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Vladimir Build Guide by Dr Eggmund

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dr Eggmund

Vladimir《Pre-Season 7.24》The Ultimate Carry Guide

Dr Eggmund Last updated on December 5, 2017
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Vladimir Build

LoL Path: Sorcery
LoL Rune: Summon Aery
Summon Aery
LoL Rune: The Ultimate Hat
The Ultimate Hat
LoL Rune: Transcendence
LoL Rune: Gathering Storm
Gathering Storm

LoL Path: Domination
LoL Rune: Taste of Blood
Taste of Blood
LoL Rune: Ravenous Hunter
Ravenous Hunter

+12 Attack Damage or +20 Ability Power (Adaptive)

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Threats to Vladimir with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Fizz Feels great when you destroy a Fizz as any champ and Vladimir should be great against him. Pool his Ult to deny his all in and poke fizz with Qs early to pressure him and deny him farm. Try all ining at 6 however i reccomend you get fizz to a lower health than most other champions or bait out his E, as this will prevent him from denying your damage. Build the usual protobelt, and buy sorcerer's to poke him even more for the squirt he is.
Poppy Poppy was the only reason people picked Vladimir top lane at one point because he can farm without being pressured and get to late game with complete ease. Take advantage of your ranged abilities and bully her out lane.
Shen This is a farming lane, except you have the upper hand. He does %AP DAMAGE AND NOT AD So don't rush armour like seeker's against him. Poke standardly and pool his dash if you are in danger.
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As of November 20th 2017
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Hello! And welcome to my guide for Vladimir! Whether you are a veteran to the game or just picking it up, this guide is for you and for all things about Vladimir. Firstly if you have any constructive feedback or any questions let me know in the discussion section it is very appreciated for improvement to this guide.

My name is Dr Eggmund, A Vladimir Main with over 200,000 Mastery Point currently a Gold Player, on the Oceania Server. I've made this guide to share my favourite champion in the game with my thoughts, opinions and views on how he is potentially the most devastating champion and evidently feared by others on the Rift. Other Vladimir mains might disagree that he isn't a meta champion since his rework a long time ago. But It is my point of view that he is possibly one of the best top and especially mid laners as of present.

Moving on I picked up Vladimir in mid season 6, a time in my opinion where Vladimir was fairly weak as a champion to climb in Solo queue. I believe that Vladimir is an easy champion to get your head around but very difficult to master his kit. This was one of the main reasons why I put this champion aside for a while and really made me rethink why I bought this champion to begin with. However through experience and experimentation Vladimir can be a very rewarding champion to learn and master.

Furthermore, Vladimir has never been better than he is currently. I started playing ranked with only 2 months till season 7's end (around September 2017). However in my first season of ranked I climbed From Silver 4 all the way to Gold 1 in under a month and a half with a 62% Win Rate On Vladimir. If I had started earlier Platinum would have easily been achievable. With buffs in the early season and with the uproar around burst damage mid laners there has never been a better time to play Vladimir. So I have left my former Jayce maining self behind and swapped to my new passion which is destroying every one of my opponents with the Blood Lord. Now that we have my background out of the way let's move on to the strengths and weaknesses of The Hemomancer.
1 1[/color

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Pros / Cons


+ Great Sustain with Transfusion
+ Top Tier Late Game Carries
+ Great Escape Tool with Sanguine Pool
+ Shines In Team Fights
+ Great Engage in Teamfights
+ Amazing AoE attack with Tides of Blood
+ Uses HP instead of Mana
+ Scales Well with AP items

Vladimir's uniqueness is what makes him shine in the spotlight. Having the ability a heal for half your abilities is what makes fighting a Vladimir so frustrating. Playing passive and poking your enemy laner when the time is right is the key to exceeding in the mid to late game as Vladimir.

- Hard to farm with early (in terms of AD)
- Easy kit, hard to master
- Early game can be a struggle for newcomers
- Lack of mobility
- High cooldowns
- Has no hard crowd control
- Horrible Puns (To be honest)
- Poorly made 1820 RP Skin

Vladimir's biggest weaknesses are his high cooldowns and his lack of crowd control. This makes Vladimir an easy champion to stick to for the enemy laner. Learning to farm and avoiding poke early whilst providing some yourself is key to winning early as Vladimir.

