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League of Legends Build Guide Author kadun

Watch ya back

kadun Last updated on May 25, 2011
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Hello, welcome to my first build.
Shaco are hard to play well and maybe people fail at the survival part because of his low amount hp but he's crit damage and chasin ability is better than almost everyone.
I'm known for my offensive gameplay so that why i got very little survival items but i'll post some options for survival

please comment or critique below :)

Please tell me if im missing something or if i spelled something wrong ^^

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Pros / Cons

    -Hard to kill both earli and late game
    -Easy to get unnoticed around and get some few kills on low hp players
    -Is super mobile, can get away from ganks pretty easy
    -INSANE damage dealer late game

    -Extremely Squishy
    -Targeted first in team fights
    -Low mana

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Summoner Spells

This is a very important spell, special early game because of it's Dot and the 50% healing reduction from both health potions and effect, very useful against when he uses or against

This is a very good spell both for chasing and escaping and combined with the Mastery the target can easy be killed or harrashed combined with

A more defensive spell for healing yourself and close allies, can be a life saver
An other good spell for both chasing and escaping and you can slow enemies with or ifyou have mana enough you can use

For mana as shaco use a hell of mana in the start but later on you can keep it up (i recommend going for blue golem in 5v5)

It's like an none stealh, none mana and are able to make an clean escape

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I've choosing a 21/9/0 since it gives you a great damage boost, i spend 9 points in defence to give myself a little ekstra defense, speciel "Nimbleness" gives me a great benefit, but some likes to put 9 points in utility for some ekstra life and mana regen

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Greater mark of DesolationGreater mark of Desolation: Armor Penetration is an important stat because if you're up against a tank or just an high armor chamipon you want to do the most damage against your target as possible.

Greater mark of alacrity: For some attack speed bonus which gives shaco great benefit, special togther with his illusion.

Greater mark of Malice: If you're a crit based shaco who depends on high and often crits this one is a MUST!


Greater seal of evasion: this is a good rune it offers more survival and it helps triggers the "nimbleness" mastery so i normal go with this one

Greater seal of shielding: This one provides a good defence against casters even though it's not one of the greatest seals, but seals are the one you can afford to take a lower rank


For glyphs theres alot you can pick: here's my main priority

Greater glyph of focus: This provides flat CDR which allows you to use both and but also Jack in the bow which means you're harder to kill.

Greater glyph of celerity: This is another CDR glyph but in this case it's an CDR pr. level who means you earn CDR reduction later and maybe you need to wait abit with the quick assasinations but at lvl 18 you earn more CDR than you do with flat.

Greater glyph of intellect: This is a flat mana glyph who allows you to stay in the field more

[iconGreater glyph of replenishment=]Greater glyph of replenishment: This is an MP/5 glyph which means your mana regens faster and are really good for both escaping and chashing which allows you to use more often

Greater glyph of Clarity: This is mana pr. lvl which gives you an great mana boost but first lvl 18


Greater Quintessence of Evasion: This offers lots of dodge chance and gives you the ability to survive lots longer and escape mutch easier specially with the mastery

Greater Quintessence of Malice: This is another good rune as it offers you lots of crit chance and it's a great benefit for this build

Greater Quintessence of desolationGreater Quintessence of desolation: This provides some ekstra armor penetration and since your crit chance should be pretty high this allows you to use "all your crit" with lots of armor penetration

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Backstab - This is a good passive skill as it gives you lots of ekstra damage, and speciel for chasing as no people can run backwards away from champions

Deceive - This is your main ability to walk unseen around and get a easy kill or two, and good for both entering and escaping fights, and you can make a good combo by using illusion and then Deceive behind them so you trick the enemies to attack your illusion

Jack In The Box - i use it as both disorintering the enemies while you escaping or wait for people, but it's also a good scout as it reveals and fear passing enemies

Two-Shiv poison - This is my main skill as it both slows enemies, both with the passive effect and the throwing effect, and it's able to get another easy kill by throwing at low hp champions, instead of trying to get near it

Hallucinate - this is a good skills for both escaping and nuking, and the illusion also applies on hit effect, so combined with The Black Cleaver the 3 armor reduction stack is easy maxed out

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My build

Core Build

This is your core items and are a must for a assasination Shaco, it provides you with both attack speed, life steal, armor penetration crit chance and 250% crit damage instead of 200% combined with the Mastery it gives an total of 260% crit damage


This is my favorite boots for Shaco since it gives you an amazing move speed out of combat and gives you the ability to really move around unseen and makes you able to get an clean escape combined with

If you want some ekstra attack speed i'll sure go for these, it can benefit you alot

If you fidn yourself constantly in combat these because it gives you +3 all the time

If the enemy team got lot's of CC, like 's

Optional Items


This is one of the best damage dealing items speciel against hp tanks like and

If you're doing well you can pick this, it gives you much attack damage at full stacks and 15% movement speed which is a great bonus for Shaco

Yup thats right, an second Bloodthirster it can you a total of 50% lifesteal and 200 attack damage at full stacks this can be an insane boost

One of the good attack speed, armor penetration and damage you can get + some movement speed

This is a perfect match for Shaco, it gives you lots of attack speed, lots of crit chance and even 15% movement speed.

Some people Like this one, it provides some attack damage, ability power, health, mana, attack speed, crit chance, slow effect and increased damage after an ability is cast, but i'll leave this item for hybrid, since can counter the slow and the rest are not that good


This is one of the best survival items, as it offers both an magic shield and some hp against a 50/50 of Casters and Melees

Against heavy melee damage dealers i've go for this as it provides and damage return effect and lots of armor,

If they hit fast you can choose to go for this one it fixes your mana problem if you cant keep it up, it also provides lots of armor some CDR and a slow on hitted effect

Against casters this is an option you can pick, can be a life saver special against 's and it's also provides some attack damage

If you are going to hit fast this one if problely the best chose since at 4 stacks it gives you an total of 50 magic resi and 40% attack speed

If you decides to go for some other boots than this one gives you an good crit and attack speed bonus + cc reduction

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Playing Style

Early Game:
I start with buying to get a health boost and the 3% lifesteal can be a life saver, then i pick Two-Shiw poison for both harrashing and last hitting, some people would go with for some early assasinations and vanishing.
When you got 350 for [=boots of speed] or if you're doing well 1495 for both [=boots of speed] and

Mid Game
By now you should be lvl 10 atleast and have both and and again if you're doing well you also should have this would give ya an great opportunity to move around unseen and take our single targets or maybe two, some common mistakes is to attacking two strong people or trying to take down a single low hp target in middle of enemies, since good team either got a tank with stun or taunt, or a support with knockback, stun or heal.

Late/End Game
You should have almost your full build by now and ready for ganking, if you're feeded you should be able to take out champions easily if not, be a bit careful even tho you should be able to get out of most danger zones using


When you fight in teamfights, it pays off to move in just 1 sec after the fight starts so they dont target you, and then go for the good dps or healers, leave the tank alone since they barely does any important damage, if you're winning the team fight they are trying to escape for sure, try throwing a if they are to far away use to get to them, and if they still are to far away try the then combo


Yup this maybe sounds wierd, but buying some and place it at buff locations can give you a great benefit, either by throwing a in the last second, or using to get them