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Vel'Koz Build Guide by Cristiana7

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cristiana7

Vel'Koz The Eye of the Void [S4]

Cristiana7 Last updated on March 23, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi! I hope you enjoy my second guide! My name is Cristiana and I play LoL for quite some time now and I wanted to do a guide for this brand new champion! If you don't want to read all of this I have a video showing the most important stuff about him on the bottom of the page.

Don't forget that if you do like this guide please vote! It would mean a lot! I've done some games with Vel'Koz and yes he is really recent but I'm telling what I can see pretty much. Along the way I'll play him more eventually so I'll keep this guide updated as soon as I find more things which are usefull to say! Enjoy :)

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Pros / Cons


  • Great amount of poke (not safe though);
  • His skills allow nice CC (two slows and one knock-up);
  • His passive Organic Deconstruction has true damage which is extremely helpfull against tanks;
  • All his abilities have really good range;
  • Life Form Disintegration Ray CAN'T be blocked, will damage everyone on it's way.

  • Low mobility;
  • Squishy, especially during cooldowns (like most mages);
  • Every single ability is skill shot;
  • Needs time to get used to;
  • Life Form Disintegration Ray can be interrupted and you'll be extremely vulnerable during this time so needs excellent positioning;
  • You'll get focused a lot and he doesn't have a good escaping way.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

You'll notice that these runes can go for other AP mids as well. They are pretty standard and definitely worth taking. Obviously changes may apply it does only depend on how you play.

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Summoner's Spells

Flash is used by almost everybody for a reason! It's pretty much mandatory getting an escape spell. Especially on someone like Vel'Koz because he has none pretty much. I've been asked about Ghost but I think it's not a wise choice to take Ghost if you don't have defensive masteries or go jungle can be usefull to escape though.
Barrier will be extremely helpfull in late game especially during your ultimate because you'll be so vulnerable is always helpfull to give yourself that extra survivability. Since is a long range poking champion, there is a small chance that you'll be able to safely get near your enemy to Ignite him. However, Ignite CAN help you get early kills (and a lot) so you can feed yourself in early and start a complete snowball! If you think you can do it than it is worth it.

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These are my masteries because sometimes we don't know how well we will sustain in lane. If you're facing your counters like high-mobility champion (such as Ahri) or really poky ones (such as Ziggs) these will come really handy because it'll give you that extra defense (along with your runes).

BUT if you think this is not the case you can build your masteries into this:

This will provide you with cooldown reduction which is great in [[Vel'Koz] and mana regeneration! In this season masteries got really flexible so you can opt for others since all of this depends a lot on your playstyle and who you're facing!

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Organic Deconstruction is Vel'Koz passive and honestly a really good one. His passive allows you to give true damage after stack 3 times with his own abilities. So when you hit your third ability on the same enemy it will give this true damage, enhancing even more his abilities and damage overall. This is more effective after spamming the abilities all in the enemy because it may not be wise to keep the stacks with basic attacks since it will put you way more vulnerable (and yes I do realise that this true damage in level 1 is amazing but again it's not that wise).

Vel'Koz will shoot out a skill-shot beam that splits into 2 and slow if hits.
To be more specific, it splits into two 90 degree beams upon hitting an enemy or if you reactivate it. This means you can "increase" its range by firing it diagonally. You can poke so much with this ability and honestly I don't know if it is because the champion is pretty recent but it looks like people forget a lot about the split, looks like they forget it's actually coming. You might think it's predictable but honestly it is not.
In teamfights it gets really easy to hit with Plasma Fission.

This ability will provide you an easy way to farm and push lanes! Void Rift can be cast 2 times and in both of these it will explode before disappear! So it will deal damage twice in one shot only. To farm the minions is really easy to use this since they pretty much come in a line and do stop for while. BUT if you want to hit champions its other thing. This ability has no cast time so that makes it a plus, however, the final explosion that's harder to hit. It's advisable that you cast this ability after slowing with Plasma Fission or just after knocking up with Tectonic Disruption.