To further go into detail on Vladimir's cons champions with gap closers like Jax or Xin Zhao are usually the counters to Vlad as you have no Crowd Control do disengage the fight. So you need to make sure that you are respecting your laner and not getting to close to them early on, through experience you'll learn what you can and get away with early game and especially late game. Playing risky on Vladimir is what makes him so beneficial. If you have your team surrounding you with Sanguine Pool and possibly Zhonya's Hourglass you can deal damage whilst not taking any to begin with.

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When Is Vladimir A Good Choice?

1 1
Vladimir will always be a decent or strong champion for your team in the top lane or mid lane depending on your ability to play him. Vladimir can be your teams AP-Carry in team fights, he can be your Tanky-Mage due to his passive if your team is looking for a brick wall that constantly keeps rejuvenating and finally the mixture of both which best suits Vladimir and my playstyle for him.

Specifically speaking Vladimir is a great choice when the enemy team chooses a high burst laner against you, this favours Vlad due to his Sanguine Pool being able to negate all quick burst damage combos and all in's by the the enemy laner. Once their combos are all gone you have free canvas to work with and you can use all your high damaging abilities to your full use

A big factor that works into winning your lane as Vlad, long and even trades with the enemy will work in your favour as you have brilliant sustain with item combos such as The Dark Seal and Refillable Potion. Every time you back you should be leaving a bit of gold for some health pots just to piss off your lane opponent by how annoying and unkillable you are.

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Abilities & Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Crimson Pact (Passive): This ability means that the more health that you have the more ability power you have. Whilst visa-versa the more ability power you have the more health you gain, what kind of backwards a*s s**t is this?
This passive is what makes so many builds work on Vladimir, you can build him to be an AP Mage (my preferred choice), a mixture of both (how he's regularly built), or a full sustain tank.

Transfusion (Q): Vladimir's bread and butter ability, an ability that won't be changed as its what makes Vladimir, Vladimir. The ability to heal in lane from minions or champions whilst dealing decent damage is a super reliable ability. Plus once you have two stacks of transfusion it activates Crimson Rush which heals you and also deals almost double damage to a regular Q. Maxing this ability first assures us that we gain more sustain and also good ranged poke to zone enemy champions.

Sanguine Pool (W): Sanguine Pool is what makes Vladimir so annoying to the enemy team, it's essentially a free Zhonya's Hourglass which can slow enemies plus remain invulnerable for a few moments. It's only weakness is that it uses 20% of your current health which is a lot especially in the early game so you have to be careful and smart about how you use it as it has a really high cooldown early game. However if you use it correctly you will dodge lots of damage in a teamfight and the 20% would seem like nothing. We max this ability last as it doesn't provide much damage to Vlad's kit.

Tides Of Blood (E): Tides Of Blood is ridiculously good in teamfight situations as with a full AP build you can devastate enemies teams with it. Tides Of Blood is an Area of Effect ability which deals damage to all within the circle hitting targets closest to Vladimir (meaning it doesn't pierce through minions). We max this ability second as it provides great damage like Transfusion but doesn't give us any sustain so it is not as effective to max this ability first.
Hemoplague (R): Hemoplague just adds to Vladimir's AOE arsenal, along with tides of blood you deal loads of damage when the ultimate procs. It also provides utility for the team as well as all enemies who are hit with Hemoplague are dealt an extra 10% damage from your teams abilities which can mean the difference in teamfights. Finally when your ult procs you deal to damage to all enemies affected after a few seconds and heal depending on how many champions were affected. We max this ability whenever possible (Levels: 6, 11 & 16)

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How To Combo With Vladimir

1 1

Poking In Lane
1 1

Charge E --> Release --> Empowered Q --> Reset
1 1
Q --> Q --> EMPOWERED Q --> Try and pressure your enemy with your empowered Q as much as possible

All In Combo

--> -->-->-->-->
Charge E --> Flash --> R --> Release E --> Empowered Q (Preferably) --> Sanguine Pool (To dodge panic damage from the enemy) --> Ult Procs (Also Ignite if possible)

This is my main all In combo in lane and in teamfights. I would recommend doing this combo when trying to initiate a team fight or in lane when your mid laner is 3/5 or less hp. This combo is reliable when tower diving the enemy and is a MUST learn if wanting to win as Vladimir. This combo is tricky to learn and sorta uncomfortable at first but practice makes perfect after all and with the new practice tool it makes it a lot easier to learn now.

