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Veigar General Guide by WhiskerWow

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WhiskerWow

Vinegar Veigar the Offtank

WhiskerWow Last updated on December 29, 2014
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Hello summoners!
My internet name is WhiskerWow, and I used to play a lot of Veigar, but I don't anymore. I also like to build him tanky, as you can see from this guide, which I have shut down. Honestly, a big problem I had with champions was building them too tanky when I was behind, or when I was killed a lot :P but I have improved. I still think that Veigar is fun to play tanky however, even if it is not a very viable pick, and your tankiness will come as a surprise to many assassins. HAVE FUN IN NORMALS!

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Pros / Cons


+ Extremely high burst
+ An amazing 2.5 sec AOE stun
+ Infinite AP
+ Counters mages with ult
+ Has an annoying laugh
Veigar is one of the best nukers in the game. Although you'll be building strong defenses, you'll still be able to 100-0 squishies like the enemy ADC or APC. Veigar's E, Event Horizon, is an amazing AOE stun, which can block jungle paths, divide a team in half, or force some flashes. He also has infinite AP with his Q, Baleful Strike, allowing him to scale into the 1000's with a full glass cannon build. His ult, Primordial Burst, also counters mages, scaling off the enemy's AP along with your own.


- Awful early game
- Mana problems
- No natural escapes
- Burst is single-targeted
- Has an annoying laugh
Veigar has an awful early game, if not one of the worst. This is reasonable though because you have an amazing mid and late game. You also have some mana problems. However, these go away with mana items such as Chalice of Harmony, Tear of the Goddess, catalyst the protector, or crest of the ancient golem . He also has no natural escapes. However, we will be building him tanky, so we won't have to worry about being jumped. His burst is also single-targeted, so you'll only be able to 100-0 one enemy per teamfight.

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I take 21/9/0 masteries on Veigar. I use these masteries to ramp up my damage while still having some defenses early game. However, the masteries for Veigar can be very flexible. You can go 21 in the defense tree or take up a little utility. Because there are so many choices for your masteries, I listed some masteries I feel are good to consider.

Offensive Mastery Tree

  • Sorcery is almost always a useful mastery. 5% CDR can almost always be used on any champion except certain AD carries. It's also within the first tier of the offensive mastery page so it's easy to get.
  • Feast is a useful mastery to get as it gives you a little extra sustain early game so you can survive until the mid game.
  • Executioner is another must-have for any high damage dealer. The extra damage can be extremely useful.
  • Dangerous Game is a useful mastery. It can save you from ignite deaths, keep you healthy in team-fights, and other stuff. It is however, somewhat situational.
  • Arcane Blade can be a viable choice. It gives you a little extra last-hit power, and if your combo doesn't do the job, you can always finish it off with some auto-attacks.
  • Butcher is useful if you're not good at last-hitting (like me) or if you're going to get Feast . Otherwise it's not that useful.
  • Mental Force is a must-have for any AP mids for the extra AP late game.
  • Archmage is an extremely important mastery for Veigar. At max rank, every 20 AP Veigar gains, he also gets an extra 1 AP for a total of 21 AP.
  • Arcane Mastery is another must-have for AP mids for the extra AP early game.
  • Devastating Strikes is a very powerful mastery. It gives you magic and armor penetration, increasing your damage. It also helps you last-hit!
  • Havoc is 3% increased damage. As it is on the final tier, it is an extremely powerful mastery.

Defensive Mastery Tree

  • Recovery should be taken if you want to go into the defensive mastery tree because there's not many more useful masteries at the first tier.
  • Unyielding should be upgraded if you took Block .
  • Veteran Scars give you a large early boost in health. A must-take in the defensive tree.
  • Hardiness is useful against AD mids or high AD teams.
  • Resistance is useful against AP mids or high AP teams.
  • Evasive should be taken if you leveled up Resistance .
  • Tenacious is the last mastery in the defensive mastery tree, and as such, is extremely powerful. The last must-take in the defensive mastery tree.

Utility Mastery Tree

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power


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Summoner Spells


Flash is one of the best summoner spells in the game. The reason the spell is so great is because it's an instant reposition. This spell is your best and worst friend, helping you set up kills while having your enemies flashing out of your skills. I'd recommend this spell always.


