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Warwick Build Guide by Jimbo Finelay

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jimbo Finelay

Warick: Jungle like a BOSS (Updated masteries)

Jimbo Finelay Last updated on November 19, 2011
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This is a Warick Jungle guide, this is not for laning and it makes you a Bawss (slang for boss)
I am not a noob and through are a younger player than others I actualy do much better than older people who feed, so this isn't comming from a unskilled player, I know what I'm doing
First of I would like the say, jungle Warick is possibly the easiest to jungle with, not the best, just the easiest.
I do require a comment to vote just to stop trolls and such, also, don't hate if this is just like the other guides because 1. it isn't we aren't getting Guardian Angel and instead Thornmail.
the reason for this is that Guardian Angel makes you a target to kill and therefore lose the bonus. On the other hand attack damage champs will be hurt by Thornmail and you will have more defence.

All troll votes will be reported and every down vote Must contain a legitimate reason or it will be considered a troll vote!!!
Please enjoy this guide and give your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Why not lane Warwick?

Now I know Lanewick is quite good and one of the best warwick guides is lanewick, but bear with me.
Warwick is the easist to jungle in a game through not the best, the easist as you almost never need to go back to base unless you want to spend money, now with lanewick you have good sustain in a lane as well but to get your lifesteal you have to go right up to the minions and hit them while a AD ranged carry could force you off and stop your farm and slowly cause your health to go down untill need of recall.
Lanewick also can't help every lane on the map by ganking, and solo top means more XP for a teammate in lane and if you are good you can even out level your mid lane for a while in jungle which is unsual for a jungler. Lanewick is good, but in every game I play against one I always win, that may just be because I'm a fairly good Warwick player and they aren't.
Someone said that Jungle wick hasn't any late game sustain, if you gank enough and get heaps of kills Madred's Bloodrazor will be done soon and in this build you don't need sustain, you have a tone of freaken lifesteal

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Pros / Cons

1. good ganker with your ult
2. great jungler
3. good at late game killing and some early kills as well
4. always keep at it, surrendering only gives you lease IP and XP so don't be a snob
5. support your team, its actually funny being called a Noobs cause the dictionary says a Noob is someone who has a weird hairdo. funny how words change

1. good laner but I won 90% of the time against a laning warick when I was Jungle Warick as practicaly said above
2. isn't OP but is good anyway
3. Don't steal kills of your AD carry, let him/her get it and be fed and OP
4. Isn't really tanky so it is easy for him to die, Guardian Angle makes it easy to die as it makes you are target, as i said. don't get into team fights that you know you can't win

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I always take Greater Mark of Attack Damage to increase the damage, and make creep farming a lot easier, for as players get harder the more you go on, the creeps don't get harder and the higher your summoner level is the easier it is to farm them as of runes.
I take Greater Seal of Armor and Greater Seal of Health as I always liked armour and health stuff to be in the yellow slots and it might help you if you are going for a early Ancient Golem.
I get the Greater Glyph of Attack Speed and some Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction for more attack and cooldown reduction for the nomnom bite ability Warick has.
Then I get Greater Quintessence of Desolation for armour penetration

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My Masteries are 21/9/0,
We don't need any utility but the offence tree is heavily concentrated and a little defence in there when we need it.
I don't focus on the defence tree, and if there were more slots in the offence tree else then the ones there I would put those points in there but there aren't more that would help Warick in there so I put it in defence.

I also want to point out that Executioner is highly important, as it does more damage if a target is under 40% health and it working with your Bloodscent will make hunting easyer and ulting do more damage.

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Fun time.

I start of with Cloth Armor for the best defence and by lots of Health Potion , now at a point you don't really need these if your having no trouble taking on creeps because of you lifesteal and you might want to buy Mana Potion instead so you can Keep on casting Hungering Strike all day long.
Turn your Cloth Armor into a Madred's Razors and then get Boots of Speed to get you back in the jungle as fast as possible, note: don't go back to base inleast you have the money for this or if you are low on health.
Turn the Madred's Razors into a Madred's Bloodrazor and start work on Spirit Visage after getting Berserker's Greaves
Then you go attack damage and keep it coming. The Black Cleaver and The Bloodthirster just make your damage cool and make you more feared, but warning, not unstoppable.