Well this ability reminds me a lot of Cho'Gath's Rupture although it has a smaller area of affect and is slightly faster in casting. This means it's not that easy to land this since enemies get some sort of a "warning" before it actually happens. It's easier to do this after slow the enemie or in teamfights, like Cho'Gath you pretty much have to "guess" were your enemy will go and cast it there because after this is easier and little bit saffer to cats your ult.

Life Form Disintegration Ray is really OP and a really cool ability probably what defines Vel'Koz! This skill can allow you to stack up to 5 times his passive Organic Deconstruction this means you can give true damage twice if you land the ultimate right and cast a ability after (that hits of course). You need to consider that at level 16 this ultimate deals 900 + 60% of your AP! And count the 385 bonus of true damage. ONE ability can actually kill the enemie's ADcarry just like that. But don't forget the vulnerability this gives you as well!

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Skill Combination

Vel'Koz is pretty versatile so there'll be more combinations after all but you can check some of mine:


It will kill all maybe you'll just have to use once it's normal (It's not reall necessary to use any of his other skills).

Ultimate Combination

---> --->
Obviously I'm aiming this to champions only, if you do land this it is OP, besides if you land the first 2 you'll leave them with medium HP and after you start your ulti especially if they can't interrupt it it's easier because they'll start to run away and you just have to follow.

Certain Death Combination

---> ---> --->
It's easier to land Tectonic Disruption if you land Plama fission first and if you do so you just have to do the same as before and I highly doubt that the enemie will still be alive (unless it is a tank but still it will leave him fairly low).

You try so much combinations because if you're able to slow or knock-up your enemie you can pretty much do all the rest. It's important you just land the skills right, if you are able to do so the order is not important.

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Items and Build Explanation

So what do you buy first?? I recommend 3 options:

1) Usual pick

This is the normal pick for APcarries that go to mid lane. Simple, gives extra damage, some mana regeneration (and in Vel'Koz helps!) and you'll get extra health. Potions are just to help you sustain and the trinket is a free ward so why not take it? Always helps against ganks and we know this champion needs it a LOT.

2) Against AD in mid lane

If facing someone in mid lane that's AD don't exitate in buying this, Vel'Koz is really squishy and you'll need the extra armor if you face someone like Zed or Kha'Zix!

3) If you like to spam

You can like to farm by spamming your abilities or love to harass a lot, in that case this might help you is just an option like any other, personally I use more the first 2.

Now it comes your core items

Core Items

This is pretty standard as well, the Athene's Unholy Grail gives you cooldown reduction (PERFECT stat on Vel'Koz honestly), mana regeneration (your mana regen. problems are pretty much solved) and magic resist (your squishy this is perfect as well). The Sorcerer's Shoes are good because of magic penetration but if you get runes of magic penetration and items later you can substitute these for Ninja Tabi if facing those AD mid or go with Mercury's Treads for your AP counters or even champions that stun a good champion to use this against is Veigar if he stuns you better have that stun reduction because if he spams his attacks on you your done. If you build enough magic penetration you can try to buy Ionian Boots of Lucidity as well but only if you get magic penetration in other items! And's pointless having more than 40% of CD - you get 5% from masteries and 20% for the Athene's Unholy Grail unless you don't buy it!

Core Items second possibility

You might be thinking why did I add a jungler item to him, simple: Spirit of the Spectral Wraith is only usefull if your game is going well, this item will help you get into a huge snowball if you start taking the jungle, like your own wraiths and blue and enemies' jungle camp. It gives you gold and Ability Power as well. Athene's Unholy Grail is safer! And more reccommended.

And what if you're facing AD mid?

Seeker's Armguard helps you a lot against those nasty bursts from AD ( Yasuo, Kha'Zix and Zed), and you can finish it with Zhonya's Hourglass! And we know almost every champion buys this, its active is really handy! But don't forget you have to verify if Zhonya's Hourglass works with his ultimate which I did right HERE. And if you buy this item you don't necessarily need the Ninja Tabi!

Now comes the rest of the items you buy during the game!

