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Vi General Guide by DeathGrip

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DeathGrip

Vi : The FALCON PUNCHER (with 2200 elo player dyrus's build)

DeathGrip Last updated on December 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I like pie

NOTE: I messed up in the abilities things so... get your ultimate at level 11 then your w.

Vi Hi i'm zach, and this is my guide to Vi. You might be wondering.. WTF is up with the item build, I mean it's crazy man! Read everything before you use this build pls.


Spoiler: Click to view

NOTE ON THE THINGY ABOVE : Made it a spoiler because it is very long and you dont have to really read it if you don't want to.
12/20{} started working on the guide
12/21{} Updated my build and added dyrus's build for Vi :) and new sections and edited some mistakes
12/24 {} Added more chapters and trivia :D.

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Vi's abilities :
Blast Shield This is what makes her trade so good early game, especially when you use the combo I was talking about in the last chapter.
Vault Breaker This is her bread and f****** butter, I cant stress how good it is maxing it first.
Denting Blows This skill is another reason why she is a good top (with this she counters singed along with Vi's q).
Excessive Force This skill is very good in team fights... but the other abilities come in more handy early - mid game this late game would be the best.
Assault and Battery This is her ultimate, don't ever, ever engage with this unless it's a team fight and you need to get to the adc. only use this to chatch up to somewon, to stun after you did your combo (not stun I ment like snare sorta thingy) or use it when they flash.
NOTE: At level 5 you can take out the entire caster minons and at level 8 you can take out all the minons.

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Pie, and not pie.

Pie +
Can kill 1v1 any top lane champion at level 1.
Can tower-dive-harrass.
Can Burst any top lane champion at level 3 to 1/3 hp while having over 1/2 hp.
Can instant kill the ad carry.
Can gank effectively when your lane is pushed.
Can force the enemy to camp in bush just to get exp.
Has a hidden passive with caitlyn

Not pie -
You WILL get camped top if smart jungler
Counterd too hard by nasus :(
You have to be good at landing your "q".

P.SSSSSSS : If they have cloth armor and 5 hp pot's play passive and tell your jungler to gank top until they have no more hp potion's.

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Before items, doran's blade explaining.

I get Doran's Blade first because it gives you what you need, health, lifesteal (sorta :p), Advantage early game, and you don't need movement speed early game because you have your Vault Breaker. Now early game what you need to do with this is at level 3 go in with a fully charged Vault Breaker if it hits, auto attack once, then use your e Denting Blows to reset your auto attack timer, then use your E again and you just took out more then half their hp and they have to recall. op right?

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note; DONT sell a dorans until you have money for a sheen for trinity force.

Doran's Blade X2 : I explained why I got this already look at chapter 4.
Avarice Blade This item gives you crit. Lets talk about crit on Vi, It's good because if you get crit off in your harras thats tons of damage right there.
Berserker's Greaves : Attack speed on Vi is better then you think, With attk speed you can get your "w" up faster, then chains more attk speed.
The Black Cleaver It has stats every top lane wants to have. I would say get 3 and then a last whisper but it doesn't stack anymore =(.
Trinity Force It gives so much, and Vi needs it all, exept for the ap, but you do have a skill that scales very bad with ap so its still kinda i guess usefull.
Zepher It's just an amazing item for Vi too amazing.
Statikk Shiv So far I only got this once, when it was about 60 mins into an intense game
I got a unofficial pentakill.......... not, I got a quadra kill though :).
Last Whisper This freaking late in the game you need armor pen or you won't make it out alive or do any damage. NOTE: you can get this before Mercurial if you want.

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Your position in a teamfight

First off all, wait until everywon iniciates and then if you cant reach the adc carry without being kited or killed ult him/her and activate your "e" then hit "e" again at this point there gona start running so charge up your "q" and kill them. NOTE: Before you attack once and you just got him with your ulti, Use your ignite. After you kill the adc protect your adc.

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Who you counter, and who counters you!

GUYS I barley foght that much people with Vi i update whenever i fight somewon m'kay?

