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Vladimir Build Guide by Dr Eggmund

Middle gold

Vladimir《Patch 10.21》: The Skies Will Rain Red

By Dr Eggmund | Updated on October 20, 2020
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Vladimir
    The Crimson Reaper (Mid Lane)
  • LoL Champion: Vladimir
    The Blood Lord (Top Lane)

Runes: Teamfights/Self Peel

1 2 3
Phase Rush
Nimbus Cloak
Gathering Storm

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+1-10% CDR (lvls 1-18)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


1 2
Standard Kill Potential
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Win 52%
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Champion Build Guide

Vladimir《Patch 10.21》: The Skies Will Rain Red

By Dr Eggmund


Click on a chapter to automatically scroll to it :)


1: Introduction

2: Pros / Cons

3: When To Pick Vladimir

4: Abilities

5: How To Combo

6: Keystones

7: Rune Pages

8: Summoner Spells
9: Items - Core

10: Item Choices

11: The Shoe Shop

12: Laning - Early

13: Laning - Mid

14: Laning - Late

15: Conclusion

Hello! And welcome to my guide for Vladimir! Whether you are a veteran to the game or just picking it up, this guide is for you and for all things about Vladimir. Firstly if you have any constructive feedback or any questions let me know in the discussion section it is very appreciated for improvement towards this guide.

My in-game name is Dr Eggmund, A Vladimir Main with over 400,000 Mastery Points. I tend to only play normals games with mates, but I fully understand and am thouroughly experienced with this champion. I maintain a Platinum rank, on the Oceania Server. I've made this guide to share my favourite champion in the game with my thoughts, opinions and views on how he is potentially the most devastating champion to play. I have also made this guide because websites like OP.GG and may give you the meta builds and statistics, but they don't give you the tips on how to play the champ. I struggled with learning Vladimir to his fullest when I first started. I feel like Mobafire is the best place to teach people who are new to champions and hopefully I am able to teach some of you experienced Vlad players some new tips I've learnt along the way.

If you would like to join the OCE Vladimir Club, make sure to message me in the comments our groups are 'Vlad' & 'Vlad™'


+ Great Sustain with Transfusion
+ Top Tier Late Game Carries
+ Great Escape Tool with Sanguine Pool
+ Shines In Team Fights
+ Great Engage in Teamfights
+ Amazing AoE attack with Tides of Blood
+ Uses HP instead of Mana
+ Scales Well with AP items
+ Everyone you face or on the enemy team hates you

Vladimir's uniqueness is what makes him shine in the spotlight. Having the ability a heal for half your abilities is what makes fighting a Vladimir so frustrating. Playing passive and poking your enemy laner when the time is right is the key to exceeding in the mid to late game as Vladimir.

- Being a mage is harder to CS (in terms of AD)
- Easy kit to learn, difficult to master
- Early game can be a struggle for newcomers
- Lacks mobility
- High cooldowns early game.
- Has NO crowd control
- Can lack early game presence
- Horrible Dad Joke Puns
- His $20 skin flat out sucks

Vladimir's biggest weaknesses are his high cooldowns and his lack of crowd control. This makes Vladimir an easy champion to stick to for the enemy laner. Learning to farm and avoiding poke early whilst providing some yourself is key to winning early as Vladimir.

Vladimir will always be a decent or strong champion for your team in the top lane or mid lane depending on your ability to play him. Vladimir can be your teams AP-Carry in team fights, he can be your Tanky-Mage due to his passive if your team is looking for a brick wall that constantly keeps rejuvenating and finally the mixture of both which is very annoying once late game arrives.

Specifically speaking Vladimir is a great choice when the enemy team chooses a high burst laner against you, this favours Vlad due to his Sanguine Pool being able to negate all quick burst damage combos and all in's by the the enemy laner. Once their combos are all gone you have a free canvas to work with and you can use all your high damaging abilities to your full use.

