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Veigar Build Guide by eatPandas

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author eatPandas

Veigar: Pretty Tough for a Shorty

eatPandas Last updated on January 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is my Viegar Guide.
And as I said, it is simply just a guide.
You do not need to follow this guide as if they were strict directions.
This guide is meant to help you play Veigar the best way possible.

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Pros and Cons

Excellent Amounts of Magic Damage
His Ultimate can One Shot AP champs late game
Stun is one of the best, as it is lasts longer than most, and can stun the entire team.
Early Farming Skills
Infinite AP

Extremely Squishy
Semi-hard to play
Focused on Team Fights
Slow like a turtle
Your stun take practice to lane right
Mana Hungry Early Game

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Magic Penetration usually works quite well.
And it can grant great damage.

Greater Seal of Replenishment
Veigar is a very mana hungry champion. These runes will be very helpful early game, as well as mid game. Late game, you will have enough mana for at least two combos. But dont expect to stay in lane...

You want to get your cooldowns as much as possible to make your skills available as much as possible. With this, a DFG, and hopefully Blue Buff, you should reach 40% cooldown.

15 AP. Good early on and can be very helpful with last hitting your Q

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The standard
9-0-21 Mastery works for giving more utility and passive play.

With the new masteries
21-0-9 It will offer you more damage and a better early game

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These are the possible starting items, and they depend on who you are up against.
Skillshot champions like Take x3
Farm Q and some Harass Take x2
More aggressive Take

Early game, don't hesitate to stack as it gives you everything.

You should have a decent amount of farm on your Baleful Strike. And maybe a kill or two.
First time you get back to base, build something like this, or make progress toward this.

Kage's Lucky Pick

Because of the Kage's Lucky Pick you should be getting gold a little bit more quickly.

The Core build is

I always like getting the Deathfire before the tier two shoes, but if you are having trouble with mobility get the Sorcerers Shoes.
You want to have these items by the 25:00, or hopefully just the Needlessly Large Rod part of the Cap.

Late game goal options:

For more Ability Power and armor for survivability.
Fast Mana Regain, and for sdditional Ability Power.
Gives a good amount of Ability Power and great Magic Penetration.
It gives a good amount of mana regeneration and Cooldown reduction.
It gives a lot of Health and a generous amount of AP. And it can also slow the enemies.
Gives you Magic Resist, a lot of Ability Power, and lowers their Magic Resist. Good item.
I would not get this for the Ability Power. Get it for the Spell Vamp. Good heal, and a nice aura.
Not really a late game item, it is best made early game, unless you think the game will last another 10 minutes.
Get it to reduce the amounts of CC, but I don't think you need to worry about this.
An awesome addiction to your combo, especially if you have high amounts of Ability Power.
Get this if you can keep it at max stacks. However this will get you focused on.

Suvivability Items
Good amounts of Armor, Mana and CDR
A great item for surviving. And gives a lot of extra HP and Mana
Good item. Enemy kills you b4 your nuke. Get up and nuke.

And remember to get

My build is this:

A balanced build will add an item that can give you some survivability.

1000+ Ability Power Viegar

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Blue Buff

You should try to get blue buff whenever possible.
Ask your jungler for blue buff, or if you dont have one, ask you team to get it for you at level 1

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Skill Sequence

Maxing out early makes good farming and AP building. It also makes it spammable so its passive will proc and give you AP earlier in the game giving you an advantage over the enemy AP casters.

My guide says to get at level 4. If there was no first blood, and neither team is pushing, save it until you get your ult. And instead get a longer duration stun. Just continue to farm and build AP. You should have a decent 30~40 AP from creep kills.

Once you have your at level 6, you hopefully also have your by now. So then it becomes time to unleash the nuke.

first then==> then=> (but before the DM lands, you should have like 1.2 seconds or so) then => => => and then (if you decided to take ignite)

or other AP champs

Maybe very late game, at over 1000 AP, you can probably nuke down their tank as well, unless he is building a lot of Magic Resist.

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Summoner Spells

Best Choices
- Quick getaways. Flash in with nuke, stun, get out of other ****
- Teleport, stun, nuke. or if you want to play as a troll, place a few wards in the enemy jungle. Preferable in the areas right between the jungle and the lane. If you fail your combo or someone gets away. Teleport to the ward, pop out and combo again.

Other Viable Choices
it would work to finish off someone getting away if they escape your nuke with a few hp.
maybe to chase? run away? run and nuke? never been a fan of this but can see how it would be useful.
Vegiar does tend to get cced a lot, so i guess cleansing and running away would work. Would work well against LeBlanc or Kassadin at mid.
This only seems viable at early summoner levels where you dont get much from the runes. Yet it can be good for early harassing and staying the lanes longer.

Bad Picks
- why slow if you can stun?
- You can out burst anyone, so if you land you stun, you can probably win the fight even with 1 hp.
-LOL, no...
-Veigar can'tjungle....unless you want to take this to troll and steal blue.
leave this to the supports
- hey!! look at my minion !!

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Team Work

Your role is to nuke carries or other nukers on the enemy team.
If you need to run, drop the and run!, or drop to give your team an advantage in team fights. But you have to make sure that you drop the edge of the circle on them. Or when they run drop it slightly in front.

Is one of the best stuns in the game because you can help anyone on your team get away, and use it to trap others to ensure a kill for your team.

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In the early levels until you have dark matter, you only last hit with your .

Once you get your drop it on a group of minions that are at low health.

If you see a wave of minions coming in line, you can drop your stun and make them group up, then drop .

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Assuming you are at Mid Lane, and you have it pushed up by a bit, you should gank top lane or bot lane. Hopefully you can drop your stun, and help the lane get the kill.

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Well this is the end of my guide.
Hopefully it can help you play Veigar more effectively.
Please leave comments below as to how it worked out.
Good luck