or Ultimate is your main source of damage, so you need to max it as fast as is possible

Second max:
Baleful Strike is your spell for stacking AP and it has short cooldown, it also can have nice dmg

Third max:
Dark Matter is very good damge spell but you need to have E on level 3, because W is falling down and you need longer duration of stun to be sure W will hit you enemy

Fourth max:
Event Horizon you will need for escape for burst for teamfights, but it has long cd and you can use it only once , thats why i max it only for level 3 from start, because i want to be sure enemy will be hit from W...

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Your primary farm spell is Q. Just last hit minions with Q and you can be rly fed. Veigar doesnt need kills, he needs only farm. If you will farm nicely, you can have more than 100 bonus AP in 20min.

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here will be how to place your stun and other things that you write me for add.


I prefer combo E,W,DFG,Q,R but you can also use combo Q,E,W,DFG,R,Q but this combo isnt as effective as first because of DFG (15% of current HP). Why use W before DFG? it is wasting of damage too? No it is not...Because your until your W fall down you can use DFG if you are fast clicker, you can use smart cast or i recomend place your DFG on 2 slot of items and then you can use E,W,2,Q,R and this burst is really fast you can use it within 1 second.

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Pre Slovakov a Cechov

Prepacte vsetci za diakritiku, pretoze pisem na mobile. Kazdopadne budem velmi rad ak mi s tymdo guidom pomozete a na lolko (nick - howihax) alebo do komenarov napisete svoje rady a postrehy...ak chcete taktiez vam mozem osobne poradit co som v guide nespomenul. Vopred dakujem.