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Warwick Build Guide by xRavenEyex

AD Offtank Warwick Jungle: [S5] Godwick The BEAST

AD Offtank Warwick Jungle: [S5] Godwick The BEAST

Updated on May 15, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author xRavenEyex Build Guide By xRavenEyex 44 12 2,746,815 Views 21 Comments
44 12 2,746,815 Views 21 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author xRavenEyex Warwick Build Guide By xRavenEyex Updated on May 15, 2015
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Eternal Thirst Passive - basic attacks deal additional magic damage and heal you for the same amount, increasing with up to 3 successive striked on same target; it's great ability to help you sustain in jungle and fights and main reason to build attack speed

Hungering Strike Q - short range lock on ability which deals magic damage equal to max 16% of target's max HP or 275 and heals you, stacks with AP; additional damage and sustain ability with high mana cost, usefull when low or fighting 1v1 and finishing chase

Hunters Call W - strong buff with low mana cost increasing your attack speed for max 40% and nearby allies for 20%; can be used often due to its low mana cost to clear jungle, push and buff team in fights, getting assissts

Blood Scent E - toggle on/off ability, reveals enemies below 50% HP in extreme range and significantly buffs your movement speed when active; great for locating isolated vulnerable prey and chasing or retreating from fights, can be turned off to trick victims

Infinite Duress R - high range and mana cost lock on gap-closer, suppressing target for 1.8s striking 5 times dealing magic damage, procing on hit effects with increased lifesteal, stacks with AD; strong CC and only gap-closer, allowing effective ganking and teamfighting, damage can be highly increased just by on hit effects.

Warwick is naturally slightly tanky and highly sustainable jungler with constant and decent magic damage which can be increased by attack speed, AP and AD. He has granted regeneration and decent damage on Eternal Thirst as well as on Hungering Strike and strong attack speed buff on Hunters Call. Werewolf overall moves pretty slow, but has a long range low HP locating Blood Scent which significantly increases movement speed. He's only CC is Infinite Duress, which is pretty decent gap-closer and a great lock down. As he is one of the oldest champions, it is pretty easy to mechanically master playstyle, but he lacks any dash and basic CC.
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Build Preview

This build enables easy and fast jungle clearing and increases passive regeneration. It significantly buffs his movement speed and adds some HP as well as regeneration. Building attack speed pays off with on hit effects such as Eternal Thirst, damage per max HP from Blade of the Ruined King and bonus damage from Skirmisher's Sabre - Devourer, Wit's End and slow from Frozen Mallet.

So overall, he is still strong jungler, and able to completely lock down targets one by one, whole being very sustainable and beefy, keeping the decent damage output and completely preventing kiting. He deals hybrid damage, physical with basic attacks, and magic from Eternal Thirst, Hungering Strike, Infinite Duress and items, and even true damage after Smite. On the other hand he still lacks AOE damage and early CC, as well as any form of dash. Although he is tanky and sustainable, he still isn't beefy enough to carry out basic teamfight strategy being the only tank and needs at least one offtank in team.
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Team Compostition

Works well with:
Orianna can give you a shield with Command: Protect with which you can jump in and be followed by Command: Shockwave. Final Command: Dissonance slows down the remaining foes and speeds your movement so you can hunt them down.

Lulu enables similar combo with the shield from Help, Pix! and knocking up your surroundings with Wild Growth which also increases your health.

Hunters Call greatly increases damage of Caitlyn, even more due to Headshot. Also, Blood Scent opens up new opportunities for Ace in the Hole.

Similarly, Hunters Call highly increases Vayne damage, even more due to Silver Bolts. Infinite Duress also enables repositioning and sets up a well aimed Condemn.

Kalista makes a great use of Hunters Call due to stacks of Rend and also increasing her mobilty via Martial Poise. Her Sentinel can also help you find a vulnerable prey to hunt down, not to mention the drake control she provides.

If Nunu & Willump is somehow in the same team with the wolf, their kits form a lethal combination. Blood Boil makes chasing much easier, and suppressing a target in Absolute Zero enables it to apply maximum damage while Consume secures the objectives.

Is weak against:

These elements have an effect of cleanse, meaning they can interrupt your supress. This goes for both Quicksilver Sash and Mercurial Scimitar active, Remove Scurvy of Gangplank, Ragnarok of Olaf and Unbreakable Will of Alistar

These elements have an effect that prevents application of any debuffs, so they completely negate supress. Passive of Banshee's Veil grants a shield that denies first hit ability, Spell Shield of Sivir and Shroud of Darkness of Nocturne work the same way. Make sure they're on cooldown or proc them with Hungering Strike first. Morgana has a Black Shield that is burnt by magic damage and makes the target spell immune. This ability must be on cooldown for you to ult.