My Personal Tips
1 1
First of all In the laning phase I rarely use the first combo other than when I know i can all in the opponent because
1. E and W can use lots of your HP bar early game
2. Vladimir doesn't deal much damage early game (excluding his empowered q).

My personal advice in laning is to focus on farm only and poke with Q when possible. Save your W for when getting ganked by the enemy jungler (it's a life saver) and wait for level 6 to see if you can all in your opponent with my recommended combo.
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What Keystone Do I Take For Pre-Season?

My Preffered Keystone Ordered From Favourite To Least Favourite
1 1
Summon Aery
1 1 Essentially Deathfire Touch however It's alot better. It is very annoying for the enemy when your Transfusion has extra damage early game. Champions like Zed & Talon or any kind of melee ranged mid laner will really struggle to take the extra poke in the early game. This is my preference for a keystone it may not be as good as it was on release and it falls off late game for any champion. But there's no doubt that it is very good keystone early game and it will help Vlad pressure enemy laners and gain gold advantages.
Phase Rush
1 1
Phase Rush Is a necessary keystone on Vladimir and my 2nd preffered favourite this preseason as Vlad lacks mobility and with Ghost being quite a weak summoner right now Phase Rush is a must take in the mid/top lane. Very Easy to proc with three abilities such as Tides of Blood into Transfusion then auto. In lane with an with this quick combo allows us to keep punishing our opponents and dodge skillshots with some easy movement speed giving Vladimir that gap closer which he needs (excluding Hextech Protobelt-01). I love the new Stormraider's Surge as it was once know, it's even easier to proc on Vladimir which is a brilliant choice for our keystone.
1 1
Another option you might take on Vladimir with the changes to runes and masteries. Like Phase Rush, Electrocute is a keystone that takes three unique attacks in order to activate it's passive ability. Similar to Thunderlord's Decree in previous seasons, when the passive activates you damage your opponent with an extra lightning bolt of damage, however Electrocute can only be activated if you use three unique attacks like mentioned previously. This means champions with abilities in particular such as Cannon Barrage on Gangplank and several other champions aren't as effective as this is one ability. Despite the change to proc this keystone Vladimir can easily proc Electrocute with his basic combo of Tides of Blood, Transfusion, Auto Attack. Three unique attacks which causes Vladimir to obtain a bolt (literally) of free damage for extra burst.
Arcane Comet
1 1
A decent option for Vladimir. Essentially to summarise this keystone if you damage an enemy champion when this keystone is off of cooldown you hurl a mini Xerath Ultimate at the champion which does some damage. Of course this has to land on the enemy and if they are prepared this keystone can mean nothing. That's the unreliable factor in Arcane Comet which leans me towards other keystones however I can get a grasp of why people would take this, as it provides some decent extra damage when poking.

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Runes That I Take On Vladimir
1 1
Now I'm assuming you've come to this section to find out how to build runes for Vladimir as runes and masteries have been reworked for Season 8, here are my preferences so far for runes and the best way to build your rune page to maximise Vladimir's potential.