Whilst Vladimir however is a very flexible carry in your mid/top lane role, like every champion he is far from perfect and there are times where it may be best to go a different champion depending on your team comp. For example if you are laned against a HIGH SCALING CARRY (looking at you Nasus) and you are doubtful in shutting them down early due to your lack of damage. It may be best to put Vladimir aside. Additionally, recognise that your team may need Crowd Control or they might need more AD rather than AP damage and cater for these gaps.


Crimson Pact (Passive): This ability means that the more health that you have the more ability power you have. Whilst visa-versa the more ability power you have the more health you gain, what kind of backwards a*s s**t is this?
This passive is what causes a variety of builds to work on Vladimir, you can build him to be a full AP Mage, a mixture of both AP damage and some defensive items, or a full sustain tank.


Transfusion (Q): Vladimir's bread and butter ability. The ability to heal in lane from minions or champions whilst dealing decent damage is a super reliable ability. Instead of a mana bar, it indicates how many Transfusion stacks you have built up. Once you have two stacks of Transfusion it activates 'Crimson Rush' which increases your movement speed slightly, increases healing from Transfusion and also deals nearly double damage to a regular Q. Maxing this ability first assures us that we gain more sustain and also good ranged poke to zone enemy champions.


Sanguine Pool (W): Sanguine Pool is what makes Vladimir so annoying to the enemy team, it's essentially a free Zhonya's Hourglass which can slow enemies within it and make yourself invulnerable for a few moments! However It has two weaknesses, one, that it uses 20% of your current health which is a lot especially in the early game, and two it has a ridiculously high cooldown early game when used, so you have to be careful and smart about how you use it as it can leave yourself very vulnerable. However if you use it correctly you will dodge lots of damage in a teamfight and the 20% would seem like nothing. We max this ability last as it doesn't provide much damage to Vlad's kit.


Tides Of Blood (E): Tides Of Blood is ridiculously good in teamfight situations, with a few items you can devastate enemies teams with it. Tides Of Blood is an Area of Effect ability which deals damage to all within the circle hitting targets closest to Vladimir (meaning it doesn't pierce through minions). We max this ability second as it provides great damage like Transfusion but doesn't give us any sustain so it is not as effective to max this ability first.


Hemoplague (R): Hemoplague just adds to Vladimir's AOE arsenal, along with tides of blood you deal loads of damage when the ultimate procs. It also provides utility for the team as all enemies who are hit with Hemoplague are dealt an extra 10% damage from your teams abilities. This can mean the difference in teamfights. Finally when your ultimate procs you deal damage to all enemies affected after a few seconds and heal depending on how many champions were affected. We max this ability whenever possible (Levels: 6, 11 & 16)

All footage shown in these GIFs belong to SkinSpotlights, for other ability demonstrations, skin spotlights and lots more find them on Youtube here SkinSpotlights' channel

Poking In Lane

The greatest thing about Vladimir for beginners is that he has barely any combos to learn, simple poking methods in lane then an all in combo is all that you need to do, otherwise it's just using what ability that isn't on cooldown. Save your W Sanguine Pool in case the enemy retaliates before attempting to all-in someone


Charge E --> Release --> Empowered Q --> Reset

--> -->

Q --> Q --> EMPOWERED Q --> Try and pressure your enemy with your empowered Q as much as possible

All In Combo

--> --> --> --> -->

Charge E --> Flash --> R --> Release E --> Empowered Q (Preferably) --> Sanguine Pool (To dodge damage from the enemy) --> Ultimate Procs (Plus Ignite if possible)

This is best all-in combo for Vladimir hand's down and it is a must learn if you want to pull off this champion. The problem with Vladimir is that he lacks mobility. This means Flash is 90% of the time necessary in order to surprise the enemy and land your E, Tides of Blood along with your Ultimate, Hemoplague.

This combo isn't too hard to perform I would recommend practicing the start of the combo which is holding and charging your E, Tides of Blood then using Flash and letting go of E. It's a bit awkward when trying it for the first time, but it's only a small but important step to get over.