Main Items

Even If you buy Athene's Unholy Grail I always get Zhonya's Hourglass because this item helps mages and AP champions so much and its passive like I said can be a totally lifesaver, besides there's the extra armor and for squishy champions like Vel'Koz helps!
Rabadon's Deathcap is just necessary, this item gives Ability Power (120!!) and keeps giving more if you buy more AP items! Makes you end a game with easily 400AP. Void Staff is great for its passive that much magic penetration is just amazing! And always helps if enemie team builds too much Magic Resist.

Defensive Items

Normally I prefer Banshee's Veil as my defendive item because of its passive. Besides the fact that it gives you both magic resist and health it can make your ultimate not get interrupted so soon because it ignores the first ability that they throw at you which means that abilities that stop your ulti (at least the first they throw won't afect you), after a comment in this same guide I realise that this item can actually be a lifesaver if you're facing a Nidalee and she throws you her spear since when you ulti her you'll stuck in that place so it's easy to get you AND there's other advantage: If enemies see you with this passive probably will wait untill someone waists one ability so they cast after...which means there is a chance they won't focus you at first and then they just loose all that time and you just keep killing :D.
Other item that works really well with your ultimate is the Rylai's Crystal Scepter because thanks to its passive you'll be able to slow with Life Form Disintegration Ray as well and not just with Plasma Fission. (And you get extra health!)
As for the Abyssal Mask this item gives you nice magic resist and is great if you're facing assassins and lots of melees such as Akali because if she uses Shadow Dance on you you'll have to cast your spells near her and inside of this item's range.
Finally I decided to add Rod of Ages thanks comments etc. This item can make Vel'Koz a little bit more tanky definitly which is good and its passive will help with scaling I just have one issue with this item...takes a while to be done (too much gold in my opinion) and Vel'Koz as no mana issues from my point of view (so scaling mana and mana regeneration is not that necessary). Nevertheless it's ok to buy it...I just think that buying an item when you don't need half of what it gives you might be a waste of time.

Other Alternitives

If you want to change your Mana Regenation Item I would say try this two options Morellonomicon or Archangel's Staff both offer great passives and great damage! I would use Deathfire Grasp if I was facing a tanky team! This item will help a lot in those situations. Mejai's Soulstealer is risky because it stacks and if you die you loose those stacks! But if you're confident and your game is going really well it will give you tons of AP. And Liandry's Torment is more like a preference, you might prefer this instead of other item I said because its passive is also amazing like a second ignite and others of course.

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Tips and Tricks

These are the tips and tricks that you can and should know:
One is to try to stay at Max range!
-> Always be far from enemies is saffer and you can arr*** a lot! His skills have really nice range so take advantage of it definitely!

Two is increase your Plasma Fission's range!
-> Since it splits after activated or by just getting into max range into 2 bolts that go into a 90ยบ angle if you throw your ability diagonally you'll get bigger range AND you can do this through walls so enemies won't be expecting this at all oor through minions (although is trickier) like in this image I took from MY game :):

Three - if your enemy is inside of your Plasma Fission's range don't try to cast it diagonaly just because it looks cool to say you're great at geometry!
-> You can face champions with skillshots that have to throw these with no minions in front of them! You have the example of Nidalee, Morgana, Lux (this one depends) and so many others that have to put themselves in a straight line with you to land you skillshots! In these cases just shoot your Q and get out of the way! If you know you can easily land one ability don't complicate it! His Q can both be simple or complicated is up to you.

Four don't forget to scout before you get to the places you should try to make sure that monsters/enemies/buffs are on the other side of the wall safely! By simple using Vel'Koz's abilities (the best to use is Tectonic Disruption).

(I'll keep updating this part as well :) )

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Facing other Champions!

In this chapter I'm going to allow you to see replays of the games I did against other champions! There will be of course a small explanation bellow if you don't want to see the full game! Right now of course I don't have much of these! But every single time I play with Vel'Koz and can successfully show you how to counter the opponent I will post it here! So this chapter is far from being completed!

Vel'Koz VS Lux


How to face lux

Vel'Koz VS Talon


How to face Talon

Guide Top

Steal Dragon or Baron is just easy

If you have a ward on Baron or Dragon you just need to wait honestly! But if you don't you can put your trinket there or use Plasma Fission to know if baron or dragon is getting done! You can easily steal it behind the wall with your ultimate and even grab a kill or 2!