1 1

1 1
Summon Aery: I went into further detail on this in my "What Keystone Do I Take" section but to summarise you deal some extra damage on auto attack or on an ability which is super good for aggressing your laner with Vladimir. Plus as Vladimir lacks the early game damage arguably to other mid or top laners this really helps.
1 1 The Ultimate Hat: Now I brought this conclusion by basing it by our other options in this tier of runes. We have Nullifying Orb which gives us a magic damage shield at low health which is fairly useful, then we have Manaflow Band which is useless as Vladimir uses no Man or Energy. So The Ultimate Hat is the superior choice as with Hemoplague being essential in team-fighting and All-In Attempts. Stacking up cooldown for your ultimate for everytime you press R is brilliant for having your awesome Ultimate/R up more often for fights.
1 1 Transcendence: I like Transcendence a lot on Vladimir as it provides us with free cooldown allowing more healing from Transfusion and quicker cooldowns for faster combos on enemy laners. Ultimate hat gives us 10% Cooldown at the 10 minute mark which is brilliant for our kit meaning we can build around Ability Power Items than hybrid Cooldown Reduction/AP items.
1 1 Gathering Storm: For an eternity Vladimir is depicted as a champion whose late game potential is feared as one of the most threatening. This is summarised due to his low cooldowns for healing and doing damage, His insane output of Ability Power Damage from particularly Transfusion and Tides of Blood. So with Gathering Storm you increase your AP output the longer the game goes for, this is ridiculously good and it fits Vladimir with his reputation as a Late Game Carry. when I saw this rune for the first time I knew what champion It was perfect for.
1 1
Taste Of Blood: Taste of Blood had great use on Vladimir, whilst he has early game sustain from his Q Transfusion other laners who have that better early game presence will be tough if they know the correct timing to poke you. Tase Of Blood will give us that extra sustain in lane by hitting the enemy champion with an attack every 20 seconds, helping us stay alive and healthy in lane. With Dark Seal's passive of increased healing from potions and with Transfusion our aim is to farm and stay in lane healthy throughout early game and Taste of Blood helps with it.
1 1 Ravenous Hunter: Once again in the Domination side we take another sustain rune Ravenous Hunter. Ravenous Hunter gives us a base 2.5% healing on our abilities and further increases it by 2.5% for each time we take down a unique champion. this means we can gain a total of 12.5% increased healing with 5 unique champion kills which will make us all the more annoying. With Vladimir's main focus on high AP builds this means our Transfusion will receive more healing power plus this awesome rune Ravenous Hunter.

This rune page is what will help Vladimir increase his potential in the mid-to-late game, if you are able to get to late game successfully you become the most terrifying opponent to verse. With our focus around AP scaling, healing in the laning phase and Cooldown Reduction, we can swap out our Cooldown items for more lethal and game changing AP items for Vladimir

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Summoner Spells

1 1

Flash: Essential for any champion in the game but it is a must have on Vladimir, Vladimir's main combo uses Flash as a surprise element allowing the enemy to have little to no time to react.

Ignite: My most common second option in the mid lane as it give's that extra killing potential to create some gold for Vladimir plus control of lane helping him to get to his late game earlier. What we want in a spell and in Vladimir.

Teleport: This Summoner Spell should be in the essential's for top lane but it is a decent spell mid lane too, Teleport gives you Global presence and allows you to teleport to your tower early game to not lose experience.
Great Secondary Options
1 1

Exhaust: Just an annoying spell in general, really great against assassins so you can nullify their burst combos. Only take in a matchup if not confident. Exhaust is a very very flexible summoner spell so if you are scared of being killed take it.

Ghost: Have recently changed into the secondary category. Vladimir lacks movement speed and with ghost and stormraiders you will stick to your enemy no problem. This is a great alternative if you aren't looking for kills in the early game.

Not A Fan Of

Heal: OMG this is essential on Vladimir, Vladimir heals and if you take heal that means more healing how can you lose?!? Just quit league please, What's the point when you have so much sustain in your kit.

Barrier: What are you a p*ssy? You are a Vampire for goodness sake!? I have seen Vladimir's take barrier as a secondary option. However there is no point when you have Sanguine Pool...

1 1

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Items - Core

The Tri-fecta

Hextech Protobelt-01 is my favourite item to build on Vladimir. Provides Health, Ability Power and Cooldown Redcution the three necessary things on Vlad and also provides a small gap closer that deals damage. This item can be used while in Sanguine Pool increasing movement speed and gap closing at the same time. Best Core Item for Vladimir and all at a low price, make sure to get it!

Liandry's Torment Perfect item to begin with top lane I usually take this item first against tanks. So it is a great pick overall against tankier opponents due to the burn affect passive. Linadrie's along with Void Staff and Sorcerer's Shoes are a great combo for magic penetration as Liandry's passive is amazing with Tides of Blood Vladimir's E. Flashing into the middle of the enemy team in the late stages of the game with all players hit will receive lots of Liandry's Passive. I build this item regularly 1st or 2nd.

Rabadon's Deathcap is essentially Infinity Edge for an AP champion, increases damage output a Sh*t Tonne so if you are going to be the late game carry this is a must have!

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Items - Other Choices

1 1
Void Staff Very reliable item on Vladimir to burst through those top laner's in team fights and of course increases your AP as well, Helps us burst through top laner's and tanky supports with insane increased magic penetration.