Teleport is a good spell on Veigar. In the early game, it allows you to leave lane and be back without missing any farm or experience. Later, it will help you set up 3v2s or even 4v2s at bottom lane. This is the spell I usually get alongside Flash. HELLO HOW ARE


Ghost is the last spell I recommend. It helps you in long chases as the chaser or the chasee. (Is that even a word?) I normally don't get this spell but I understand how it can be useful. Gotta move fast.GOTTA MOVE FAST GOTTA MOVE FAST THE CAKE IS A LIE GOTTA MOVE FAST

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Abilities and Skill Sequences

Equilibrium (passive) increases Veigar's mana regen by 1% for every 1% of his missing mana. Without this ability, Veigar would be extremely mana hungry. This passive stacks with Athene's Unholy Grail giving him near infinite mana.
Baleful Strike (Q) fires a projectile that damages, plain and simple. However, if you kill the enemy with it, you get 1 AP. This bonus is doubled against cannon minions and champions, so they should be treated as extremely important minions to last hit. There's also a passive to this ability where if you kill a champion in any way, you gain extra AP depending on the rank of the ability.
Dark Matter (W) damages in an AOE after a delay. This ability has extremely high damage but is is hard to land without Event Horizon. It also doesn't have the bonus AP gain that Baleful Strike has.
Event Horizon (E) is an AOE stun for 2.5 seconds at max rank. The way the stun works is somewhat strange though. The target is only stunned if they touch the edge of the AOE. Good Veigar players can stun a person instantly with their E. This ability also helps you land your Dark Matter.
Primordial Burst (ult) is a targeted ability that fires a projectile that damages. This ability has extremely high ratios and bases, and if that wasn't good enough, scales off of the enemy's AP as well, making it extremely powerful against AP mages. The ability is still strong on AD champions as well though. Also, if you kill a champion with this ability, Veigar will start laughing!

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I usually upgrade my skills like the above. Due to the sheer damage your ultimate, Primordial Burst, does, put a point in it whenever possible. You should focus on maxing your Q or Baleful Strike first so you can farm your AP to incredibly high amounts. After that, what you max second is usually personal preference. I like to put extra points in Event Horizon first but max Dark Matter for the extra damage. Put extra points in your E if you're having a hard time landing your W or if you're having trouble with your lane.

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Early Game

In the early game, you are at your weakest. Do not bother harassing the enemy except with your auto-attacks, and I would only do this if they are either 1.) melee so they can't harass back, or 2.) Veigar so if anything the trade would be equal. Farm your Baleful Strike and ward the river to avoid ganks. Veigar's early game is pretty bland, just play it safe until your Baleful Strike can do 10% of the enemy's health. When your Q can actually do an acceptable amount of damage, feel free to harass instead. However, around this time it's usually the...

Mid Game

You are now at one of your prime points if you're not too behind. Harass the enemy laner until you can finish them off with your combo. You're combo is Event Horizon, Dark Matter, Deathfire Grasp (if you have it), Primordial Burst, and then Baleful Strike for that extra AP at the end. Hopefully, you've killed the enemy laner, or at least burned a few summoners. Now that they've left their lane you can either 1.) push down their tower or 2.) gank a lane. The latter should be done if one of the lanes are behind or pushed. If all the lanes are doing well and are not pushed, put some damage onto the enemy's turret. All of that stuff I said before is only if you're not behind though. If you are behind, just act like it's still the early game. Farm your Q and try not to be too behind for the...

Late Game

Around this time, your team will start grouping up. Do the things that most champions do late game. Those things are 1.) push lanes, 2.) take objectives, and 3.) be with your team during teamfights. During teamfights, you should burst down the AP and AD carries. After doing that, focus the other champions in the order of how much threat the champion poses. This will change from game to game. You also do not have to worry too much about being jumped on by bruisers and can occasionally fight in the front lines unlike regular Veigar. Continue taking objectives and winning teamfights and you should win the game eventually.

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Thank you for reading or at least skimming through my Vinegar Veigar guide. Hopefully, you learn how building some tank on Veigar along with some damage items can be powerful. Too bad this guide is dead. Even dead guides should credit who gave us advice, so I give a thank you to Jhoijhoi for her Making A Guide Guide which helped me immensely in making this. Art in the guide is made by me. I MAY MAKE ANOTHER GUIDE THOUGH! I will have to put a lot more brain power behind it though, and it will be about AP SORAKA MID! Good bye and have a wonderful day!


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