Phase Rush

Phase Rush is brilliant for Vlad as he lacks mobility and with Ghost being quite a weak summoner in the early game, Phase Rush is useful for Vladimir in the mid/top lane. Very easy to proc with three abilities such as Tides of Blood into Transfusion then auto. In lane this quick combo allows us to keep punishing our opponents and dodge skill-shots with some easy to create movement speed giving Vladimir that gap closer which he needs (excluding Hextech Protobelt-01). Phase Rush also provides a great excape tool against top/mid laners who have excellent slows, running towards your tower whilst poking with a few buttons can proc Phase Rush allowing a quick escape.


Electrocute is super awesome on Vladimir because he can burst his opponents. Like Phase Rush, Electrocute is a keystone that takes three unique attacks in order to activate it's passive ability. When the passive activates you damage your opponent with an extra lightning bolt of damage, however Electrocute can only be activated if you use three unique attacks like mentioned previously. Vladimir can easily proc Electrocute with his basic combo of Tides of Blood, Transfusion, Auto Attack. Simple in lane combos can create some great pressure early game, plus in all in combos it makes killing a lot more smoother.


Predator is brilliant for Vladimir, Vlad lacks movement speed and roaming potential. With this keystone that is no longer an issue. It also means you don't have to run Ghost and you can take another spell for kill pressure and potential snowballing like Ignite. Plus, Vladimir has a huge a impact in teamfights with multiple AOE damage spells. So with the burst of movement speed, Vlad will become more unpredictable and your engages will be more solid. Try and rush Boots of Speed first so you can gain this awesome item active, and you can help your feeding bot and top with some roams with speed!

Runes That I Take On Vladimir

Throughout this season I've experimented many rune pages and so far these 3 rune pages are my optimal choices as of present, these runes are focused in being the best way to maximise Vladimir's potential. The first being my favourite rune as of now Phase Rush, then second being the burst damage of Electrocute and another for my previous but a favourite still to many Vladimir players Predator.

Starting off with, my preference for Vladimir going down the Sorcery Tree.

Phase Rush Rune Page

Phase Rush: I went into further detail in my "Keystones" section just above, but to summarise this rune allows us to have great potential to not get outkited in team fights, but also provide us with a great gap closer and excape tool throughout the whole game, taking Phase Rush means we can swap out Ghost for more kill potential summoner spells in order to get ahead early.

Nimbus Cloak: Is a must on Vladimir. Taking it means that we can gap close when we pop our ultimate and go in for the kill. Vlad's ult means him and his team deal extra damage whilst it's infecting thee enemy. Using Nimbus Cloak means that we can stay on our enemy and use all of our abilities to kill.

Transcendence: Is Brilliant for this rune set up. Our goal with taking Transcendence is to achieve 45% Cooldown Reduction as quickly as we can. Vlad's Transfusion is super beneficial to him when we can get it as often as possible. A must take.

Gathering Storm: allows for extra late game potential, taking this means the longer the game runs, the more damage Vladimir gets. Whilst Vlad already is a great scaling champion, sometimes it might not be enough to carry. With this extra boost, you will be seeing results.

Magical Footwear: Great to take for a scaling champion. The more kills we get in the early game, the cheaper our boot upgrade becomes. We are looking to only purchase items increasing cooldown reduction early game eg. Kindlegem and Fiendish Codex so being granted free boots and cheaper boots is an added bonus.

Cosmic Insight: Means we can increase our Cooldown Recuction by an extra 5% allowing our abilities to be availble more frequently mid-late game. If you are going down the Inspiration Tree, a must take

Second in line, my preference for Vladimir going down the Domination Tree.

Electrocute Rune Page

Electrocute: I went into further detail in my "Keystones" section just above, but to summarise this rune allows us to burst out mid laners and tear them apart at all stages of the game. Electrocute is super strong on Vladimir as it turns him into not only a late game monster, but an early game abuser with his extra burst from Electrocute.