First of all who counters Vi? I mean shes very easy to play very strong early game is there anywon at all? yes.. yes there is.
This guy counters you so hard it's not even funny. At level 6 he can destory your sorry a*%. Play passive and gank other lanes. Remember play passive at level 6...
People you counter

Now people you counter
Darius You counter Darius pretty hard, but the first time i foght him I was careless and got pulled by his "e" skill into the turrent =(
Akali Whoever pulls off more harras wins the lane, but because you have mana she can harras more :(. get mr.
Master Yi This guy is very easy to kill, but don't go in with your "q" save it for when he ult's and then get away with "q" NOTE: make shure he uses his "q" first or else you wasted your "q".
Nidalee You counter her so hard at level 6, when I was playing agenst her in top I was at half hp and i chugged a hp pot then went to fight her (she was at 6 too) I got first blood, but she did kill me =(.
I will add more when I fight a champion more then once.
Jayce You conter him (probobly your best counter) at every level you can out dmg him. at level 1 charge your q and hit him he can trade dmg only about 10 - 20 dmg he can trade because of your sheild.
Vladimire You counter him pretty hard. At level 2 sit in the bush wait for him to appear and then if you hit him with a fully charge "q" then follow up with 2 auto attacks and then leave, it will get him to 1/3 hp and you at more then half (he uses all his op pots) after he wastes his hp pots wait in bush, charge up "q" and then you can kill him. Have fun bro's
Teemo he sucks vs you just max your "e" first and play passive when your ult is down.
Karma Belive it or not.. she counters you. mainly because she can throw down sheild and then it explodes and then slow you down so after the harras she can trade better then Vi.
Malphite play superpassive (there gona camp you harder then you think).
Riven I don't like this bunny. She's so good vs you when she gets cloth armor and 5 hp potions =(

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Tell me about it.

Tell me how you liked the guide and give me suggestions I will always respond :)

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Ranked play

Dyrus played his first game with Vi : I will post video when I upload it in a couple of days if im not lazy =3 ANYWAY ill post his build in the top thingy...

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Playstyle + How to counter her

A fully-charged Vault Breaker will deal double damage. It's great for catching and finishing off fleeing enemies.
Excessive Force does full damage to anyone caught in the shockwave. Use it on minions in lane to harass enemy champions behind them or to safely last hit minions.
It will deal its damage in a 600 range cone behind Vi's target.
Assault and Battery is a powerful initiation tool, just remember not to get too far ahead of the rest of your team.
Vi will knock back enemies on the way to her target.
Vi is immune to crowd control during her charge.
Assault and Battery can be used to dash to enemy champions through walls. Use this to your advantage when planning a gank.
Vi fits the role of bruiser very well and should be played as a semi-tank. Abusing your Vault Breaker would be a good harassing strategy as it closes the gap between you and your enemies. Be careful about using this ability as Vi has no other escape mechanisms once Vault Breaker is on cooldown.
Because Assault and Battery does 75% of the ability's damage to enemies between Vi and her target, try to hit as many champions on the way to the target as possible.
Vault Breaker can be used to dash over almost any wall in the jungle. You can dash over walls to gank unsuspecting players, or, with some right warding, easily catch the enemy jungler off guard. Using Vault Breaker will also allow Vi to reach her jungle camps faster.
Assault and Battery will place Vi behind the target enemy. Follow up with a quick Vault Breaker to knock the enemy back into your team.
****ering her
Vi relies heavily on crowd control to win 1v1 fights or 3v3 fights. She can easily disrupt enemy lines with her ult, and this will give her teammates enough time to back her up. Scattering is a good way to prevent Vi from knocking you aside or dealing massive damage with Excessive Force.
As Vi is a powerful bruiser, making sure to pin her down and not letting her get the core items she needs would give you an advantage against her team as she would be too soft to initiate and her damage output would be very low.
Pay attention to which items Vi is building. If she starts building tanky dps items like Frozen Mallet and Trinity Force along with The Black Cleaver, it would indicate that she is likely to initiate most of the skirmishes.
If she starts building high damage items like The The Bloodthirster along with Atma's Impaler, Warmog's Armor and Infinity Edge, it could result fights turning in her favor, as she will be capable of dealing high amounts of damage while also healing herself.
Keeping Vi at bay can win skirmishes or clashes, as she has long cooldowns and very few escape mechanisms.
Not letting Vi proc Denting Blows is crucial for lane control and poke, so watching out and avoiding a Vault Break can often decide the fate of a skirmish (being CC, a Denting Blows stack and gap closer).
Early game Vi can easily be pushed out of lane by controlling her shield procs and attacking after it expires if she uses Excessive Force to farm.

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Boring stuff : your

Ignore the glitchiness of some of the potato photo's.

Spoiler: Click to view

12/21/12 : Well it's the end of the world today.. like the other 30 times...

Big Spoiler, The World Didn't End Gg No Re.


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