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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lightdn

vVv Guide To League of Legends for New Ranked Players

Lightdn Last updated on October 29, 2012
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Welcome to my guide

I am LightKerosene the captain and Jungler for the team Nerf Irelia Please, We are currently applying to be the team for vVv Gaming, and i have decided to share basic builds for each lane using cheap rune sets, and their typical builds. I chose the champs i did because they represent what i feel each of their roles stand for. I will explain each role as well as giving insight as to why these roles are run how they are. Outside of Miss Fortune which was done solely by request.

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Runes, Costs, and Benefits.

These are the Runes i have ft in my guide for educational purposes.


Greater Mark of Attack Damage 205 IP each, Best AD Runes.
Greater Mark of Attack Speed 410 IP each, Best Jungler Runes.
Greater Mark of Desolation 410 IP each, Best Ganking Jungler Runes.
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration 410 IP each, Best Caster Runes.

Greater Seal of Armor 205 IP each, Best Runes In The Game! Can sub these in for any Seal.
Greater Seal of Replenishment 205 IP each, Best Mana User Runes.
Greater Seal of Attack Damage 205 IP each, More Damage.

Greater Glyphs of Shielding 205 IP each, Can be subbed for Greater Seal of Magic Resist but i perfer the scaling per level as magic resist is hard to buy, both are equal in my eyes though.
Greater Seal of Ability Power 410 IP each, Best AP Runes for this Category, Can be subbed for Greater Seal of Magic Penetration though i find a mixture of 3 Insight and 6 Potency works better than full sub.
Greater Seal of Attack Damage 205 IP each, In most cases can be subbed.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed 2050 IP Each, Important Runes, but not necessary per say.
Greater Quintessence of Gold 515 IP each, Best 1st Quintessence to buy if on a budget.

As shown these are strongest in their class but can both be subbed out for swiftness. Player Choice.
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power 1025 IP each, Best caster runes.
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage 1025 IP each, Great Runes.

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Ranged Attack Damage Carry

As you can see i have taken both Miss Fortune and Ashe as my examples.

Ashe represents the kiting ADC, Attack Damage Carry, and requires more items thus needing farm in order to carry. These champions tend to be better late game after farming.

Miss Fortune represents the harassing and early game ADC who can snowball a lane and help the team through mid game when the bruisers are not very strong. They have their purpose and usually are picked in solo queue to snowball.

ADC Tier List:

Tier 1: Ezreal Corki Graves Caitlynn Tristana Kog'Maw Vayne
Tier 2: Sivir Ashe Miss Fortune Draven Varus Ahri Kennen Kayle
Tier 3: Jayce Urgot Twitch Sona Janna Malzahar Fiddlesticks LeBlanc

Tier 3 is if you are looking for a good time, but not necessarily a good pick ;) Tier 1 is the viable sound champions to pick up and own with, and Tier 2 is your average yet viable AD Carries.

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I chose Amumu and Shaco Two of my favorite junglers.

Shaco represents the assassin jungler, i have another Shaco guide on Mobafire entitled Shaco 101 where i cover everything there is to know about this complicated champion. Your goal is to gank and snowball the lanes with champions like this, not so much farm.

Amumu represents the farm get fed hit 6 win game junglers. These junglers farm jungle and dont worry about ganking as much simply because they offer a ton in teamfights. The build is usually tanky on these champions building omens, shurelyas, aegis, and frozen heart, as they tend to live longer and support the carries to victory.

Jungler Tier List:

Tier 1: Amumu Maokai Lee Sin Shaco Skarner Nocturne Malphite Shen Nunu
Tier 2: Alistar Xin Zhao Fizz Warwick Shyvana Dr. Mundo Riven Hecarim Jarvan IV
Tier 3: Fiddlesticks Rengar Kha'Zix Kayle Darius Diana Evelynn Rammus Blitzcrank Sion
Tier 4: Singed Renekton Poppy Pantheon Trundle Master Yi Jayce Ezreal Udyr Elise
Tier 5: Sejuani Twitch Wukong Vollibear Tryndamere Gangplank Gragas Annie Irelia

Tiers are how i view them as usability, of course you can find success with every jungler i just mentioned, because i have. But Tier 1 and 2 and a few tier 3 is where the beginners should be searching for who they wish to jungle with.

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Top Lane

I picked Teemo and Singed as my top lane examples as i feel they represent their classes well.

Teemo harasses and forces melee top laners out of lane or to not be able to farm efficiently while getting decently farmed himself. The idea is to zone your opponent to asking jungle for help allowing mid and bottom to farm freely while crippling the bruiser who would otherwise be those lanes demise.

Singed is the exact opposite, singed wants to farm his lane as long as possible get fed and win the game by himself. So by definition teemo is a counter to singed for all of you counter buffs out there. The goal of these champions is to wreck the enemy team and seemingly taking no damage to do so.

No tier list for top as i feel they are all fairly overpowered champions, and the junglers usually translate to good top laners. USUALLY! (top is my worst lane i dont want to talk like i know it, but as a jungler i get their concepts).

Moving on.

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Mid Lane The Lane of Champions!

This is the lane that separates the good from the best. In corner 1 we have Lux in corner 2 we have Ahri.

Lux represents the harassing crowd controlling AP nuke champion, Who has an emphasis on staying back and killing opponents without ever getting touched. These champions tend to do amazing in 5v5 teams but tend to "fall off" in solo queue as everyone expects them to carry long past their usefulness, the reason lux does this best, she offers a shield, a long ranged snare, an AoE slow sight and nuke, as well as the long range and much feared laser! AoE Nuke!

Ahri however is a scaling assasin, they usually have 2 jobs, kill the carries or nuke the entire game after farming and roaming for kills and using their awesome scaling ability power ratios to stay efficient into late game. These are usually the best Solo Queue Champions at lower ELO/ Rating.

Mid Tier List:
Tier 1: Twisted Fate Zyra Ahri Lux Anivia Karthus Ezreal Orianna Gragas Morgana Ryze Veigar Teemo LeBlanc Fizz Skarner Kog'Maw
Tier 2: Cassiopeia Cho'Gath Zilean Xerath Swain Annie Kassadin Talon Nidalee Katarina Evelynn Ziggs Mordekaiser Diana Galio Shaco Kennen
Tier 3: Tristana Brand Malzahar Elise Viktor Syndra Lulu Soraka Heimerdinger Jax Fiddlesticks Poppy Varus Taric Leona Nautilus Fiora Karma

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Support The important but underplayed.

Personally i have a lot of fun supporting, because i understand the concept behind it. Sona and Blitzcrank will be my examples and i try to narrowly explain possibly the hardest role in league of legends.

Sona represents sustain harass and aura, making her the best overall support at the moment. Her job is to try to get the AD carry both farm and kills by being a menace and protecting the ADC at the same time. All while warding keeping track of their wards and doing dragon. If you see your opponent drop a ward say the exact time 3 minutes in advance to that moment so your jungler can gank.

Blitzcrank takes matters into his own hands forcing kills and doing more fighting than farming while he becomes the problem on bot lane and strikes fear into his opponents, With these supports ward timers are sooo crucial.

Is the guide i have written on supports. Including the tier lists.

Guide Top


I am wrapping this guide up as it has now been 3 hours of research for you and i am starting to get tired. Please upvote them and subscribe to my stream, and I will answer questions and respond to messages on my stream as well as possibly be giving lessons.

Thank you for reading and i hope you learn as much about league basics as possible.



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