Lee Sin is strong early in the game and has great roaming potential. At this point, Warwick is still gaining strength in the jungle. Meanwhile, enemy jungler can gank and counter jungle. In the late game, a good dragons rage can save an ally from Infinite Duress.

Hecarim is also a jungler that comes to power early. His ganks and invades are demolishing. Also, his kit is focused around movement speed and is among few champions, that can outrun Warwick.
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

The choice of runes is pretty ordinary and it makes sense. Most optimal defensive stats are granted by Greater Seal of Armor for armor and Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist for magic resist. Early attack speed is brought in by Greater Mark of Attack Speed and Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed.
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Stacking Skirmisher's Sabre - Devourer demands obtaining the stacks as soon as possible and this requires early clearing time. Getting most damage from this stacks means that the build will shine more and more as time passes by. The most crucial point to enable middle and late game is obtaining stacks as soon as possible. To enable this strategy it is of high importance to increase jungle speed. That is why I prefer more points in offense and getting tanky with items when needed. Dig deep into the AD branch of offensive tree, also take jungle bonus and CDR on sides. Don't invest into crit bonuses though. Also add three points of movement speed in utility tree, and spend the remaining points in defence. This setup enables the fastest jungle clearing and damage in ganks but adds no beef early which is slightly balanced by sustain, which needs to be brought in by items in late game.
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Ability Sequence

First level of Hunters Call buffs attack speed for 40% and every next level for 10% more. Although trying to achieve fastest jungling requires maxing it first. You level up by finishing blue and a minion and take next point in Hungering Strike because you have plenty of mana and you can use it for additional damage and regeneration. Invest next point in Hungering Strike and at level 4 Blood Scent to enable spotting and grabbing the potential kill opportunity at any time. As already explained, maxing Hunters Call isn't so effective compared to Hungering Strike but it accelerates the jungling. Unfortunately Hungering Strike is weak until not maxed and with this sequence it isn't worth casting it except if being low or fighting champions. Blood Scent has no constant effects and although it is great when active, lasting last makes sense which increases the range and movement speed boost.on Of course take Infinite Duress whenever possible.
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Summoner Spells

Playing with Flash and Smite is nothing revolutionary, it's the most common and probably most effective way to do it. There are ideas of playing with Ghost to add mov speed he overall lacks and stress his pros when Blood Scent is active. It also has lower CD, but in this build it is partly replaced by Zephyr and it would be just silly to take away the only dash, making it impossible to get over walls or make sudden movements.
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Start with Hunter's Machete, you can buy a Stealth Ward since you don't really need potions. Also get a Stealth Ward as you are vulnerable through early clears, you won't be ganking that much and at least you can bring in some vision. You generally want to recall after the first clear except if there are some options for ganks where you could be able to spam flash or even get a kill.

At first recall, upgrade to Skirmisher's Sabre which enables better ganks and provides more gold in the jungle and dueling potential. Usually you can afford an additional Dagger or in some cases just Boots. Do transfer to Sweeping Lens for those ganks and dragon. Also buy a Vision Ward as soon as possible. Now you have to speed up to level 6 and always gank when Infinite Duress is up.

Back when you get enough gold for a Skirmisher's Sabre - Devourer to start getting those stacks. Again, prolong the call if there are better decisions to be made. Start building towards Zephyr, getting the Stinger first, which gives you what you need at that moment. Buy Boots along the way and keep buying Stealth Ward, never leave the fountain with none while having the gold and space.

At the point where you obtain Zephyr you might notice that you lack some beef. That's due to the fact that although is gives you everything you need and is very usefull, Zephyr is expensive and not very cost efficient. That is why Giant's Belt and even Ruby Crystal are your priorities when building Frozen Mallet. Also upgrade to Boots of Swiftness. Keep placing those Stealth Ward and constantly have a Vision Ward placed.

See this items as a base that makes you a slightly beefy hunter that roams, always catches up to his prey and keeps mauling it with decent damage or completely lock down and eliminates one when possible. At this point it is up to you to decide in what direction you want to build according to the specific match. You might want to either be able to dish out more damage, absorb it or something in between. That being said, consider what form of damage that is, magic or physical. Also mind the additional stats plus the passive and active effects that are useful in certain situations. Here's the list of most effective items, useful in certain situations:

Spirit Visage - 400 HP, 55 MR, 10% CD, 20 regen, all heal increased for 20%

Wit's End - 50% atk speed, 25 MR, 42 on hit magic dmg, basic attacks steal 5 MR for 5s up to 5 times

Blade of the Ruined King - 25 AD, 40% atk speed, 10% Lifesteal, on hit dmg equal to 8% of targets max HP, ACTIVE: steal 15% of max HP and 30% of mov speed for 3s

Randuin's Omen - 500 HP, 70 armor, 15% attacker's attack speed debuff for 1s ACTIVE: 35% slow nearby enemies for 2s

Frozen Heart - 100 armor,and 400 mana, 20% CD reduction 15% attack speed reduction aura

When enemy have a strong magic damage dealer and your team needs to get you tanky as well.