Then you get your Thornmail and make your armour good and your enemies die faster. As I said, Guardian Angle makes you a target.

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Skill Sequence

I take the attack speed bonus first for you lifsteal to come faster, I don't upgrade two abilities and max them fast I vary it and mix it up cause they are all good skills, if you want to chase low life people then max Blood Scent, if you want lifesteal and decent damage go and concentrate Hungering Strike, and Hunters Call for AD speed. Note I don't mean only max one of these, max the one's that best suit the enemy and get points in all of them.

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team work

When ganking, always ping the champion to be ganked and organise it, a Warick ult and Katarina ult work very well together if you time it right.
try to help were you can and not just gank low life people, gank nasty people on there team and bring them down.
also help out in lanes to destroy turrets, and if your sneaky you can go around the back of turrets and stop minions from defending the turret by killing them before they get there.
If you are ganking but not getting kills, don't rage out, if your helping your carry get kills then it means easy victory and if you are a person that rages out, then you can have a lot of fun even if you aren't leading in kills. remember this is a team game.
And always remember my policy, don't surrender no mater what, no game is a bg. if it seems like one think about it and find what went wrong and why, normally its one of your teams fault but don't report him, everybody has there bad days, and if it isn't ranked then its not all that bad.

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Jungle route

What I do first is ask someone to help me take out the Ancient Golem straight up, its cooldown reduction makes your Hungering Strike much easier to use.
Then take out Wolves and wraith camp then move to the two golems. If you are having trouble getting the two Golems use Smite, it should be of cooldown by then.
If you have enough money go back here and buy Madred's Razors then take on Elder Lizard .
Continue jungling and getting the buffs when needed, getting Dragon at level 10 or 9.
Of course help out in other lanes if you have both buffs and gank as much as reasonable, but not only in the lane with your solo top or bottom. Gank anyplace especially lanes that have two people on your side on it so that they are outnumbered.
You can solo Baron Nasher after The Bloodthirster (inlest something happens or you are inept)
If you aren't feeling good enough to take him on even after you finished the build get your team to help. The jungle map is below

there may be a error in the map, I am struggling to fix it

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Counter Jungling

If you see someone on the enemy team with a smite, then you can assume he is jungling, or he is just a plain weirdo who is trolling his team.
However, if you disrupt his Jungle route it will be really bad for him.
To do this simply hid in his jungle with a team mate and gank him, killing him and then sneak back to your jungle, if your doing this against a jungle Shaco , then it is super bad for him.
I friend of mine was playing Shaco and his route was disrupted because of a counter jungle and from then on he couldn't jungle well through that for the rest of the game.

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Summoner Spells

I take Smite cause we are jungling and Flash because the thing is amazing but you can exchange Flash for Ghost IF you want to get back in the jungle faster or if you are chasing, if you are laning warick take teleport, ok I know I'm going to get hates for that but teleport get you back fast and easy cause if you farm well it can be brilliant for you

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Ranked Play

Warick isn't the kind of guy to go on a win streak, he loses and then wins and loses again and wins again. If you want ranked play get a champ that you are contestant with and stick with that guy.
If you are finding things good ranked, then sure, it up to you really.

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skill of play and unique abilitys

Not everyone can jungle, but warick can jungle so very easy
his ult is like Malzahar and suppress Nether Grasp people making them unable to move and does damage, in fact, I believe that Malzahar and him are the only suppress ults, of couse I don't have every champ and don't really know
it takes some skill the be a jungler and skill the know when to gank and what route to go in the jungle.
Some people say to go for red buff, in my opinion, this is not the case.
Blue buff gives decreased cooldown for your Q and makes you able to get that good lifesteal.
Later on you may get red buff but not first.

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If your thinking of getting a skin and don't know which let me recommend ether the fire one, or the Tundra Hunter Warwick Skin which is also epic.
Now I'm not saying to buy these skins, I'm just giving my personal opinion.

Guide Top


That's the end Guys,
this build was done by me: Jimbo from the Gopher Gamming
Please remember to comment and vote, or vote and then leave a comment due to the required comment to vote and like on Facebook and that stuff,
I'll see you next time