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Sivir Build Guide by Nocta

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nocta

[Video Guide] Sivir, the Hybrid Support/Carry

Nocta Last updated on November 16, 2011
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This is a guide made to support this video ( I recommend watching it in Hd Fullscreen, and on Youtube in order to have access to the description ) :
I couldn't fit all I wanted in a simple video description, so here we are. This isn't Pro, of course, it's just made to be convenient for both me and my viewers.
If I said anything wrong in the video, if you have a question, or if you want to point something out, please comment on the video, i'll answer it ASAP ! I made the text of my video with Annotations to be able to edit it easily, so don't be afraid to tell me that i'm wrong :)


I play Sivir as a Hybrid between Support and Carry. She'll be supporting your heavy AD carries, like Tryndamere in the video, with Auras, while supporting herself enough to be dangerous for the enemy team.
Sivir won't be in every teamfight though, she'll be backdooring the opponent's towers using Teleport when the time is right, in order to make the enemy go back or lose an Inhibitor. The enemy will make a choice quickly, unless they don't notice you... Hehehe...

Anyway, let's go over to the details !

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Pros / Cons

Why Sivir ?

    Very defensive early, very agressive late
    Farms and pushes extremely well
    Can backdoor easily
    Can harass effectively
    Very sustainable in lane
    Is very useful for the team in a teamfight ( constant damage + aura )
    Always fed Late Game, with or without kills, thanks to massive farming
    Can do whatever she wants : Support a teamfight on Mid, Solo Dragon, Defend Bottom, Push Top...
Why not Sivir ?
    Not a jungler
    Doesn't have any CC
    Doesn't have any Burst
    Only escape being Ultimate
    Easy to learn her Boomerang Blade, hard to master her Spell shield
    Underpowered compared to other AD ranged champions ( Graves is a good example )
    Community's opinion on her is very bad = can be hard to communicate with teammates if they think you're trolling.
    Relies heavily on Items
    You NEED map awareness. ( Go play Shen/Twisted Fate/Pantheon if you need some training, that's how i learned ! :D )
    You need knowledge about the enemy champions if you wish to have a chance at blocking their spells.

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If you're not level 20, don't bother with runes, you'll be stuck with with Tier 1 and 2 runes, which are a waste of IP.

I use Greater Mark of Desolation, Greater Seal of Evasion, Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction, and Greater Quintessence of Health.

Very basic, it's to make the most out of Sivir's DPS and passive Dodge chance.

You can substitue them for whatever you want. Mana Regen, AD, Attack speed... Sivir is not based on Runes anyway.

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If you're low level, focus on getting Demolitionist , since it's your main Tower-Killing Tool. You'll want to focus on Offense in order to be able to fight other champions as early as Mid game, and also boost some of your farming abilities. Vampirism is a must for Sivir, as you'll be auto-attacking all game.

The 9 points left can be spent anywhere you want. I like the Utility tree, for Good Hands , since most of your Deaths would be after a Late Game backdoor, and Late Game = Long respawn timer.

You could possibly go 27/0/3, but i won't recommend it. Swiftness and Runic Affinity are better than some Ability power or some Critical Strike Chance you might get from focusing too much in Offense.

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Items to take

I've put the core Items in order, right there. You can skip the Doran's Blade and the Vampiric Scepter if you get enough gold to purchase a B. F. Sword directly.

It's important to buy Health Potion and Sight Ward, but to be specific : Buy Health potions early, but STOP when you have The Bloodthirster, and DON'T buy Wards early, wait until you got The Bloodthirster. Yeah wierd, i know, but that way, you won't slow yourself down at buying the very core of your damage.

The Bloodthirster will always get stacked quickly, getting yourself 100 Attack Damage. That's really the Core of the build. Zeke's Harbinger is here to bring extra Lifesteal, but also to increase your effectiveness in Teamfights. When you use On The Hunt, you give +30% attack speed to allies, but now, it'll be +50% attack speed AND 20% lifesteal for everyone. Really a great choice to support your Melee AD and yourself. Last core item is Banshee's Veil, which gives Magic resist, good health and mana, and an extra Spell Shield. That makes you with TWO spell shields, and Cleanse is always there to block a third CC :)
Now careful, DON'T use your Spell Shield if Banshee's Veil is up, or else you'll break both shields for one spell.

After that, it's either Frozen Mallet, Madred's Bloodrazor, Youmuu's Ghostblade, Hextech Gunblade, Infinity Edge, another The Bloodthirster, Phantom Dancer, The Black Cleaver... Take whatever you need, in any order, you should be able to handle the choices. Don't forget that you're gonna need more than a The Bloodthirster to have enough Attack Damage for Late game, so be sure to pick at least ONE extra AD item. You should sell your Doran's Blade whenever you need that space for another item, but hold on to it as long as you can.

Elixirs are for Late Game, since you don't benefit a lot from them. Oracle's Elixir is better for someone that's actually going to be moving into the jungle : You'll be in lane 80% of the time

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Items NOT to take

DO NOT take Ability Power ( No Guinsoo's Rageblade, No Nashor's Tooth ... )

DO NOT take Wit's End early even if you're getting killed by an AP caster ( in that case, take a Negatron Cloak early and leave it there to upgrade it late into a Banshee's Veil. ).

DO NOT take Spirit Visage, even you have double The Bloodthirster, it's a waste of space for late game.

DO NOT take Chalice of Harmony early, manage your mana by deactivating Ricochet when not needed and try to block spells to replenish it. Steal the enemy Blue if you can.

