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Warwick Build Guide by AngelPrime

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AngelPrime

warwick the king of solotop

AngelPrime Last updated on September 10, 2011
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Hi. My ingame name is AceOfAngels and I play on EUNE and this is my first guie so sorry if it's badly written. Warwick is my most played ranked champion with a 70% winrate and I play him almost exclusively top. Now some of you may wonder why should Warwick go top instead of jungling. Well warwick isn't exactly the fastest jungler and his ganks are really weak when he doesn't have his Infinite Duress. In a solo lane however you have incredible sustain which makes you outlane pretty much every champion out there and I do mean any. I've laned against Cho'Gath , Irelia , Le Blanc , Brand , Udyr , Garen , Mordekaiser and I've never lost my lane.

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Early game and laning tips

This entirely depends on who you are laning against. If it's a strong ap carry I usually get Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion, against a strong AD champ I buy Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion and against a mediocre laner I get Doran's Ring . The first time you should go B is when you have 1240 gold (if you haven't started with boots)and buy Chalice of Harmony and Boots of Speed. Warwick has lots of mana problems early on and with this item you will almost always have enough mana. On your next trip back buy Spirit Visage and upgrade your Boots of Speed. In lane you should play agressively always going for that Hungering Strike on your opponent especially after you get Chalice of Harmony. After lvl 6 if your jungler isn't ganking your lane you have 1 of 2 options. Either keep harassing until you get him to around 40%. Then do Hungering Strike, Ignite , Infinite Duress, Hungering Strike and in most cases that should be a kill. Your other option is ganking another lane which in most cases is a sure kill.

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Mid game and teamfights

At this point you should be getting really tanky and teamfights should be starting. Warwick is nearly unkillable in a fight unless focused hard and CCed and if they do that a competent team should destroy them easily. Your job is to poke around with Hungering Strike before the fight actually starts. You can intiate by running in but never with your Infinite Duress. After a few ccs have been used ult that carry and chase him down. With your Blood Scent no champ should be able to get away from you. Warwick CANNOT protect his carry due to the lack of cc outside his Infinite Duress.

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Late game , item and rune choices

Nothing really special lategame. By now you should have finished most of your build and you should be pretty much unkillable.Now I will write down the items I get and why I get them. I already talked about Chalice of Harmony so I'll skip it here.

- gives HP , AP for better sustainability and mana regen. Overall a very strong item on Warwick giving everything he needs early game.

OR - Mercury's Treads are an obvious choice but if they don't have much cc you should get Sorcerer's Shoes. The reason why this item is strong on Warwick is explained further down in the rune choices

- Reduces CD, gives health , MR and increased healing for a low price. Overall a must-have for Warwick.

- Mana which you don't really need , reduces Attack speed of nearby enemies so you can 1v1 any AD carry with it , gives a lot of armor and most importantly reduces CDs.

- Warwick's passive is triggered by each attack regardless of your AD so Attack speed is way more important. Wit's End gives very nice bonus damage from it's passive , alot of MR when stacked and a lot of attack speed so you become even harder to kill.

- great synergy with your Infinite Duress and gives even more attack speed. The reason I don't buy this item earlier is because it is really expensive and offers little more than some of the previous much cheaper choices. You sell Doran's Ring for this.

-game still going on? Sell that Chalice of Harmony and get a Banshee's Veil and if you really don't need the MR you can even go for a Trinity Force. With the amount of cdr this build offers you can use your Hungering Strike once every 3~4 sec so you should be able to make good use of the Sheen proc. It also gives attack speed and slows-overall a pretty decent item.

Why I get Greater Mark of Magic Penetration ? Well most of your damage is magic. Your [hungering strike]] is magic, your Infinite Duress is magic , Madred's Bloodrazor is magic and Wit's End is magic as well.

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Why I don't buy sunfire, warmog or any other HP heavy item

Although alot of guides recommend getting Sunfire Cape I really don't like that item or any other major hp item for that matter. The reason for that is pretty simple actually. Let's compare more HP with more resists. I am just making up numbers here at the moment so it might be totally off but the basics still stand. Let's say I have 1000hp and 100 armor on 1 hand and 5000hp and 20 armor on the other. I have no idea if this is true and it probably isn't but let's say that the armor with 1000 hp gives me 10000 effective hp and the 5000hp with 20 armor gives me the same at the same cost (once again I have no idea if these numbers are even close to right and I'm just using them to make a point). Basically you can take the same amount of damage in both cases, BUT you can fill up your HP 5 times faster in the 1st case scenario. That is why on Warwick resistances are much more important than health.

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Why do I use these summoner spells

I personally like Flash Ignite on warwick the most.
- no doubt , unarguably and undesputedly the best summoner spell in the entire game. I don't play any champion without this baby it's THAT good. Escaping, chasing, looking stupid cause you forgot to turn chat on- flash's a beast in all those categories.

- another very good summoner for warwick. It's great for finishing your combo which is-when opponent is under 40% hp - Hungering Strike, Ignite, Infinite Duress, Hungering Strike.

- Not a bad summoner spell but I think that Ignite has it beat hands down. Take this only if your carry doesn't want to and you are the only one on the team who can.

- not a bad summoner spell but not really a necessity. You have really strong sustainability so if you have to go B often you are doing it wrong. it's only use I can think of for Warwick is porting for dragon fights.

- Flash is better in every way.

- Actually could prove to be good since Warwick is really hard to kill with no CC. Haven't really tried it


-let the support take that one

- simply useless.

- hahahahahhahahahahah... wait for it... hahahahhaha

-after Chalice of Harmony you should have no mana problems.

- Read Rally

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Tips and tricks

Sometimes when your opponent is low on hp he will keep far away from you so you can't hit him with a Hungering Strike . If that's the case, although you risk wasting it , Flash next to him and hit him with a Hungering Strike. In most cases he would think you failed but as soon as Hungering Strike is up again do your combo starting with Infinite Duress if he's too far for a Hungering Strike and then chase him down.

When your teammates are about to get a kill in which you cannot join although you are fairly close, use your Hunters Call . If it affects even one ally who is participating in the kill you will get an assist.

When being chased spam your Hungering Strike on the lowest HP person around. Once you get him under 50% it is almost certain you can escape.

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Closing thoughts

Well that's pretty much everything you should know about lanewick. I hope this guide has been helpful. Please comment if you downvote so I know the reason and comment if you upvote so I feel special :D