Luden's Echo If you are destroying your opponent in lane then this is a fun item to mess around with for a 1st item, However I usually leave this item till last for a great increase in ability power which is buffed with our Rabadon's Deathcap passive increasing our damage and healing even more.

Gotta love Spirit Visage. Love this item, can be a first item against scary AP opponent's or can be bought later to increase HP, HP regeneration, Armor and Cooldown. Also a passive built for Vladimir allowing 30% increased healing from Vladimir's abilities. Now that Abyssal Mask doesn't give AP anymore it's a no brainer. Depending on your play style you can pick either way.

Abyssal Mask I have been messing around with Abyssal Mask and Spirit Visage and due to the changes to tank items in the 7.9 patch, I believe Spirit Visage is the better option. However this item provides great tanky stats which can be beneficial over the increased healing from Spirit Visage so it is essentially your choice depending on what play style you want to go with.

Zhonya's Hourglass perfect against high AD champs Zed, Talon, provides Ability Power, Armor and Cooldown Reduction plus one of the most broken actives in the game. Invulnerability can be great potential for Vlad for many reasons.
    - Waiting for ability's to go off cooldown
    - Waiting for Ultimate to heal yourself
    - Can save your life in general

Banshee's Veil Never really buy this item. But against an Ahri, LeBlanc or especially hook champions like Blitzcrank or Thresh it can be very beneficial so you don't have to waste Sanguine Pool just to prevent being hooked. This item provides an incredible spell shield and some needed AP. In the right hands can be beneficial for Vladimir.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter Used to be essential for Vladimir however with the nerfs to this item a whiles back in Pre-Season 7, It isn't as great as it once was. Still provides Health and AP to support Vlad's Passive but the nerf to slow was due but it really ruined this items effectiveness for Vladimir. As Liandry's Torment provides health and AP but with a mire beneficial passive I believe Rylai's Crystal Scepter isn't as necessary to build anymore. This item is situational perhaps againt champions with high mobility like Garen so you can try and outpace them.

Elixir of Iron Vladimir on Steriods

Elixir of Sorcery Vladimir on AP Steriods

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What Are The Best Boots For Vladimir?

The Shoe Shop

Sorcerer's Shoes My favourite choice when going back to the shop. These boots are so good for AP Mages allowing you to bypass more of the enemies magic resist (which trust me they'll buy against a Vladimir) and kill them a lot more smoothly. Love these boots hope Riot never change them.

Ionian Boots Of Lucidity Used to be my favourite choice for boots, however with this new build and runes that i take it has no use whatsoever.

Ninja Tabi Great selection against champions like Yasuo or Tryndamere champions whose kits revolve around auto attacks. As well as protecting you from their AA's it gives you some much needed armour against them to help trade with them or reduce their damage output as it is better to be alive in a fight and do less damage than to do no damage at all.

Mercury's Treads Never really build this on Vladimir, however if you are up against an Ahri or an Annie this can save your life providing extra Magic Resist and less duration on Annie's stun and Ahri's charms.

Boots Of Swiftness These boots are awesome really helps Vladimir stick to his opponent. However I would rather take ghost than buy these boots as you are missing out on extra damage or defensive stats with the other boots. I would only build these boots against champions like Nasus, or possibly Dr. Mundo as their slows are ridiculously annoying and can cost your life.

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Laning: Early Game

1 1

Vladimir's hardest time and most people would agree is his early game. You have to be careful and I don't mean play like a scaredy cat. I mean know when to poke and that comes through experience. The most difficult task when laning is Vlad's low AD stats and little to no damage on most of his abilities, a big tip for if you are trying to farm the last 3 caster minions under tower is you can either:
    1. Auto attack, (Tower Hits), Then Auto Attack again. (Practice timing)
    2. Or an easier method is when
Tides of Blood is level 1 it does the same damage as an auto attack when you tap the E key. So Tap E then (Tower Hits) and auto attack to gain the CS.
. One tip when farming as any AP Mage is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, either in-game and/or customs to get better at gaining the gold advantage on your enemy early game. To summarise it is best to focus on farming and know when you have the freedom or space to Ward for vision, or Poke the enemy without worrying about missing CS.

It was especially hard for me coming from strong laning top laners back in Season 6 Such as Jayce and Darius to a champion with Low AD stats like Vladimir. So if you are struggling to wrap your head around farming, don't give up and stick with learning through experience.