DO NOT take Tiamat, since Ricochet bounces do not activate its Splash Damage ( too bad, that'll make it actually useful for once... )

I guess that's clear enough :)

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Very simple. Max your Boomerang Blade first, to be able to kill someone without your B. F. Sword, then it's Ricochet to be able to farm, and lastly, Spell Shield, because getting four seconds less of its cooldown is always useful. Take On The Hunt whenever possible, of course, never skip it for an extra Ricochet or something.

Her Fleet of Foot is nice against auto-attackers, and it's the reason why you get Nimbleness in your Masteries. That Tryndamere is chasing you ? Use On The Hunt and run back, Spell Shield or Cleanse the slow, and even if he comes in range, 31% of his attacks will be dodged, and you'll get even more movement speed from that. You're hard to catch.

Important note : Ricochet won't activate on-hit abilities ( Madred's Bloodrazor, Frozen Mallet... ), neither will give you health from Lifesteal, but you WILL gain health from Spell Vamp, so Hextech Gunblade is a good choice if you Teamfight a lot with a grouping enemy team. You also benefit from a Support/Caster taking Will of the Ancients in your team ( Don't take it yourself, remember, NO Ability power )

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Summoner Spells

As you might have seen in my video, Teleport is VERY useful, you can't farm, push or backdoor without it, so make sure you take it every time.

After that, it's either Cleanse or Flash, depending on if you're good with her Spell Shield or not. Since you'll be laning so much, there's not much use for Flash since there's no walls to Flash over, but if you can Flash and land a perfect Boomerang Blade on your opponent under his tower early game, GG.

I prefer Cleanse, since it makes me able to tank up to 3 CC with Banshee's Veil and my Spell Shield. TIme it well, react quickly, you DON'T want to Cleanse after 1 second getting stunned, just wait an extra 0.5 second if possible and save it for later.

If there's a big teamfight you're suddenly focused, Cleanse even before getting CC'ed and start running away, since for 3 seconds you'll have reduced Crowd Control effects by 66%, which is more than enough coupled with +20% movement speed from On The Hunt.

NEW - Surge is kinda viable on Sivir. Massive Attack Speed increase while combined with On The Hunt, but it's kinda leaving you without ANY defensive ability other than your Spell Shield. If you do take Surge, make sure to spend a point on Summoner's Wrath , the bonus on Surge is pretty useful.

Some Summoner Spells could seem like good ideas, but here's why they're not good choices for Sivir:
- Ghost : You have an ultimate, On The Hunt, for Movement Speed bonus.
- Heal/ Clarity : You got Lifesteal and a Spell Shield to replenish your Health/Mana Bar.
- Clairvoyance : Just buy some Sight Wardwards and place them in the jungle path that the enemy will certainly take to gank you, and you won't need this.

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General Tips, Tricks and Strategy

You might have heard some of thoses before, but i'll just put them in again, just in case :)

- First of all, Sivir is a Late Game Champion. It's nice to be "fed" with kills Early game, but DON'T focus on harassing the enemy if it makes you waste a minion wave. Farm makes you fed whatever you do, kills are risky.

- Teleport is a must on Sivir. It's good to farm, to push, to backdoor, and it's always there early game if you need to buy that B. F. Sword and come back ! Don't forget it, or you'll never be able to farm when you need to.

- Don't rely on her Fleet of Foot to save you, but do try to keep moving to have a chance to activate it.

- Stay defensive early game. At level 2, take your Spell Shield and try to always keep 75 mana to be able to activate it.

- Try to get your B. F. Sword as early as possible, skipping whatever you can.

- De-activate Ricochet when laning, you don't want to push your lane too much. Activate it for a few attacks if there's an enemy near his minions to harass him while last hitting.

- Try to have a clear shot at your target with Boomerang Blade. Don't use it through minions, as the damage will be greatly reduced. Also don't use it on minions at all except late game when you're pushing/farming/backdooring the enemy.

- Boomerang Blade deals Magic Damage, so if a perticular enemy is stacking armor, you'll do some heavier damage to him by using Boomerang Blade often.

- In a teamfight, save Boomerang Blade for low health targets trying to run away. You can hit them even if they Flash through walls.

- In a teamfight, either activate On The Hunt right at the beginning to maximize the Attack Speed bonus for your team, or save it for the end of the fight to either Chase enemies or run away with your team.

- Pick Sivir when you have another heavy AD champion with you ( Shyvana, Tryndamere... ) They will benefit a lot from your auras.

- Don't pick Sivir when there is other farming champs on your team. Having Nasus or Veigar with you can make minions difficult to share.

- You really benefit from the Red buff Early-Mid game, since you have no other way to slow enemies and you rely on Auto-attacks.

- Don't hesitate to jungle a bit if your team is lacking a jungler. You can clear Wolves, Wraiths and Golems quickly by using Boomerang Blade and Ricochet, and around level 10, you can steal the enemy Blue/Red very quickly by using On The Hunt. Around level 16, you can solo the Dragon without any problem ( It can be Sight Wardwarded, be careful about that ). Late game, you can Duo the Baron with a Tank, or a tanky DPS.

- Late game, if the whole enemy team is pushing your team inside your base, don't hesitate to Teleport to a distant lane and take a few towers. Not only you'll make them B to defend, buying your team time to respawn, but you'll also offer lots of gold to all of your teammates ! ( You might die in the process, but hell, two towers for a kill, worth it. )

- If an enemy inhibitor is unprotected by its tower, go ahead and destroy it, go through the jungle to avoid being seen, use On The Hunt, and run away fast before you get caught ! ( It's best to do that if you can see the whole enemy team, or else you'll have a bad surprise in the jungle ... )

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That's it. Watch the video guide i made if you didn't already, it's on the top of the guide !

It really took a lot of effort to make all of this, but i'm glad of what i've done.

Thanks for reading all of this ! You'll be backdooring games to victory in no time :D