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Warwick Build Guide by peachypoo237

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author peachypoo237

Warwick Too Sick (Season 4/Feral Flare Build)

peachypoo237 Last updated on November 24, 2014
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Hey everybody. This is going to be my first and probably only guide unless it turns out to be a huge hit and all that, then I might make more upon request. So to start off, I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to making guides and I will take all criticism with open arms to improve the guide. I think Warwick is a great late game jungler and still very good early game if you have lanes that can hit a snare or stun to set up a kill. Also with the addition of Feral Flare, I think he will become viable again and will be played a lot more. Don't expect anything fancy because I don't know how to add all the cool stuff but I'll lay out all of the stuff I've learned from playing Warwick over the last few years.

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Pros and Cons


Fast clear times (after getting Madred's Razors)
High movement speed
Great sustain
Team attack speed steroid
Great past level 6

Hard to gank pre 6
No gap closer other than ult
Blue buff reliant during early levels
Hard to choose who/when to ult
Your only cc can be interrupted

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Eternal Thirst
Eternal Thirst is a really good passive for a jungler. It gives great sustain on every auto attack plus a little extra damage. It is amplified by any attack speed you build which is why I like getting on hit effect items on Warwick since they mesh so well with his kit.

Hungering Strike
Warwick's Q is incredible sustain in the jungle. It allows for him to stay at very high health at all times or get back some health if you get low. Hungering Strike hits for magic damage and scales off of ability power, but it's good without it because of how it hits for a percent of their maximum health. I get a point in this at level 2, but I max it first for the sustain and burst.

Hunters Call
Warwick's W is a very good attack speed steroid for not only you, but also your whole team. Warwick works well in a comp that has a lot of auto attacks. Something with a solid adc and another champion like Teemo, Kayle, or Diana that relies a lot on auto attacks. I get a point in this at level 1 for a faster level 1 clear than Q start, but max it second due to fact the you get 40% attack speed for rank 1, but only 10% extra for each addition rank.

Blood Scent
Blood Scent is basically what makes him a ware wolf. When nearby enemy champions are below half health you gain a monster movement speed buff. You can toggle this on and off so if you are trying to gank sneakily you don't give away your position, but remember to turn it back on when you need to chase. I get a point in this early for the chase potential (Ususally level 4), but max it last because his other abilities are stronger in my opinion. See what works best for your play style.

Infinite Duress
Warwick's ult is one of the few crowd controls in the game that is classified as a suppression. Suppressions cannot be Cleansed but are generally countered pretty hard with a Quicksilver Sash. This ability is really cool because of how you can use it as a gap closer to gank or start a fight. It is a whole 1.8 seconds that your teammates can free fire on your enemy of choice. Warwick's ult gives him really good sustain in fights as well because you gain lifesteal and apply on hit effects, like your passive, Wit's End, and Blade of the Ruined King, every time you attack during it. Level this up whenever it's available.

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Lets talk runes. There are two rune pages that I like to use on Warwick.


Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Mark of Precision

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

I like to play with greater mark of hybrid penetration because they are just more damage since Warwick's damage is generally pretty hybrid so it works well with the whole build. These are the marks I use the most. I think marks are more of a personal preference, so I mess around with different marks all the time.

Greater Mark of Attack Speed is the other type of mark I use often. Like I said, it's personal preference.

I like to use Greater Seal of Armor because it makes you really tanky early game.

I like to use Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist over Greater Glyph of Magic Resist because as Warwick, a lot of games you will not leave the jungle before level 6 making magic resist useless early. By the time you starting needing any magic resist, you have almost as much as the Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist plus even more into late game.

I like Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed on Warwick just for faster jungle clears and quicker procs for my on hit items. I like being faster than other champs and since it speeds up your jungle clears it gives you potential to roam to lanes or counter jungle faster than your opponent. Sort of like marks, I think quints are a personal preference.

