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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nicatootx

Victory is our destiny!

Nicatootx Last updated on March 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Twisted Fate, The card master

The Legend of Twisted Fate

Although birthed to poor gypsy parents, the champion known as Twisted Fate was able to gamble his way to prosperity as a card shark in the seedy underground gambling circuit of Demacia. No matter how close the authorities came to catching Twisted Fate, the rogue always found a way to slip through their fingers. Despite his good fortune, he was never able to win that which he truly desired: the ability to control magic. When Twisted Fate learned of an experiment being conducted in Zaun that might help him with his wish, he did the only thing a gambler of his worth could do: he went all in and volunteered for the experiment. When it seemed to catastrophically fail, however, Twisted Fate flew into a rage. While on the verge of killing the scientists, he suddenly teleported himself miles away. With a sly grin, he realized his luck had won out yet again. He now brings his luck to the Institute of War.

''While the future may be mysterious and unknown to most, Twisted Fate is certain that his future lies within the cards.''

Okay, this new item guide will depend on which enemy heroes you'd go against. Playing TF means you can either be a pusher and a really strong carry. With your ultimate skill you can kill any champion jungling with low health or execute a gank on an unsuspecting enemy. Overall, TF can greatly influence the tides the game is going especially once you've mastered this cool dude.

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Pros and Cons


    Great carry
    Multi-purpose ultimate
    A stunner
    Good AOE damage with red card
    A natural chaser

    Focused on by other team
    Has no way to escape a gank except for using your ultimate.
    VERY item dependent
    Needs some practice on those cards

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and For that hard core AS that procs up that mean old stacked decks

and greater seal of defense for that defense to help you last longer out there. Just because you're a carry doesn't mean you should only get DPS items and runes. Getting these runes saves you up a slot for another hard core dps item rather than getting a defense item.

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Okay. Let me explain this in 3 parts according to the mastery tree


This is pretty simple. Get that crit chance. Get that AS. Get that armor pen. Makes them flop down faster. You can go down and get some more from the offensive since you are a carry but I only go as far down as this for this guy.


WTF?? More defense again? Dude you're TF. You're a carry. You're squishy. You're gonna get focused on. More than that, it helps you lane down longer at the start. Need I say more?


Okay this is pretty debatable. Except for the teleport mastery of course. First off, that mana and hp regen is good. You'd need that for laning. TF needs to lane very good. Next is the death reduction. I just go for this one since in LOL, time is money. Besides, I've gotten into a lot of times where I get to respawn a few seconds too late for a fight we could've won. Then the exp gain. Just to help you get to level 6 quicker so you can gank, gank, and gank some more. Neutral buffs are good since 30% longer is alot of time in LOL. You can switch out the utility ones for more on the offensive if you want but I personally go for this one.

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Summoner Spells

What I use:

- Do I really have to explain this? Exhaust gives out nearly everything a good carry needs. It has a slow, damage reduction and, if you got the mastery point, an armor and MR reduction.
- Now a lot of people keep telling me to remove this summoner spell since TF has his ultimate skill, . Now I use this skill for getting some more ganks if your team knows how to play. Get them to pop up some wards and port on them. This would get them by surprise and get you that quick kill. Ganking is very important for this champion since you ARE a carry and you would need some expensive items. This, along with your ulti, allows you to gank two lanes in succession and then push. Easy kill, Easy money.

Other good skills for TF

- Good for that extra dps and getting those kills. Very useful against low hp casters and getting that first blood.

- For both offensive and defensive purposes. This spell gets you around the map quickly and chasing that runner down.

- Again, for offensive and defensive purposes. Unlike ghost, you can use this to jump up or down cliffs and for flashing out of the bush and get that yellow card quickly for a stun and easy kill.

- Great for surprising that enemy champion who wants to see who is stronger. He'll run away as soon as you heal. Get him with a yellow card and own him. Nearly useless in late game though.

- Useful only against enemy champions with CC. Great for casters, Lame against most AD.

Spells I don't use on TF

- LOL you got yourself that blue card. And TF isn't really that mana deprived.

- This just sucks for TF. You've got so this isn't really for you.

- This is better off for your tank or support ally. You'll waste your slot on this one.

- Jungling TF?

- Lame IMO. Not really useful unless you get aced and are about to lose lmao.

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So if you got a caster in the middle to go up against, get for your first item. Hopefully, you'd get some money before you get to level 6 and you can start ganking with some decent items. So after getting that nice pair of shoes, you would need some AS for this guy to proc more. So get 3x and get working on that malady and SOTD. IF your enemies depend alot on their mana pool, don't hesitate grabbing that before,in-between,or after and .After that, get a for your main lifesteal and for more damage. Get either a or a for your last item depending on the situation. Why the mallet?With that much MR, casters will be doing small amounts of damage on you and that extra HP makes it even harder. Moreover, that slow makes you chase those running champions easier to get and set a red or yellow card on them.

is very useful against

If is doing poorly in late game, switch it out for a or a for more MR or get a for more dps.


So you're up against an AD champion in the middle. You'd probably want that extra armor for the tabi but I'd recommend getting . The HP, armor and regen it gives isn't that bad and give you a better chance of surviving against them in a lane while getting some cheap shots in and, possibly, a kill. If you feel that he's gonna start hammering you, pop up your cards and get the yellow card. This helps you get some more shots before they start dishing some on you. Last hit creeps with the blue card to get some mana back afterwards. So at level 6, you should have at least that if you want some survivability or a for more DPS. So start getting some ganks in to help you farm faster. Next, get that which is very cheap costing at 800. Keep farming on your lane and gank when you can. Keep an eye out for missing champions and twice the alert if an enemy is jungling. After getting your emblem, go for 2 . Start forming a . The stats it gives helps you get that champion running away and some extra crit too. After this, finish off your .After getting your PD, you can choose to get that for more AS boost and armor reduction or for a for that survivability. This is gonna take some damage off the build but the stats it gives, along with the CDR, passive and active is great against AD type champions. So after getting that item, start forming your to top off the build and finish that . Hopefully, this build will help you own those guys. Just don't forget to keep popping up those red and yellow cards.


This build works best for running middle and having tanks with a taunt. If you don't get focused on alot by the other team, go for this build. You'll OWN them.

First start your game with a . Get when you can. After level 6, focus on ganking those enemies and gank middle alot since he'll be left alone. After this, finish off your . Ganking alot will give you alot of money and hopefully you can get 3 quickly. So why the 3 daggers? Your next item build would be and then .This procs up your 3rd skill faster and drops them enemies in an instant. will be your next build if they try to get some armor and finish off the build with either a if they stacked up some HP in hopes of lasting longer or a for more damage and lifesteal. After this, finish up your . This build will drop that enemy carry quickly if you keep using your cards for maximum damage. Don't forget to keep ganking to keep the other team from farming effectively.

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So there's my TF guide. Will be adding more stuff in the future. Hope it wasn't too noobish. Anyway, post comments both negative and positive. I will be taking note from them. BTW, I dunno if there was a guide like this since I haven't really been around Mobafire that much. So, sorry if ever I replicated a guide. Thanks guys :D

3/5/2011 - Updated the item list and did some minor changes
Added icons as well(Thanks to Rudmed for that)
10:40PM GMT+8 - Finished up most of the guide. Enjoy.