However with all that said don't underestimate Vladimir as his early game can be ridiculously strong. With Vladimir's Empowered Q you can deal up to over 1/4 of the enemies health in just one click in the early levels. Vladimir also has the sustain in lane that he theoretically never has to recall if played correctly. If you play lanes correctly and make full use of Vladimir's unique kit you should steamroll your enemies in terms of CS, experience and possible KDA. Knowing the right time to go in and q the enemy is essential in pressuring your laner early.

To summarise Vladimir's early game a lot faster. My opinion on how to play Vladimir early game in these 5 steps
    - Focus on farm and poke with q when possible
    - Freeze waves closer to your side of the map so when the jungler is nearby you can make a play with more space to work with.
    - Look to all in at Level 6 if you are confident that the opponent won't be able to counter attack you (THIS IS BEST WHEN THE ENEMIES
SHIELDS, ESCAPES ABILITIES, are on cooldown which helps with securing the kill.
- Remember trades that end in a tie in terms of HP work in your favour as you have more sustain than the enemy (In most cases anyway).

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Laning: Mid Game

1 1
This is when you start feeling the difference in your gameplay. Your farming issues should have resolved by now and your damage output is climbing as well as you have maybe up to 30% cdr with full damage items making you a huge threat to squishy opponents. I believe that Vladimir's major power spike is when you have bought Hextech Protobelt-01, Boots such as Sorcerer's Shoes and Liandry's Torment. once you have finished off Liandry's your HP and Damage would have hit the point where you can 1v1 most enemies if you have played the laning phase correctly. Now start to play aggresive as long as you have vision of your opponents. Make sure you pressure them with your Q's as you would throughout the early game.

Finally once you've pushed your way up look for a roam into a different lane to either feed yourself with a kill and pressure their lanes turret, or help your top or bot laner get ahead. It may be difficult closing on to them without having a CC kit however i recommend having flash built up just incase. Make sure to have full awareness of the playing field around you, trust me your other lanes will appreciate you for it.

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Laning: Late Game

1 1
This is Vladimir's time to shine. If you have
    1. Successfully farmed throughout the early and mid game
    2. been pressuring your laner and getting kills
    3. Taking objectives and having a presence around the map

Then congratulations if you have ticked any of these boxes then you will have a successful late game as Vladimir.

Vladimir is a lethal asset to you team late game like most AP Mage are however like a Katarina you produce insane AOE damage with your Hemoplague and Tides of Blood and with the sustain from Transfusion and Hemoplague you also have the ability to go in to the middle of teamfight, reset, then repeat which is a major benefit in teamfights. With ridiculous damage, increased heal and a massive amount of AP. You will take down ADC's or even high AD Top Laners like Yasuo, Riven or Pantheon you can take out almost anyone in a 1v1 if you don't waste your cooldowns and perform the correct combo. In a teamfight or when you want to fight make sure that your Transfusion passive has at least 1 stack so you can activate Crimson Rush sooner in a teamfight which can be the difference to taking out an ADC losing their high damage source.

In teamfights you are the engager and the damage output, if your teams prepared signal to go in with the all-in combo mentioned previously. If they focus on you activate Sanguine Pool and keep using your Q and E to heal and produce Damage.

Vladimir's Kit + His late game sustain + His late game damage, spells trouble for the enemy and you need to take full advantage of this if they let the game go on this long.

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Skin Choices

1 1
If you are satisfied by the champion Vladimir you may want to look into some skins for him. Well in this section I will go over some of my thoughts for each individual skin there is for Vladimir.1 1
Marquis Vladimir is a great skin all across the board. It ticks all of the boxes. Blue coat really suits Vlad. White pale face. Blonde luscious hair. All for the low price of 520 RP. This skin keeps the original Vladimir theme but makes him better. My second favourite skin overall.

    + Price: 520 RP
    + Rating 5/5

Count Vladimir brings the classic vibe of a blood sucking vampire in the name and splash art. However in game it lacks any detail, which is expected for a 520 RP skin. However there should be more to it and that's why it isn't a great purchase.