I like Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed on Warwick when I wanted to have fun. I generally run these with Greater Mark of Attack Speed since I always want to have some attack speed in the jungle. It will speed up clears faster than any other stat on Warwick.

I also like messing around with Greater Quintessence of Experience so I can get to level 6 faster. This is a great option for anyone that wants to get to late game a little faster and gank earlier (with ult), but you lose out on other stats so make sure you are aware of that when dueling, especially during early game.

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Build 1

I like diving deep into the offense tree for for faster clear times to stack up my Wriggle's Lantern/ Feral Flare. It gives you insane dueling potential and is an overall help to your race to late game. I take points in Spell Weaving and Blade Weaving to speed up jungle clears since Q is on such a short cooldown. I also take a point in both Butcher and Feast to speed up my clears and increase my sustain even more. I don't take points in Warlord for a reason. For many junglers this is very often a waste of 3 points. Usually on Ad junglers, Warwick especially, you actually build very little flat Ad and get very little from this mastery. You build mainy tank stats after your core damage items ( Spirit of the Elder Lizard, Blade of the Ruined King, The Black Cleaver, etc.) You should always put these points elsewhere. I put them into Executioner and Dangerous Game , but also look to putting them into something like Sorcery.

I spec the way I do in defense because I want to get the most out of the late game potential. I want to get the points in Enchanted Armor and Juggernaut because of how good they are in the late game after you have built some defensive stats. Bladed Armor is just a filler point. I usually don't get it due to the risk of taking buffs on accident, but because I will almost always take the first 2 blues and mid can most likely solo/burst it after that point, it shouldn't matter and only speed up my own clears. Also, 1 point in Recovery or Block on Warwick is next to useless since they are early game laning masteries, so I take what I think is best.

Build 2

The offensive part of the build is the same as build 1, but instead of getting defensive masteries, I take utility. I take points in Fleet of Foot to get through the jungle faster and it also scales into late game being based off of a percent. You can put the points from Scout and Alchemist where you like. I take them because I think they are both useful to have, but he real reason to take any points in utility is to get the points in Summoner's Insight and Runic Affinity . Both are amazing masteries for many reasons. Summoner's Insight allows you to Smite and Flash more often, and Runic Affinity makes your blue, red, and Baron buffs last longer. Both are pretty simple in what they do, but are priceless in terms of not being able to get these stats elsewhere in the game.

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Core Items

Feral Flare
This item is soooooooooo good on Warwick. It gives him a real excuse to farm all the way to level 6 without leaving the jungle. Not only does this item allow him to play how he needs to, but the stats on it are amazing for his kit. This is an essential item to build on him in all games.

Blade of the Ruined King
This item is essential on Warwick because of its active ability and the way its passive works with his ult. When you ult, you nuke really hard and lifesteal a ton. The active allows you an actual ranged ability and allows you to catch people a lot easier. Because of this, if I have enough gold to get a Bilgewater Cutlass I back and get it as long as something else important isn't going on. I do this because it makes ganking a lot easier when you don't have your ult or if your ult isn't up.

Spirit Visage
This item works really well on Warwick because of how much he heals. With all of the lifesteal you have plus your Hungering Strike you heal a lot, and this item just amplifies the amount. The health and magic resist make you tankier and the CDR doesn't hurt either.

Sunfire Cape
I like this item not only because of its tankiness, but also because of the damage it does as well. Having a fair bit of magic pen from my runes and masteries boost the damage on this item more than most other champions that would opt into getting one. It speeds up jungle clears and split pushing. Warwick is a pretty good split pusher do to all of the attack speed he builds and his high dueling potential and sustain.

Wit's End
This item works similarly to Blade of the Ruined King because of how well it works with your ult. It adds to the nuke and stacks the MR buff/debuff really quickly which is great. At this point in the game I'm getting items based on what the enemy team has. If they have a lot of AD champions then I might skip getting this and get Randuin's Omen or another high armor value item. If it's a pretty even damage distribution or heavy AP then I will get this if I'm ahead or a more defensive item if I need to be more of a tank for my team.