You will receive large amounts of magic damage but you still can afford being less tanky in order to deal more damage.

There are more then one tanks in your team, you can fully concentrate on your damage output even more locking down a specific target. Also the most effective counter against beefy opponents stacking health.

Pick when tanking physical damage from marksman or your team lacks CC. Prevents kiting even further.

Enemies deal mostly physical damage, not necessarily meaning a single strong foe. You often get into the middle of the teamfight.

Here are the stats of all the recommended and intermediate items:

Hunter's Machete - 30 on-hit magic damage vs monsters in 2 sec, mana and hp regen when fighting monsters, bonus 15g per jungle camp

Skirmisher's Sabre - 45 on-hit monster damage, increased mana and hp regen when jungling, 30g per camp, Smite on champions deals deals on-hit true damage over 3 sec for 4 sec and reduces damage taken from the target

Skirmisher's Sabre - Devourer - 50 atk speed, jungling regen, 30g per camp, on-hit magic damage - 25 + 1 (per farmed jungle camp) +2 (per kill or assisst), Smite on champions deals deals on-hit true damage over 3 sec for 4 sec and reduces damage taken from the target

Recurve Bow - 30% attack spped, 10 on-hit physical damage

Stinger - 40% attack speed, 10% cooldown reduction

Zephyr - 25 AD, 50 atk speed, 10% mov speed and CD reduction, 35% Tenacity

Frozen Mallet - 700 HP, 20 AD, 40% slow for 2.5s on basic attacks

Boots of Swiftness - mov speed 3, slows reduced by 25%
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Jungle Farming

All the attack speed will make it extremely easy to jungle and Hunters Call practically costs no mana which is very convenient for clearing camps and healing with Eternal Thirst as well as regeneration from Skirmisher's Sabre while doing so. Hungering Strike, on the other hand, costs a lot and should only be used when HP is lower than mana or as a bonus damage, following right after the basic attack, not to cancel the auto-attack. While finishing small creeps, do start with the furthest from your jungle path and slowly kite towards it. Also try utilizing red buff by switching targets so you can auto-attack less. Not much effort nor attention need to be put in jungle which is very convenient for watching the situation on lanes and around the map, resulting in great map awareness.

Start at the bottom side, either it's the the Krugs or the Gromp as is usual. This allows you to receive the best early leash. after that proceed clearing the jungle camps as they follow geographically, making sure you live nothing behind, since it is extremly easy it doesnt rally matter where you use Smite so organise it according to teal danger and the buffs. After the whole run try sneaking in a gank or another enemy camp to earn enough gold. You should be able to farm to Skirmisher's Sabre which improves your ganks and increases your income. It's also desirable to earn enough for a Dagger to improve your clear time and damage output.

As soon as you make the first purchase, start looking for an oppurtunity for a safe dragon. It can be done solo more than easily but is not recommended if you are endangered by the enemy team. Ideal scenario is a won fight at bottom or middle lane with dead or recalled enemies, ir spotting a foe jungler far from the dragon pit. First dragon buff is not huge and kind of worthless without being followed by multiple buffs, until there appears a threat of reaching 5. Since the enemy know the respawn time, make sure your te is ready to secure this objective. Although the dragon can't put you in danger by itself, you are still vulnerable to steals and contests by enemy jungler, bot and even mid lane, so find little windows when enemy jungler is away or you ganked a lane so team mates can help you with damage and juggling the aggro. Make sure you ward the area around the pit to prevent steals and deny enemy vision using Sweeping Lens, Raptors buff or a Vision Ward. It also helps to know where enemy jungler is. Keep your eyes on timers, let your team know on time and organize your actions accordingly.

The ideal scenario is getting Skirmisher's Sabre - Devourer before any major brawls, which is practically impossible so do not forget that you are the jungler. Laners should never blame the jungler and take their loss of lane as their responsibility. Even though a good jungler will take a lost lane as his own mistake and try to make sure everybody does well. So do not set your priorities above the team's favour and do not hesitate to hold a lane, play a counter-gank or miss a gank opportunity. Infinite Duress is a great ganking tool and this build also focuses on cooldown reduction so basically every second of jungling with your ultimate off cooldown is wasting your time. After obtaining Skirmisher's Sabre - Devourer every successful gank is rewarded by two stacks.
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The most important property of a good jungler is always being at the right place at the right time. Easiest way to achieve that is to place Stealth Ward It's supposed to be laners' role to ward enemy jungle exit and yours only to ward one on middle. Don't mind that rules, ward as much as you can, at least as much as support does. Essential spots are tribush, end of the brush behind red, watching over enemy wraiths and nearby exit, one of the banana brushes on middle behind enemy blue, enemy exit from blue to river and dragon . There are some more optional and useful spots in jungle, watching over enemy buffs, pass from middle lane to wraiths and wight tribush. The most appropriate time to set all these is when passing by to gank or counter jungle. This way, enemy jungler and ganker will be under control, your teammates can play accordingly and you can roam the right way.Setting a we placed Vision Ward early will certainly pay off and keep buying new ones if those get destroyed but try to hide them whole making the most of them. Following map presents mentioned essential spots with red and recommended with green dots, assuming allied team is on the bottom. Some of these are also very convenient for placing a Vision Ward.