Taste of Blood: has great use on Vladimir, whilst he has early game sustain from his Q Transfusion other laners who have that better early game presence will be tough if they know the correct timing to poke you. Taste of Blood will give us that extra sustain in lane by hitting the enemy champion with an attack every 20 seconds, helping us stay alive and healthy in lane. With Dark Seal's passive of increased healing from potions and with Transfusion our aim is to farm and stay in lane healthy throughout early game and Taste of Blood helps with it.

Eyeball Collection: Easily summarised this one, Vladimir can heavily snowball games, his mid-late game is so strong that with Eyeball Collection if we get a few takedowns on a few champions, out AP is going to increase and it's game over for the enemy team. So once again, get kills, eyeball collection takes effect, even easier to kill next time. It's an easy but effective cycle.

Ravenous Hunter: Once again in the Domination side we take another sustain rune Ravenous Hunter. Ravenous Hunter gives us a base 2.5% healing on our abilities and further increases it by 2.5% for each time we take down a unique champion. this means we can gain a total of 12.5% increased healing with 5 unique champion kills which will make us all the more annoying. With Vladimir's main focus on high AP builds this means our Transfusion will receive more healing power plus this awesome rune Ravenous Hunter.

Nimbus Cloak: Nimbus Cloak simply put allows Vlad to move around more freely with a short burst of movement speed, as well as avoid unit collision. Vladimir and shines in team fights mid-late game, and thus taking Nimbus Cloak can allow us to exploit this feature of Vladimir more.

Transcendence: Is Brilliant for this rune set up. Our goal with taking Transcendence is to achieve 40% Cooldown Reduction as quickly as we can. Vlad's Transfusion is super beneficial to him when we can get it as often as possible. A must take.

Next up once again in the Domination Tree my 3rd preference is Predator

Predator Rune Page

Predator: I went into further detail in my "Keystones" section just above, but to summarise this rune allows us to Zoom Zoom, back to lane, to teamfights, to roam after pushing mid or top lane. It's just amazing to be able to go fast. Once you get your full tier boots, try and push your wave in as fast as possible (ONCE LEVEL 6) then with predator find a lane where there team is pushed up and look to make a play. Rememeber you are the engager so making plays is a lot easier with this movement speed.

Taste of Blood: has great use on Vladimir, whilst he has early game sustain from his Q Transfusion other laners who have that better early game presence will be tough if they know the correct timing to poke you. Taste of Blood will give us that extra sustain in lane by hitting the enemy champion with an attack every 20 seconds, helping us stay alive and healthy in lane. With Dark Seal's passive of increased healing from potions and with Transfusion our aim is to farm and stay in lane healthy throughout early game and Taste of Blood helps with it.

Eyeball Collection: Easily summarised for this part, Vladimir can heavily snowball games, his mid-late game is so strong that with Eyeball Collection if we get a few takedowns on a few champions, out AP is going to increase and it's game over for the enemy team. So once again, get kills, eyeball collection takes effect, even easier to kill next time. It's an easy but effective cycle.

Ingenious Hunter: We take this as a part of our rune page because with the build I take, you can decrease the cooldown on active items in your build. This includes Shurelya's Reverie, Hextech Protobelt-01, Zhonya's Hourglass, Spellbinder and of course your Predator boots of your choice. So when we get a kill our active items will have a shorter cooldown permanently meaning as Vladimir we can make more plays a lot sooner.

Celerity: Celerity is in my opinion a great option to have on Vladimir as it gives him extra movement speed. He needs this base movement speed to dodge skillshot based champions in the early game. Celerity is great with predator as well as it provides a little more versatility with it to roam to other lanes even quicker.

Scorch: Scorch is really good on any AP champion going into the Sorcery tree as it provides our auto attacks a bit more Umph dealing between 20-60 damage based on level and can be reused again only after 20 seconds. This rune is crucial to Vladimir's early game presence as it's really effective when trying to win dominance over the lane and your opponent. With a little extra damage Vladimir's early game can be given a boost to help carry into the mid-late game.


Flash: Essential for any champion in the game but it is a must have on Vladimir, Vladimir's main combo uses Flash as a surprise element allowing the enemy to have little to no time to react.