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Item Synergy + Alternates

I'm not going to go super deep into why I choose these items, but I'll explain why, as a whole, the build works exceptionally well with Warwick. With the items I build, I feel I have a great mix of tankiness and damage. Warwick is not a carry, nor is he a tank, but an awesome combo of the 2. When built like this, by end game, you will have over 3k health, tons of life steal from both items and Eternal Thirst, and loads of both armor and magic resist. With Eternal Thirst mixed with items like Wit's End, Feral Flare, and Blade of the Ruined King you do a ton of damage with auto attacks without stacking attack damage. All you need is a little attack speed which you are already getting from the items. I generally just get Enchantment: Homeguard because of how fun and useful they are and it is one of the cheaper upgrades. Enchantment: Furor is nice if you can't stick to your targets before they get below half HP.

Alternate Items

AD Heavy

Add a Randuin's Omen if the enemies have multiple/fed AD carries or a Guardian Angel if they are bursting you really hard. A Frozen Heart is nice to have for the same reason as a Randuin's Omen, but you lose out on health and a movement speed slow for a larger mana pool and CDR. Thornmail is the cheapest way to deal with a fed ADC as long as you can survive long enough to reflect the damage, but also falls off the hardest in terms of stats.
AP Heavy

There are not too many alternates to magic resist since Wit's End and Spirit Visage are pretty essential to Warwick's build and both have lots of magic resist. You can try adding a Locket of the Iron Solari/ Banshee's Veil or just get a Guardian Angel if they are bursting you too fast that stats wont matter. Otherwise just stack some more health with the magic resist you have.

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The Jungle

I have played a lot of games so far since the season 4 patch and few since the Feral Flare patch with the item. Warwick has so much sustain in the jungle that he can stay in it forever which helps stacking up your Feral Flare. You should aim for having ~15 stacks when you buy your Wriggle's Lantern. I'll try to add a timeline for how many stacks you should have at certain points in the game after I get a larger sample size of games to work with. You start gaining stacks once you buy your Hunter's Machete so don't get thrown off by that number, but it also gives you an idea of what you should be getting if you are not hitting that number consistently. Of course this number will be different if you have the opportunity to gank a few times and aren't farming the jungle to its maximum potential or if something goes sour at level one/you are getting invaded/counter jungled a lot.

Here are a couple of routes you can use as a guideline if you are new to jungling or still getting used to it.

Route 1

Start at your bottom side buff and just get your team to help you damage it as much as they are willing. At this point look to where the mid laner is coming from so you can get an idea of where the enemy jungler started so you can warn your team accordingly. Proceed to wolves then the other buff you haven't cleared yet. Now you can start looking for ganks, but only gank for a lane that will either guarantee a kill or at least a used summoner spell. Level up E if there is a gankable lane or just level Q again if you are going to farm. If you choose to just go back to farming your jungle, back when you have 400-500 gold to pick up your Madred's Razors and a Vision Ward if you'd like. After this, just keep jungling your jungle or counter jungle the big minions in the enemy jungle if you know you wont get ganked. Make sure you are warding the enemy jungle if you are going to counter jungle and try to get the help of your mid and top or bot depending on which side of the map you are trying to get a buff or kill. Keep clearing small camps until you are about halfway to 6. Remember, all camps are on a 50 second spawn timer so be as efficient as possible. Your first buff should be spawning around 7:10. Kill it and ult gank a lane as soon as you can. You will either get a kill or burn flash. Both are good because your ult is on a shorter cooldown than flash so you can gank that lane again with ult for an almost guaranteed kill. After 6, the only time you need to be in the jungle is when your ult is on cooldown or you are getting buffs.