    + Price: 520 RP
    + Rating 2/5
    + Legacy

Vandal Vladimir looks like a really good skin judging by the splash art, it's lured me into wanting to get it. However at a price of 975 RP, and no motorcycle in game. It's best to skip this one unless you're willing to spend the extra Cha-Ching $$$

    + Price: 975 RP
    + Rating 2/5
    + Legacy

Nosferatu Vladimir Is the best legacy between Count Vladimir and Vandal Vladimir , it represents the classic vampire of Nosferatu pale, white skin, and a head like the Dreamworks Animation Megamind. It feels like a better version of Count Vladimir. Only Legacy skin I would get for Vladimir

    + Price: 975RP
    + Rating 3/5
    + Legacy

Soulstealer Vladimir A favourite for most, it is an epic skin so it will dig into your pocket however. You get a new model, recall, new ability effects and it is awesome. I have had this skin before and it is the only skin I have refunded. Want to know why? It didn't suit Vladimir what so ever. He has his normal voice lines which don't fit with his skin. Also there are so many varieties of better skins that it wasn't worth getting. Most Vladimir mains have this skin as it is different to the rest by far it is very unique. But everytime I used it, I never enjoyed the fact that I had this skin. Your opinion on this one I rate it highly never the less.

    + Price: 1350 RP
    + Rating 3/5
    + New Ability Animations
    + New Recall

Blood Lord Vladimir will dig the deepest into your pocket. In my opinion this is the worst effort riot has put into a LEGENDARY skin. For 1820 RP you get no new animation effects. No recall animation. Riot really needed to redo this skin...however do you want to know why it is my favourite Vladimir skin. His Voice Lines oh my god. I have played Vladimir so many times I do not remember once starting a game without spamming his awesome laugh. You feel so evil and his voice is the best in the game. This skin still gives new voice lines. New taunt animations. A new model. The most evil splash art you will ever see and you also get my opinion that this skin is awesome. My only doubt is that it is not worth 1820 RP but nevertheless I love it and it was my Legendary skin virginity for a reason.

    + Price: 1820 RP
    + Rating 5/5
    + New Voice Lines
    + New Taunts
    + Most Evilish Laugh Award

Academy Vladimir is given a lot of hate for good reason. The Academy skin branch is one of the worst sets of skins this game has ever been exposed to. However Academy Vladimir really fits this theme, his look makes him looks like a kid in a gothic group that people would try and avoid. The styles suits him and for 750 RP it is good value. Finally he has a cool looking scarf that flutters around while you move which I love. For a cheap price I don't disagree with you if you choose it.

    + Price: 750 RP
    + Rating 3.5/5

Finally it had been Leaked that a new Vladimir skin would be released within this season called Master Arcanist Vladimir. There is no confirmation from Riot but many leaks including about Rakan, Xayah and Pulsefire Caitlyn being leaked were correct. No idea if it would have been the same style as the Master Arcanist Ziggs skin but If it was a reality my wallet would have been the one sorry...

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Conclusion & Special Thanks

1 1
Hope you Enjoyed!
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Thank you everyone for 200,000 views on my guide! It's really heart warming to see that I may have helped at least a few of these 100k summoners with their Vladimir gameplay. I hope you enjoyed my first guide on Vladimir and I hope it helps you get that little boost of knowledge that i really needed for this champion. Once again if you have any enquiries don't hesitate to ask and please give me your opinion on how i can improve :) 1 1
My Final Thoughts On Vladimir
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Vladimir is a champion whose abilities are easy for any player but only effective in the right hands. Vlad's high skill cap meaning not mechanically hard to play but certainly difficult to learn for such a unique kit. It can see many new player's (like myself) struggle to understand his early game and get past that stage efficiently. However if this stages is completed well the player is rewarded with a monster of a champion (like the demon he resembles) and can destroy enemy teams mid and late game.

Big thanks to jhoijhoi for helping me with preparing this guide, you can check her out here jhoijhoi's profile1 1

ALSO A MASSIVE THANKS TO Rock3tt for a huge inspiration into this build path, runes and essentially everything this build has to offer.
He is very good teacher for Vladimir and his videos helped me get off the shelves when beginning this champion.
You can find the man's youtube channel here Rock3tt's Channel
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Future Plans

    - Learn how to add images ~ Done!
    - Neaten out my guide ~ Improved By Far :D
    - Videos on combos and ability demonstrations
    - Situations Guide
    - Warding and Farming Section
    - Wave Control
    - Best Skin Opinion :) - Completed