Ignite: I always 95% of games take Ignite mid-lane as it gives us that bit of extra kill pressure for Vladimir. If you get ahead as Vlad you are the one of the most threatening figures on the rift mid-late game so take it!

Teleport: Teleport whilst it isn't as great for early game ganks as Vladimir isn't very strong early. Teleport is great for Vlad to soak up Exp and stay strong whilst laning and to keep a strong map presence.

Great Secondary Options

Exhaust: Just an annoying spell in general, really great against assassins so you can nullify their burst combos. Only take in a matchup if not confident. Exhaust is a very, very flexible summoner spell so if you are scared of being killed early take it.

Ghost: Ghost is pretty great and all on Vladimir. I have gone on and on previously about Vlad's lack of mobility and believe me it sucks in general, however Vladimir first priority is to get fed, and Ignite can help this, truly a preference choice.

These are the core, first three & essential items for the rune page based on Phase Rush, the build consists of Hextech Protobelt-01, Rabadon's Deathcap and Zhonya's Hourglass as they provide mobility and great damage whilst having brilliant Cooldown Reduction for Vladimir.

Hextech Protobelt-01: hands down one of my favourite items to build on Vladimir. Been building this item since I started playing him and I doubt it will get changed. Provides Health, Ability Power and Cooldown Reduction the three necessary things on Vlad and also provides a small gap closer that deals damage. This item can be used while in Sanguine Pool increasing movement speed and gap closing at the same time. Best Core Item for Vladimir and all at a low price, make sure to get it!

Rabadon's Deathcap: is essentially Infinity Edge for an AP champion, increases damage output heaps for any build. With his passive the more AP you build the more HP you gain too! This will benefit both aspects of Vlad significantly. So if you are going to be the late game carry this is a must have!

Zhonya's Hourglass: Has been an essential item for any AP champion for a long time now and that's because it has one of the most B*llSh*t actives in the whole game allowing you to be UNTARGETABLE for a few seconds. Very useful in many situations, especially when you are being focused in a teamfight, use it to lose attention and gain a few seconds off of the cooldowns of you abilities.

Spelbinder: This item can help you to output huge amounts of damage. Each spell that is used around you (including your own) adds a stack. At the maximum of 100 stacks you gain 100 AP and a large amount of movement speed for 4 seconds. This is viable on Vladimir as he is a burst champion who does lack mobility so this boost of extra damage and mobility can be the difference to winning team fights!

Void Staff: Magic penetration is insanely good on many AP champs, especially for Vlad. A passive that increases magic penetration plus some AP is a solid item to slot in towards the end of your build path if you wish.

Spirit Visage: Very good item, and it suits Vladimir's kit. Every game I play I always look at the enemy team's components and ponder If I should build Spirit Visage for the game. Here's my formula (I sometimes don't follow it though cause I'm indecisive), If the enemy team has an AP Top-laner, and a AP Mid-laner, I would most likely build spirit visage. Keep in mind however this means high damage AP top and mid laners, for example in the top laner a champion like Teemo, or possibly a Singed. So keep these in mind plus you gain an increased 30% healing on your abilities which is also a great reason to build this item.

Morellonomicon: This item is the sustain tank destroyer, champions like Trundle, Nasus etc. are perfect for this item. You can burst through their magic resist with extra magic penetration and you also inflict grievous wounds by hitting them with a form of magic damage. Very solid to buy when playing top lane for the very least.

Banshee's Veil: Against an Ahri, LeBlanc or especially hook champions like Blitzcrank or Thresh this item can be very beneficial so you don't have to waste Sanguine Pool or even die to their Crowd Control abilities. This item provides an incredible spell shield, some needed AP and magic resist to top it off.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: If you like to go a hybrid build of AP and tank items, I would buy this item as a last or second last item. Whilst I don't like tank Vladimir too much I have built it before and Rylai's Crystal Scepter doesn't provide a great slow with it's passive but it's a very annoying slow so... once again If you like to build a tankier Vlad, perhaps in the top-lane, then this is a good item to get late in the game.