For stealing Dragon just stay in either the red area or blue area bellow:

Why do I say this? Take a look of your ultimate's range in these areas:

This means you'll always hit the dragon and your enemies even if the dragon isn't completely on the middle of the pit! You can do this by staying in the red zone but remember that you're squishy just do this after you make sure that your enemies are not seeing YOU! Because pulls from Blitzcrank or Thresh or close gapers like Sejuani or Shyvana will get to you in a second if they see you! That's way the blue zone or a little bit behind is also safer if you feel that you'll hit at least the dragon! We know kills are good but at that moment the dragon is more important!
Then just enjoy doing this:


Check out this ultimate way of stealing baron!

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Early, Mid and Late Game

Early Game

Buy your early items according to whom you're facing! Like I explained in the Items part. Farm is your biggest priority! Because a good farm is what will help you getting your items and getting really strong. Try last hitting always. A good rule for farming is: get 100 minions when you get to 15-20 minutes always.
You can and should harass your enemies since with Vel'Koz is easy! But always harass if you know you won't loose last hits! It's good to make them use all their potions at the begining because after is easier to kill and they won't try to harass as much knowing their own problems! Always keep and eye on map and use your trinket because even though you have the worst lane to gank (it's the easiest to run from junglers) you're way too squishy so you can't leave yourself open for an easy kill. Last thing if you get a chance to kill an enemy DO IT. You're the AP carry you need kills you're one of the most important champions in your team especially fed! And never forget to take the second blue is helpfull before you buy your mana regeneration item after that you can get it but it's not that important.

Mid Game

You need to keep being agressive but always be carefull in ganks anyway and keep an eye on the map! Help clearing dragon fast or defend it! By this time you'll start to see turrets going down yours or theirs so you need to help your team! Teamfights will start as well (check your role on Teamfights beneath). Also be smart let them focus you and stall them while your team destroys everything. Also don't stop to farm now! You still should do it.
You can get blue at this stage but honestly I don't see mana regeneration as a big problem in Vel'Koz at all.

Late Game

This part of the game is not to different from the mid'll have tons of teamfights "exploding" for any reason so your job again is the same I point out bellow! Take out their most important champions so their damage is reduced! Position right and try for Baron if needed and if you know it won't be stolen! If you die after taking their carries it's ok! Never rage in the game it won't help you or the others and you may srew the game or your allies for being disrespectfull!.

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Your Role in Teamfights

First and the most important POSITIONING. In Vel'Koz is essencial to not mess up this part! Youu'll to be out of their range but they'll have to be on YOUR range at the same time and NO it's not easy at all. Don't forget that yes you should get a kill if you have the chance to do so but don't attack only after everyone has done the hardest part and by this I mean let them put them low and then you last hit - NEVER. If your team's solo top or jungler or ADC gets the kills is good as well for them! Focus the most important champion and try to kill him if you spam every single ability and he's still alive well wait for CoolDowns or just let other kill him you get the assist anyway! Always backup on dragons and Baron. IF you're being focused don't be ashamed to run better to run low and come back to spam your ulti than to die and do're supposed to have a tank who's supposed to protect the team by engaging and taking the damage from enemies!
Always kill their ADC and Mid champion since it will take a lot of their team's overall damage and help yours A LOT. Never engage...if you're not the one that has the most damage you're probably the second which means your damage is important in the teamfight.

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When to choose Vel'Koz

The question is "When do we choose Vel'Koz?"
You'll need to take into account 3 things:

  • How well you play with him;
  • The champions your allies are taking;
  • The champions you'll be facing;

If you think you're ready and know what to do with him go ahead and play with him, but take into account both your team and the enemie team. There are champions with whom you can work well, the major ones are Jarvan IV, Leona and Amumu. These can easily defend you! And if you think carefully both Leona and Jarvan IV have ultimates that can keep enemies stuck in a small-medium area which is perfect for your Ultimate Combinate or even Certain Death Combination! Amumu's ultimate has a really big area of affect, still you can land your combos on any of the stunned enemies. Other champions that have really good CC can definitly help you (consider Vel'Koz if your team's support is Nami or Sona as well for example.