Route 2

This route is a little different than the first. For this start you want to start at your red buff. After, go to the enemy jungler's buff that they did not start at. If they started red then you can go to blue, ward over the wall and take it. Then try to kill them or just wait if you think they will show up fast. It works better to take it if you Smite early on your first buff so it is back up to secure this buff, but only do this if you are sure you wont get your first buff stolen. If they started at blue, rush through your jungle to get to their red, but DO NOT run through mid so they don't see you. Also, make sure to go the long way around red and not through the wraiths area in case they have not been through there yet so you don't give away your position. If they rushed to their second buff, then oh well, you wasted a little time. If you beat them there, you will surely burn their flash or kill them and get their red since blue buff is almost useless in a level 2 duel. After the invade, you can counter wolves/golems and wraiths to put them further behind or just go back to your jungle if you are worried the enemy team is collapsing. Continue farming like route one at this point.

Counter Jungling

It's always wise to counter jungle with another person ready to help you out, so always ping when you are about to counter jungle so your team knows to be ready if it goes south. It's better to have a mid that is a heavy pusher so that they can push the lane to tower and come help you. You want to drop wards early and often when you want to counter jungle. Small camps are generally a very easy, in and out process, but it is still nice to have a safety net. It is really easy to counter jungle when you know where the entire enemy team is so warding is key. If you know the enemy jungler is top around 7 minutes then you should be able to counter their starting buff relatively easy if your own team is able to keep their lanes busy. Any champion can be counter jungled if you know their camp timers and have wards so I feel like making a list of champions that you can reliably counter jungle is pointless.

Helpful Map
Map is from

Hopefully I don't get in trouble for using it, but I wanted to supply a good visual to show some good gank paths and warding spots. This is just for blue side so it didn't get too confusing, but you can just flip flop it and its about the same. I showed gank paths through the red Xs, but try to avoid those spots as much as possible as they are almost always warded. Use pink wards defensively 99% of the time unless you are clearing dragon/baron or need to deny vision somewhere REALLY bad and don't have a Sweeping Lens. The gank paths with a dotted line are for junglers with a gap closer to get over the wall. The blue path is the path you should take from your red to their red in route number 2. You don't need to keep all of those places in their jungle warded, but 1 or 2 are nice to keep tabs on their jungler.

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Pro Tips

1. Use health potions in fights when you know you will take a lot of damage or when you are REALLY low. The sustain in this build will heal you up in the jungle if you have mana to Q so don't waste your potions.

2. The best tip I can give anyone about Warwick is that you should counter jungle. Once you get practiced at it and can do it well it becomes second nature and you can naturally make it flow into your gameplay.

3. Another big tip I can give to people is that you can use your Hunters Call to get assists on kills you are out of melee range for. For example, if you and a carry are chasing down a kill and the carry is going to catch up and get the kill, you can use Hunters Call to get and assist on the kill since you wont be able to attack for assist points, but since you boosted the carry's stats you get credit.

4. Buy wards early and often. Nothing makes jungling easier than knowing where everybody is, especially their jungler. I like warding by their wraiths, red, and blue as jungler and leave the river the top, mid, and bottom. If you get a pink, use it at dragon, or in 1 of the 2 little bushes by the entrance to wraiths.

5. The last big tip I can give is that you need to watch who you ult. There are quite a few champions that can get out of your ult like Gangplank, Alistar, Olaf, etc. Also watch out for people that are getting a Quicksilver Sash/ Mercurial Scimitar or a Banshee's Veil. You can't really counter these so you really need to watch out who you ult on so you don't waste it.

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This was about all I was trying to get done with a guide considering when I look at guides I usually only look at items, runes, and masteries for some direction on how to get started with a champion. Thanks for reading and leave comments for anything you would like me to add to the guide. Again, this is my first guide ever so it probably isn't the best so also leave comments on how I can make the guide better so I can update it to the best it can be.


Also I really need to give a big thanks to jhoijhoi for the "Making A Guide" guide. This was my first guide ever and I definitely wouldn't have been able to make this guide without it.