Shurelya's Reverie: This is a very interesting item. i believe Riot intended this item to be for supports, but holy moly is this good in Vladimir. First off this item is very very cheap, and it's benefits are awesome providing health, AP, Cooldown Reduction and movement speed. This is everything that Vladimir needs. Combine this with Predator and holy moly you can move baby. If you buy this item after getting your full-tier predator boots, you can roam early to mid game and help your other lanes get fed (Because clearly your jungle is "garbage" so do it yourself).

Liandry's Torment: Is a great pick overall against tankier opponents due to the percent health damage that it provides. This item is very suitable to Vladimir as Liandry's Torment scales off of the opponents MAXIMUM HEALTH. Meaning with plenty of AOE burst from Tides of Blood this will be a lethal asset if you choose to take it.

Elixir Of Iron: Vladimir on Steroids.

Elixir Of Sorcery: Vladimir on AP Steroids.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In this section we take a look at the synergies with Vladimir and boots. However i 99% of games ALWAYS take Sorcerer's Shoes as Vlad is a Mage. In Mid lane he is a carry, in the top lane he will likely be the pressure with his range so there is no need to choose any other boots. However the only option I would choose at times is Ionian Boots of Lucidity if your build lacks cooldown reduction in it.

Sorcerer's Shoes: These boots are so good for AP Mages allowing you to bypass more of the enemies magic resist (which trust me they'll buy against a Vladimir). With an additional burst of magic penetration Vladimir will have no trouble beating tanks, adcs or anyone on the rift. Love these boots hope Riot never change them.

Ionian Boots Of Lucidity: These boots provides an extra 10% cooldown importantly on your summoner cooldowns which can have benefits throughout the game. However it's greatest asset is the flat 10% Cooldown on your abilities. If you are looking for more damage through Rabadon's Deathcap and Spellbinder, it may be a great decision to not run Transcendence and Phase Rush and swap to an all out damage rune page such as Electrocute. These boots are 2nd preference for most Vladimir players and same goes for me.

Ninja Tabi: Great selection against champions like Yasuo or Tryndamere champions whose kits revolve around auto attacks. Not only can it protect you from their AA's, it can also give you some much needed armour against them to help trade with them or reduce their damage output. It is better to be alive in a fight and do less damage than to do no damage at all.

Mercury's Treads: Never really build this on Vladimir, however if you are up against an Ahri or an Annie this can save your life providing extra Magic Resist and less duration on Annie's stun and Ahri's charms. Tenacity is what you are mainly looking for when building these boots. However with Sanguine Pool and the potential to dodge incoming attacks as well as stuns, I would trust yourself without these boots most the time.

Vladimir's hardest time and most people would agree is his early game. Like many mage champions, Vladimir has low AD or attack damage meaning that farming is a little tough when you are being pressured by another laner at the same time. If you want to make farming easier, go ahead and start off the game with a Doran's Shield or Doran's Ring as they provide extra damage when you auto attack a minion. REMEMBER, farming is probably the most important part of the game and the early game is crucial for Vladimir to get ahead of the pack. So use everything you have to your advantage.

The biggest issue I find with Vladimir's early game is his lack of early game presence. If there is a fight in the river, you will lose most fights if the amount of allies and enemies is even. Vladimir's lack of early game damage is the major cause of this as well as his lack of Crowd Control. Additionally his benefit of using health instead of mana is a sin in the early game as you are dealing damage to yourself with a lack of items to compensate for your low health pool.

Early you want to use Transfusion Vladimir's Q to poke enemies and heal yourself. You can use it as a farming tool to help you achieve that extra CS. Once you get level 6 and gain your ultimate Hemoplague, look to make a play on you opponent if possible. Or if you can't, push the minion wave into their tower and look to help another lane. There is always something you can do around the map, vision, ganks etc.

This is when you start feeling the difference in your gameplay. Your farming issues should have resolved by now and your damage output is climbing as well, you should have at least 30-40% cooldown reduction with some damage items as well making you a huge threat to any opponent. Vladimir is able to accel in dominance if he is able to pick up those cooldown items ( Kindlegem and Fiendish Codex) as it allows his main sustain and poke Transfusion to be available often.