Now is time to focus on the enemy team. When they pick their champions is faily easy to guess who'll be mid. This is the major thing you have to focus on, because you can't think "Oh I can't take Vel'Koz because their top lanner can counter me" In 5 enemies surely at least one can counter you or your ultimate! And remember it's really risky to take Vel'Koz as the team's first pick. SO this means that champions that can interrupt your ultimate and/or have high mobility will be a complete headache. These champions are: Ahri, Aatrox, Anivia, Annie, Cassiopeia, Diana, Elise, Fiddlesticks, Fizz, Gragas, Kassadin, Kennen, LeBlanc, Lissandra, Malzahar, Orianna, Syndra, Twisted Fate, Talon, Veigar, Viktor, Xerath, Yasuo, Ziggs.
I think I wrote all! Maybe missing one or two...These are pretty much headaches because of their ultimates, silences, knock-ups, fears, etc...

Champions that are the opposite which means that have low mobility and/or no capacity for interrupt your ultimate will be fairly easier to kill! Examples are: Akali, Evelynn(this might be tricky because of disappearing and running a see her you'll have to be on her range or she has to be on the range of an allie or minion so be extremely carefull and only attack her if you see her far from you), Heimerdinger, Karma, Karthus, Katarina, Kayle (triky too though - at late game is going to be a pain if someone feeds her definitely you need to keep the range and she may walk out because of her ultimate), Lux, Morgana (her ultimate takes too much time to stun and if you have landed your skills first you'll kill her on that gap probably), Nidalee, Ryze, Shaco, Teemo, Zilean, Zyra (only in the same situation as morgana - you need to kill her before she uses Stranglethorns).

Even if you go against a counter you can play smart and win. Just play safe. The same thing goes for the can counter your opponent but loose anyway if not carefull because you might not be expecting some reactions from players that are just really good with certain champions.

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This is coming soon I've been training first and I'm not allowed to use Vel'Koz in Ranked since everyone is banning him lately :D

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I hope you enjoyed my guide as well! Ask if you need help or even if you think I should add something! Your comments and thoughts are important if good ones or constructive ones!!! Here is my Video of Vel'Koz's AP Carry Full Guide for those who don't want to read all details and prefer to listen to them! In that case see the video bellow. Meanwhile I'll leave you with my AP Carry Full Guide as well to help you with tactics and other tricks you may want to know and to get better! If you enjoyed PLEASE Vote up there to help me as well :)

Attention:: I wanted to leave something clear. You can share this information to whom you may find usefull, you may also take tips from here to say on your own guides if you read mine and think it was really good. I don't mind if you pick up my tips and tricks for example and use on your guide and even the images I use! I have them on Imgur if you want to see as well. I shared my opinion and so can you even if your opinion looks like mine it's normal! Unless you're doing a guide about Vel'Koz jungling for example your information won't be this different just said in other words YOUR words and maybe you add something of course that's possible! So even if you take something from my guide just say it in your words to make it yours and you can share my videos on your guides I'll personally give you the links if needed just DON'T download MY videos and upload them on your Youtubes (I think this is just common sense). Thank you for your attention and have fun on your games! Be friendly :D

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Update Notes


  1. Add the guide!

  1. Add new videos such as the full guide of Vel'Koz and how to steal baron! :)
  2. Add "Facing other Champions!" Chapter plus a full game video against Lux.

  1. Add some details on Items and Build Explanation.

  1. Add some images on both Tips and Tricks and Stealing Dragon and Baron is just easy! made by ME to not offend certain people :)
  2. Add more champions to When to choose Vel'Koz
  3. Upgraded my Update Notes
  4. Add a new feature on Facing other Champions!
  5. Add a note on the Conclusion that I really hope that everyone READS carefully.

  1. Changed the display of runes, just to be nicer and easier to remember :).

  1. Added another video and full description of how to face Talon in "Facing other Champions!".