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The best way of asuring victory is to help teammates win their lanes, therefore consider yourself a ganking support, and although it is not your job to win everyone's lanes act like it is. You might often find yourself leading the team and forming the game by protecting, killing, warding, initiating, tanking and decision making, additionally, you are able to deal and receive a decent amount of damage and probably slay any separated prey, nevertheless keep in mind you are not the main source of damage and CC, you are not the one to carry the game.

Ganking paths should lead as deep behind the enemy as possible. You can enter middle by sneaking in one of the two entrances in enemy jungle and come out on lane near the enemy turret. One lane, either bottom or top will have very convenient ganking lane passing enemy wraiths and the through tribush, other lane will have the most inappropriate path, through friendly tribush. Also don't underestimate the power of ninja ganks if teammates push lane, especially with the wolf. Help yourself with map awareness.

Of course, killing a foe while ganking isn't always easy, but when the kill is certain, always try to let teammate finish opponent, which is very easy to achieve with your Blood Scent activated, running next to your victim with the Hungering Strike ready to secure if needed. As already mentioned, the vital strategy is always being where needed, help yourself with wards and watching all over the map while clearing camps after activating Hunters Call and basic attacking.

Use Infinite Duress as a gap closer and Smite, which can be really long range in combination with Flash if needed and follow with Hungering Strike. Your goal is to get target low enough to proc Blood Scent. As it is your priority for teammates to win lanes, don't steal their farm, but do cover if needed when they leave.
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Teamfight Strategy

With his sustain and off tank build, this predator is very strong when fighting 1v1, you can use that to counter jungle but be aware of being vulnerable deep in their territory. In middle game skirmish brawls mind how strong lock down CC Infinite Duress actually is, you can use it to secure the kill, but if there are more targets, and one kill is certain, suppress his teammate to bring in one more kill. Note that Infinite Duress should be used in combination with Smite and followed by Hungering Strike.

In late game teamfights stick to the rule of always locking down the marksman, although there is a minor exception when enemy the mage or assassin is carrying hard. Prefer not being the primary initiator but it depends on team composition and situation. Do not hesitate jumping in on the exposed and vulnerable desired target even if initiating, this might result in your death and acing the opposing team. With the already explained basic combo you should be able to get squishy target low. After pulling this out successfully, you either kill marksman when he gets low and start pointlessly retreating or he gets bursted in your supress. Either way killing or zoning him out of the fight. When marksman is down, you find yourself right behind enemy lines while they are getting charged from ahead, being surrounded. Don't forget to buff your and teammates attack speed. Even when your ultimate is on cooldown, the lock down potential is surprisingly great due to the Frozen Mallet, on-hit effect, movement and attack speed.
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Mechanical Tips

This champion is one of the oldest and most simple ones, which results in easy mechanical playstyle but lack of complex high reward mechanisms. His is extremly easy to learn to play and not hard to master ad well. There are some simple tricks to improve your gameplay anyway.
  • Blood Scent can be turned off and on, which can be used to trick the prey into thinking you left or haven't even arrived, don't forget to switch it on later though.
  • Flash into Infinite Duress makes a long range initiate CC.
  • Never use Hungering Strike while chasing, it has higher range then attacks, but it will only make Warwick stop for a moment to cast, increasing the distance and not procing the Frozen Mallet unlike the basic attacks. Do finish off with it though, because of the constant damage, higher range and independence from attack rhythm.
  • Infinite Duress into Hungering Strike combo is a great turn around when being dived or fighting isolated prey, locking the attacker and healing yourself.
  • When a kill is certain, Infinite Duress other target to get additional kill.
  • Smite can be used while Infinite Duress is active which can be useful when stealing objectives or to use it on a champion to follow up with the slow of Skirmisher's Sabre - Devourer.
  • Buffing team with Hunters Call in fights will be rewarded with free assissts.
  • When fighting 1v1 save your Infinite Duress to surprise enemy by healing up when low or catching up when he flees.

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This probably is not yet the most optimal jungle path and I could really use your help with finding one that is. Feel free to rate and leave your feedback, thoughts, recommendations and questions in comments section. Thank you for reading the guide I sincerely hope it was helpful. Happy hunting!
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