Once you have achieved this power-spike you can likely 1vs1 most enemies if you have gained enough gold from last hitting them creeps without copping too much punishment. Along with a good or even EXP Advantage. Continue to play aggressive when you have vision of other enemy opponents. Make sure you pressure them with your Q's as you would throughout the early game.

Finally once you've pushed your way up look for a roam into a different lane to either feed yourself with a kill and pressure their lane's turret, or help your top or bot laner get ahead. It may be difficult closing onto them without having any sort of Crowd Control. However, I would also recommend having Flash built up just incase. Make sure to have full awareness of the playing field around you, trust me your other lanes will appreciate you for it.

This is Vladimir's time to shine. If you have
    1. Successfully farmed throughout the early and mid game
    2. Been pressuring your laner and getting kills
    3. Taking objectives and having a presence around the map

Then congratulations if you have ticked a majority of these boxes then you will find the reason I've mained Vladimir for the past 3 years.

Vladimir is a lethal asset for your team late game. As Vlad you are able to produce INSANE amounts of AOE (Area of Effect) damage with your Hemoplague and Tides of Blood. With the sustain from Transfusion and Hemoplague, you also have the ability to go in to the middle of teamfights, reset, then repeat. You become very annoying and yet very threatening.

With ridiculous damage, increased healing and a massive amount of Ability Power with a set of abilities a child could use. You will take down ADC's or even high AD Top Laners such as Irelia, Darius and more with ease. You can take out almost anyone in a 1vs1 if you don't waste your cooldowns and perform the correct combos (stated in the previous 'How to combo' section).

In a teamfight or when you want to force a fight, try to have your Transfusion passive with at least 1 stack so you can activate Crimson Rush sooner in a teamfight. It can be the difference to taking out an ADC losing their high damage source or not dying sooner.

In teamfights you can be the engager and the damage output, if your teams prepared signal to go in with the all-in combo mentioned previously in the combo section. If they focus on you activate Sanguine Pool your W and keep using your Q and E to heal and produce significant damage. You can also add in a Zhonya's Hourglass to repeat a similar process like when using Sanguine Pool to dodge a majority of incoming attacks.

With Vladimir's kit, his late game sustain, his late game damage - the enemy is in deep trouble for allowing you to reach peak male dominance and you need to take full advantage of this if they let you play your game this long

Hope you Enjoyed!

Thank you everyone for over 3 million views on my guide!

I'm glad that my guide has been effecting a lot of people. Hope you enjoyed my guide on Vladimir, I hope it helps you get that little boost of knowledge for the champion I love playing. He's not hard but he is one that's hard to get used to!

Once again if you have any enquiries don't hesitate to ask and please give me your opinion on how i can improve! :)

My Final Thoughts On Vladimir

Vladimir is a champion whose abilities are easy to understand for any player but only turly effective in the right hands. His playstyle is very unique, despite having a basic kit to understand. It can see many new player's (like myself 3 years ago) struggle to understand his early game and get past that stage efficiently. However if this stages is completed well the player is rewarded with a monster of a champion that can destroy enemy teams mid and late game.

Big thanks to jhoijhoi for helping me with the prepartation of this guide, you can check her out here jhoijhoi's profile

ALSO A MASSIVE THANKS TO Rock3tt being a huge inspiration into why I learnt Vladimir, he knows the game well better than me at the very least!

He is a very good teacher his videos are terrific content and enjoyable to watch. They certainly helped me get off the shelves when beginning this champion as well.
You can find the man's youtube channel here Rock3tt's Channel

Finally, a big thanks to Katasandra for assisting in the recreation/new tangent in this guide, their coding and presentation skills is unparamount and it is what allowed for this guide to take a better look (that I hope you guys enjoyed!). Please check their beautiful Lissandra guide here: Katasandra's Lissandra Guide!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Dr Eggmund
Dr Eggmund Vladimir Guide
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